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Scottish Television, in association with The List, is launching a new arts and events, preview and review programme. The series will kick off in time to give a loretaste of Mayfest and is planned to cover the whole spectrum of the arts ard culture in central Scotland. £38, the show's working title, will require lively, opinionated young people as reviewers and presenters and the search is now on to find the right team.

Scottish Television producer Donny O‘Rourke regards the programme as an opportunity to discover new

journalistic talent. ‘This is a very exciting time in the arts and we need people with the energy, intelligence and style to stimulate interest in and offer criticism of the Scottish cultural sceneJ

The people M8 needs will have to be snappy writers and lamiliarwith all the forms of art, highbrow to nightlife, that you’ll find each fortnight in The List. They should have personality, presence and punch. ‘They'll need ego certainly’, says O’Rourke, ‘but not so much that the production team will have to put up with any star crap’. They may well, but not necessarily, have a background in student journalism. Expect to have to do a lot of your own leg work if you do end up working on the programme and ‘initiative, tact and diligence‘ will be vital. Ifyou think you have what it takes, and you‘re prepared and able to take on a full time commitment, send a CV plus tapes, clippings, photos etc, to Fiona White at Scottish Television, Cowcaddens, Glasgow G2 3PR.

I Screen Two: Here‘s The NBWS( 813(2)

10. lll—l 1.20pm. Starring Richard(irant as an investigative reporter.

I The Billionaire Boys Club ((‘4 l Sunday

ll). l5pm~ l2.()5am. Part one ofa two part drama from the director that made Roots and Hulm‘ausl. Based on real events made public in a court case in I‘lls‘o. it tellsthe bizarre story of .loe Hunt and ofthe millions of pounds be persuaded a group of wealthy young men from Beverly l lills to entrust to his care. The high liv ing was to end in murder.

I The South Bank Show ( Scottish)

lll.3lL l l.3llpm. Ben Elton. whose first novel has just been published. is profiled in tonight‘s edition of LWT's long running arts show.

I The Long and The Short and The Tall (Scottish) 1.55—4am. Richard Todd and Laurence l larvey‘ in the classic World War Twodrama. Made in 1%] .


I Scottish Action on Health (Scottish l b.3(L-7pm. Bob Tomlinson launches the lates in Scottish Television's series of campaigning programmes.

I A Full Life ((4) 3.454. 15pm. Eminent people reflect on their lives. In this new seriesJill (‘ochrane will talk to amongst others Robert Maxwell and Jonathan Miller.

I Horizon (138(2) 8. Ill—9pm. Report on how electronics has transformed music making.

I Something About Amelia ( 1313(2) ‘)—l(l.3(ipm. Emmy-winningT\’ movie about incest. with (ilenn (‘lose who‘ll be on Wogun on 3 Mar.

I Winners and Losers (Scottish i 0— lllpm. Leslie Grantham in a new thriller centred on the world of boxing. See panel. IMiamiVice(BB(‘t) in. HM lpm. New series kicks off with a story entitled ‘Everybody‘s in Showbiz'.

I The Scottish Photography Awards ( BB( '1 i ll). lil—ltHllpm. BBC Scotland's photography awards reaches the halfway stage.


I A Century of Childhood ((‘4 ) 8—8.3”an New oral history project recording memoriesof childhood a condition which this programme points out. is really only a feature of this century.

I Concerning Cancer ((‘4) 9— inpm. The growing threat to the (‘hinese from smoking.

I The Play On One: The Govan GhostStory (BBC! l‘).3tl lll..‘silpm. Bryan lzlslcy ‘s new play for the Scottish-based. networked. drama series. See panel.

I The Richard Dimbleby Lecture ( am ‘2) 10.30 ll.l5pm. The annual lecture is for the first time given by a member of the Royal I‘amily . The Duke ofEdinburgh taking the theme of l-‘ood and farming Year. talkson achieving a balance between man and nature.

I Film On Four: Hidden City l ( '4 l

9.3” ll.l5pm. (‘harles Dance stars in Stephen Poliakol'f's first film. as an author and child expert w ho uncov ers a mysterious underworld in London.

I First TUCSOOYiSCUlIiSh) ll)..‘~5 11.35pm. Two films; 'A l leart Beat Away and ‘Woman Versus The Bull'.


I Scotsport World Cup Special l Scottish l 7.45 lllpm. Live coverage of the World (‘up qualifying match: Scotland v l-‘rance. ISignalsl('4)().tS lll.l5pm.'l'he lndependent's l’eter Kellner leads an investigation into the plight ofBritain's Art schools in a programme which includes a report from ( ilasgow School of Art and an interview with the Ministertor Higher Education. Robert .lackson.

I OED ( BB(‘2)‘).3ll lllpm. l'nrayelling the mystery ot'tcars.

Ithirtysomething ((4) ll). I5 -I 1.15pm. Wonderful l'S soap that giy esyou something to live for if you outgrow .\'¢'ig/ilmur.v.


IOulolOrderlScottish)7-7.3llpm Pattie (‘aldw ell w ith lT\"S new consumer programme.

I ATouch of Spice i BB(‘l )s-me. New comedy series by Francis ( ireig about two women w ho give up working in a restaurant to start a gourmet catering service.

I40 Minutes(BB(‘2i9..‘~o 1n. lllpm. Documentary about two chalk and cheese women w restlers as they face up to a battle for the British Ladies (‘hampionship Belt. I Kay's Originals(Seiirrisli)

lll.35 - l l.ll5pm. Tillie MacDonald ( poet) and Jim Reid (songwriter) are Billy's guest'stonight.

I Opinions ((4) 8 8.30pm .‘ylely yn Bragg kicks off the new series ofthe documentary which takes a personal y iew of its subject. Bragg voices his concern over the future ofbroadcasting.

I Sport is listed as diary: by sport. then by day. than by event.



I MIM V Bracknell The Forum. Almondv-ale West. Livingston. 7.30pm. This match w ill be televised by Scottish Television. possibly on the following afternoon on .St‘ols‘purl.

Wednesday 8

CARLSBERG NATIONAL LEAGUE I MIM V Rangers The Forum. Almondvale West. Livingston. 8pm.

CURLING Friday 24 Sunday 26

I Scottish Club Team Championships Kirkcaldy Ice Rink. Kirkcaldy. The last three days of this ev ent w ill decide this year's championship. Friday and Saturday all day from 10am. Sunday: final scheduled to begin at 2pm.


I Bace Days Tuesday. Thursday and


The recent relative decline of the Scottish national side traceable to the retiral of Oalglish and Souness, neither of whom has been adequately replaced has coincided with a resurgence of interest in the domestic club game. Attendances continue to increase; sponsorship revenue grows annually; and rapacious businessmen everywhere know that this year’s status symbol is owning a football club. This fonnight provides a useful contrast between the strengths of the national squad and our club game, as Hearts take on Bayern Munich in the first leg of the UEFA Cup quarter-final, and Scotland play France in a World Cup qualifier.

Scotland’s most vital home fixture since er whateverthe last vital home fixture was, this latter match may nonetheless take the national team a long way towards qualification for next year's finals in Italy. Much has been made of France's poor form since the dispersal of the European Championship winning side, but our own squad is hardly awash with world-heaters. Maurice Johnston apart, no-one who played against Cyprus provided too much evidence that they were capable of taking on the best in the world. Despite the three goals scored in Limassol, the team's main deficiency is its lack of class strikers. A draw would not be a disaster, given France’s dropped point in Cyprus.

Hearts, meanwhile, by farthe most disappointing side in this season‘s


Saturday. Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. Glasgow. There are ten races in each meeting. starting at 7.45pm. £2.


I Race Days Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. Pow'derhall Stadium. Beaverhall Road. Edinburgh. Each meetingincludes ll) races. startingat 7.30pm. £2.50 Stand; £1 .50 (iround. Race programme free with admission.

4 FOOTBALL Saturday 25


I Dundee V Celtic l)ens Park. Sandeman Street. Dundee. 3pm. Two learns with little left to play for generally turn in a lacklustre performance. but the fact that this is (‘eltic’s first league match since their humiliating home defeat by .‘vlotherwell may help them shake of'ftheir mental fatigue.

I Hibs V Hamilton Easter Road Stadium. Albion Road. Edinburgh. 3pm. The home team must be confident ofedging ever nearer to a guaranteed place in Europe with a victory here. Hamilton. already thinking about next term's campaign to regain promotion to the Premier Division. have the consolation of knowing they are

Premier League relative to their capabilities, will be happy with the slenderest of victories to take to Germany. Indeed, having won their second round tie despite drawing 0-0 at home, their priority must be to avoid conceding a goal. Bayern, however, are by far the stiffest opposition they have yet faced. Three times winners of the European Cup, the German side will field eleven players all of whom are comfortable with the ball at their feet: Hearts, conversely, perhaps have two orthree.

Both ties are likely to have one thing in common: British inferiority in terms of the basic footballing skills when compared to most of the Continent. This is not to say that victories for Hearts and Scotland are impossible: just that if they do win, it will not be a pretty sight. (Stuart Bathgate)

The List 24 February 9 March 49