I TALBOT RICE ART GALLERY Uta Comb. University of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 667 101 l. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm.

Closed for redecoration until 1 April.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 2265425.

I hated it at lirst but I love it now - the sequel Until 28 Feb. An exhibition of photographs by Steven Fairclough. Joanna Meek. Susan Mitchell and Neil Rilley.

Dogs Blood Rising 1—30 Mar. Lawrence Nowosad. A CU Tmagazine photographer in his first majorexhibition.


Richard Demarco Gallery

Richard Demarco pulls in one oi this month’s most upliiting exhibitions with the help ol the Italian Institute. Roma Punto Uno is the measurement 18cm x 24cm. It is also the title ol the exhibition which has brought the work at 70 Italian artists together celebrating the city ol Rome on the scale oi point one.

With Latin temperament, these tiny paintings and constructions line the walls at the gallery like lragments at a big mosaic. Truly Italian, their character absorbs the ancient city into the contemporary, many oi the artists choosing to abstract their leelings down to size.

It is always diliicult in an exhibition of these proportions (many artists, small paintings) to capture something more than passing pleasure lortheirtrlnltet value. But while there is no doubt that the temptation here is to carry oil an Individual slice oi Rome in your pocket, there is undoubtedly a larger sense at identity in the collective voice at these artists.

Inevitably, some are betterthan others and in this case (perhaps It has something to do with the architectural splendour ol home) it is the construction pieces which come out on top. A trio in the corridor, Fabbri, leanl and Buggiano talit elegantly with plastic and card, breastplates ol loam and brass llags respectively. Bennotti squeezes tubes ol paint lor all the painters oi Rome, and Messina lies a brass knot with the style and exquisite leel ior materials which characterises the exhibition.

Demarco brought the Italian Avant Garde to Scotland in 1967. This exhibition, more than twenty years later, may not have the pioneering thrust, but it does realtirm Demarco’s eye ior quality which, because ol the gallery's precarious existence, has not in recent months always been In evidence. (Alice Bain)

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon-Fri Ham—6pm: Sat 10.30am—4pm.

Architects in Watercolour 27 Feb—I 1 Mar. Sandy Bell. Haswell Smith. John Walker. Richard Jaques. John Boak and others.

I 369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate . 225 30 I 3. Mon—Sat l().3()am-5.3()pm.

Iiob McCarthy Letters from a City. Until 25 February. Ground Floor. Studio artist paints cityscapes from New York. Barcelona and Chicago. Moves on from cliffs but same intense colour.

Paintings by Anne Morrison Until 25 February. Studio Gallery. 369 continues its policy of introducing new painters to the gallery.

4-25 March.

10th British lntemational Print Biennale 4—25 Mar. This is the first time 369 has had a major print exhibition. A Bradford touring show. the selection from this open submission includes work by British and Australian artists - Bruce Maclean. Peter Howson. John Bellany and Conrad Atkinson.

Prints by 369 Gallery artists 4-25 Mar. An in-house get-together to join in the print theme.

Mixed show ol Scottish painting 4—25 Mar. I WAVERLEY TAYLOR GALLERY 54 Constitution Street. 553 4536.

Another new gallery for Edinburgh. this Leith-based space has just opened. Victoria Bemle and Joanne Milne Until 15 Mar. Work by two young Edinburgh printmakers who share a studio and an interest in abstract images.


A selection oi exhibitions outside Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Peacock Artspace 21 Castle Street. Aberdeen. 0224 639539.

Art and Computers Until 8 Mar. This exhibition says that computers can be compatible with art. Cleveland Art Gallery asked artists to submit ideas for computer art and 39 proposals were chosen to represent high technology as used by artists.


I MACLAURIN ART GALLERY Rozelle Park. Monument Road. Alloway. Ayr. 0292 45447. Mon—Sat 11am—5pm.

Experience oi Landscape Until 4 Mar. This exhibition makes for wonderful winter contemplation. Artists like Auerbach. Bomberg. Eardley and Hitchens offer the British landscape in all dimensions and colours. Don’t miss this one.

East Kilbride


A new and exciting venture which equips the town of East Kilbride with a gallery for the first time. At the moment the galleryis only open at weekends. but despite this. shows often sell out and they welcome hundreds ofvisitors. Vincent Clark exhibits his work on the weekend ofthe 24-26 Feb. Following that there is a new exhibition up every weekend until April. Worth a visit.

St Andrews

St Andrews Festival The St Andrews Festival this year has an exciting number ofexhibitions. Among others there is Contemporary Scottish Painting in the Upper College Hall. Sax Shaw watercolours at the East Robing Room in the Younger Hall. North Street. Max Beerbohn Cariaeatures at the Crawford Arts Centre. The Story of Beatrix Potter in the University Library and Five Fife Artists in the West Robing Room. Younger Hall. North Street. For information on all these exhibitions and other Festival events contact the Festival Office. 66 South Street. 0334 77878.



Edinburgh‘s newest gallery showing Scotland‘s newest artists THE ELUSIVE IMAGE Victoria Bernie & Joanne Milne Prints & Drawings Tues—Sat 11am-6pm

54 Constitution Street. Leith, Edinburgh 031 553 4536


Now under independent management

EXHIBITIONS OPEN 17 F ebruary-l9 March

Dreamtime A Traveller’s Images of Australia Paintings by Janet Patterson Max Beerbohm - Caricatures

Admission Free Mon—Sat IOam—Spm (Sun 2—5pm) Crawford Arts Centre. 93 North Street. St Andrews. Fife. Tel (I334 7461i) SubSId/sed by the Scottish Arts Councul

Mon—Fri lOam-6pm Sat lOam—l pm

94 George Street Edinburgh 03] 225 5955

ALAN DAVIE Works on Paper 1972-1986


STUART DUFFIN ‘Laughter and Forgetting’ Etehings


Until 1 March


Edinburgh Photographer of the 18508 and '603

Scottish National Portrait Gallery Queen Street Edinburgh Admission Free

The List 24 February 9 March 55