by a car park. Needless to say, when l which might represent the srs‘P‘s became apparent that the car was an i

she arrived neither the aforementioned rallying call would he (‘r_t- I-‘rm/om automatic and that none of the tour church lunctionary nor the demiurge could drive it properly. A couple of whom he represents were present. hours in a traffic jam on the M25 didn‘t Perhaps the ways in which the Lord help matters at all and, approaching moves are so mysterious that he Southend, Hunter lelt,decidedly queasy doesn’t drive. The List‘s Associate Editor, Allan and announced that he was going to be Hunter, who was seen on Channel 4‘s SiCk- Saying that they we“! 0" 3" "than Media Show the other week sounding clearwav. his colleagues refused to

and Restless Mutt-es. Anv more suggestions to the Diary at The 1.1’si‘s Edinburgh address.

The pressure involved in the

business ofdirecting films is oil to Muriel Gray aboutthe shoddy way Stopttte cat. bUtdtd agreeto 'ethlm Wt famously intense. hut it is even worse in whichthelilm industrytreats and drive as slowly asthey dare so he for the first time director. Imagine f Scotland may almost have wished he could catch up. Tossing his cookies then what Broxbiirii-born Michael COUtd eat his words last week. Hunter i into the gette'i he saw the cat recede (‘aton-Jones must have heen going and three other journalists were taken i into the distance blaring the theme

The new editor ofScot/andon through over the past few months down to Southend for an on-location trom ChaintS 0t Fire on its radio, and

Sunday. you may have heard. is one during the making of his first feature report about the making at the first film ' began to Chase alter it. spreading his

Andrew Jaspan. whose current Scandal. As well as all the usual from Scottish Television's new bounty as he went. He finally arrived on

position is editor ofthe SOSage‘s problems. Caton-Jones has had to i film-making department‘Killing Dad’, location. inavery wellventilated

arch-rival Sunday Times Scotland. A contend with quite a bit of bad press I but the journey down was less than VBhtCle. too late t0t tUhCh and With "0

certain amount of hilarity has been in some ofthe right wing papers comfortable. By the time they arrived at DTOSDCCt 0t getting any t00d Uhtit

occasioned by this appointment which found the subject matter of Heathrow to pick up their hired car, tea-time. though he is Eternally

given that some media the film. the fall ofa Tory cabinet HUhter was a little "BUSBOUS, haying gratetttl t0 STV tor the ttUitV blSCUtt With

commentators have suggested that minister. rather distasteful. He has not eaten since dawn, and this which they provided him.

Sunday Times Scotland was set up also had to coax the film‘s biggest sensation was soon to intensity as it

with the aim ofputting the S()Sage star. John Hurt. into giving Barry

out ofbusiness. Further tittering Norman an interview when he knew

arises out ofthe observation that it that Norman is not one of l lurt's

was not three months ago that the favourite people. So how has he “3th Alto" Hm“ 'L “09"

SOSage was runninga series of dealt with all this pressure? By (EdtnbmghtAl‘l‘l‘m .

articleson ‘The Englishing of dressing in the most bizarre fashion. PUD'iSt‘et ROW“ “Udtls‘. -‘“”‘*‘”.‘.‘:"°°"(“359°”) ”°'°.°"'F°-u

Scotland‘. and vet here it is ‘lfit’s all gettingon top of you. wear Edim'sx‘tm Bl“°”‘s‘”“h i Jim,”“lilmniwn's‘mn iii-"g" 5min ~ ~

- ~ ' - -. g . g _ . ' Humming. Associate . Stuart Bathgatc. Theatre Ldinburgh Izlll lIE.

appomting an editor who is not a fez. seems to be the ( aton Jones Editor Mljm I “mm : 5mm “cm,ng have. 0315531191.

renowned for his Scottishness. Some recipe for mental health. He has also Ednori‘m Assistants S‘lum 3 MM,” \t-Uolmmgh sing“ om“;

people have even bust a gut laughing been seen cutting a dashing figure in Human” Andch Camera liditthurgh Top Floor.

at the suggestion. however matching. (but not ver_v well.) Bum‘m hm (mum Make-up Services Cover 52 St Enoch Square.

implausible it may be. that Jaspan. burgundy fedora and lotid floral Design Simon l-Zsierson. "“t'k' “M”- ‘ti‘t‘jt Ht" (itit-‘gtiw (31 4AA-

who was christened ‘Davros‘ by shorts. Advertising / Circulation 4“} ""“"l cove' Des'gn 0412219689

some underling at the Sunday Times .less Barrow _ Rhobat 5'33" “MC” and PM"

on account of a passing resemblance Pop singer has brain, shock horror. Br) "3 hitch“ Méif‘tf‘im. M”

to the creator of the Daleks. is being Some theatre-going pop-pickers have classmed Advems'w PM”

sent to the SOSage as an agent of the noticed that one of the new short plays NW“ “mum? I

. . . icorgelle Reimick.

Evil ()ne (Murdoch) with the sole being taken ontourby 7:84 as parlol Types‘emngjn meh_

purpose ofdestroying the paper by the Long Story Shorts package has “CM, TN pmducpon' DON’T MISS YUR CHANCE

devious means. All of this. though. been written by a certain Ricky Ross. Editor tum) Keir.

will be like water offthe back of a Could this be the Ricky Ross who is Production Co-ordinator T T

mallard to the imperturbable and also lead singer of Deacon Blue? Yes, :larkt like: Productior‘im

rather cuddlyJaspan. to whom it could. 55's 3" Wt 'kt iti‘fil‘?“ _——_—

congratulations arc in order. The Alice Baiit. Bookslst‘istina W

lad. you might sav. done brilliant. Thanks for more double bill amilmiwh' class's“

' r . . . . . usic( am! Main. Dance . ' suggestions. ( _. Hood of lzdinbtirgh AIM Bum. Diary hm

God moves In mysterious ways, or so, says that the Birth of Prince \\ illiain (mm. film AIL”, 1 tum”

atleast, peopletell us, and acertain might be eelehrated. albeit 1m,”MUM",

reporterwho was sent by a Scottish belatedly. by 2! double billing of Hit’ Folk/Jazz Norman

paperto 121 George Street to interview ()men and R().S‘(’m(1r'\"s Baby. and Chalmers. Food Julie ; FOR FULL

the Moderator of the Church at Jim Young of (ilasgow stiggcsts that htt’rricc. Sally Stewart:

Scotland, would probably agree a douhle hill advertised as The Dark ’9,“ mt." l""“C‘; Med”

vehemently with this assertion. This and Terrible Truth About .llargari't 3:313:18” “"3"

reporter, we understand, not knowing Thatcher should include The Iris-rot Mathim;f‘g‘i’ghme ' YOU’LL BE SOLD

that the Moderator was to he found In England and I he St’t‘rt'l 1.1]00] 1; HI 3mm Rink”. Andy 1

Edinburgh, went to 121 George Street Braun. Nancy Mc(iill of lidinburgh. (‘rahh. (‘olin Steven. I

Glasgow, an address which is occupied meanwhile thinks that a douhle hill Open Andrew Burnct. I

SPLENoto ‘nrngnmw cm". :, " Team-noun» UNOEQNEA .


‘,' Toot, SHE


MARVELLOUS [-A Jig . _. (A) 3 _t J” 1;" ' ,,~'l .‘ 3% 36 at o - ' - v '- uNleKE kw, THRYS MA ,v .w- _ “I ,‘H D'NNAa : lAONfierUS .'y ;;”Vm‘ _ “f M; I

UNCLE “e”, h H C“? - This Antiwar .. - a LOOK“. .i

CONriuuao "7,

4 The List 24 February 9 March