Glover. Kevin Costner. John (‘Ieese. Major Eighties Western tries too hard with a plot that throws in everything but the kitchen sink as the gang of goodgtiys try to sort out a group of no-good business types. Clecse pops tip as a gruff English sheriff for about five minutes. lidinburgh: Cameo.

I Slipstream (PG) (Stephen M. Lisberger. UK. 1989) Mark Hamill. Bob Peek. Ben Kingsley. Robbie Coltrane. 101 mins. See panel. Glasgow: ()deon. Edinburgh: ()deon. Central: Allanpark. Caledonian. Regal. Strathclyde: Kelburne. Odeon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton. Rialto.

I Stand And Deliver t P( i ) ( Ramon Menendcz. LS 1988) litlward .lames ()lmos. 95 mins. An unconventional I..A. mathematics teacher is determined to do something about the appalling numeracy rates in American schooling. and attempts to guide his varied batid of ethnic charges through a tortuous algebra examination.

Quietly impressive movie. nowhere near as deadly as it sounds. because director Menendez manages to make it all comprehensible for the audience. and creates a climactic scene that brings the tension of a western shoot-out to the exam hall. Good stuff. lidinburgh: Filmhouse. I Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home ( l)(i i (Leonard Nimoy. US. 1980) William Shatncr. DeForest Kelley. Leonard Nimoy. 119 mins. The crew of the Starship Enterprise beam dow n to 19% San Francisco to protect the earth trom an incoming alien probe and say c the whale into the bargain. As daft as it sounds. and essential viewing for corset and toupcc aficionados. Central: (‘aledonian ISuspect(lS)(t>eter Yates. is his?) (her. Dennis Quaid. l.iam Neeson. 106 mins. Work-w eary public defender ( ~he r is dumped with the case of an apparently barbaric down-and-out Vietnam veteran on a murder charge over the savage killing of a young woman for a pathetic sum of money.

An old-fashioned. wintry thriller that really thrills with (‘her and ()uaid bringing much needed conviction to their roles and screen partnership. and Yates confidently adding a cold. bleak feel to the proceedings. suggesting a sense not ofthc aberration ofcrimc but its commonplace frequency. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Tampopo ( IS) (Juzo ltami. Japan. 198(1) Tsutomo Yamazaki. Nobuko Miyamoto. 114 mins. Very funny Japanese movie that turns the renovation of a run-down noodle parlour into an epic Western style adventure in the manner of. say. The Magnificent Seven. Along the way there are stops for various skits on the Japanese attitude to food and culinary etiquette. as well as a truly sexy scene involving an egg yolk.

For sustained comic impetus this is a splendid effort. to be heartin rec‘ommended to anyone w ho en ioy s food. or sex. or both. Strathclydc: Haldane l-ilm Society.

I Taxi Driver ( la) (Martin Scorsese. [S 1976) Robert De Niro. (‘ybill Shepherd. Jodie Foster. 114 mins. An alienated taxi driver in New York is so repelled by the squalor and the moral decay around him that he is driven to terrible violence. ()ne ofthc key films ofthc '70s with the Scorsese-De Niro partnership at its peak. Glasgow: Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

IThiel OI Bagdad (PG) (Ludwig Berger ck Michael Powell. UK. 1940) Sabu. ('onrad Veidt. Rex Ingram. 155 mins. Super Arabian Nights fantasy has native boy Sabu outwitting evil Grand Vizier (‘onrad Veidt with the help of a magic carpet anda rather splendid genie (played by silent director Ingram). The blend offantasy. thrills and special effects has rarely been bettered. and children will absolutely adore it. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Three Men And A Cradle (Trm's Hommes El Uri Couffi'n) (PG) (Coline Serreau.

France. 1985) Roland Giraud. Michel Boujenah. Andre Dussolier. lilomins. Three Parisian bachelor's are left to look after a little French sprog in the original

y ersion of the Hollywood hit remake. ('hances are. if you like the

Nimoy -directed effort then you‘ll go for this one too. after all. poo-poo is pun-pun iii any language. lidinburgh: lidinburgh l'niyersity Film Society.

I Thunderbirds Are Do! i t ' i ( ( iei‘ry Anderson. I'K. 190M Scott. Virgil. Alan Brains. lady l’cncli’l‘c ct al. 90mins. 'l‘he first and w itticst of the 'l‘hiinderbirdspin olfmoy as The 21st century version of the Shadows more than makes up lor w hat is otherwise little more than the draggingout tll one 01 the IV episodes. .-\ tlttlsl lot all Gerry Anderson fans. Strathclydc; AM(‘ (‘lydcbank 10. I Tokyo Story ( I ' ) ( \ashi iiiro ( )/ii. Japan. 1953 )(‘hishu Ryti. (‘liicko l ligashaiyama. 139 mins. ()zti's widely acclaimed masterpiece is a quiet-spoken but eloquent statement on the tray ailsof growing old. 'I'he simple plot tells of an elderly couple's visit to their children in Tokyo w here they are treated tactlessly by their selfish offspring. lidinburgh: lzdinburgh Film Guild. lTrack29( lSHNic Rot-g. t'k’. IUSS) ’l‘hcresa Rtissell. Gary ()ldman. (’hristophcr l.loyd. 90mins. Middle America. bored liousew ifc Riisscll becomesincreasingly lonely in hex mat riagc with eccentric surgeon l.loyd. a man with more time for his traiti set than his unhappy spouse. ()nc day how ey er. there appears strange Britisher ( )ldman. w ho might be her long-lost son from a brutal teenage sexual encounter at a fair.

Brash btit tiiifi uitltil psychodrama. which doesn't really go any w here despite an oy cr-abiindancc of y istial and y crbal trickery arid the artistic cred of director Roeg and writer Dennis l’otter. Glasgow: (ii-'l'. I Tucker: The Man And His Dream ( t’( i i (Francis('oppola. I’S. I‘JSS).lell Bridges. Martin landau. .loan Allen. 1 10mins. Based on a true story . (‘oppola's best film in years charts the rise and fall of Preston 'I‘ucker. a naive btit ingeniousauto engineer w ho in 1948 managed to produce a car so technically advanced that itscarcd the Detroit majors into action. Before long their ties with the political pow ers-that-be created a set of trumped-up fraud charges that were to disson c 'l'iicker‘s dream ol affordable. safe motoring in a w elter ot litigation.

.lell Bridges excels lillltsell but this is ('oppola's moy ie. w here he at last rc-unites his stylish technique with a grasp of narrative control in a manner that brings back memories of tlicgreat Hollywood productions of old. Glasgow: (il’l'. ITwins ( PG) 2‘": ( lyan Reitnian. IS. 1985‘) Danny l)c Vito. Arnold Sciiwar/ciicggcr. Kelly Preston. ( 'liloc Webb 95 mins. Glasgow : (‘annon ('larkston Road. (‘annon Sauchiehall Street. (irosvenor. lidinburgh: ('annon. (Ventral: Allanpark. (annon. Strathclyde: (’aniion. Kclburnc. La Scala. Rialto. \VMR Film(’cntre. I U2: Rattle And Hum ( l’hil .loanoii. LS. 1988) Bono. 'I‘he lidgc. Adam(‘layton. larry Mullen. 90 mins. ['2 on their worldwide Joshua free tour find themselves exploring the great tradition of American popular music as they record with BB. King and a Harlem Choir. before taking a trip to the Sun Studiosin Memphis where Iilvis first recorded. Intriguing mix ofstirring live footage and documentary - ('cntral: (‘aledonian Strathclydc: ()deon Ayr. I Under Satan‘s Sun ( 15) (Maurice l’ialat. France. 1987) Gerard Dcpardieu. Sandrine Bonnaire. Maurice l’ialat. 98 mins. ('annes prize-winning adaptation from French (‘atholic novelist George Bernanos has Depardieu as the troubled Father Donissan. testing his faith against

teenage murderess Bonnaire. after a chance meeting with a horse dealer who may well be the Devil.

Atheist l’ialat‘s intrigued treatment of events contrasts with the spiritually committed Brcsson‘s Bernanos adaptations ( .llout'liettt'. Diary (III-1 (‘ruuilrv l’rt't'yll. but the result isa cony incingly performed work that exertsa considerable hold. lidinburgh: lidinburgh l'niyersity Film Society.

I The Unholy ( IS) ((‘amillo Villa. IS. 1938) Ben (iross. llal Ilolbrook.’l‘revor Iloward. Ned Beatty. 100 mins.

l’retty average horror picture notable. if at all. for a reasonably high-calibre cast. though these post-()IIlt’Il litmus! efforts seem about a decade out of date these day s. cy en if there is a pretty nifty demon. Strathclyde: AM(' ('lydebank 10. La Scala.

I Veronico Cruz ( 15) (Miguel I’ereira. Argentina I’K. I‘ISSHuan .losc('amcro. (ion/an Morales. 96 mins. In the remote .luy juy region of northern Argentina. a teacher fosters a relationship with a young boy . left alone when his lather went totlie city to look for work. by tellitig him talesof the sea and ships. So entranced is the young lad that he joins the navy. and dies on the General Belgrano.

I’creira‘s auspicious debut manages the difficult feat of telling a small story with great compassion. w liile simultaneously coniiiientingon great political events. (ilasgow : (il’li.

I Vincent ( l’( i ) ( l’aul (ox.

Australia Netherlands. 1987) 103 mins. I‘nusual film on Van ( iogh. neither straight documentary nor fictionalised account. btit a study of the artist‘s life using his famous letters as the soundtrack to y istials that merge the paintings with the places he lived and worked in. Ambitious attempt at a varying an old ratherstaid form of film-making. but the pace isoften unbearably slow. lidinburgh: Filmhouse. I Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ( PU) (Robert Xemeckis. IS. 1988) Bob Hoskins. .loanna ('assidy . (‘hristopher l.loyd. 92mins. l.os Angeles. I949.and side by side with the human population liye the ‘l'oons. the cartoon characters working in the movie business.

An amazing technical achievement for the credibility with which the cartoons interact with the human cast and stylised sets. this surefire box office winner efficiently spoofs the film noir genre while milking its 'l'ex Avery-styled highly physical sense of black comedy for all it's worth. Glasgoszdeon.

lidinbiirgh: Dominion. (‘entral: Regal. Strathclyde: AM(‘ (‘lydebank‘ 10. Rialto. WMR Film (’entre.

I Wings Of Desire ( 15) ( Wim \y'enders. w. Germany .1987) Bruno (ianz. ()tto Sander. Solveig Dommartin. l’eter Falk. 127 mins. Restless angel (ianz on duty over Berlin takes a tip from American inoy ic star and former anch l’eter Falkon the possibilities of crossing over. and follows his mentor's path to consummate his relationship with beautiful circus acrobat Dommartin.

Gorgeous black-and-white. and an attractively sensitive feel for the people and places of Berlin grace this thematically rich and uneharacteristically optimistic slice of Wenders movie criehantment. Highly recommended. Iidinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Witches of Eastwick ( 18) (George Miller. LS. 1987) Jack Nicholson. Cher. Susan Sarandon. 118 mins. Suffocating in the prim tranquillity ofa small town in New lingland. three single women set their collective brains towards conjuring tip the perfect Mr Right. Next morninga mysterious stranger suddenly appears. as ifin answer to their prayers. and beginsto charm the pants offtheni. But the ripe. randy and rakish Daryl van Home is the devil in disguise. and there is a price to pay for their pleasure . . . A joyous.diabolical romp. with Nicholson having the time of

his life. Strathelyde: Arts Centre.

I Withnail And I ( 15) (Bruce Robinson. L'K. 1987) Paul McGann. Richard E. Grant. Richard Griffiths. 107 mins. 1969. Two out of work actors surviving through l.ondon giro squalor take a break in a picturesque Lake District cottage. where one of them suffers the attentions ofthc ageing homosexual owner.

Reasonably entertaining British comedy with a tendency to rely on the all~too-easy targetsofdrug-taking and gay stereotyping for much of its humour. Glasgow : (if-'1‘.

I The World According to Garp(15i (George Roy I lill. IS. 1982) Robin Williams. Glenn (lose. .loliii l.itligow. 131 mins. 'l‘he life of aspiring yotingnoyelist '1‘.S. (iarp is complicated by a bestselling atitlioress mother and a group of radical feminists who've cut out their tongues.

Rambling adaptation of the engaging John Irving noch is most at home with the easygoing childhood section and runsout ofstcam long before the cnd.btit .lohn l.itligow's performance as a transsexual football player is a real show-stopper. Somehow Irving seems to work bettcron the page than the screen though. Glasgow: (il’l‘.



Friday 1D—Tbursday 23

This section gives details of programmes showing at cinemas in central Scotland over the next week. Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change atanytime.

Cinemas operating a family discountscheme allow an adult accompanying a child to 'U' and ‘PG' certificate programmes to gain admission for the same price as the child up to 6pm.


I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend.h37 2641. £2.30((‘hild ()Al’£l.20). Family discount scheme operates.

1.The Naked GUM 15) 1.15pm (Satonly). 3.35pm (Sat. Sun only). 5.55pm. 8.40pm. 2. Scandal ( IS) 5. l(lpm. .s’. 10pm.

Bigfoot And The Hendersons ( P( i) (Sat only) 2pm.

3. High Spirits ( 15) 3.20pm (Sat only) b.20prn. 8.40pm.

I CANNON Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592. £2.S()((‘hild £1.40). 'l"wobarsopcn 5.311—‘).311pm(Mort-Sat);(i.3lL-9.3llpm (Sun). Family discount scheme operates. 1. The Naked Gun ( 15 ) 1 .20pm. 3.30pm. 5.45pm. 8.35pm.

2. The Accused ( 18) 1.35pm.5.10pm. 8.10pm.

3. Dangerous Liaisons ( 15) 1.40pm. 4.40pm. 8pm.

4. Manhunteu lts’) 1.50pm. 5pm. 8pm.

5. A Fish Called Wanda ( 15) 1.30pm. 5.10pm.8.15pm.

I CANNON GRAND lh’ Jamaica Street . 248 4620. £2 (£1 ).

Adult movies. Phone for details.

I GROSVENOR Ashton Lane. I lillhcad. 339 4298. 7814. [D] with prior notification. £2.20(Student liB40£l.70;(‘hild ()Al’ £1 .20). Tickets for last eveningand late screenings can be booked in advance: box office open 2—7.30pm.

1. Fatal Beauty( 18) 2. 15pm (not Sun). 5.40pm (not Sun). 8.35pm.

2. The Naked Gun ( 15) 2pm (not Sat.Sun). 4. 15pm (not Sun). (3. 15pm (not Sun). 8.45pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.

I ODEON Renfield Street. 332 8701. Licensed bar. Adults £2.95. Under 15s and OAPs £1 .50 (£2 last performance).

The List 10— 23 March 198917