I Comic Relief t 8130 ) 7.30-2.3(ipm. Lenny Henry and Billy'ConnolIy report from Africa on conditions for the poor and starving while ( iriff Rhstones looksat Charity Projects work with the disadvantaged young in Britain. Otherwise it's the tisiial assemblage of comedians and comedy clips.

I International Athletics (Scottish) 7.308.30an Live coverage of the indoor event at the Kelvin Hall with Britain taking on teams from the L'SSR and the USA. More coverage on Channel I-‘our beween 9 and Itlpm.

I Next Left (C4) 8—9pm. Concluding programme iii the series analysing the problems that beset European socialism. I Paradise of Martyrs ( BB(‘2) 9.3(l~1().2(lpm. First showingon British T\' of a now particularly timely documentary made by an independent Australian production company. In I98.< Bob I’Iasto and his team \ isited Iran to record the scope of the Islamic Revolution as experienced in the everyday lives of Iranians. The programme includes this quote from a teacher: ‘thn Islam isin danger w e are willing to give ourown lives. then why would we not be willingto give the life of a blasphemous person'.’ The life of a heretic should be taken'

I There's a Lot of It About ( 88(2)

9- 9.30pm. First ofthrce compilationsof the best of Spike Milligan's numerousTV comedy shows.

I Conference Report ( Scottish)

I l.(l5— I I .35pm. Anne Mackenzie and Colin MacKay with coverage. from Inverness. of the Labour Party's Scottish conference.

IExcalibur((‘4) lll.3(lpm— 1.10am. John Boorman's excellent. uncompromising rctellingof the Arthurian legend (based on Mallory"s l.e Morte d'A rlhur). With Nigel Terry. Helen Mirren and Nicol \Villiams'on.


I SCOUISII Eye (C4) b.3(I—7pm. Murray Ritchie was allowed unprecedented access to Scotland's prisons for this enquiry into the running of our often explosive penal system.


Made in I‘ISb.

The Media Show‘s background report on

I Bob Says Opportunity Knocks ( B B(‘l ) 7. lS—-8.()5pm. Now look. w hat we meant to say last issue was that this is Monkhous‘e‘s third and last series. not ‘first and last'. ()K'.’ , I Inspector Lavardin ((‘4)9—lti.5(ipm. I Claude Chabrol's witty murder yarn with I .lean I’oiret investigating the death ofa Catholic writer found wasth tip on the shores of a Catholic tow n following the performance of a ‘blasphcmous' play.

I The Film Club: The Conformist t BB( '2) lllpm- 1.15am. Bernardo Bertolucci's powerful study of repressed homosexuality in I‘ascist Italy. Bertolucci. who made this film in 1969. went on of course to win best director Oscar for last year's The Last Emperor.


I Big World Cafe ((‘4) 3.55—4.55pm. (4's new internationally orientated rock show continues with appearances from L'S rap artists. Jungle Brothers and theatre pop artists. 'I‘hev .Ifight Be (it'mtts.

I Duke Bluebeard's Castle ( BB( ‘3) 8.35-9.40pm. Bartok‘s operatic tellingof the story of Bluebeard kicks off a major season of the 20th century Composer's work.

I Sword and The Spirit i B B( ‘2 l 7.45-8.35pm. Report byCharles Iilliott on the traditional spirit world of African culture. and how it conflicts with Western imposed (.‘hristianity.

I The Media SI'IOW (C-1)9. 15- Ill. 15pm.

the Profumo Affair was another indication that the programme has hit its best form. Topics tonight include a report on Reform. I Itingary's new tabloid newspaper.

I Screen Two: Ice Dance ( B B( ‘2 ) ltl.l(L-Il.~15pm.See panel.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

10.30 -I l .31lpm. Bragg and the team go to New York to report on its seemingly never-ending ability to absorb new musical styles specifically on this occasion. music's downtown rock- avant garde.


I A Full Life (C4) 3.45—4. 15pm. Bert

I lardy. veteran Picture Post photographer talks to .Iill Cochrane about his life and work.



We want to hear from 17—26 year-olds with problems for us to investigate or survival tips to pass on. Housing, Work, Travel, Sex, Drugs. Any hassles, contact The Survivor’s Guide on 01 434 0471.

I Scottish Action on Health (Scottish) (1.3(l—7pm. Bob Tomlinson meetsthe villagers of New Lanark who are tryingto give up smoking.

I Winners and Losers ( Scottish 1 9- I(lpm. Alec is winning. but Scott has lost Joto Iiddie. Episode two ofScottish Television's drama serial starring Leslie Grantham.

I Horizon ( B BCZ) 8. Ill—9pm. Black Schizophrenia -- a report on evidence that suggests that black people of Afro-Caribbean descent living in Britain are ten times more likely to suffer from schizophrenia.

I Panorama(BB(‘l ) (Ho—- III. Illpm. Iixamination of the proposed changes to the National Health Service.

I The Play on One: The Shawl ( B B( l ) 9.4(L-lt).45pm. A notable first scored by BBC Scotland: this is the first original work by David Mamet to be shown on British TV. See feature.

I The Nuclear Age ( Scottish)

Ill}.< I l.35pm. After last week's hilarious» if it hadn't such tragic overtones - programme on the MX fiasco. 'I‘he Nur/eur.»1ge traces the events that lead to the signingofthc INI‘arms . reduction treaty between Reagan and ' (iorbachev.

I Hot Air And Fantasy: The Adventures of Terry Gilliam (BBCZ) I l—l 1 .30pm. Behind the scenes look at movies' greatest perfectionist. Terry Gilliam and his new film The A (I ventures of Buron' i Mitrtcltuus'eri.

I The Eleventh Hour: Stammheim ((11)

I l .ZSpm— I .35am. Carefully constructed froin documentary evidence. this film which tells the story of the notorious Baadcr-Meinhof terrorist group. won the (iolden Bear at the 1986 Berlin Festival. I Invasion of the Body Snatchers t SCotIis'hl 12.3ll~2.31lpm. Donald Sutherland. Brooke Adams and Leonard Nimoy- in the 1978 remake —- a film in the Fright Time series that may even be worth staying up for.


I The Budget Coverage on Scottish and BBC! . 3—5.35pm. The Nigel Lawson (iame Show -- he'll double your money then take it away.

I Concerning Cancer ((21) 9-. lllpm. The series of independent films all linked in subject to Cancer concludes with a study of the options for patients with breast

I Ice Skating (Scottish) 10.45-11.3tipm, First visit of the week to Paris forThe World Figure Skating Championships.


Filming on ice isn't easy, especially if you’re the director and can’t skate. Director Alan Dossor seems to have had some hairy moments shooting Screen Two’s film Ice Dance, according to John Christie, who plays Colin, an ice skating coach. But if Dossor went flying once or twice, that is probably only par for the course for any non-skater.

Ice Dance is a love story about a two young skaters on their way to the top who encounter all kinds of unexpected difficulties. Strictly speaking it bears no relation to Torvill and Dean, and it touches on many social issues; but it’s almost impossible not to think about the British champions, especially when the film is broadcast in the week of the World Figure Skating Championships in Paris (BBC 2, Tues14, 11.15pm).

For Glasgow-based actor John Christie, Ice Dance offered a rare opportunity to combine skating and

Coverage on all channels throughout the week.

I Out On Tuesday ( C4) l I pm~midnight . Lesbian cabaret act. Parker and Klein. present a report on fosteringand homosexual couples.


I Signals (C4) 9. l5 -l(l. lipm. The final programme of the current series presents a film by Talking I Iead's David Byrnc about the dance and music of the (‘andomble. the religion and region of Bahia which has its roots in Africa.

IDEoiBBCI )9.-11L Ill. lllpm. Reporton a little known brain disorder that causes sudden and random violent actions.

I Midweek Sports Special (Scottish) l().-15-l2.31lpm. Ilighliglitsofthe[TEFA Cup Quarter Final Second Leg Ilearts v Bayern Munich.


I KDDIS Landing ( BB( .I l 3- 3.51lpm. Look out for silver screen goddess. Av a (iardner. making a guest appearance.

I Film On Four: Prick Up Your Ears ( (it) 9.31%! I .ZSpm. Stephen I-‘rears. whose Dangerous liaisons can be seen on the big screens this issue. proved to be a most sensitive director for Alan Bennett's portrait of the controversial playw right. Joe Orton. Ifany'thing. Prick Up Your Ears fails to succeed completely because it fails to shock as it might. Nevertheless. there are fine performances frotn (iary ()Idman as Orton and Alfred Molina as his lover and murderer. Kenneth Ilalliwcll.

I Kay's Originals (Scottish I

1045-] 1.15pm. Billy Kay in conversation with author William Melly aniiey.


I Van Morrison and The Chieftains (( ‘4 I

8- 9pm. Irish singer songwriter Morrison toured with The Chieftains in 1987. They were recorded live at the I'lster I Iall. Belfast...

IArenatBBt‘zivsii 10.30pm. Personality profile of jukeboxcs and their

I Clive Anderson Talks Back ( ( ‘4}

I030 -1 1.15pm. The Chairman ofC-I‘s improvisational comedy show Whose Line Is lt.»1rty'ti'a_v. begins a chat and comedy show.


I Film Club: Mishima ( BBCZ)

illpm—I 12.05am. [first showing on T\'of I’aul Schrader's excellent portrait of controversial Japanese writer. Yukio

acting skills. He trained as a skater as a teenager- ‘I think I was looking for something to take up instead of football’ and reached championship level before he gave up. ‘It has to be all or nothing’ says Christie, ‘but it becomes very expensive, and when l was skating in the Sixties it was very hard to get sponsorship.’ But he always hoped to be offered a part where he could skate as well. ‘lt’s like a dream come true.’ (Sally Kinnes).

Ice Rink, BBC 2, March12, 10.10pm.

ZDThe List 10— 23 March 1989