Even for those not particularly interested in music, Music in Camera‘s story of Maria Curcio, Fulfilling a Legacy, is a fascinating 50 minutes of TV being screened on 3802 on Sunday 12 at 4.10pm. ltalian by birth, her

outstanding talents as a pianist showed 7

themselves at an early age and at only 12 years old she was teaching at Naples ConservatOry. But the outbreak of the Second World War brought all chances of a continuing career to a halt and at 20 Maria found herself in Holland, involved with the Resistance. One of those who owe their lives to Maria is Peter Diamand. former director ofthe Edinburgh Festival. whom she later married. it was only afterMaria's interventionthat

Diamand and his mother were released ;

from a concentration camp. lll health following the war finally dashed all hope of her becoming a concert pianist and she has since devoted her life and talents to teaching others. Among her students are Daniel Barenboim, Badu

Maria Curcio with husband Peter Diamand

Lupu and Barry Douglas. who is one of those. including Guilini, Peter Diamand and pianist Anthony Goldstone, interviewed on the programme. Further insight is given into Maria‘s unique teaching methods through sessions with some of her current talented pupils in London, where she now lives. The second part of Maria Curcio‘s life story follows on Sunday 19 at4.20pm. (Carol Main)


IHello Dali it 4) it lE 45pm. the Aquarius documentary made by Humphrey Burton and Russell llarty is repeated tonight .is t it It‘lllc‘ toSathitttii' Dali and two itiis liunuel films. ( in ( ‘liiwi stride/out Nb) and /, fi-t et' /)'or ( 1‘93”) which leaturc Daii's work. folio-w IScotsport SpeciaitSeou-ishi

ll 35 f:..‘~tlpiii lligiiiitzi‘tsliointoday's Scottish(’upqtiat'lci'finals ('cltic\

Hearts. llti‘s \ Alli'a and .‘stot'mti \ .St .loliitstoiic.

I The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (Scottish ) 2 4pm. .loscph Sazgcnt's excellent thriller about hostage taking on a New York subway train. Made iii WU with Walter \fatthau and Robert Shaw.

I Scotsport Special (Scottish) 3 5pm. l.l\ e cover'igcof Rangers‘. Dundee l iniled. quarter finalists in the Scottisli('tip. IThe BAFTAAwardsrBlit’i islfi 11pm. Anna lord and Day id Dimblcby present the British Aelectiiy Awards.

I After The Storm l BB( ‘3 l s35 *tJllpm. Documentary tracing Bela Bartok‘s flight from l luiigai'y . Part of the BB('Bartok

I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

ll)?” 1 1.3ilpm. l’ortrait ofpianist.Jolin ()gden


I Winners and Losers (Scottish )9— lupin. final part of the btwiiigsziga.

I Kilroy ( BBC! H.211 titan). The first three progi antmes this is eck come from the Middle 1 .‘ist; Kilroy Silk leads discussionson the region's different cultures and the political problems that plague it

IThe NuclearAgeiScouish)

10.35 11.35pm. This magifieent historyof our times concludes its frightening tale of chance and near disain otis mishap with an account of Reagan's Star Wars strategy.

I Network t BB('1 ) 1‘65- 1 l .Jfipm. The monthly programme on TV issues looks at the presentation of news.

TUESDAY '21 . -

I The Life Revolution ((4) U—ltlpm. Martin Jarvis narrates a new six-part documentary series on genetic engineering. The first programme givesa briefehronology of the landmarksof genetic science from Darwin's theory of evolution to the discovery of D.\'A While

i l i l l : i l



future programmes will look at some of the ethical issues involved.

I Play on One: A View of Harry Clark

tBB(‘l )i),_iiL 10.45pm. (irit'f Rhstones makes a straight acting appearencc asa social worker whose life is leading him to alcoholism and a breakdown. in Daniel Boy le‘s tough play. lilaine Paige starsas .loiics's \\ ite.

I Taking Liberties f BB('2)‘}.45 Ill. l5pm. Day id .lesscl presents a new current affairs show that profiles people who have been \ ictim to injustices that the authoritiesare unable or unwilling to do anythingabout. The first programme looks at black soldiers who have come up against discrimination in the British Army.

I Royal Film Performance (Scottish) HUS-i 1.20pm. The Queen Motherand invited guests gather together to watch Shirley Maclaine in Madame Sorcery/((1. I Family PlottScottish)11.2(lpm- l._‘s()am. Late work front the master. Alfred Hitchcock. With Barbara ilarrisasa medium who gets involved in a murder plot.


I Bookmark ( BB( ~2) S-9pm. Portrait of the late feminist writer. Simone de Beauvoir.

I How To Survive Lifestyle ((4) ‘).15~-lll.15pni Documentary examining the bizarre ways in which ad agencies have moved on from socio-economie classifications to ‘lifestyle"-oricntated Social-Value groups'. Saatchi and Saatchi for instance now talk of'Belongers‘. ‘Survivors‘ and the 'lnner-Directed lixplorer' and the industry as a whole believes that people are now making much more complicated decisions about how they run their lives.

I 0ED(BB('1)‘) NL- liHlSpm. Revised repeat of the investigation into the authenticity of the Turin Shroud -- with new evidence that it might he the genuine article after all?


I Opinions (C4) 8—8.3(lpm. Noam (‘homsky and an outspoken attack on the so called ‘Fifth Freedom' - the (ireat l’owers' right to rob and pillage a smaller nation.

I Film On Four: Ping Pond (C4) 9.3l)—11.2llpm. David Yip (best known for The ( 'lu’nese Detective) stars in Po ('hih Leong's mystery set in London‘s (‘hina Town.

I Health, Wealth and Happiness ( BBCI) iii-10.50pm. Dr Michael O'Donnellwith a timely new series tackling issues relating to public health.

I The Cry ( BBCZT If). til—lll.3tlpi11. Five specially commissioned music videos for Easter (to he shown on consecutive nights). The first is by Diana Burell.

I Kay's Original (Scottish)

H1354 l .ll5pm. Last in the series 7— the rescheduled edition featuring Aly Baiti.


‘Stan. a self-styled manic depressive and one of life's failures. is in the only place he feels safe. his bathroom. when he has a surreal experience. Pursued there by his psychoanalyst. his w ife. his hassling childhood protector. and Lily. a chimney sweep‘s daughter and first love of hislife. lie timidly unravels the meaningofthe l‘niverse.‘ Such is the publicity blurb for next week's Drama Now play. Hie Magic Bathroom on Radio Three ( N \tar. 9.30pm) and. as such. it provokes several interesting questions. Why would anyone want to chase a manic depressive into a toilet? What shape do surreal bathroom experiences assume'.’ And are there still chimney sweeps'.’ Tune in toJames Saunder's play (a Prix ltalia nominee last year )and find out.

March 14 is. ofcourse. Budget Day and our leaderene will be coming to Glasgow once it’s all over to canvass public responses to the changes. Radio i-‘our's PM Budget Special ( 14 Mar. 3. 15pm ) will be following Mrs. T. on her travelsand doing a spot of canvassing. most notably with ‘Scottish industrialists. trade unionists and ordinary people.‘

Ordinary people will also be contributing to Jimmy Young's Budget Special on Radio Two at the same time. and will no doubt be haranguing the BB("s [iconomics expert Dominick ltarrod with protestations about the penny on the pint and that nice Mr Powell.

It is probable that ordinary people‘ will be conspicuous by their absence from the Radio Four Debates the same day. when pretentious penman. t‘rederic Raphael. and playwright. Alan l’later. argue the motion that ‘this house prefers recklessness to righteousness'. Opposing their Byronic will to power will be satirist Willie Rushton and RabbiJulia Neuberger. (‘haired by Brian Redhead.

the debate is on air at 8pm.

Discussion of a more political nature appears on Radio Four on 19 Mar in The Great Debate (8.30pm). This programme involves the staging ofan imaginary rally that is addressed by Martin Luther King. Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey. The three confront each other at the rally and argue whether civil disobedience. militancy ora return to Africa is the best way to combat the disadvantages suffered by black people. Through the use ofanomalous place names. it becomes clear that the debate is taking place in Britain now. The play is a curtain-raiser to a seriesof black-rights documentaries called After Dread and Anger beginning the following Tuesday lll Mai. Radio l-'otir.‘l.3ilpm).

In A View To A Death (Radio Four. 15 Mar. 3.02pm) Jenkins continues his series of autobiographical plays based around his life as one of the nation‘s foremost artistic patrons. Britain iii the late Forties is beginning to feel the effects ofthe anti-communist witch-hunts in America. None more so than Lord Jenkins. (ieneral Secretary (ifiitiiiity'. As in the States. British actors are taking sides and some very famous names are battling it out. Jenkins uses actual documents and minutes from these meetings in hisplay and ‘names are named'.

This was also the time when Lord Jenkins began his long association with the Arts that culminated in his appointment as Minister for Arts in Harold Wilson's government. Lord Jenkins provides the narration w hile Stuart Organ plays Jenkins in the dramatic reconstructions. Once again. Mr. Organ proves that.while T\' has the biggest names. radio hasthe silliest.

Am 1 the only person in the country who finds lidinburgh's own Nicky (‘ampbell one of the most offensively smugand small-minded smarm merchants ever to don the hallowed headphones of Radio One'.’ Judging by his larva-like proliferation on everything from the Sunday Mail's Rock Page to Bruce Forsyth's game show You 891'. it would appear that i am. And he isn't finished yet. Anne Nightingale will be offgetting her roots retouehed next week and so her regular Sunday night slot ( 1‘) Mar.7pm) will be occupied by. . .who‘.’ Simon Dee'.’ Nope. timperor Rosko‘.’ Not even warm. Nicky(‘ampbcll'.’ Right third time. This means that all you heart-strung students who want to make it up to your girlfriends for being rude last Saturday night with a blast of Iicho Beach will now be at the sneering mercy of the Arrogant One. (ioodluck. (Allan Brown)


The BBC is planning a new TV series which will take the fly on the wall documentary to its logical conclusuions. at the same time producing something with the iascination of the the old ‘One Pair of Eyes' personal documentaries.

The new project comes out of the BBC’s Community Programme Unit (who produce the Open Space series) and will use the latest light weight video camera to eliminate completely the need for TV crews. Ordinary people will be given the cameras for ‘days, weeks or even months’ according to producer Jeremy Gibson and invited to film their own lives. ‘Each film will offer an inside view of the issues that concern the diarist, who might be a homeless person, a farmer and artist, an unemployed person or someone about to get married or move or have a child. Anything goes!’

The resulting (probably) six thirty

minute programmes will be screened next year in a series entitled Video Diaries. Jeremy Gibson stresses that he’s looking for people willing to make a serious commitment to the project, but other than that there seem to be no preconceptions. So if you relish the

creative challenge of capturing your

life iorthe TV camera write with a

description of yourself and what you would like to film to Jeremy Gibson. Video Diaries, c/o BBC TV Centre, Wood lane, London W12 78.1. (MB)

The List 10— 23 March 1989 21