.l‘lis‘ll'. \1 '5 17-26 \iARt‘H row

Scotland’s finest ten day celebration of the traditional and contemporary arts with over ninety events in and around The Younger’s Tartan Special Festival Club, Teviot Row Featured artistes in clude:

Arizona Smoke Revue * Carlos Arredondo & Galverino Ceron Artisan t Duck Baker * Jim & Sylvia Barnes * Battlefield Band Dan Ar Bras * Ian Bruce & Ian Walker * Ceolbeg Cosmotheka * The Fiddle Puppets * Cilla Fisher & Artie Trezise * Ray Fisher * Dick Gaughan * Kieran Goss Gregson/Collister Band * Isaac Guillory * Kieran Halpin Melanie Harrold & Ollie Blanchflower * Deborah Henson-Conant * Heather Heywood t Lizzie Higgins Hamish Imlach * Jackson, Ross & Martin * Norman Kennedy King Biscuit it Danny Kyle 1* Robin Laing * La Rotta Tim Lyons & Fintan Vallely * Michael Marra t Hamish Moore & Dick Lee * Iain MacDonald * Iain Mackintosh it Dougie MacLean * Flora MacNeilI * Rab Noakes The Occasionals * Liam O’Flynn t Rod Paterson Marisa Robles * Salami Brothers * Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band * Sileas * Singing Kettle Davy Spillane Band * Savourna Stevenson * Hans Theesink * Danny Thomson’s Whatever * Tonight at Noon * Sheena Wellington Whippersnapper * The Whistlebinkies . . . and many others

For full programme please send 85p PO/ Cheque to EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL Box PI. 16a Fleshmarket Close, Edinburgh EH1 IBX.

Tel: 031 220 0464

Ear}er w ED/NWRW

Subsidised by monomerime 1 31 M ' ° l

Produced with the assistance 0fthe City of Edinburgh‘s Department of Public Relations and Tourism

Subsidised by the SCUItISh Arts C0onc-I

Road. 332 1210. Iivening. Inst music on fiddle. accordion etc.


See Edinburgh Folk Festival Diary.

I Edinburgh Folk Club (‘losed It

I Rod Paterson St James Oyster Bar. (‘alton Road. 9pm. Iiasy ('Iub's vocalist

solos acoustically.

I Dave Robb Negociants. Brist Iivening. See 14th.

I North Sea Gas Platform 1. Rt Street. livening. Resident pub



I Tonight At Noon Star Folk (‘11 Society Of Musicians. Berkele beside Mitchell Theatre. 8pm.

Down To The Devils is the latest album from (ilasgow's innovative electrofolkies.

I Kate Kramer and Wattie MacD


)r IiI‘I“.

o Square.

ltlgmd decades.

folk band. :

lb. ( ilasgow y Street.

£1.50. Iivening.


Tolbooth Bar. Glasgow Cross. Evening.


See Edinburgh Folk Festival Diary.

I Toni and Dave Arthur's Music Box Portobello'l'own Hall. 10.30am. £2.50 (£1.50). Tickets Usher I Iall Box Office. Lothian Road or I Iobson‘s Choice. Brighton Road. Portobello. Superb kids show from a couple who‘ve been in the business. on TV and Radio. for nearly tWo

I Dave Robb St James Oyster Bar. (‘alton Road. 9pm. (‘ontemporay bouzouki weilding singer‘songwriter.

I Green Tree (‘owgate Iivening. Folk scene session. Late bar.

I Jim Knight/Denny Swanson/Colin Damage Iinsign liwart. Lawnmarket. 225 7440.

I Kevin Tait (‘andlemakers Arms. (irassmarket. 9pm— 12.30am. Popular entertainer.



The Youngers Tartan ' Special Festival Club isthe hub otthe ten-day Folk Festival. Housed in the TeviotRow StudentUnionin Bristo Square. it is open trom10am—2.3Dam. each day.

Within the Club will be a Harp Makers Exhibition. in conjunction with the Harp i Festival; a Craft Fair. which includes musical

instruments. new and secondhand; a musical instrument makers‘ exposition and a record stall. There is also an Oral History Conference and courses in the Harp and the Lowland Pipes.

Facilities include bars and food until late at night. showers. a bank and even a shop. The Club is opento the public, free, during the day but after 7pm membership is required. Children are notallowed alter 7pm.

Membership costs £4lor Fri/Sat/Sun; Daily weekend £1.50; Daily weekday 21:10 Day £10.

Tickets for events in the Club include Club membership. tickets tor concerts outside do not. Tickets for events. and memberships are available atthe Club, duringthe Festival. from midday until 1am. Priorto the Festival. they can be purchased by post from the Festival Dltice.16a Fleshmarket Close. Edinburgh EH118X.

They can also be obtained

overthe counteratthe Usher Hall Box Dttice, Lothian Road; Canongate Music. Blacktriars Street; Queen's Hall Box Office. Clerk Street. l I All venues within Teviot House Student Union. BristoSquare.Edinburgh. unless otherwise stated.


I St Patrick's Night Session Park Room. 7.30—9.30pm. Free to

(‘1th Members. With Belfast foursome. including piper and

fidtIIer'.Cr80bh Rua.

I Harp Festival Concert Reid I Iall. Bristo Square.

7.3a l(lpm.£3.5ll(£3)

available in advance. (ierman


and old music specialists. La Rotta. and modern. inventive music for the small harp. played by Savourna Stevenson. with Neil Hay. electric bass.

I Davy Spillane Band Queen‘s I Iall. ('lerk Street.

10. I5pm--midnight. £7.50 (reserved); it)

(unreserv ed) available in advance. (‘oncs £4 at door ().\' NIUII'I‘ONLY. Doors open 9.30pm. Bar

& Snacks. \A'ild Irish piping. funky rock setting. bluestwertones. Spillane

was one of the enginesof Moving Hearts.

I Younger's Tartan Special Opening Ceilidh Debating llall. 10.30pm—1am. Free to (‘1th Members. The Wild Cigarillos. play dance music from every era. Jimmy Shand to Bob Marley.

I 15-“ . Battlefield Band storm in the big midweek concert in the Queens Hall with one of the world's greatest pipe bands. the Shells and Dykehead Caledonia.



I Dance Workshop Debating I Iall. 10.30am—noon. £1 .50at door only. James MacDonald Reid on the traditional dancing styles of Scotland.

I Dance Workshop Debating llall. 12.30-2pm. £1 at door only. Jenny Geddes Clog are a women's clog dance team.

I Race tor the Golden Cup Park Room. l—2pm.

Adult£1;(‘hild 50p.

available in advance. Music drama for children.

Presented by Edinburgh

Theatre Workshop.

I Younger's Tartan Special Lunchtime Concert Teviot Bar. 1—2. 15pm. Happy Hour 1—2pm. Free. Craobh Hua. See 17th.

I Harp Festival Workshop Reid I Iall. Bristo Square. 1.45—3pm. £1 .50 available in advance. La Rotta ask that you Play Along With The Band. See Fri 17th.

I Songwriters' Workshop Dining Room. 2—4.30pm. £2 (£1 .50) available in

advance. Ewan McVicar. : Kieran Ilalpin. David

(‘hristopher and Kieran (‘ross are introduced by Archie Fisher.

5 I Cauld Wind Pipes ' Competition StAnne's

(‘ommunity Centre. (‘owgate 2—5pm. 50p to non-members. Lowland & Borders Pipers' Society

annual big get-together. A chance tohearallthe

bellows blown pipes and



ClarsachTeachers' Course

, E AlisonIIouse.4.lS—6pm. £2.50availablein

advance. Interested in teaching the harp?

I Younger's Tartan Special Teatime Concert Teviot Bar. 5.30-6.45pm. Happy Hour 5.30—6.30pm. Free. Kieran Goss is a star singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland

32 The List 10—23 March 1989