The harp in all its iorms is celebrated in the Harp Festival. a separate part of the Folk Festival. There are Masterclasses. Workshops. Teaching Classes and Displays by instrument makers, and concerts by. among others. international concert harpist Marisa Robles. And the enthusiastic presence olthe Americanjazz harpist Deborah Henson-Conant (see photo). is welcome backlorthe second year.

I Evening Concert Debating IIaII. 7.3()—1()pm. £3.51) (£3) available in advance. The electric acoustic. rock. bluegrass. folk and country ofArizona Smoke


. V -'

only. Edinburgh University New Scotland Country Dance Society.

I I Children's Show Park Room. I-me. Adult £1.51); (‘hild£1 . available in advance. Edinburgh Puppet (‘ompany present Little Red Riding Hood. I Younger's Tartan Special Lunchtime Concert Teviot Bar. 1—2. 15pm. Happy Ilour l—me. Free. New

wave Irish songwriter

Martyn Travis.

I Dance Workshop Debating I Iall. 2.31)—4pm. £1 at door only. Lothians Morris.

I Harp Festival Workshop Alison Ilousc 4.15—opm. £2.51) available in advance. Clarsach Teachers Course.

I Younger's Tartan Special Teatime Concert Teviot Bar. 5.31)—(>.-15pm. IIappy 11our5.31)—o.31)pm. I-‘ree. Keiran Halpin.

I Contemporary Music of Chile I’ark Room.

6—7. 15pm. £2 (£1) available in advance. Carlos Arredondo and Galverino Ceron are leading membersof Iidinburgh‘s active (‘hilean exile community.

the introduction ofthe harp by the (‘onquistadors to Latin America. and its subsequent evolution is explored by the Paraguyan master Francisco Yglesia. IArthur Argo Memorial Ceilidh 11).31)pm- 1am. Debating I Iall. £2.51) available in advance. Gallivanters Ceilidh Band. from (ilasgow and for the second time tonight . Tim Lyons and Finton Vallely.

I Festival Cabaret l’ark Room. 11).31)pm -1am. £3.51) (£3) available in advance. Two women and one man from Yorkshire make tip the everything-goes a cappella Artisan. Then one ofthe great white blues men. and he's Dtitch. Songs and acoustic guitar frotn Hans Theesink.


I Younger's Tartan Special Lunchtime Concert'l'eviot Bar. 1—2. 15pm. Happy Hour 1 -2pm. l-‘ree. A cappella Artisan. See 19111. I Harp Festival Workshop 2—3.15pm. Reid Ilall.

£1 .51) available in advance. Jazz I Iarp with


established songwriter and performer in the urban but rootsy vein.

I Bivvy Bag Band chiot Bar. 1 2.15pm. Ilappy Ilour 1 Cpm. Free. I-‘un. frenzied folkabilly fourpiece.

I Harp FestivalWorkshop Reid 1 Iall. 2 3.3llpm.

£1 .51)a\ailable in advance. Lesley Crozier. Physiotherapy lecturer from (ilasgoys I'niversity'. on physical conditioning for musicians.

IJanet Russell'l'evioi Bar. 5.31) -o.45pm. 1‘rec. Now based in London. one of the purest ol Scottishsingers.

I A Celebration 01 Women Debating I 12111.

7.31) 11)pm.£3.51)(£3) available in ad\ ance. Sheena Wellington introduces Ray Fisher. Maureen Jelks. Nancy Nicolson. Jo Miller. Scots and Iinglish songs; Mary Ann Kennedy. clarsaeli and (iaelic song; and another chance to hear jaH harpist Deborah Henson-Conant. I Festival FolkClub

Sportsman's Bar.

greatest Gaelic singers. heirto a thousand yearold tradition. and takes her place in the majorSingers Concert. with Norman Kennedy, Lizzie Higgins and others on thetirst Sunday night.

I Ianover Street.

8.31%] 1pm. 1-‘ree. Ian Bruce and Ian Walker with Gill Bowman and Jock Brown. Songs self penned and traditional. in cosy pub setting.

I Festival Cabaret I’ark Room. 11).31)pm- lam. £3.51) ( £3) available in advance. Cave Canem is

using bass. keyboards.

vocal harmony. Hamish

lmlachisanentertainerof : theoldschool.big voiced and assertive. and no

Flora MacNeill is one otthe ,

singer l’aul .‘v‘letsers' band.

and percussion with lots of

IIour 1--2pm. I‘rce. last thing last night and first thing today. Hamish lmlach‘s mettle w ill be tested. Ilc has his old pal lain MacKintosh im-


I Harp Festival Workshop Reid I Iall. Bristo Square. 2— 3pm. £1 .51) available in advance. Debbie Friou teaches folk and ( ‘cltic harp in l.os Angeles.

I Tonight At Noon‘l‘ey iol 111111531) 1i.45pin. Ilappy IIour5.31) 1i.31)pm. l‘ree. Iilcctricity . amplifiers. drum sequencers. new songs. and still in a Scottish idiom.

I Harp Festival Concert I’leasance 'I‘lieatre. 7.31)—1).~15pm.£3.51)1£3) available in advance. Mary

Ann Kennedy is one ol the

best clarsacli players. and she regulary playsand sings in (iaclic in the highly talented. multi-instruniental Whistlebinkies. I larp and fiddle with Scots song in a less traditional manner. Is the hallmark of Isobel Mieras and Jim Ferguson. I Battlefield Band. Dougie MacLean. Shotts And Dykehead Caledonia Pipe

Revue and the songsof political and social sung Deborah Henson Conant. 8 1031th £2.51) mean guitar player.

Band ()ueen's I Iall. ( ‘lerk

IMilnes BarAcoustic Music Night Milnes liar.

Ilour 5.31)—o.31)pm. liree. The bouzouki chordcd in

Keiran Halpin. {mmpmm superb IYounger's Tartan Special availablcin advance. I S. . .- . I _ I I. , s . .. . . . .ticct.£5114lasailablc 111

IHarp Festival ClassicalEmmy-mm Teatime Concert Ievtot Penicqu FolkClub. mum“, “wrwpw

Supper/Ceilithance (ialvcrino. 5 Bur->3”-‘rbwnilni‘m rss'dsmwml(“We - IYounger'sTartanSpecial o.31lpm.liai .y Snacks.

I’leasance Lounge. 7.30—1 1pm. £4 (inc.

Lunchtime Concert‘l‘ey-ioi l Bar. I 2.15pm. Happy

I Arthur Argo Memorial Concert Debating I Iall.

The earliest of the bagpipc and sy nth bands.

supper) tickets available in advance. Performances from the Festival harp teachers. including the jazzy Deborah Henson-Conant. and the David Sturgeon Scottish Dance Band.

I Festival Cabaret I’ark Room. 11). 31)pm— 1 am. £3.51) (£3) available in advance. Blues and shades of soul from Edinburgh’s six person

Just The Very Donkeys.


I Dance Workshop Debating I Iall. l1).31)am—noon. £1 .51) at door only. Jamie MacDonald Reid on the Scottish tradition.

I Harp Festival Masterclass Reid 1 Iall. Bristo Square. 11.15am—1pm. £2 available in advance. The world famous concert harpist. Marisa Robles. I Dance Workshop Debating I fall. 12.30—2pm. £1 at door

7.31)—~11)pm. £3.51) (£3) available in advance. The main platform of traditional song in the Festival. (ireat Scottish singer. now teaching weaving in the States. Norman Kennedy. learned from Jeannie Robertson. whose daughter Lizzie Higgins is also in the

concert. Flora MacNeill has a huge repertoire of Harm

and other (iaclic song. (ilasgow's Arthur Johnstone has a massive voice and presence. Tim Lyons and Finton Vallely.

mix Tim‘s Irish broadsides

with delicate flute and other instrumentals.

I Harp Festival Concert Queen's 1 Iall. ('lerk Street. 7.31)—11)pm. £1) (centre stalls): £4 (all other areas) available in advance. Doors open (i.31)pm. Bar at Snacks.

I’rofessorofIIarpStudies . _ . ticket only. available 11)

at the RCM. Marisa

Robles. presents a concert

ofgreat composers of her Spanish homeland. and

up-to-the-minute song accompaniment by Dave Robb.

I Gala Concertoeorge Square Theatre. 7~11).31)pm. £(i(£5). Bar in Theatre. McCalmans and Friends. lain Mackintosh and Janet Russell. Singers concert. I ‘Travelling Folk' Debating I Iall. 7.15—1).31)pm. I‘TCC. Doors open (v.45pm. .\'() admission after 7. 15pm. Tickets availabc from I‘estival Box Office or BBC (ilasgow in advance by post or to callers. Hans Theesink records a

blues set.and Scottish 1 electrofolk band Tonight at

Noon. broadcast live.

Presented by Archie

Fisher and Danny Kyle. I Harp Festival

Ceilidh/Open Platform

I’leasance Lounge. 7.31)-11)pm. I-‘ree entry . by

advance. .‘slulti-instrumcntal Irish

family The McLavertys and

Scottish piper Jeannie Wheater. I Greentrax Records

Festival Cabaret I’ark

Room. 11).31)pm-- 1am. £3.51) (£3) available in

6‘ i=3:





Multi-cultural musicians wanted

6 workshops 1 performance

16-19 March. Free {\J Richard Bamford 031 319 1590


Dealers in Martin Guitars I'laliron Mandolins C 8 1. Heritage Many more leading names stocked

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