7.30pm Sunday 19th March Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow Tickets: £5 (£3.50) Ticket Centre, Candleriggs


g 5.)? Sitar? 3, '13": Tel: Glasgow 041 227 5511 331:; I, 55- Touring with support from Tennents Live! 7, b)

Also see the band at the EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL March Wed 22 Queen’s Hall See local ads for details or phone 087530328



‘9' FIE/f/VV‘S’


In aid of the RSSPCC 1989 ‘Happy Hours’ Campaign Iain Maclntosh, The Packmen, Janet Russell (Edinburgh onIY); compere Danny Kyle (Glasgow only)

Monday 20th March: George Square Theatre, Edinburgh, 7pm (Part of Edinburgh Folk Festival)

Tuesday 21 st March: City Halls, Candleriggs, Glasgow, 7pm

Tickets £6.00 (£5.00 conc) from usual outlets

Boys at.

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The new album. recorded in the (Last'ade Mountains of the I’acitit Northwest. 1 'SA ‘l'raditional music at its best

".Ili' Ham '5 fiddle s/n‘m's /)trr'lit‘iiltrr'(i- brig/)1" . . . —— l-‘rels Ma 'a/ine ALSO AVAILABth . . . . b

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_....-v \\.ul.ib|e on album and t .issette from It )I (.ll Rl:( ()Rl)\ .1! .Lo 00 cut ll int Iudmg postage & pat king, or Irom your lIK .il |'('l ord store

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The Piping Festival is anothertraction olthe overall event. The organisers have brought the inimitable Liam 0' Flynn overlrom Ireland to display his unequalled prowess on the Uillean pipes and the Davey Spillane Band also showcase theirleader‘s

Battlefield have a plethora ofinslrumental skills. a wide ranging appeal and strong lyrical songwriting. .‘ylaelean was a world-travelling guitarist

singer songwriter. before sinking his roots back home in Dunkeld. The reconstituted Pipe Band are climbing back to their previous pre-eminence. and are one of the most adventurous. with the very best drum corps.

I International Ceilidh Dance Debating l lall.

8—1 1.30pm. £2.50 available in advance. Dalriada Dancers bring their guests.

I Harp Festival Farewell Ceilidh Pleasance Lounge. 10pm— midnight. Free entry by ticket only available in advance. Harp class students. teachers and friends.

I Festival Cabaret Park Room. 10.30pm-1am. £3.50 (£3) available in advance. (Set your tickets early for this man. he's sure to sell out. Formany people all over the world. the best representative of Scottish song. and a tremendous guitar player. Dick Gaughan. Also the bagpipe and saXophone duets of Hamish Moore and Dick Lee.


I Younger's Tartan Special Lunchtime Concert 'I‘cviot Bar. 1—2. 15pm. Happy Hour 1—2pm. Free. Andy Munro and Co. is one man band Munro with Wildcat's Rab Handieigh on fiddle and synth. and Roy Marlin on bass.

I Younger's Tartan Special Teatime Concert Teviot Bar. 5.30—6.45pm. Happy Hour5.30—6.30pm. Free. The latest incarnation ofa very well known Scottish band is their strongest. Like Planxty. they use pipes and dispense with fiddle. Ceolbeg. includes the superb highland pipes of Gary West and the exceptionally accomplished clarsach of Katie Harrigan.

‘/ 7’ A superb it wilder skills on the same instrument. The Highland bagpipes are represented on the last Friday by Captain John MacLellan. and two olthe best at the younger generation. Duncan MacGilIivray. and Gary West at the group Ceolbeg.

I Songwriters' Concert Debating l lall.

7.30- 10pm. £3.50(£3) available in advance. Rab Noakes. though now a hard worked BBC producer. is one ofthe best songwriters who emerged from the early 7o‘s- scene. Melanie Harrold and Ollie Blanchllower move into a iazz blues field with their vocals and bass.

I Festival FoIkCIub Sportsman‘s Bar. 3—10.30pm. £2.50 available in advance. Balemo Folk Club and Ian Bruce.

I Milnes BarAcoustic Music Nighl Milnes Bar. Hanover Street.

8.30 11pm. Free. Small

bar will be packed for leading singers and

sharpest spiritsin Scottish

“folk music. traditional

and otherwise. Rod Paterson sharesthebill

with Cilla and Artie Trezise. I Festival Cabaret l’ark Room. 10.30pm»-1am. £3.50 (£3) available in advance. (‘omedy and Music I {all with dotty Danny Kyle and crazy Cosmotheka.


I Piping Festival Lecture Library. 1~2pm. £1 .50at door only. Piobaireachd-Old and

Cuban born Isaac Guillory is one olmany brilliant guitarists who play within the greater 'IoIk’ world. and are equally at home with rock orjau. He givesa masterclass and an evening per‘lormance with American Iingerpicker Duck Bakeron the second Saturday.



New. the talk/instruction front Captain John MacLellan MBE. I Cosmotheka Teviot Bar. 1—2. 15pm. Happy Hour I—2pni. Free. Musiellall entertainment. I Evening News Children's Concert George Square Theatre. 2.30—4.30pm. Adult £2; Child £1 .50 available in advance. The famous Singing Kettle show with Cilla and Artie 'l'rezise. and (iary (‘oupland I Concertina Forum Sportsman's Bar. 2.30—4.30pm. £1.50 available in advance. Players. enthusiasts and voyeurs at a squeeze-in. I King Biscuit 'I‘eviot Bar. 5.30-6.45pm. Happy Hour 5.3()--b.30pm. (irass roots urban busking and blues. Free. I Dance Workshop Debating i lall. 5.30—7pm. £1 at door only. Edinburgh International Folk Dance Group. I Piping Festival Concert Reid Hall. Bristo Square. 7—9.30pm. £3.50 (£3) available in advance. Ceolbeg with Gary West. a superb piper from the Vale Of Atholl band. matched with another well known high class player from Iiaster Ross. Duncan MacGillivray. and some exotica from three piping freaks. the Goodacre Brothers. who create and play English pipes of various sizes and ('haueerian antiquity. I International Dance Ceilidh Debating I Iall. 8—1 1.30pm. £2.50 available in advance. with Dunedin Dancers. Edinburgh International Folk Dance Group. John Nuttall and the astonishingly talented musicians and multi-disciplinary dancers from the USA. the Fiddle Puppets. I Friday Nights atthe Queen's Hall Queen‘s Hall. (‘Ierk Street. 8.30—11.3l)pm.£b.50 (reserved);£5 (unreserved) available in advance. Doors open 7.30pm. Bar & Restaurant. Dan Ar Bras. Stivell's guitarist for years. skilled. passionate. sometimes yawn inducing. The Gregson/Collister Band is a rock line up for this cit-Richard Thompson duo. She has a fine voice. he writes a lot ofthe songs. Highly thoughtof. by some people. The concert's best musicians are Danny Thomson’s Whatever. Thomson has played with about everyone ofany consequence in the folk world. and a lot ofthe major names in jazz. including Rollins and Tracey. He brings Bernie Holland on guitar and saxophonist Tony Roberts.

38 The List 10— 23 March 1989