I OPEN LlST is designed to cover any events not covered elsewhere in the magazine in which members oi the public can participate. We welcome submissions, which will be included subject to space. and oi course no charge is made ior listings. Please supply date. event title. venue. iniormation telephone number. time. price and briei description. to reach us not later than seven days before publication.

lntormation given below is as full and accurate as possible when going to press. We do. however. recommend that you telephone to coniirm details.


I Adult Learning Project: ‘Peopie' Photography Course Adult Learning Project. 184 Dalry Road. Edinburgh. 337 5442. 10am—1pm12—5pm. Free. Continuing the three-week project which offers training in portrait photography to the unemployed. Those who enjoy it can. ifthey choose. go on to participate in the Scotland and its People project. See panel in last issue's Open List. or call Stan Reeves or Rob Moon on the above number for full details.

I Buddhist Weekend Craigmount High School. Craigs Road. Corstorphine. Edinburgh. info: 339 8278. 7—9pm. £12.80 (OAP £4; UB40 Free) for weekend. Beginning this evening with an introduction to meditation and Buddhism. the weekend‘s main thrust is an examination of the stupa. a conical tower seen in many parts of the Far East and used as a focal point for meditation. Tejamitra. who leads the sessions. is also establishing a course on Wednesday evenings in the Grassmarket. Call him on 556 3341 ifinterested.

I Comic iteliet Day Whatever your feelings about charities relieving governments of their duties. Comic Relief is a ‘good‘ charity which. because it is fully sponsored and researches well. is able to pass funds on directly to where they‘re needed. A red nose today helps keep hunger at bay. See special Comic Relief listings.

I Fashion Show Glasgow School of Art. 168 Renfrew Street. Glasgow, 3320691. 8pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Art annualevent which has run since 1947 and is traditionally open to all students ofthe School of Art. This year sponsorship has been actively sought from local businesses. and attempts have been made to raise the media profile. As always. though. it promises to be a memorable assemblage ofthe inventive. the original and the just plain wacky.

I Second Friday: Poems and Pints West End Hotel. Palmerston Place. Edinburgh. 8pm. 50p. With featured readings by Bob Shields. Donny O‘Rourke and Jim Salvona. Audience participants welcome.


I Anti Pail-Tax Day oi Action Meet at the Mound. Edinburgh. 1pm. There will be a rally. followed by distribution of leaflets and questionaires and collecting for the Anti Poll-Tax movement.

I Buddhist Weekend Craigmount High School, Craigs Road. Corstorphine. Edinburgh. Info: 339 8278. 9.30am—4.30pm. See above. Fri lOfor details.

l I Fashion ShDW Glasgow School OfArt.

168 Renfrew Street. Glasgow. 3320691. 2.30pm. 8pm. See above. Fri lOfor details.

I Glasgow Bhuddist Centre Open Day 329 Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. 3330524. llam—Spm. Free. A chance to seejust what goes on in Glasgow's outpost ofthe

3 Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. to ' try your hand at meditation. and to see

videos about Buddhist activities. No pressure to shave your head or eat locusts. I Therevada Retreat Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 667 5438. 7am start; arrive by 11am at the latest. Admission by donation. Edinburgh citizens also have a chance to sample the Buddha‘s teachings during this weekend session. led by Von Pabhakaro Bikkhu. which focusses on applying the essential techniques to daily life.


I Anti Poll-Tax Meeting Drumbrae Primary School. Ardshiel Avenue. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Free. Local Councillor Norman Irons and a representative of the Federation ofAnti Poll-Tax Leagues will speak.

I Buddhist Weekend Craigmount i ligh School. Craigs Road. Corstorphine. Edinburgh. Info: 339 8278. 9.3(lam—4.30pm. See above. Fri 10 for details.

I Exercycle '89 Melville Suite. Sheraton Hotel. Lothian Road. Edinburgh. Info: 229 8632. Noon—6pm. Third annual event on exercise bicycles in aid ofDisability Scotland. in which teams of three compete to travel the maximum ‘distance' in five

minutes. Cyclists from the Dunedin Road Racing Club arrive at 2pm to show everyone the way. but every entrant receives a certificate and an admission voucher for the Nova Spa health club.

I Tarot Intermediate Astrology Centre. 60 St Stephen Street. Edinburgh. 225 2779. 11am. £10. Helen Galloway shows you how to find out what‘s on the cards.

I Therevada Retreat Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 667 5438. 7am start: arrive by 11am at the latest. See above. Sat 11 for details.


I Lecture: China Teapots: The Story oi Chinese Porcelain Lecture Theatre. National Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street. Edinburgh. 225 7534 ext 219. 12.45—1 .30pm. Free. The Year ofthe Snake series about China continues with this talk by Jane Wilkinson.

I Adult Learning Project: ‘Peopte' Photography Course Adult Learning Project. 184 Dairy Road. Edinburgh. 337 5442. 10am-1pm; 2---5pm. Free. See above. Fri 10 for details.


I Illustrated Presentation: Dolls Old And New Hillhead Library. Byres Road. Glasgow. Info: 221 3098. 7.30pm. £3(OAP £2.50). Tickets from Save The Children Shops (there is one opposite the Library). A talk and slide show by Mrs Daphne Fraser to raise funds for Save The Children. Wine will be served.


I illustrated Lecture: The inner View oithe 19th Century Orlentalist Painter Hunter Building. College of Art. Lauriston Place. Edinburgh. Info: 225 7534/ 557 2323.7.15 for 7.30pm. £ 1 .50 (members ofOriental Rug and Textile Group in Scotland Free). Margaret Campbell discusses the attempts by European artists to reproduce the splendour of the costume. textiles and rugs they had witnessed in the Middle East.

I Lecture: in The Presence oi the Dragon Throne- The Splendour at Chinese Costume Lecture Theatre. National Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street. Edinburgh. 225 7534 ext 219. 12.45—1 .30pm. Free.


In Harold Pinter’s classic play The Caretakerthere is a moment when tranquillity is shattered by the wanton destruction at a Buddha statue. Pinter's intentions are obscure as always, but the symbol represents a popular and not unrealistic view oi what Buddhism is about. The principle is quite simple: a Buddhist strives to achieve iultllment and peace through meditation. which has been deiined as the systematic cultivation oi positive mental states. Although the Buddha (who lived around 560-480 8.0) is upheld as an ideal and his teachings are greatly valued, Buddhism does not demand bellei in a

god as such. and, according to a recent press release, makes a virtue oi ‘religious tolerance [and] valuing reason and experience above dogma and ianatical beliei.’

Glasgow Buddhist Centre was established more than 15 years ago. and besides regular classes and courses is holding an open day on Sat 11 (see listings), to which all members oi the public are invited. Edinburgh readers wishing to investigate Buddhism iurther should not despair. however, since two weekend workshops also take place this iortnight. starting on Fri 10 in Corstorphine and Sat 11 at the Salisbury Centre (again, see listings). All these events oiier some kind oi elementary introduction.

Adherents oi other ialths may be a little alarmed at the apparently rapid growth oi Buddhism in Scotland, but should bear in mind that it is not incompatible with other creeds, and that religious tolerance is a precious commodity in these troubled days. Those to whom any iorrn oi religious practice is anathema should remember that they are quite at liberty not to participate. (Andrew Bumet)

Jennifer Scarce speaks in another ofthe Year of the Snake events.

I Well Woman Centre: Dreams St Brides Community Centre. Orwell Terrace. Edinburgh. 337 5543. 7.30-9.30pm. Free. Christina Williams leads a discussion group. which examines dreams as a way of ‘getting in touch with oneself’.

I Living Marxism City Hall. (‘andleriggs. Glasgow. 7.30pm. A public forum on Scotland's future. Speakers from the SNP. Lothian Region and Derek ()wen.


I Edinburgh Bisexual Group: Social Night Lesbian & Gay Centre. 58a Broughton Street. Edinburgh. 557 3620. 7.30—9.30pm. Free. Bring your own bottle to this informal gathering open to all. regardless of sexuality.

I Grand Union Music Workshops Beginning this afternoon. and taking place at locations around Edinburgh. these workshops are designed to involve various sectors of the community (including ethnic minority and disabled groups) in musical experimentation. to culminate in a periorrnance at Youngs Hotel. Leamington Terrace. 8pm Saturday. Four or five members of the London-based. multi-racial music group will lead the workshops; and the plan is to establish an ongoing project. which will lead to further performances. possibly in next year's Edinburgh Festival. Anyone with musical skills conventional or not -~ is encouraged to participate; but in all cases you should contact Richard Bamford on 319 1590 for further information.

I Lecture: images oi importance: Madame de Seignelay and Madame de Pompadour Lecture Theatre. National Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street. Edinburgh. 225 7534. 7.30pm. Free. though tickets may be reserved for 50p. The portraitsof Madame de Seignelay (1691 ) and Madame de Pompadour (1764) hang a few yards apart in the National Gallery. They are very different presentationsof powerful. privileged women. The National Gallery‘s Director Neil MacGregor examines the changing conventions of portraiture which reflect radical change in French court life.

I Lecture: Scottish Bridges From General Wade to the 19308 Royal Society. 22 George Street. Edinburgh. Info: 2259724. 8pm. £2 (member £1 .25; student 50p). Ted Ruddock of the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland takes on three questions. with reference tothe ‘listed‘ bridges in Scotland built before 1940. Where is the art in them? What makes them historic? And what is Scottish about them?

I Well Woman Centre: Open Session St Brides Community Cebtre. ()rwcll Terrace. Edinburgh. 337 5543. 9.30am—noon. Free. All women welcome to come and chat. Cafe open.


I Grand Union Music Workshops See above. Thurs 16 for details.

I Adult Learning Project: ‘People' Photography Course Adult Learning Project. 184 Dalry Road. Edinburgh. 337 5442. 10am-1pm; 2—5pm. Free. See above. Fri 10 for details.


I Anti Poll-Tax March and Rally Assemble Glasgow Green 11am: leave via Gallowgate around 11.30am; arrive Alexandra Park around 12.30pm. Speakers include Ron Brown MP. Jimmy Wray MP and. from Liverpool. Terry Fields MP, and there will be live music from The Unit. which includes two former members of the legendary ex-band Scheme. Around 15—20.000 people are expected to attend. including several thousand from English Anti Poll Tax groups. Details ofthis and related issues

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