Flights departing Heathrow are available lor£477 return (open to all). A stuudent (under 30) andd

The bus on Oahu will take you almost anywhere lor 60 cents. Otherwise. cars. mopeds and bicycles are

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In Hawaii: Hawaii Visitors’ Bureau. 2270 Kalakaua Avenue. Suite 801. Honolulu. Hawaii 96815.

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1 specialists Campus Travel.

island-hopping excursions

A complete inlorrnation

5 The Hub, mllhead Street 2 can I"! (1008 by Wall" ; pack is available lrom the i and 90 John 8mm. ; Plane- ; Visitors’ Bureau in London l Glasgow (041 357 ososana I What to Do (see above tor address) tor

041 552 2867) or Intlle

Edinburgh Travel Centre. Bristo Square. Edinburgh

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(0316632162)tonunnur , “- - ,{ ~ disasters, and test lucky. HOLIDAY HELPEHS isa i details. 721m”. . % ~fly .,/Jém/ visit the Hawaii Volcanoes scheme whereby volunteers 1 - I National Park on the ‘Big 3 are matched up with elderly ' Gemng n "mu. (igyume-comuming) up of 122 coral and volcanic months. The average Island'. Hawaii. and see the i or disabled people who

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1 get into the USA. otwhich inhabited. The main islands 27C and in February it’s I world's largest active : Independent "Olldfl. “'8 Hawaii is part. Some i What to Know are Oahu (the state capital 22C. The sun can be very . volcano) at work plus the i holiday 008' l8 "WI Mule travellers to the US. Bemre You Go Honolulu is on this one). hot and harsh to Northern extraordinary lava i limo" '80!"er Mum, mm mm), Kauai (the ‘Garden lsle' skins, so It you are lormallons. 5 33mm". 30‘1"“! axparianced dimcumas in Background: Located 2400 where Elvis got married in lair-skinned make sure you Take advamalle 0l ""3 i V°I“"I°°' "93“ ‘0 WW“ I

being allowed into Hawaii, so getting a visa is still a

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(the ‘Big lsland’). Molokai and Lanai (most at which is a pineapple plantation). Captain Cook ‘discovered’

high protection tactor. Population: It is

estimated to be 1.053.900. Currency: American

on otter—surfing. swimming. scuba-diving. snorkelling. canoe rides. catamaran cruises.

Holiday Helpers. a registered charity, is on the look-out tor volunteers - it

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; ' them on behall otthe dollars and cents. game-Iishing. ' :emno Smelllltehlla" 1' 5 Western world in 1778 and . For deeper pockets. plane 3 o ay e er a ome or i l. OPEN THEIR EYES named them the Sandwich Where to Stay § and helicopter aerialviews abroad. please contact i ‘1 “w; Islands. Major hotel chains are all ! can be had tor a lew HOIIGGY Hallie“ 3' I “\tfi“ Climate: The islands are present on the islands— 1 hundred dollars. ; 2 Old Bank Chambers, I 50b“ usually warm all year Sheraton, Hilton, Hyatt etc 'I Use'u' Addresses 3 Station Road. Horley. I GRADUATE Tee round, with a little more - but budget 1 I Surrey 8H6 SHW (0293 [ OPPORTUNITIES 111') [Cal rain during the winter accommodation in the g In Britain: contact the I 775137).

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From London £230 single £455 return

E 5 ® Wu: TRAVEL

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