Feasts from

further afield and new tastes forjaded palates.


IThe Gourmet House 10 Ashton lane 334 322‘). Mon-liri noon-2pm. 5pm midnight ; Sat

noon- 2pm. Spur 2am; SunSpin midnight. Serves Cantonese and seafood as specialities along with an extensive traditional menu. Not your average ('hinese: try the yarn hasket filled with a selection ofyegetahles or prawns.

I Mai Thai 415 Sauchiehall Street 332 4996. Mon—Sat noon—3pm, 6.30—11pm. The set menu at £12.50 isa

new tastes of Thailand, or dive in and sample several dishes trorn the long and inlormative menu.

I Chlmmy Chungas 499 Great Western Road 33-1 0804. Mon~Sun lunch (in the bar) noon-5.3tlpm; diniiero-l lpm. Mexican cantina with a friendly atmosphere. a hot ‘n’ spicy menu and a wide selection of cool. unfamiliar beers: lone Star. Dos Equis and Soperiore.

I Balbir's Ashoka Tandoori 4(l81ilderslie Street 221 I761. Mon~ Thurs noon-midnight; Fri/Sat noonv— l2.45am: Sun 4pm~iiiidniglit. l’art ofthe rapidly expanding empire on [{lderslie Street w hieh includes an excellent vegetarian outlet and this superb. bargain-priced tandoori. A I John Street Jam is John Street 552 mu Mon» Sun noon-2.30pm:

6.30— 11.30pm. (,‘ajtin cooking stretching from jainhulya and gumbo to steaks marinated in eajun

I Penguin Cate l’rinces Square 221 runs Brasserie open Mon- 'l'hurs noon~~2.3(lpm. o—lll.3llpin: Fri Sat

(>—-l lpm. Wide-ranging menu with myriad




lix‘rellent lirr’rtrh and Smttish Cuisine Business lnnrlies and evening meals


cajun. Enyiable roof-top location.

I Oblomov Byres Rtiad. Mon—Sat lllani- l lpm; Sun noon-l lpm. No. not Russian. hut Dutch. this bar (with next-door eaterie) has rugs on the table-tops and posters on the ceiling ‘lstliis normal'.“ I asked a native friend. ‘th yes.’ he replied without surprise So enjoy something lioni their extensive menu and try not to crick your neck reading the wallpaper.


INegociantsis‘ 417 , l.othianStieet. 22*oflli Mon -Sat lunch

ll.3llani opiii;diiinei ti~lll.3llpin. Siiii lunch ll.3llain 2 illpiiialiiiiiti (*lildilptlt. (Stitiii lit lie llCCllSCtl all day Sttlitlay ). Indonesian. .las ant se and Malaysian iiilliieiues .i; one of the most exciting menus You'll lllltl at ll‘ii'st‘ reasonable pi ices

I Pachuko Cantiria

3(iltn i‘ bltL't’l 2-‘\ i ii‘ Wed Mon llpii. Pachuk‘o's new Mexican Speciality menu shows lliere‘siiioie to .‘Vlexim than retried lieans. (‘eyiche. paella. 'l ltlplt it (‘liickcn f‘icsta and lliked Stuffed ( ‘i'ali tioiii \ ei a ('ruz should kt ep tlie



UPSTAIRS Sandwirhr‘s and Bar Food Served all day

Extensive Wine List


WiLuAr-t ST



is (no?


Mon—Thurs Hana—11pm; Fri 8: Sat llanx—12.30am 26 WILLIAM STREET

Tel 031 225 2973

RICS'I‘Al’RAN'l~ 'l'ue--Sat (evenings only) 'I‘alile d’l lote and a la ( 'arte nieriiis BRASSERH‘: Seyeii day s, lunchtimesandevenings \Vidt range ofmeals available

7()l.l) FlSllMARls'lz'l ( l ()Sl: EDINBURGlllBl 225512S

“The List 10— 23 March 1989

taste-buds jumping.

I Marrakesh 30 London Street 550 7293. Mon~Sat ' (1.30 lllpiii. Couscous. tagiiies and sulitly -.spiced fish all presented in exotic earthenware pots in shadowy Moroccan surroundings Definitely worth a yisil

I Le Bon Fondue so Sandport Street 5S4 2‘l2l Mon Sat o .itipiii lam. Stiii noon 2 .‘illpni. .-\ltei

squidgy cakes an espresso. At night Spanish tapas top the bill: chorizo. tortilla. gambas all in tiny. tasty portions. I Kalpna 2/3 St Patrick's Square. 667 989i). Mon-Sat noon-2pm. Sill-l lpm. Wonderful. justly famous and much-awarded vegetarian restaurant specialising in subtle southern- and \scslct‘tl-lltdiiln cuisine.

Street. 557 4344. Mon—Sat noon-2pm. 7-1 lpm. Thai food is a little bit like (‘hinese without the gloop and with chillies. lemon grass and coconut. More than two pre-dinner drinks may dangerously impair your ability to spot said chilli in the soup.

I Miahs l7 l'ori'est Road 225 73%. Sun 'l‘hurs. noon 2 30pm.

5.30pm midnight (liri'Sat

llpiii. hookingsonly. IArmenian Aghtamar Lake until lam). Bangladeshi Fondue restaurant \s here Van Monastery in Exile 55 and North Indian food in a you choose lills and pieces Ahheyhill. l-lolyrood. shiny cafe-liar

of seafood. meat and Royal Burgh of atmosphere. (£22)

Vegetables and then \ll/lL‘ them at your own talile. (iieat tun.

I Boxers l5 l ltiysc Sllcc'l 2.“ 722‘ Mon Sat

lllaiii ltl .illpiii Hitting the day it'sgoodsiiacks.

(‘anongate. 557 0435. large and delicious set menus of Armenian food. By arrangement only. and he prepared for an unusual night out.

I Buntoms 9~13 Nelson

I Shezan lfnion Street (oft l.eith Walk ) 557 5098. Mon Sun. noon-2pm and 5pm midnight. Spacious. pink restaurant serving classic Indian cuisine.



If you thought spirits marketing was

4 simple. think again. Scotland drinks as

much vodka as whisky. which however remains Japan's tavourite dram; Italy sellsthe cheapestwateroi lite in Europe. and cachaca, which until autumn lastyearwas unavailable in Britain, outstrips worldwide Scotch whisky sales in Brazil alone, where it is consumed at a rate ol about 130 million cases peryear.

Glasgow‘s Wm Teacher & Sons Ltd is the lirstcompany in Europe to have seized the opportunity implicit inthis figure. and has taken the initiative of launching Tachino, an international style of cachaca. onto the British market, They have started in their home patch, where, explains Tachino’s Caroline Dewar. 'because of Glasgow‘s size, we can monitor and control our activity in the market more easily. and lollowing on the worldwide success of Teachers. there may be an element of good luck involved‘. Tachino is, as its publicity says, ‘pure Brazil‘: made in Brazil from Brazilian sugar cane juice, though it is re-distilled here in a new, specially developed process which. as Brand Manager Neil McMillan puts it, ‘retains the drinks character, resulting in a pure. clean smooth-tasting spirit that mixes well‘. In Brazil. cachaca can sometimes be drunk at up to 54 per cent alcohol by volume. In the UK. Tachino is 38 per cent alcohol, the same strength as other major white spirits such as vodka and white rum.

Tachino is the first new white spirit to arrive on our market lor nearly 25 years, though there have of course been plenty ol what McMillan -with a hint of disparagement— calls 'lashion drinks‘: llavoured. low-strength tipples which tend to sell rapidly tor a few years then disappear. The people whose job it is to interest the British public in a new lull-strength spirit in these days at concern about alcohol abuse are keen to stress their appeal to ‘responsible. mature drinkers'. There is also much talk of versatility: Tachino cachaca is said to be compatible with apple or blackcurrant juice and ginger

ale, besides all the more conventional mixers; and to go particularly well with lime juice in the traditional Brazilian drink Caipirinha. It is even suggested that the drinker should experiment. though drinking Tachino neat should perhaps be reserved for the more seasoned cachaca-ist.

Besides the now-lamiliar press and poster campaign with its bare back and anaconda, Tachino has been promoted at a variety ol Brazilian-style 'Carnival Nights’ on Glasgow’s nightclub and theme-pub scene, and at a special event last Decemberon the Tuxedo Princess (the Clyde‘s tloating nightspot) one lucky reveller won a trip to Brazil. Runners up won hi-lis. televisions. jackets, T-shirts. baseball caps etc.

The first phase at the launch is over, and the next step is now underway, expanding the number of outlets stocking Tachino in the greater Glasgow area. Among the main features of the second phase will be a ‘scratch-card' promotion. called 'The GreatTachino Challenge‘ in which bags, towels. garments and umbrellas are to be won, all leaturing the Tachino logo, as well as tree drinks and star prizes at mini colour televisions. ll Tachino’s second-phase publicity is to be believed. the initial drive has been very successlul indeed, and the signs are that drinkers beyond Glasgow's environs may soon be sampling Tachino lorthemselves. Until then, however, it’s a privilege reserved for those at us in the wild West, where according to an unveritied rumour—the real hipsters are on Tachino and lrn Bru.