. . l Conmmamn- A! C hamllfl “M- lm' l grabbed him the attention ofa far example. a vast arched and domed ' wider public than just the Strucmrc “inc Mme.“ "l “ll-KT architectural press. turned a garage

space-is currently soaringttb aboye 1 in(‘amden Lock. North London. 8 present

the TOOlOfth Sliilltml it! lfllldfin 7 into the headquarters of'l’VAM: its

Wall near the Barbican. Farrell is sunburst entrance. the temple and

replacing Sixties' slabs with his own /iggurat in the atrium. and most of brand ofdecoratiye monumentalism all. those famously silly eggcup

l9-storev buildings with facades finials made l’arrell fatnous.

and atria ofgrcy. red and pink. And His approach has toned down since bleX‘lNMcGRATH , in the same week that Farrell won those days of high post-modernism.

the Edinburgh conference centre and one can be pretty sure there will

scheme. he and developers Regaltan be no eggcups or Babylonian temple

obtained detailed planning consent towers at Lothian Road. Instead. his

for a £130 million deyelopment of scheme aims to unify this fragmented

the Esso site on the south bank of the site with squares. pedestrian I

Thames. walkways. trees and crescents. ()ne

Though his origins were In can be sure too that he‘ll go about it modernism. Farrell went post with characteristic warmth and modern in a big way. relishing the enthusiasm. But whether it will. as chance to rediscmer ornament and the Sl).-\ hopes. proyidc lidinburgh

OF P, symbolism: earlyon he designed the , with a facility that will be the envy of Albert Dnve house ofpost modernism's guru 1 many liuropean capitals. remains to Glasgow CharlesJencks and. in a scheme that ; be seen. ~ v'

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