Youth theatre groups from all overScotland. England and Wales gather at Edinburgh's Theatre Workshop fora week crammed full at pertormances and workshops. a showcase of young work. The whole shebang takes off with a spot of street theatre on The Mound in Edinburgh. including a performance trom the Lord Provost.

Pertormances take place at Theatre Workshop. 34 Hamilton Place. Edinburgh (031226 5425) and tickets are available here. Prices are £1for each performance (50p lor SHAYT members). Workshopstake place at Broughton School. Carrington Road. Edinburgh and St Stephens Hall. St Stephens Road. Edinburgh— Mornings (10am-noon) and Atternoons (2—4pm). Max 30 per workshop. unless otherwise stated. Workshop prices are 21 per session for SNAYT members and £2 tor Non-SNAYT members. You can book for workshops on 031557 2224 and 031 665 3711 ext224.

To join SHAYT contact Rhona Seigel. Administrator. c/o ELCHAT. Brunton Hall. Ladywell Way. Musselburgh. 031 665 3711 ext 244.


I Cameron. Colberg and Conspiracy 7.30pm. Istanbul Youth Theatre make their British debut with a play (in Iinglish) about the Perthshire Militia Riots. Based on John Prebble's Mutiny. the story reveals the harsh relationships between the Gaelic-speaking I Iighlariders and English-speaking Iairds. and the production blends native Turkish theatre traditions with Western theatre techniques.


I Free Street Performances Ipm. The Mound. ()penirig ofthe Festival with tree streettheatre includinga performance from the Lord Provost.

I Clann-Ha-Gealaich (Moon Children) 7.30pm. An original (iaelie musical from ()ban ('iaetic Workshop.

I So This Is The Twentieth Century... H.3(lpm. Dundee Rep Senior Youth Theatre in an exploration of the American Dream. told in musical and visual theatre IThe Stones 9.30pm. (ilasgow Drama Workshop in a magical drama inspired by the Callandish Standing Stones.

I Workshops Workshops today on: Costumes; Make-17p. Visual Theatre: Puppetry Part One (parts one and two must be booked together. £2 SN A YT members. £4 non-ritembers): Lighting ( 5 persons only); Video ( 15 personsoiily )1 Scenic Painting; Puppetry Part Two.


I Workshops Easter Sunday Project Tivent (creating a happening for liaster Sunday. £2. £1 );


I Blood Shouts 7.30pm. IIIC Royal

Ly ceum's ‘lTpstage' group in a play written by Andy Kirby for Reading Youth Theatre about the problems of AIDS.

I Colour Blind and Media S3llpmf1’wo short plays exploring prejudice. myth and superstition. from St (ieorge‘s Drama Group.

I Dracula and Friends 9.30pm. From Liverpool. Shifrin Youth Theatre in indoor street theatre I.iverpudlian-style. I Workshops Workshops today on: Set Construction (5 persons only )1 Stage Management; Movement Dance; Songwriting (at St Stephens I Iall); Voice; Cabaret (Festival Cltib. St Stephens l Iall): Scenic Painting( 15 persons)1.\takinga Point (improvisation on devising material round issues); Poster Design.


I The True Story of Cindy Rella 7.3opm. Greetin Gretels from Wester IIaiIes in a

story of romantic trouble a la twentieth century.

I Branwen 8.30pm. North Pow'y's Youth Theatre from Wales in a tale where characters from myth become human. I Zeeb 9.30pm. The team. Edinburgh Theatre Workshop Youth Theatre. in an enigmatic show about a 'chb', whatever. be. ..

I Workshops Workshops today on: Props; Street Theatre Skills: Video( 15 persons only )1 Music (beginners welcome )1 Lighting ( 5 persons only . St Stephens Hall); Theatre ( iames1 Writing Workshop; Iriiprovisation.


I Lust in Space 7.30pm. Moving Par ts Theatre (iroup. Iidinburgh in a female space fantasy the search for the perfect 198‘) man.

I Me. You and Harriet 8.30pm. Craigmillai' Yotith Theatre in a play set in a concentration camp and concentrating on the position of women in World War II.

I Blood Shouts 0.30pm. Sec abov e. 37th. I Workshops Workshops today on; Puppetry Part One (both parts must be booked together. £2 SNA YT members. £4 non-members); Sound Recording; Making a Point: Movement Dance. Costume; Cabaret (Festival Club. St Stephens I fall )1 Puppetry Part Two; Visual Theatre.


I Evacuation 1939 7.30pm. Perth Youth theatre in a play looking at the fortunesof

city children sent to scattered rural

communities in Scotland during World War II.

I Lust in Space 8.30pm. See above. Wed 29th.

I In Traction 9.30pm. Stuart Paterson‘s black comedy about IUSIls life. presented by Scottish Youth Theatre's ‘XSYT'.

I Workshops Workshops today on: Improvisation; Lyceum Visit (backstage at Royal Lyceum Theatre. 15 persons only. Slip each); Publicity; Monologues; Lighting (St Stephens I fall. 5 persons only): Songwriting; Set Construction (5 persons only )1 Movement Dance1Voice.


I Shebeen Dancin' 7.30pm. Cunibernauld Youth Theatre in a play where soap operas and pop videos invade reality for a

younggirl. ; I In Traction S.3Ilpm. See abovefl‘hurs .illth.

I Look— Sea 9.30pm. DavidCainpton‘s

satire on sea pollution. presented by

: Stonehaven Youth'l‘heatrc.

I Workshops Workshops today on:

Theatre (iames; Writing Workshop; Poster Design: Lyceum Visit (backstage at

i the Royal Lyceum Theatre. Sllpeach):

Props: Cabaret (Festival Cltib. St Stephens I Iall )1 Stage Management; Sound Recording.


I Free Street Theatre Performances 4.30pm. High Street 6; 5.30pm. The Mound. Princes Street.

I Festival Fire Sculpture (rpm. Ross

'I'heatre. Princes Street (iardcns. I Trouble at Miss Duince's 7.30pm.

Dundee Rep Junior Youth Theatre in a show w here several young witches escape the reaches of time through music and


I What Are You Doing Here s.3tiprrr. Dollar

Youth Theatre in a play in which normal. nice people suddenly become an ugly mob.

i I Pastimesufinpm. Kirkcaldy' District

24 The List 24 March—6 April 1989

Youth Theatre in a play by I Iugh Loughlan and the company. in which people visiting a museum in Ztllllare suddenly transported back to 198‘).

I Workshops Workshops today on: Cabaret ( Festival Club. St Stephens I tall )1

Street Theatre Part One (both parts must

be booked together. £2 SNAYT members.

£4 non-members): Set Design; Lyceum

Visit ( 15 persons only . Stlp each); Lighting

(5 persons only . St Stephens I Iall); Music: Street Theatre Part ’I wo: Make-l'p.

This year's Scottish Student Drama Festival is held in Glasgow. Hosted by three venues (the RSAMD. the Drama Centre and Tron Theatre). it runs for a week (3—8 April). and includes pertormances from Scottish student drama groups; workshops (many taken by members of ‘lnteract'. the National Theatre's educational group); seminars and a programme of ‘Shorts’ new pieces ot writing by students and other new writers (last year's 'Shorts' programme was a considerable success). selected by Tom McGrath and Maggie Kinloch.

All events except the workshops are open to the public. Tickets are £2.50(£1.50). except for Shorts— £1 (50p). SSDF membership for the week entitles the owner to free tickets for all events. including workshops. seminars and the cabaretclub (every night at the Art School student union from 10pm onwards) and can be bought at participating venues.

Tickets are available at the venues: RSAMD. 100 Rentrew Street. 041 332 5057 (mam—9.30pm daily); Tron Theatre. 63 Trongate. 041 552 4267 (11am—pertormances start); Drama Centre. Ingram Street. 041 552 5827 (Tickets in sale at door only). They can also be bought at Ticketlink Box Offices; The Ticket Centre. Candleriggs (041 227 5511); the Citizens'. King's and Mitchell Theatres.


I Shorts Drama Centre. 12.3flpm. Today: Mollie M ( ‘uI/ic by Dav id Kilby' andSo There} Me arid .S'o There I .-t m by Richard Ilow'at

I Come Back to the Five and Dime. Jimmy Dean. Jimmy Dean ( iuinness Room.

6. 15pm. Nickels and Dimes'l‘heatrc Company in lid (iraczyd's play set on the twentieth anniversary ot James Dcans‘ death.

I A Few From Fridge Tron I‘heatrc. Spin. Fife College in Lynn Bains' new tragicomcdy. not of course to be confused with Arthur Miller's rather well-know n tragedy of a similar name

I Tom 8: Viv ( ‘handlcr Studio. 9pm. Michael llastings‘ play about the relationship between 'I .S. Iilliot and his ‘vife Vivien IIaigh-Wood. presented by St Andrews Mermaids and I femisphei'e.

I Compact Theatre Triple Bill New Athenaeum. 9.30pm. Compact Theatre in a triple bill of plays: .4 ('liri! Willi Mrs Chicky. about the down to earth M rs Chicky 1 Miss App/(YURI 'v .-t ir'tikenirtg about a suffragette r un-in. and Mental Whisper. set in an old folks' home peopled by legendary women.

I Workshop: Television its-shit).

9.30am llJllpm. Toby Mc(ilauchlin takes a ‘hands-on' practical workshop for camer a~persons in the making.

I Workshop: Acting Styles RSAMI). lilam» noon. 2.31) 4.30pm Interact Philippou and Richard llalilo give a morning workshop on Shakespeare and an afternoon one on Restoration.

I Workshop: Admin and Marketing RSAMD. 2.31) 4 30pm Ruari McNeiII and Jane ( )gden Smith of the Tron Theatre lead this workshop.



I Shorts Drama Centre. 12 30pm. Today: The Fall by James ( iallacher and What Is I! A hour Her by Jackie Brent.

I Tom 8r Viv Chandler Studio. opin. See above. Mon 3rd.

I A Dutiful Easy Tron Theatre. (ipttt. Edinburgh I'niversrty Theatre Company in a comedy by Donald Mam.

I Compact Theatre New Athenacuni. o.3llpm. See above. Mon .‘ird.

I A Few From Fridge Tron 'l‘heatre. 9pm. See above. Mon 3rd.

I Man Equals Man Chandler Studio. 0pm. Bertolt Brecht's play about the transformation of air ordinary eiv ilian into a soldier. preformed by the Berliner (iet-Together.

I 5 and Dime (itiinness Room 9.15pm. See above. Mott 3rd.

j I Workshop: Props Making Rs.-\.\tt). ' ‘).3llam—12.3llprii.2 Spin Roddy

Mackenzie ot’the RSA MD on making props.

IWorkshop: STV Scottish 'I elevision. Cow'caddens. 9.45am 3pm. A day at Scottish Telev ision. touring the studios

and equipment. eating a "I V dinner" and attending a seminar given by Robert

Love. controller and producer of television drama.

I Workshop: Acting Styles Rs.-\ M l). Illam-vnoon.2.30-4.3lipm Inteiaeton acting styles: Staiiislavski in the morning. Brecht in the afternoon.

I Workshop: Singing RSAMI)

2.30 3.30pm ck 3.45 4.45pm. .Iean Sangster takes this singing workshop,

TT I T r

I Shorts Drama Centre llfitlprir 'l oday. I‘v'e/li’rrgirnis by Neil Wai‘hur st and Strawberry. (TlUt'U/tlft’. Banana bv .‘\eil Harrison.

IJocky 8r Brothers 'l mu theatre oprn. Stirlingl'nrversity Drama Society ina play billed as ‘the struggle of popular righteousnessover private evil'. developed from a folk tale.

I Man Equals Man ( 'liandlei Studio (rpm. See above. Tues 4th

I Dueen Christina ( iiiinness Rt tom.

(i 15pm. John Street I heatie iii Pam

(iems‘ comedy about the transformation

of PrincessChristina into vaetleii's King I One D'Clock from the House New Athenaetim. (i..‘~llpni A black comedy by

Frank Vickery . set around a tallier 's

funeral. performed by l angsrde ( 'ollege. IA Dutiful Easy Iron I'lieatie. “pm See above. Tues 4th.

I Heat and Lust ( 'haiidler Studio 9pm. Jock‘n'l)oris in Bar Barclay's play in which a young Scottish singer gets involved in a feminist opera based on (‘olette's ( item.

I Workshop: Radio RSAMI)

‘).3llam -IZ..‘i(lpm. 2 5pm. Hamish Wilson. from Radio ( ‘lyde. in workshops on radio acting ( am ) and production ( pm). IWorkshop: Dance RSAMD. roam noon. Jane Simpson leads a dance workshop.

I Workshop: Wigs and Make-Up Rs.-\.\tl) Illanr noon. Tracey Wells. from Interact. iiistruetsyou on wigsaiid make-up.

I Workshop: Directing Rs.-\.'vtt)

2.3“ 4.3Upiii. Maggie Kinloch. an experience director . takes a workshopon directing.

I Workshop: Warm Up and Relaxation RSAMI) 3.31) ISHpm. Taken by Sheila Allan.


I Shorts Drama ( 'entre. llfillpm. Today: [fever/«(us (irmmv by Mary (‘assidyx Ill/rm I (irow' ( 'p by Audrey .\'iv cn and I’urlv Huts by Jenny I-‘raser.

I Fairy Stories'l'ron Theatre opiii. Dundee College of Izducatioii ina retelling of old-stories in new contexts. written by John Harvey.

I Heat and Lust ( ‘handler Studio ‘)pm. See