‘2 ‘33 f. “A

19. Outlook Towerand Camera Obscurat‘asile Iisplanade. (’astlehill. 33t 3709. Bus: 1.6. 34. 35.

20. Printmaliers Workshop 33 I 'nion Street. 557 3478 Btis: 11. 15.16.17.

21. Queen Margaret

COIIBQB ( ‘lernood

‘I‘erraee. 33981 1 1. Bus; 36, 22. Royal College at Physicians 9 Queen Street. 3357334Bus: 11.15.16. 17.33. 35

23. Royal Museum at Scotland ('hambers Street. 335 7534 Bus. 3. 5. 7.8. 33.37.87. 33.31.4t).4l. 41A.43.61.89

24. Royal Observatory Blaekt‘ord I Iill. 66733-1 Biis; 4|.4IA.

25. The Royal Scots Club St) Abereiombie Plaee. 556 437i). Bus: 33. 37

26. St Giles' Cathedral Parliament Square. High Street ('ontaet: ('hiirehol




37. 41A


Scotland 335 5733 Bus; 1.

27. St Margaret's Hall Napier ( 'ollege ot (‘ommeree and

('raigloekhait Site. ('olititoti Road. 444 3366. Bus: 4. 4A.9. Ill. IllA.37.

28. Scottish HCl Centre IIeriot-W'alt I am etsil} . ('liambers Street. 335 8433. Bus; 33. 37. 4t). 41. 4lA.

29. Scottish Libraryt‘enii al librar} . ( ieorge 1\' Bridge. 335 5584 Bus. 33.

30. Scottish National PortraitGallery Queen Street. 556 8931. Bus; 11.

31. Scottish Poetry Library 'I'iseeddale ('ourt . 557 3876. Bus. 1.6, 34. 35 32. Stevenson College

i (SportsDome).Sighthi|l

33.35. 33.53. 34. 35.65. 73

33. The Scottish Gallery 94 (ieorge Street. 335

5955 6 Bus; 33. 37.41. 43.45.

34. The Shore Gallery 5*) . Bernard Street. Ieith. 335 6573.Biis:

35. The Signet Library Parliament Square. lligh Street.335 6138. Btis: 1.6. 34.35.

36. The Step Gallery”

I lime Street. 556 lbl3. Bits. 8t).

37. University 01 Edinburgh Appleton loss er. ('riehlon Street . 6637 III] 1. Bus: 33. 37. 41 . 43. 45.

38. University ot Edinburgh Department ol Iistra-Mural Studies. Mitsie Room. 11 Bueeleueli Plaee. 66'? till I ext 6346. Bus: 43

39. University at Edinburgh Department ol (ieogiaph) . Drummond Street. 667 Ill] 1. Bus: 83. 83A. 83. 87.

40. University at Edinburgh Kings Buildings (ineluding.lames(‘leik Max“ ell Building; Next Senate Hall). West .‘slains Road. 667 1081. Biis: 4t). 43

41. University at Edinburgh ( )ld('o11ege (ineluding l'ppei l.ibrars ; 'I‘albot Riee ( ialler‘} ; Department of Artilieial Intelligence.

I ('anipus. 453 6161 . Bus: 3. l

Aititieial Iiitelligenee .-'\pplieations Institute). South Bridge. 667 Ill] 1. Bus: 3. 5. 7. 8. 31 . 33.83. 83A. 83. 87.

42. University at Edinburgh tineluding William Robertson Buildings; Main l’nisersit) librai}; Department ol Aiehaeolog} '. Das id Hume It)“ er ). ( ieorge Square. 667 lllll Biis: 33.

43. Royal Botanic Garden Iiiserleith Ross 553 7171. Bus. 8. 19. 33. 37.39.

44. City Chamberslligh Street. 335 3434. Biis; 1.6. 33.37.

45. St Leonard‘s Land

I lol_\'rood Road. 5568455. Btis: 1.6. 34. 61.

46. Tellord College (‘rewe To”. 333 2491 ext 39”. Bus: 81.83. 8llA.34.

47. Portobello Library

14 Rosefield Avenue. 669 51 15. Bus: 43. 53. 33.68. 84. 85. 86.89.


Exhibitions lorm a major part at the Science Festival. Here we list. bytitle. onlythe ' exhibitions running in the course olthis

issue 01 The List. Note that not allthe l exhibitions run throughout the period. so I take care to check the dates.

I Geology in Action British ( ieologieal Survey (\enue I). l‘ntil I3Apr.

Illam 4.30pm. Free. A rare ehanee to see the spoils of the Apollo missions onshou here alongside the moon roek are meteorites trom outer spaee. See also the Ros al ()bsen atory's Apollo Ir) (Itr’ .llmm

L'.\I11tHl|Ull beloss and a linked tield exeursion to Arthur 's Seat on 8 April

I Muppets. Monsters and Magic ( ‘iis Art (‘entre (\enue 4) l'ntil 34 Ma}. £1l5tlp) Not sinee the 'l hundei birds exhibition has the eits seen itit}ll1111§.’ like it? Here. iiian exhibition that liaees Muppet ereatorJim Ilenson‘s eareer lrom the I‘ilties to toda}. the emphasis is on the leelirtolog} behind the ‘animatioiiies' that brought 'I'he .‘sliippets to lite on TV and tilm. Ineluded in the displa) vi ill be Kermit the I‘rog. I-‘ouie Bear and Miss Piggy. and there isa ehanee to handle the materials used to make the Muppets \\ itli the ‘Muppet 'I‘oueh Wall'.

I Eduardo Paolozzi t‘mscrsiis ol Itdinburgh. 'I'albot Riee Art ( ialler)

(\‘eriue 41 ). L'ntil 3(1Ma}. Mon—Sat Ilium—5pm. (‘losed Sun. Free. The Iidinburgh born artist. who has just been gis en his first outdoor commission in his home toss n (see Art pages). is represented in the Seienee Festis at b} a speeial seleetion ol his seulptures illustratingthe eonneetion betss een art and seienee See panel.

I Patricli Geddes. Lite and its science l'nisersit) ol' I-fdinburgh ( Das id I Iiime ‘I'oiser: \entie 43). t'ntil 14 Apr. I'iee (ieddes has been called the lather ol eeolog} This exhibition ins estigates his sunk in encouraging loeal Izdinburgh people to rehabilitate their surroundings and his lasting influence on urban renewal.

I Art in Science ‘I‘he Shore (latter) is enue 34). 31 Mareh 13 April. Mon Sat

Illam 5pm. (‘losedSuri l-iee Paintings b_\ Alistair Buehanan ol the loeatioiisol seientil‘ie breakthroughs. including the isor'kplaees ot'John I.ogie Baird and .loliii Napier. Also on shots are the resultsol the W. M (lei rard and Sons sponsored ehildren's art eompetition.

I Audiovisual Sculptures by Marie-Jo Lalontaine I‘ruitmarket (iallet') (\eiiue Ill). 3353383. 1 April 14 Ma} Mon Sat ltlam 5.3llpm; Sun IN) 5 3llpm. I-ree. Iishibition b_\ the Antsserp~borii artist

is ho has specialised smee I983on spectacular \ideo installations that locus on the eoiitest ot passions betsseen men and women. Her ieeent \sor ks. lea/s ul Steel and lit mria. \s liieh toi in part ot the slioss esplore isomen's desire for physical perteetion. ('ontinuing the theme. the I'r'uitmarket is ill ha\ e a new installation.

Sui (HI'. Ri'luier er I'illt'r ( "e Qur I'AISii/diMi'

i‘l’n Kriuii. In Return and In I'll Iliur

ll lllt'll Is Sublime). is hieh e\plores the Ideal ol the telltale.

A number ot' es ents has e been organised to eoineide with the exhibition. Fri3l March. 11.15pm: leeture b} Marie .lo I.aiontaine (()pen to art studentsbut numbers are limited (‘heek \sill1\L'11tlL'l. Sun 16April. 3pm: introdiietors tour. Assemble at lront desk Sat 22 and 29 April. 3pm: Dramatic response to I.alontaine's latest ssoik b) I'raee ( iarseii and Alexandra ( 'entmase r entitled ('Iiguurili'i/ Moments. Fri 5 May. 6.15pm: Willem \'eltho\ en. Iiditor ol the Izuiopean art media magazine .lli'diumimi gis es an illustiated talk on the \lLIL‘UL‘llIIlll'L‘

Workshops are also planned and the galler} \seleomes \isits b} isomen's groups (‘ontaet \eiitie tor details

I Scottish Industrial Technology and Business Exhibition Iidinbuigh I'.\l11l)lllt)l1 aiid’l‘rade(‘entre(\eniie 5) 3 5 Apr Sun Mon lllam 6pm;

'1 tie Illam 8pm; Wed Illam 4pm tree This shoss ease exposition lor Itdinburgh and Itast ot Seotland eompanies loiiiis the major business loeiis ol the I'estis al the emphasis is on the .tL‘Itle\ ementsot manulaetui mg and ser\ iee industry and

w ill inelude a eontiriuous program ol the latest training \ ideos from the Seottish ('entral I‘ilm Librar} eos eiiiig many aspects ol management. t'inanee. business eomputmg and numerous other siibjeetsot interest to the business world. 'I Ills isalso home ol the Science Festival Village. \\ hieh looks at the usesot nest teellllnlog} inour dail} lises: it ineludes satellite link-ups ssith I 'SA and l 'SSR. a stand lrom the stoek esehaiige and a round ot the Robot Table Tennis '1 ournament \\ iili eontestants lrom Ssseden. I‘mlaiid and Britain.

I Revolutions in Science Ros al Museum ol Seotland(sentie33) 3 April l()et

Mon Sat Illam 5pm; Sun 3 5pm 'I he Institute tor Ads aneed Studies in Ilumanitiesat Iidinburgli I'msersits has organised this exhibition is hieli marks the 3lltlth anniiersar} ol the I‘l'L‘llCll Resolution b} looking at the seientitie resolutions that has e been made in the )ears that lolloss ed

I Community Newsrooms tor the '9lls ( it} Ait(‘entre (The Studio)(\eiiue4) 3 13 April. 9 3llam 4 3llpm Admission lleL' \sith Muppetstieket. l)eiiionstrationsand Classes \Vatelt the students and stall HI Stesenson ( ‘ollege's Press and .\laga/iiie (‘ourse put together . using Apple Mae eoiiiputers. a daily Seienee I'estis a1 Bulletin

I International Exhibition at Geological Maps olthe World I 'niseisits ol I-dinbuigli (\enue 39) 3 llApi .\Ion I'll

Ill 3llam 4 3llpm.e|osed Sat Sun I‘ree ltltlmaps liom till) eountiies in this displa} ol eartogiaphie eseelleiiee.

I On Line Cataloguing ol Maps 1 ’mseisiis

The Science Festival motto 'Go With a Bang‘ is being taken up literally and enthusiastically by Prot. Cundall in his ‘demonstration Iecture‘. though it might be better named 'demolition lecture‘, ‘Things That Go Bang‘ (Thurs 6 Apr, see listings). Prolessor Cundall laments, ‘teaching at science has got a bit boring. Itry to redress this‘. Apparent master at the understatement, he will in tact be ‘moving amongst his equipment exploding everything in sight‘ and. once the dust has cleared, still lind time to explain the physical principles behind explosions and explosives. This is one at those rare occasions where you get the chance to see a wax candle tired clean through a piece at wood . . not possible ? Wait and see.

Sparks should be llying, but this time of the cerebral kind. at the Discovery Dome, situated throughout the Festival in the Royal Botanic Garden (see Exhibition listings). Gathered under this temporary dome are over lorty exhibits eager to reveal the secrets 01 some physical principle or other. These aren't slutty, glass cabinet exhibits though. they all demand lull and active participation lor you to get a properunderstanding olthe principles they‘re demonstrating. You may. lor example. lind yoursell bodily spinning on the ‘Spin Stand‘ and realising, as you do. why it is that an ice skater spins laster when she pulls her arms in close i to her body. There‘s no penalty. ; though. it, overcome by queasy dizziness, the concepts at rotational momentum conservation haven't leapt ; with blinding clarity to the lorelront or your mind. With the emphasis on learning through playing. the Discovery Dome is an ideal place lor young people. and tor those at us who think that we've forgotten how to play this is a good time to rediscover the art.

The List 34 Mareh r 6 April 198927