(ieology. (irant Institute) (venue 4(1). 7.3(1pm.Free. Dr Stuart McKerrow talks about the mountain-creating earth movements that brought us the Scottish Highlands and the Southern l'plands.

I The Soutra Hospital Project (SHARP) Royal (.‘ollege of Physicians (venue 22). 7.3(lpm. (£2). Tickets in adv ancc from Dr Moi‘tat. Sl 1A Rl’. 3rd floor flat Iiastmost. 3o 1 lawthornvale. lidinburgh lil tours. or from lidinburgh Science liestiv al (131 228 47%. The discos er} of the complete site ola medieval hospital some 24 km southeast of Iidinburgh hasvvieldcd masses of 'infirmarv w astc'. This rather unlikely source material is providing a wealth of evidence about mediev a1 medical practices. Brian Mol‘l‘at takesin the slur}.

I Molecule Theatre/Discussions Mora}

l louse Science Lecture Theatre ( \ enue 1(1). l'ntil Fri 7 Apr. 'l‘icketst'rom Iidinburgh Science I‘L‘Sthill and trom venue. In association with the New Scientist. a programme o1 lectures suitable lor thirteen year olds and upwards. See also4. 5. (T. 7 April. I E.T. . . . Please Phone Earth 2.3(1pm. ' TV astronomers 1 leather (‘ouper and Nigel llenhest put the arguments for and against lite existing anywhere else in the Universe (see ‘Science And The Stars‘ panel).

I Language and Learning t 'niversit} ot Iidinburgh. David llume Tower ( venue 42). L'ntil 8 Apr. 9am 5pm. An opportunity to see the work ot the lfniversit) Learning (’entre. which w ill include live satellite broadcasts and v ideo and audio equipment.

I Discovery Dome (British Telecom) Royal Botanic (iarden (venue 43). I'ntil 12 Apr. 9.30am"n.3tlpm. £1.5(1;('hild£l; l’amily £4. British'l'eleconi's Discover} Dome is for explorers ol‘ all ages. How are

rainbows produced '.’ Why do mirrors reflect'.’ Answers to these and many more scientific puzzlerslsee ‘Science l-'orThe Fun ()1‘ lt' panel).

I Edinburgh Science Walks l'rom R0} at Museum of Scotland (v enuc 23).Dai1v until 12 Apr. Walks start out at 1pm and

2.3llpm and last approx l": hours. £2. (iuided tours to lidinburgh's scientific past and present.

I Wildliie and Environment: Why Do Birds Sing? Royal Botanic (iarden.1.ecture Theatre (venue 43). 3pm. Admission to lecture £1 (511p). Professor Peter Slaterol St Andrews I'niversitv with the first in a seriesot lectures by experts in theirl‘ields (Twice daily until Wed 12 April).

I Wildlile and Environment: St Kilda, the Remote Sanctuary Royal Botanic (iarden. lecture Theatre (venue 43). 7pm. Admission to lecture £1 (511p).


I Molecule Theatre/Discussions Moray llouse Science Lecture Theatre (venue lo). Mon 3-1-"n 7 Apr. Tickets from lidinburgh Science l-‘estiv a1 and from venue. See Mon 3. Messenger Molecules and the Enemy Within 2.3llpm. Dr Franny Balkw ill describes the human body 's continual light against disease.

I Language and Learning l'niv ersit_v ot lidinburgh. David llume Tower (venue 42). 3— S Apr. 9am-5pm. See Mon 3.

I Discovery Dome (British Telecom) Roy al Botanic(iarden (venue 43).I'nti112;\pr. 9.30am (r.3tlphi. £1 .51); (‘hild £1 ; l-‘amilv £4. See Mon 3.

I Edinburgh Science Walks Front Royal Museum of Scotland (venue 23). Daily until 12 Apr. Walks start otit at lpmand 2.30pm and last approx 1‘: hours. £2. See Mon 3.

I Wildlite and Environment Lectures: The Caledonian Pine Forests ot Scotland Royal Botanic ( iarden. Lecture Theatre (venue 43). 3pm. Admission to lecture £1 (Slip). Lecture by Dick Balharrv.

I Wildlite and Environment: Flowers at Eastern Canada Roy al Botanic (iarden. Lecture Theatre (venue 43). 7.30pm. Admission tree. Lecture by I’rOlL‘SSUf John McNeill.

I Science at the Seaside I’ortobello [.ibrar} (venue 47). 7.30pm. Lectureb} Michael Turnbull entitled 'lidinburgh Scientists and Inventions'.

I Science at the Seaside l’ortobello Library (venue 47). 4. 5. (iApril.


‘Why Hasn’t Scotland Exploded ?' Not something, I imagine, you'd ask yourselt outside a political discussion, but Dr Eric Voice, who will be talking on the subject (Tue 4 April, see listings) is relerring quite unequivocally to the whizz-bang nuclear type ot explosion. Nuclear energy is not as recent as we might think, in tact, as he points out ‘nature's done it all betore . . . there are six natural nuclear reactors under the ground in West Alrica. They occur where there are large deposits at uranium, and there is a lot oi uranium in Scotland‘. How close did Scotland come to being a substantially warmer place than it is now? Dr Voice will reveal all, taking in, as he races through the last lew hundred million

years at earth history, the Big Bang, supernovae and the origins ol lite on Earth.

Terrestrial rumblings ot ditterent types are the subject at ‘Earthquakes and Space Weather— Predicting the Future‘ (Fri 7 April, see listings next issue). Dr Chris Browitt will be giving us a chance to ‘listen' to earthquakes and distinguish between their many diiterent signature tunes. He‘ll also be talking about ‘man made' earthquakes which, perhaps surprisingly, strike Edinburgh not too intrequently. In the same talk Dr Dave Barraclough will be discussing the ‘space weather thrown at us by the sun’, touching on, why, last week, sun spot activity caused compass needles here on earth to swing away trom North by 8 degrees. Discussions in the bar are welcomed.

For a glimpse at the modern-day methods used by geologists, take advantage of the Open House at the British Geological Survey's Scottish headquarters (Sat 8 and Sun 9 April, see listings next issue). You'll be able to descover how satellites have revolutionised the surveying ol the planet. Other events to look out tor are ‘Pterosaurs: The Furry Dragons‘ (Thurs 6 April,see listings) and the ‘Geological Guided Walk' oi Edinburgh (Sat 8 April, see listings next issue).




Apollo to the Moon Revolutions in Science Bioclimatic Architecture


Muppets, Monsters and Magic

Discovery Dome

Kite Carnival and Workshop

Lothian Egg Race


Why hasn’t Scotland exploded? CFCs and ‘The Holes in the Sky”

Secrets of the ‘Black Box’ Living in space


Drawn from Britain The Soft Machine Chinese Calligraphy

Details and programme from: Edinburgh Science Festival Ltd 20-22 Torphichen Street Edinburgh EH3 8.] B


April 3 12, 1989



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