I Music is listed as diary: by day. then by city. then by event.



Glasgow I Glasgow Cathedral Choral Society

(ilasgow Cathedral. I relscts: at door. ".3llpin £3. (‘oneert ol choral and organ music tor ( iood l't'rday.


I StJohn Passion Sr .\i.iiy‘s( 'atltedr‘al. I’alnietston l’laee Admission: at door. £4 (£3 5lii (iood l-riday perlormanee with conductor l)ennis'l ownliill. Sung In (icl‘ntan with I‘.11_L’ll\ll translation ayarlaltle

SATURDAY 25 Glasgow

I Oedipus Rex/Petrushka I ltealr‘e Royal. Ilope Street. 33] 13M»: .‘~.‘~3‘ilillll

". 15pm. l'\tra dates: ’I iiesday 3Sand

'l liursday fill at 3 15pm; Saturday lat 3.15pm £3 £33lstandhy £3i. Strzryrrisky tltilll‘lL' lull in unique collaboration

lietw cert Seoltlslt ( )pera aitd Scottish llallel, Allietto Reruedros sings ( )edrpus and Anne-Mai re ( )wens is .locasta in the (ireels legend w hose hero kills his lather. marries ltis mother and lrnally . lIl horror at the know ledge ol w hat he has done. puts hisow n eyes out. (il‘.tclllL‘.IL‘Iil\lii\ conducts. Sung in Iatrn with narration in linglisli.

TUESDAY 28 Glasgow

I Oedipus Rex/Petrushka I lleatrc Royal. l lope Street. 331 I334 (II 333 ‘llll Ill. ".l5pm I'.\tl'.'l dates: 'I'hitrsday A‘sllal

", 15pm. Saturday lat 3. 15pm. £3 £33 (standby £3). See Saturday 35 lorltrll description.



I 3C0 (‘in llall. ( ‘andlet iggs. 33" 551 l. ".3llpm. lixtra date: 'l’hursday 3H. [{tltrihtir'glt. £3.3ll £S.S’ll. All Ileethoy en night conducted by \Viltrred lloettclicr with the oyerture lo( orio/miio. Symphony .\'o l and the \‘iolin('oncerto with soloist Dong-Silk Rang.


I Edinburgh Youth Wind Ensemble ()tieen's llall. ('Ierk Street. (ioS‘ 3l11‘). 3.45pm. £3 (£3 1. Alter liye days ol intensiye rehearsal. w ind players lrorn Izdinhurgh Youth ( )rchestra present their ow n concert under conductor('lir‘istopher Bell.



I Oedipus Rex/Petrushka lilieatre Royal.

l lope Street. 331 133—101' 333 Ulllill.

7. 15pm. lixtra date: Saturday lat 3. 15pm. £3 £33 (standhy £3i. Sec Saturday 35Ior lull description

I 3N0 (~in I lull. (iandlerrggs. 33-3 5511. ",fstipin. ltxtra dates: 1"rtday 31. lidinhurgh. and Saturday l.(ilasgow, £3.5ll £11.5lllstandhy £3,511). Mixedhag ol Berlioz's oy crime to “(III t’llllIU ( ~el/uti. I.c ( 'ltum'ur .Iltimlit lty l’ranclt. Ray el‘s Rliupsmlic Ins/mgitoland the Symphony No 3 by Rachmaninoy (‘onductor is Alexant er Lazarey.


I SCD ()ucen's l lull. (‘Ierk Street.ooi\' lull). “.Jfipm. £12” who. Sec Wednesday 3‘). (ilasgow _ Ior lull desription.

FRIDAY 31 Glasgow

I 3C0 ( ‘lly I la”. ( ilasgow . 337 551 I . “.3llpm. l:\tra date: Saturday 1. Itdinlurrgli. £3.3(i £S'_Sll_ Robert Saxton's \"iola (itillk‘cl'tti (soloist l’atll Sil\ et‘llttil‘tlL‘l atid RUIL’ ofl'.rernrli' are sandw iclted lietween Mozart's A niaior Violin ('oncerolsoloist Izrnst Koy aeic. w hoalso directs) arid his Sin/omit ( ‘mii'erturire.

giy irig both soloists the chance toshine again. ()liy er Knussen conducts.


I SND I'sher I lall. I.olltiart Road. 33" 1155. “.3llpnt. l-\tra date: Saturday I. (ilasgow _ £3.-ll £1 I .5lllslandl1y £3,511). See 'l'hursday 3H. (ilasgow. lorlull description.

SATURDAY 1 Glasgow

I Oedipus Rex/Petrushka 'l'lteatre Royal. l lope Street. 33l I334 (it .333 Ullllll. 3.15pm. £3 £33lstandhy £3). See Saturday 35 lor lull description.

I 3N0 ( ’rty llall. (‘andleriggx 33" 551 I. ".3llpni. £3511 £11.5lltstandhy £3511). See 'l'liirrsday .‘sli tor lulldescription.


I National Youth Orchestra oi Scotland ()senloord ( ~astlc School. I’athlieud. 13 noon. 'l‘ickels: 1141 333 S31 1. Inlorrnal concert lollow ing a short repertoire course tor those young musicians w ho. w hile still highly talented. were not able tohe otlered a place in the National Youth


Mussorgsky’s Pictures at

is probably iamillarto most people in one version or another, but a more modern and untamiliar concept in linking music with paintings can be experienced at Edinburgh’s Step Gallery in Howe Street as part oi

the Edinburgh Science Festival between 3 and 12 April. Quite simply, and not even at the touch oi a button, music will begin to play when someone stands in Iront oi the paintings.

They’re all by Glasgow artist Ken Palmer, who has collaborated with composers John Maxwell Geddes and Adrian Finnerty, as well as the writer Ewan Mchcar, who has created visual poems based on live oi the paintings. Geddes has written music tor two at

the paintings, each piece just one minute long multi-track improvisations. ‘They're a purely personal reaction to the palntlngs', he says. ‘Just tiny little pieces which you hear lrom tiny wee speakers at ear Ievel'. (Carol Main)

Interaction Science Arts, Step Gallery, 38 Howe Street, Edinburgh, 5561613. Mon-Fri 11am-5.50pm. Sat 11am-4pm

()rehestra ol Scotland‘s main actiy itics. Programme includes music by \'i\ aldr. Mozart and 'l’homas \Vilson.

I 8C0 ()ueen's I lull. ('lerk Street , hiss 301‘). 7.45pm. CCU—Urn“. See l-riday 31. (ilasgow . lor lull description.

SUNDAY 2 Edinburgh

I Edinburgh Youth Orchestra 1 'ine r l lall. I_othian Road. 33S l 155 or mm 3111‘) (Queen's I lull Ilo\()ltice i. “.3llpm. £3 £5 (£3 £3). li\'()Sily er .Iuhilec celebrations continue w ith the premiere ol the specially commissioned (in/rim ( "lit by Izdrnhuigli composer. l)a\ id l)orward. The question is. which city does it reler to'.’ l-dinhurgh. the orchestra's home. or sister city San Diego. which the orchestra is set to y is:t thissunimcr’.’ l'here'salsoMo/art's ('larinel Concerto. 'l‘cltailsoy slsy 'sSmm Luise arid Stray insky ‘s l'ire/nril.

I Messiah ( “(I St l’aul'sCltut’eh..lellrey Street. Admission; at door. ".3llpru. £3 51! (£1.5lii. Old St l’aul'sown choir under director Leslie Shanklattd w ttlt soloists (iillian llaycock. Barbara Brodie. I’eter Douglas and lyor Klay man.



I John Currie Singers Stey enson I Iall. RSAMI). Illll Renlrew Street. 333 5115‘ Spin. £5 ( £3.5lli. the S('() ltilll\ the ,l( 'S lor I lay dn's Ilurmmiu'niesye and Mo/ar t 's .-I l't' l'i'r'lmi ( virus and I: t \ll/Itllt’./Il/il/tl/('. with Irene l)rtimmond as soloist .'\l tistic director .loltn Pryce-Jones conducts


I Guys and Dolls ( ‘hiirchhill 'I’hcatre. Morningstde Road. tickets: 335 l 155 (l'sher I lall llo\ ( )llice). ".3llprn. l' \lta dates: 'I’uesday 4. Wednesday 5.1 hursday (i. l‘riday 5'. Saturday S. £4 St Michael's Youth (‘luh Mtrsieal Society in good luii show. ()peningnrght inardol Allandale Animal Sanctuary (‘harrtahle 'l rust

I Interaction Science Arts Step ( iitllL'l y . 3r) Ilowe Street. 55o lol3. Mort l'l'l

Ilatn 5.5llpni; Sat llam 4pm. I'\II.| dates: 4. 5 and o April. (ilasgow composerslohn Maxwell ( ieddcs and Adrian l‘innerty contribute electronic piecesto a collahoratiy e arts eshrlutiori Stereo pieces written about paintingsplay at you when you stand helore the painting

TUESDAY 4 Edinburgh

I Bassoon and Piano Recital RL'ltI ( ‘oneerl llall. Br'isto Square. IIL'Is'L'IS at door 7.3Ilpni. £4 ( £3). ('hr'is Rolisori w illi accompanist Margaret .lallt‘ey -Srurth play mainly l‘rench music. including \ytil‘l\\ liy (iahriel ( iroy‘lex. Alesandre 'l‘ansnan and Saint-Sirens.

I Guys and Dolls ( 'hurchhill 'l’heat re. Morningside Road. 'l'iekcts; 338 l 155 (l'sher l lall Box ( )l'lice i. “.3llpm listra dates: Wednesday 5. 'l'hur'sday h. It rday 7. Saturday S. £3.5ll(£3). See Monday 3 for lull description.

I Interaction Science Arts Step ( iallery . .W Ilowe Street. 55o 1013. Mon l‘rr

11am 5511me Sat 1 lam ~1prn.l-,\tra dates: 5 and o April. See Mon 3 lorlull description.

WEDNESDAY 5 Edinburgh

I Guys and Dolls ( ~hurehhill 'l lieatre. Morningside Road. il-lels'els: 33«S l 155 (L'sherllallBosUlltce). ".3llprn.1:\tra dates: ’l‘hursday (r. l-"riday ". Saturday S. £3.5ll(£3i. See Monday 3 tor lull description.

I Interaction Science Arts Step ( iallery . 3t) llow'e Street. 550 MB. Mon Fri llam--5.5llpm; Sat 1 lam -1pnr.I-.\'tra date: (i April. See Mon 3 tor lull




I Guys and Dolls (‘hiirchhill 'l'heatre. Morningside Road. 'l’ickets: 338 l 155 tl'slter l lall llo\ ()llicei. ".3llprn. I:\tra dates: l‘l‘ltlily ". Saturday S. £3.5tll £3). See Monday 3 Ior lulldescripllon.

I Pro Arte Recital Reid ('oneert l lall. lll‘tstit Square IICIRL'IV liliS 3lll‘) l ()tteen's llall Ilos ( )Iltcci. “.3llpm. Itstradate: l‘riday ". £3,5li(£3.35l. .lapaneseguitarist Kiiktclir Akasaka with \aricdprogramme including. rather unusually . works Ior guitar and piano by Japanese composers. Also. more lanirliar names such as Scarlatli. Allicni/ and ‘l'urina. .'\ccontpanrst is Yasulto Is'atay ama w ho has pcrtormed in Scotland on seyeral

prey rousoceasions.

I ()IIL'CII‘S I lilll. (ilL‘l'ls SII'L‘L‘IJIIMS 3llI‘). “.J5pm. £3,311 Willi. ladirihurgh perlorrnatice only ol thisattractiye programme leatur ing llarr'y 'l'uclsw ell in Mo/arl‘s 3nd I lol‘n (‘ottcet'to and ( ilasgow horn composer lain llamilton's l'oy'iier' tor hill” and chamber orchestra.

Stray irtsky 's I)(HI\('.\ ( ‘mrr‘i'rltutli's and Mo/art‘s Sy mphony .\'o ~lll in (1 minor.

I Interaction Science Arts Step ( itlllL'l') . 3‘) llowe Street. 55o 1013. Mon Hi

I lam 5.5llpm. Sat llam ~lpm. Sec Mon 3 Ior lull description.

RlDAY 24 Glasgow

I Rowantree Folk Club Row arttree Inn. By l‘ddingston ( ~ross. l‘ddingston. S.3llpm. £1 lntormalsongsandrnusic.

I CBIlidI‘I Riycrside. I‘io\ Street. tttl ('lyde Street. 3‘l.\ 31-14. Illpm. £3. Very popular dances


I Piping Festival Lecture library. 1 3pm. £1 5l|at door only. I’iohaireachd-()ldatid New . the lalls instruction trom ('aptain .loltrt Macl ,ellatt Mlllu Edinburgh EDIll FesnvaL

I Cosmotheka Ieyiol Bar. 1 3. l5pm. llappy llotii 1 3pm. l'ree. Mtrsiellall enter tainnient Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Evening News Children‘s Concert ( ieorge Square'I‘lieatre. 3.3ll 4.3llpm. Adult £3; (‘hrld £1 .5llayailalwle in adyance. 'l'he larnotis Singing Kettle show w ith ( ‘illa and Artie Ire/isc. arid ( iary (‘oupland Edinburgh FolkFestival.

I Concertina Forum Sportsman's Bar. 3.3“ 4.31 1pm. L I .511 available in adyance, l’layers. enthusiasts and the idly curious. Edinburgh FolkFestival.

I King Biscuit‘l ey rot Bar. 5.30 (r45pnt. Happy Hour 5.311 o..3(iprn (irass roots urhan liuslsrng and lillIL'S. I‘rec. Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Dance Workshop Debating l lall.

5.3“ "pm. £1 at dooronly . Edinburgh International Folk Dance Group. Edinburgh FolkFestival.

I Piping Festival Concert Reid i la“. Ilristti Square. " ‘).3llpni. £3.5lll£3Iuy‘ailaltlein ads ance. Ceolbeg with Gary West. a superb liilier lrom the Vale ()1 Athollhand. matched w IIll another well known high class player Irorn liasler Ross. Duncan MacGillivray. and some exotica irom three piping enthusiasts. the Goodacre Brothers. w hoereate and play lznglish pipesol

\ artous sizes and sounds. Edinburgh Folk FeshvaL

I International Dance Ceilidh Debating Hall. is l 1.3lipm. £3.5llayailahle in (ltlyaltee. with Dunedin Dancers. Edinburgh International Folk Dance Group. John Nuttall and the astonishingly talented musicians

34 The List 24 March—6 April 1989