and mulli-disciplinary dancers trom the L'SA. the Fiddle Puppets. Edinburgh Folk Festival. I Friday Nights at the Queen's Hall ()ticcii's lltill. ( hlcl‘ls Street 8.5” l l Hillpm. U15“ (reserved); L5 l iiiircseryedi as ailahle in advance Doorsopcti 7 _‘~llpm. Bat ck Restaurant. Dan Ar Bras. Stiyell's giiitai ist ioi years. skilled. passionate. sometimes yayy n Ilitlllc‘lllg‘. 'l'he Gregson/CollisterBand is a rock line up loi thisey-Riehard 'l lioiiipsoii duo. She has a line voice. he \yritesa lot ol the songs Highly thought ol. hy some people. the concei t‘s main musicians are n ith the hassist and leader oi Danny Thomson's Whatever llioriison. see music page tor an intery revs . has played with ahoiit everyone ol any consequence in the lolk yyorld. and a lot oi the maior names in ran. including Rollins and 'l raccy l le hrings Bernie Holland on guitar and sayophonist Tony Roberts. \y ho sometimes douhlcs on \orlhumhrian l’ipes. Edinburgh Folk Festival. I Festival Cabaret l’ar k Room. lll..illpiti larii. L35lltUiayailahlein tidy anee. lain Mackintosh. The Fabulous Salami Brothers and liiiigo and .-\ rt Kiiiglitlc‘y. lhe accent is on humour. slapstick and magic. 'I ricky stutt Edinburgh Folk Festival. I The Humppi Family the trailing l’osi . R: 'l'he Shore. l eith. 553 "'lti-l. lllpni till late l'it'c‘c‘. RL‘SlLlL‘llt yyeekend liittltl. ( iley er spool country and \y estern. I Simpson Perrie/Brian Mulligan .s‘hore Bar. 'l he Shore. leith. ltyening. Violin and guitar. caharet. I North Sea Gas l’latlorin l.Rutland Street. l-yening. Resident puh tolk hand. I Kevin Tail ( ‘aiidleniakcrs .-\rms. (irassmarket.‘lpm 12 Kilani. (‘heeiiiil puh tolksinger.

SATURDAY 25 Glasgow

IThe Session Band lilaekiriars. liell Street. Merchant ( ’ity . 552 5024 .»\lternoori. (‘eltic insti‘iiriiental.

I Scotia Folk Night Scotia liar . Stockyy ell Street. 5.53 Shh'l.

I Ceilidh Riverside. l'o\ Street. otl ( .lytlL‘ Street. 34S .‘l44. Illpm. £3.


I Gordon Simpson Guitar Masterclass Sportsman'sliar. lilain 3pm. £125” please hook in ads ance. Duck Bakerand Isaac Guillory are lvso loriiiidahle players. the former a l‘lueiit lingerst list and the latter a master oi modern popular sty les and a sometime y isiting proiessor at the (iuildhall ('ollege ol Music iril ondon, Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Dance Workshop l’ark Room.

10.30am noon. {1.5” at door only , James MacDonald Reid on the Scottish tradition. Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Uillean Piping Masterclass l’ark Room. llam lpm. L75“ please hook in advance. (il\L‘li hy the greatest lrisli piper ol his generation. carry ing on the very hest ol the tradition and itirther evon iiig the instrument ‘s use in orchestras and elseyvhere. 'l’he piper lroiii l’lansty . Liam 0' Flynn Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Dance WorkshOp l)ehatiiig Hall

12.3“ 3pm. {I at door only . Dalriada Dancers. Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Danny Kyle's Open Stage in mi liar.

l 2.l5pm. Happy llourl 2pm. l‘r‘ec. the Paisley l’atter Person's l’arty . Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Dance Workshop l)ehating i lall.

2.30 4pm. £1 at door only. ()pen Dance. Parties interested in presenting dances .should bring their oys n music. Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Evening News Children's Concert ( ieorge Square 'l‘heatre. 2.3”. 4.3llpm. Adult Li; ('hild L l .50 availahle in advance. More from the Singing Kettle. See Friday 24th. Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I 'Sangshaw' Reid Hall. BristoSquare. 3—4.3llpm. £25“ (£3) availahle in


Those entertaining lounge lizards, That

Swing Thang, are taking their sharp songs, polished reworkings oi the Louis Jordan/jump jive idiom and their now expanded eight piece swing jazz and bow tie outtit to Glasgow‘s Sub Club on the 5th, and Edinburgh‘s Dueen‘s Hall on the 3rd.

The Queens Hall is also the venue tor two concerts on the 31 st. Early evening sees the arrival, tor the tirst time in Britain, oi a trio led by one oi the most respected pianists oi the post war American jazz world. Tommy Flanagan (see photo) was on two oi the crucial signposts at modern jazz, the albums Giant Steps and Saxophone Colossus. And it Coltrane and Rollins is not enough recommendation, how about Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkins, or Ella Fitzgerald tor whom his sense at timing and reiined harmonic subtelty were a challenge and a support tor a decade. He brings George Mraz, a remarkable soloist, and a contemporary lrom Prague at that other great bassist Miroslav Vitous, and Kenny Washington on drums.

The later concert the same night, is the iirst back home tor Tommy Smith

alter his trail blazing recording debut tor the Greatest Jazz Label, Blue Note. He is the tirst British musician in its long, it interrupted, history to be given this honour. For his concert set the tenor saxophonist brings his regular pianist, the superb and ever improving Jason nebello, and another regular collaborator Ian Froman on drums, with Alec Dankworth on bass.

Tommy Smith, at course, guested with Chick Corea and Gary Burton last week at the Queens Hall. New at the early concert on the 31st, Tommy

Flanagan will be leading a reedless trio

playing superb music. . . nothing's been organised, but. . . (Norman Chalmers)

titl\ alicc (lolliposcl L‘L'llisl R0" Shaw‘s setting ol the poetry oi l lugli

.\lacl )iarmid. With Ron are Rod Paterson. guitar and vocals: Dick Lee. \yoiitl\\ ind and reeds; and readings hy Mhairi Grealis. Edinburgh Folk Festival See t’anel. IYounger‘s Tartan Special Teatime Concert leyiot liar. 5 3n (i.45pin Happy Hour 5..‘\ti (i .illpin l'ree \lagic.illiision. iall-ahout ltlil lioiii Fabulous Salami Brothers and Bingo and Art Knightley. Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Piping Festival Concert Reid i lall. Hristo Square. " ‘lRilpm. £3.5lllt3iavailahlein advance the super h Liam 0' Flynn. master oi lrish piping. and .\'ortliunihi ia'slittle pipes lit the llilllLlS ot (‘olill Ross's Border Spirit Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Gordon Simpson Guitar Music Concert l)ehatingHall. ".Rii lllpni. t'.‘~.5ll(L.‘~i available in advance Duck Baker and isaac Guillory See morning Masterclass Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Festival Cabaret l’ark Room.

ill..‘sllpiii lam. £3.5lltLilayailahlein advance. Put this lot together and seeyyliat happens. .lal/y . syy mg hlucs. tor a start. Deborah Henson-Conant on the harp. Dick Lee on reeds. Ollie Blanchtloweron douhle hass. and Andy Thorburn on key hoards. Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Delta Music Dance Hel‘alitig l lall.

llprri lam. L3 ( Lllayailahle in advance l'roni the North oi lingland. the six Buttermountain Boys are a sticetvs ise cool caiun outlit \s ith lots oi slappy percussion. Brothers in i'un. King Biscuit are lroni lidinhurgh and the pavements oi l- tiropc Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Cencrastus Celebration Ceilidh ( ‘ate Royal l 'pstairs. 7..‘\llpni late Hat L4. 'l’ickets hy post lrorii('enciastiis. 34 Queen Street. lidinhurgh; or oy er the counter from Sandy Bells Bar . l‘orrest Road. the literary mag is ten yearsold. \Vords irom among others Norman McCaig. Edwin Morgan. Hamish Henderson, Sorley MacLean. lain Crichton Smith. and songs lrom Eileen Penman and Mae Shaw, John Greig and Tony MacManus. Pipe name on the Scottish pipes hy Martin Bennett and Irish piping hy Pat McNulty. ('eilidli hand Hugh MacDiarmid‘s Haircut. Not a big enough venue tor an event oi this si/e.get your tickets early.

I Ceilidh Dance \Valpople l lall. ( ~hester Street. £1.5llheioie Spin. £2 alter. Music hy the (‘aledonian (‘eilidh Band. BYt )B. No smoking please.

I Kevin Tait ( 'andlciiiakers .-\riiis. (irassiiiarket. ‘lpm l3..‘\ll;tlii. ('heerlul ptih tolksinger.

I The Humppl Family the trading l’ost . 32 'l he Shore. l.eith. 553 7|(i4. lllpm till late. l‘ree. Resident yyeekend hand. ('Iey'er spool country and \yestct'ti.

SUNDAY 26 Glasgow

I Paisley F0lk ClUb Brahloch l lotel. Retilreyv Road. Junction -7. MS. H.3ilpm. l‘rom Wales come Mabsant.

I Session Riserside. l‘ox Street. oii ( ‘ly'de Street. 2483144. l.3ii 5.30pm. (ilasgoyy Irish vvitli l’at .‘ylacNiilty andothers.

I Zut! La Chute \Viiitersgills. ( ireat Western Road. livening. ()ld timey' acoustic American.


I Dance Workshop l)ehating i tall.

I” .illarn noon. £l.5llat dooronly . Jamie MacDonald Reid takes Scottish and Highland traditional dances. Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Dance WorkshOp l)ehatirig l lall.

l3. .‘tll 3pm. Ll at door only . John Nuttall is an experienced ('aller. Edinburgh Folk FesnvaL

I Easter DutdoorJamboree (iather at the Ross Bandstand. Princes Street (iardens 1230 2.30pm. Free hard-boiled eggs. A tavourite. every' year. Puppets. one man hand. liaster ('arriage. (‘urrie hashing. magic and music. ligg Rolling. alter asseriihling at the West Fountain. A delight tor kids of all sizes. Edinburgh Folk FesuvaL

IPiping Festival Lecture Library 1 2pm. Li .5“ at door only. Northumhrian and Scottish helloyvs pipe maker Colin BOSSon the pipes that came in from the cold. Edinburgh Folk Festival.

I Younger‘s Tartan Special Lunchtime Concert't‘ey-ioi Bar. l-~-2.15pm. Happy Hour l -2pm. Free. [ix-Battlefield and Kentigern. and for a long time resident in Iingland. Jim and Sylvia Barnes are among the best of the revival Scots performers.

Edinburgh Folk Festival. I Dance Workshop l)ehatiiig l lall. 3.30 4pm. ii at door only 'l heaiiiazing clog and country dancers lrom the l 'S:\. the Fiddle Puppets. Edinburgh Folk Festival. I Younger’s Tartan Special Teatime Concert 'l'eyiot Bar. 5.30 (v.15pm. Happy Hour 5.3ll (v.31 lpm i-‘ree. Jackson. Ross and Martin. Scots and ( iaelie song vs ith iiddle and harp. .-\ hig traction oi ( )ssian. SeeSat 25th. Edinburgh Folk Festival. I Younger's Tartan Special Teatime Concert Park Room. 5.3” 0 45pm. Happy Hour 5.3” (i._‘~llpiii. l ice. Smeddum are neys Scottish tour piece \s lio look overseas loi .i lot ol their iepei toiic. played on small pipes. iiddle etc. Edinburgh Folk Festival. I Farewell Concert ( icorge Square 'l'heatre. " 3o ill..‘~ilpiii, £4.5lllt4l av ailahle in ady ance. Dave Swarbrick leads his Whippersnapper. a slioysy . iiery instrumentaltoursomc Singcisioo Michael Marra is Scotland‘s l‘csl songyyi'itingpertoriner .-\rtta/lttgpersona. tremendous natural singing style. hcautilulpiaiioplayer l)eliaritly Dundee (io see. 'l he Puppets titc‘ ioplttlc dancers and musicians lroni .\lar y land yyho interpret traditional toriiis yv ith paza/II. Edinburgh Folk Festival. I Closing Ceilidh l)ehating l lall. l lpm 3am l‘rce to ( ‘liih .\lemheis 'l he ten days end in a long night ol daricesets. and a succession oi guest singers and perlorniers. orchestrated hy the Occasionals (lance hand. Edinburgh Folk Fesuval I Youngs Music Club I earnington let i ace 9.30pm. 5llp. 'l onight . Stravaig singand play Scottish music. I Seannachie ( itccli 'l rec . ( ’oyy gale livening. Scottish songs and ninihle instrumentals lrorn resident hand I Jim Knight/Denny Swanson/Graham McGirk l‘nsign liyyait. l.a\yniii.iikct.3.‘5 744i). livening. llirce singer guitar ists I North Sea Gas Riitland l lotel. Riitlaiid Street. 23‘) Roll. ‘lpm, Singalorig ITex Fillet Five 'l he 'l'rading Post. ‘2‘ l he Shore. leith. 553 “IM S llpiii (‘ompletely looiiie country and \yestein

MONDAY 27 Glasgow

IVicioria Bar liritigegaie. 552 with ‘lprit. Weekly session


I Malcolm‘s interview/God‘s Little Monkeys ('altori Studios. ( alloii Road l)oorsopen 3pm. £3 Nevs alhuin lust arriving and well respected lrom their airingoii (‘ooking Vinyls ‘( 'utting l-dgc' compilation. the hand play attacking tools rock yy ith a social conscience. and

key hoards. hass and di iiins heliind the vocals and guitar \or k hased. \lalcolin's liitery ieyy y\ as yyliat they one called \\ hen they visited last l-dinhurgh l'olk l'L‘SllHtl. (it..\l is the one they “ant to he kiioyy nhy in future.

Ilan Fostersi .latites()yslcr liar-t :illori Road. 9pm Blues and Ragtime

I Fiddlers Arms(iiassinarket ‘l l lpiii Monday night is Scottish music.

I Miro llie ( ireeii liec. ( ‘ovs gate Evening. Session till Iain



I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley .'\i ls( 'eni re. Nevy Street..‘s’S77 lillil. Spin. liree, 'l‘onight. Ian Bruce. popular singer limit the West of Scotland


I Acoustic Music Nights .\lilries liar. Hanover Street. 8.3” l lpm Admission free.

I Los Supremos St James ( )y ster liar. ('altori Road. 9pm. Bluesish country rock. I Barrie Band Baniiermans liar. ( 'oys gate. 5563254. livening. l-‘iddle. flute. mandocello and vocals. 'l raditional music

The List 24 March—6 April 1989