The Shore. I.eith. 9pm. ’I onight Robert Pettigrew and Kenny Ellis. piano llouhle bass.

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Nm um i louse llolel. Ma}lie|d ( iardens. Ni" 3S3S. lisening.



I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Ou0( illlsgtns Soeret} ()l Musrerans. Ber keIes Street. 33l bl I3. S..‘~llprri. Flip. Bar


I Bill Kyle‘s Jazz Basel ‘.\rr.ielie. ltlrselilelil Ht Rlltlalld l Intel. \\ est l'ilid. Princes Street ‘lpni l-ree I’opular scene. a locus for the most ad\ enturous ol the sourrgerplasers Drummer Bill Kile leads regular line up of piano kes boards. bass. drums. guitar . brass and reeds, Modern. bop. some mainstream. blues.

I Charlie McNair‘s Band I’reser \ .rtlorr

llalI. Victoria Street. 33“ .‘Slli l-ierrrng I Sophie Bancroft/Spike Wright 'l'hree llllls \Vitie Vaults. llanos er Street. .\ 3-“ I lprn. Young; lemale \ oeallsl \\ rlh respeet lor

i.r// songs.

THURSDAY 30 Glasgow

I Jiveass Blues and Boogie \Villtel‘sgllls. (ireal Western Road. S3“ lern. (ireat [no-\oealisl Rik B band.

I Live Jazz Blaeklr'rars. Bell Street. Merchant (‘rts . 553 5934. l-wnrng. ( 'heek for details.


I Gordon Fytfe Trio Alton l Intel. (irosxeriorCrescent. l'.\e'ltllii1.

I Shore Music I he Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. leith. 9pm. lorirght Pschyco Blue. \oealsand piano.

I Joe Capaldi Ouartet Brandos. Blair Street. herring.

I Criterion Jazz Band l'at Sums. l‘ountainbrrdge. l'.\elilli§..'.

I Templehall Stompers 'Ieniple l Intel. lisplanade. .Ioppa. lifi‘) 43M. l'.\ enrng.

FRIDAY 31 Glasgow

I Glasgow Rhythm Club l‘nitarran ( ‘hureh. 73 Berkele} Street. ".vlipm. l'stablrshed I933. Reeordsand lalk disetrssron ’l'onight Bill Martin sass See Me Ian.

I Jiveass Blues and Boogie lngrarns Bar. Queen Street. 9.3“ I I ,.‘~llprii, Mature Rhilhrn and Blues band. Best in tins n


ITommy Flanagan Trio ()ueerrs l lall. (‘Ierk Street. («is Still). Note early start at 7.15pm. Llifill t if i. 'l iekels lrorn ()ueeris Hall Box ( )lliee; Virgin Records. Princes Street; Ripping Reeords. North Bridge; Iona Records. Stoekis ell Street. ( ilasgms . (ireat bebop piano \\ ilh ( ieorge Mral. bass and Kenn) Washington on drums.

I Tommy Smith ()ueens I lall. ( ’Ierk Street. hos 3lll‘). Illprn. Lbfilll L5). Second eoneert of the night. 'I reketsas earlier eoneer't. Izdrnburgh's sasophorust has just released a new album. his lirst on the prestigious Blue Note label. See panel. I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ‘r‘est t lore-l. ()ueensl'err} Road. 333 34-13.

7.45 11.45pm. Soul ran with piano aeeornpanirnent.

IAlpha Jazz Quartet ItIIersle} House Hotel. tillersle} Road. (‘orstorphineu 33‘ (i888. S I lpm.

I Danny Oorrian and Friends ( timberland Hotel. West ('oates ( iardens. Hfin llpm. I 80 Weevil I’resers alion Hall. Victoria Street. 33(i3h‘lli, Iisening. Rhythm and Blues band.

SATURDAY 1 Glasgow

I Ron Moore, Rikki Fernandez and Friends


The cello was a lavourite Scottish dance band instrument centuries before Jimmy Shand. Donald Gow would supply the ‘bass' to his lamous brother Neil’s fiddle, and a hundred years later the young Scott Skinner started all his musical career accompanying fiddle and llule on the cello, and having to carry the beast over miles of rough country roads to the dance. ln contemporary Scotland, outside of the fiddle orchestras, there remain a few exponents, of which the most prominent, having recorded with The Boys OfThe Lough, Cilla and Artie Trezise and Billy Jackson’s Wellpark Suite, is Ron Shaw. A composer, and a poet himsell— ‘I published the obligatory one slim volume around 1972' his loves and energies come together in an hour long instrumental/song/spoken word arrangement of Hugh Macoiarmid’s Sangschaw cycle. ‘I was struck by the title, which in English means Song Festival‘ and by the poetry's musical pulse and symmetry. . . a few have been set to music before, including some not too long ago by Ronald Stevenson, butt wanted to work with more or less the whole collection.‘ Reading some will be Mhairi Grealis, a Scots actress lrom an Irish background, and playing Ron's settings are Dick Lee on clarinet and recorder, and Rod Paterson on guitar and as singer of the song/poems. Rod is very pleased with the sound. ‘Somewhere between a Palm Court Orchestra and a 505' Lounge Band, but

never far away lrom Scottish tunes. The songs have all got something, quirky sometimes, they change key a lot. . . and the Scots words are wonderful to sing. MacDiarmid loves to leap from the acutely mundane to the astronomical in the pieces. Getting to know the work was like peering round a novelty store, an antique shop, stuffed full of strange but homely things, and all with their opposites . . . like death and life, dark and light, outer and inner, love and God.’

Ron Shaw feels ‘There's a unity of mood throughout, and while there is the idea of Christ as an ultimate of evolution, it's knitted together with religious/sexual imagery, and exploding with a wild imagination’.

‘Sangschaw’ is on the afternoon of Saturday the 25th at the Edinburgh Folk Festival, and a late alteration to the programme brings Rod Paterson's Easy Club, see photo, to the Park Room in the Festival Club, at 7pm laterthe same day. (Norman Chalmers)

la 'I'a\ er na. "a I .‘lllsdrm rre ( ‘reseerrl . 33" "I3S. 9 I Iprn. l'ree. Resident guitar and bass \\ ith guest rnusreran each \seek.

I George McGowan Orchestra Berlin lounge Bar . S III \\ est (ieorge Street. Queen Street Station. 335 3353. 3 5pm. l'r'ee. The Big Band Sound. old and new I Bill Fanning Orchestra Siielets ()l Musicians. Berkele) Street. 331 til 13. 3pm. \Veekls esent.

I society Quartet Soerels ()l Mrrsieians. Berkele} Street. 33l ltl l3. Nplti. slip Music and dancing \\ rth '1 ed Bosles. guitar: .Iunrm Alston. \oeals: ( ieor'ee Morrison. bass guitar; l’at ( iallaeher. drums.


I Alex Shaw Trio l’latlorm I.Rutl.rrrd Street. 335 3.133 lunehtirue

I Dr MacJazz Basin Street. I las market l'.\L‘IlltI§3. 'I'rad \enue,

I Shore Music 'I he Shore Bar Restaurant. 'I'he Shore. l.eltli ‘lprri. 'l'orrrght Ewan Baird Group. guitar . piano. bass.

I Toto And The Jazz Bostons I’l'eser \ atron Hall. Victoria Street. 33h RM!» 3 4pm

I Barony Jazz Baron} Bar . Broughton Street. 55"“5-10 Jack Hammer Band

9 I I ..‘~l|pm. Singer leads sas and guitar band.

I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ‘l'esl l Intel. ()tleenster'r) Road. 333 34.13.

“.45 I I .JSprn. Songs. blues) andsoullul. at the piano.


Glasgow I Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra

(ilasgrm Soeiet} ()l Mirsierans. Berkeley Street. 33l (it 13. zpltl. t. l. l)Il'eeted It} all round runsierau and saxophone \ irluoso Bobby Wishart.

I Paisley Arts Jazz I’lllsle} :\r'ts( ‘eniie.

New Street. l’arslei SS" lllllll uriehlrme lr'oru 133“an I l\ e rnusre tobe eonlrrmed

I Duncan Whyte Jazz Band Simliol me

I ounge. ( iros\ error I lolel. Bires Road. “so into '

I George Penman's Jazz Band ( 'ur leis.

B_\ res Road. 33-1 I3S~I lrad lroni

\Sli III 5tlpnr_


I Basement Club I '.v\lt.rehe. Rutland

I lUlL‘l. \\ est l‘ lid Ht l’l lliees Street.

3 tiprn l-ree Bar rneals.i\.ril.rb|eall alter noon Moder it ran in the basement bar. lrro \s itli \seekls guest. 'I hrs \\eek sllrL'el Melanie O'Reilly

I Brian Kellock Trio l’latlor'm l.

('aledonian I lotel. Rtrtland l’laee. Iv-3pm. Modern iii/1. piano.

I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henryt'uie .-\ l.a Ronde. York Place. 13.30 3.30pm. Blues. Iii/.1 and soul lor sour lunch,

IJim Henry Group Raeburn Bar. Raeburri Place. I ‘3.3lipm.

I Acanthus \Vaserle} Bridge. Bs \VaserIe} Stiltilill entrance l.l\ e lunchtime rnusie from the I )iploniatsol Jan.

I Capital Jazz Band ( hl‘est l lolel. ()ueenslerr} Road. 333 34-13 3 5pm. IJazz Sunday Roial British l Intel. Princes Street. S I Ipni. I'ree. unless special guest artists are per lorrnine. tonight the residents. Mike Hart‘s Society Syncopators rrielude singe- r Wendy Weatherby.

I Barony Jazz Baron} Bar. Brounhton Slr'eet.557ll54li.l.i\eb.rnd.S,1li I Ipnr. ‘i'onighr Melanie O'Reilly and Francis Cowan. \oeals\\rtll guitar,

I Alpha Jazz Quartet lullerslei l louse llotel. IzllersIe} Road. (‘orstorphm'ex3.? (isms Ilprrr

MONDAY 3 Glasgow

I Gillespies Jazz Spot ( illlesples. 3o (‘heapeside Street. tilt (‘l_\de Street. .Il\ e lessons. Spin. Kit Carey's Jazz Band. 9pm. Membership at the door.

I George Penman‘s Jazz Band ( 1n negres .la/x ( ‘Iub. H3 St \‘rneent Street. 33fi.‘~.\‘.‘~.‘~ ‘I I3plti, ()ld lashioned trad masters

Live Jazthadrs Restaurant. ISS Bath Street. 33d 335".


I Martin Foster Trio Ma\res Bistro. \Vesl Nicholson Street. 9pm l3 midnight.

I Shore Music the Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. l.erth. 9pm. ltilirL'llt Hugh and Graham. sis ing \ rolirr and _L'llll;ll

I East CoastJazz Band Bltrel .rgttllll. Angle Park '1 er raee. .‘s‘sl W33 l‘.\ellli1§_'



Te . Chnlcal Community Jobs

R€.i‘ea,C/I cOfiPU


Assembly Music presents at Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street, Edinburgh

Friday 24 March, 8.30pm

Dan Ar Bras

Clive Gregson/Christine Collister Band

Danny Thompson’s Whatever

Tickets £5 (reserved £6.50)

Friday 7 April, 8.30pm Kenny Wheeler Quintet Tickets from Queen’s Hall Box Office (031 668 2019); Ripping Records; Virgin Records, Princes Street,

Edinburgh; Iona Records, Stockwell Street, Glasgow (041 552 0969)

Friday 31 March, 7.15pm

Tommy Flanagan Trio and at 10.15pm

Tommy Smith Quartet

The List 24 March—6 April 1989 41