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I Roachlord and The Four otUs

But't'tm hind. 3-1—1 ( igithmgutc. 5.53 4(rlll. ".RIIpm. ('crtumI} In that early days. Rmchlnnl \wrc un L‘\L‘llliif_‘ In c hand. and lhcrc‘ l\ Illllc In \uggcxl lhul lIIl\ hm changed. I'urnih Mun and ( ‘uddls 'I n_\ \wrc lmlh dustinch In he tilt\. in \[IIIL‘ til the ;i\\lu| I} ricx. and mm that thc_\ haw hccn. it \\ Ill hc Inlcrcxling to \cc \\ hul Rtiztc‘htut'tt hmc IL‘tt. Ihc I'Utll (It l‘\itl'k‘ Irish. and Itit‘L‘IiIIiltL‘\ nl Rutrchlni'd. ‘I IIL‘ll dchut single. rcccnll} tc-rclcuxcd. l\iIlI tt\\llliillig.! and mullcnsnc piccc nl ruck. .Iudgcmcnt rcscr'x ctI mczrntlmc.

I Kevin McDermott Orchestra I'ur} .\turr_\\. Uh .\I;i\\\cll Strccl. 33I ()5! I. Ill.3llpm. \Vllh th‘ \IIIEIIL‘. “huh (It \Vumtct‘. mm in thc \hnpx. a your UI hzlrtl \\t)i Id“ idc touring: hcgmx Im‘ Km In undcnhm‘lx. Judging h_\ lhc wund nl lhc .rlhum. ltIL‘)

should he won mm . ;l\ stadiums hcckon. I Critterhill Varmits and Humll Family Rnnltnps. ‘I3 Sauchlchull Sticcl. 553 5555 lllpm. I hc ( 'ritlchill Varmih h;i\ c picked up mmc mlcrmt cuurlu} ol \llpptrl I\ In the I’mclnimcrs and the I’Uglch III the lust wuplc ul )cgux. \\ ith lhcw pct hupxgix III}: lhc hot trim 0t \\ hcrc lhc) .irccmmng lrnm nursith ‘I'hc Ilumll I-umilx tll'L‘ .i mumc Utt\IIUUI ml the .rlrcuth ccccnlr ic (Imducl nl t’lglc'tilix

I The Crazy White Heather Club I n 'Iunicrc.15I-u\ Slrccl. 33] 45.14 ‘Ipm I-rcc. Band numc ml the \wck. nnmrncc numhcr one.


I Blues'n'Trouble I’I'cxcn ulinn I l.iII.

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I The Next World. Generic and The Cateran \'cnuc.(‘;illun Road. 55" 5H5} L35“ (L3 l. \Iclmhc hurtlwrc much lhlmh mclul. (‘uunlcr Inlm‘mutiun hcnclrl.

I The Beautilul Stilt I’c‘hc‘un. (1m gate. 335 54l5. Scc puncl.

I Guilty Party. Crocodiles in Cream and Catch the Pigeon Bermuda 'I'rmnglc. (‘tmflc‘h ( 'UIIIPIL‘V \VC\I II UIIc‘lth. Ilfillpm. £3 l i. I .5”). Bunclll tut thc Bl'llhh Diabetic :\\\UL‘I;IIIUII.

I Dave Robb St .Iumcx ( )}\lL‘i Iigir‘. ( \iIIun Road. 55“ 3035. “pm. I'Icc.

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I Texas Breakfast R} ric‘s. I I;i_\ mnrkcl

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I The Charge [Mitt [)ul'liIL‘} . \\ c\l I’ntl. 33‘Iv154 I. lllpm. I5rcc.

I Live band \cgociunlx I nlhrun Slrcci.

335 h5l3. 9.45pm. I'l'cc.

FRIDAY 31 Glasgow

I Big George and the Business I... ‘I'umcru. I5 [in Slrccl. 33] 4844. Ilpm, I-rcc. I-ridu) hhrcx residency


I The Kevin McDermott Orchestra Vcnuc. ("Alton Rudd. 55" 5U35. Soc punL‘I.

I The Rubber Bishops and The Tracey Brothers \cuucrunlx Inlhmn 811111.335 h5l5 I'rcc Ruhhcr Iiixhups arc-“urlh lL‘III\I.ItIII;_' the Name at tho I-urtmghl lnr. .-\11§l;ikc‘rx'.’

I Bo‘Weevil I’I'L'\L‘I minim II.i|I. \‘Ic‘lnrm Slrcct. 33h 3‘er Ll ullci ‘IRIIpm. Ruck .ind hlucx

I The Humptt Family II.ItIliif_‘ I’iM. I he Shurc. 555 "IN. lllpm. I'tcc' Spool country


Regular readers will have noticed our lrequent bursts or praise lor The Beautilul Suit, who lound enough lavourwlth our panel or judges to come second in last year’s List/McEwans/Clyde demo tape competition.

They're doing a short brace at gigs around the South at Scotland at the moment, taking in Fury Murry’s on Wednesday 29, Ayr Pavilion on Sunday 2 and Edinburgh Venue on Monday 3 (as part or the Rock Against The Rich line-up, also leaturing Bradtord, Anhretn and Blam Blam Y.C.), as well as the newly-opened Pelican in Edinburgh’s Cowgate on Thursday 30.

Although the band live in Edinburgh none oi them originally come trom there. The songwriters around whom the band tormed are singer/guitarist Donna, lrom Ayr, and guitarist Sharon, trom ‘all over’. Both were learning guitarwhen they tirst met and began writing together, and teamed up with a drummer, Jack, who has since vacated the seat to Nick to concentrate on percussion. Simon writes the bass lines, and the band was completed at the end oi last year by dancer, harmonica player, ‘stage presence and visual artiste' Tom.

That was the line-up that played, to a very lavourable reception trom the assembled onlookers, at Tower Beat 9, held in Fury Murry's in December, with the other winners at the contest, The Hummingbirds and The Steelchain.


cd‘ had the bullets


AT THE BUCK, 31' vmcsm 81' (EX m s. smarts) WEDNESDAY 29th MARCH Doors open 8pm, W Bar till I2pm \\ £2

The gig was seen by one John Maclennan, who was impressed enough by the strength or their songs to otter his management services. He is

convinced that the Suit have enough talent to breakthrough, but have been

letdown by some gigs so tar, partly due to the poor sound they leel have orten





G L A s c; o w 3“. FURY MURRYS




been dished out. ‘Until they do a blinderot a gig,’ he says, ‘with really good sound, the potential at this band has not been seen at all.‘

Donna agrees, remarking that what has sounded brilliant in rehearsal has rarely been transmitted in pertormance. ‘We’re looking tor a permanent soundman. Untortunately it hasn’t come over live, but the pieces are there.’

‘The pieces' can be heard on simple guitar-based songs like ‘NeverAsk You’, ‘Sweet Little Sinner’ and ‘Sugar Valentine’, which wouldn’t sound out oi place alongside many oi the young independent groups being championed by the’big music papers.

‘We tend to go through phases,’ says Donna. ’For two months or so we'll do all these last songs with lots at guitar, and at the moment we're going through a lull.’ A lull being a run ol the gentler ballads the Suit do so effectively.

Sharon: ‘We've always said we’re not talented musicians, but we’re working at it, and slowly and surely it is getting better. But it is slow. People laugh at us because we do practise a lot more, but we know we need it. That’s why we do it.’

It will be more than worth it to capture the magic to be round in their best songs, and they’re going into the studio once more to track it down. Barring mishaps, The Beautitul Suit could tind themselves much sought-alter in the coming year. (Mab)

EDINBURGH GLASGOW 16 Track Recording

£7 per hour J ust off Glasgow road . . . Give us a call on: (031) 333 5024

The List 24 March—6 April 1989 43