IASong For Europe(BB(‘l )7—7.4()pm, 9.55- 11). lllpm. You're chance to vote for the singer song collaboration which will go on to represent GB in the painful [iuropean ‘music’ competition.

I Searchline (Scottish) 8. ill—8.30pm. (‘illa Black presents this three-day long series which hopes to use television to locate ‘missing' people. and put them back in touch with their families and friends.

I The South Bank Show ( Scottish)

1 lpi11—12.35tttit. Rare opportunity to see Nobel Prize winning author William Golding talking about his life and work.

I Concrete Beat (Scottish) 12.35—2am. John Getz stars in this TV movie about a journalist who becomes too involved in the stories he‘s researching. Pilot. made in 1984. for a series that never got made . . .


I Grandstand(BB(‘1)12.15—S.t)5pm. Including coverage ofthe 135th Oxford and Cambridge Boat race.

I Baron Munchhausen (BBCZ)

4.254». 15pm. Not the Gilliam version launched in cinemas in Scotland this week. or quite the first screen adaptation ofthe legendary exploits ofthe adventurous Baron. but .losef von Baky's version. commissioned by Goebbels in 1943. might well be the best.

I Columb0(BB(‘1)S.t)5—9.35pm. Brand new series of the almost legendary L'Scop series with Peter lialk back as the man in the crumpled mac. Donald Pleasence co-stars in a story of murder set against the background of wine making.

I Who Dares Wins (Scottish)

9. 15—1 1 .3tlpm. The Lewis Collins bloodbath and not the comedy series. Mores' the pity. Made in IQSZ.

I Carrott Confidential ( BBCI)

9.50— 10.25pm. Last in the seriesofthe almost satire which somehow didn't ever amount to much this time around.

I The Oflicial Version ((‘4 ) 9— 1 1.1)5pm. Luis Puenzo's dramatic investigation into the horrorsof Argentina's ‘Secret War' of the 7(ls. Made in 1985. It focuseson Norma Aleandro and her quest to discover the origin of her adopted five year-old child.

I The Film Club: Alomo Bay and God's Country ( BBCZ) lll. input—1.25am. Two films by Louis Malle (possibly best known for A Ilantit‘ City). A lumo Buy stars husband and wife team lid Harris and Amy Madigan in a study of the conflict between Vietnamese immigrants and American fishermen on the TexasGulf Coast. God's Country represents a return to Malle's documentary roots with its intimate study of the farmingcommunity of Glencoe. Minnesota.


I Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Scottish) 1.25—4.05pm. Neither motion nor emotior in abundance. For fans only. ITess(BB(‘2) 5.2(L—s.t)5pm. Not a masterpiece certainly. but for all its being filmed in France and its starring aGerman in the title role (Nastassia Kinski) Roman Polanski does capture the feel if not the


scope. of I Iardy's original.

I The Animals Roadshow ( BBC1) 5.45—6.2(lpm. Desmond Morris and Sarah Kennedy return with the poular BBC Scotland animals series.

I Missa Glagolitica (C4) 8. 15—9. 15pm. In anticipation of tomorrow‘s screening of the Glyndbourne production of the Czech composer‘s Kat Kahunova. the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra present his great choral work.

I The Great Gatsby (C4) 9. 15—1 1 .5()pm. Jack Clayton's adaptation of Fitzgerald's novel is a curious affair. Redford. theoretically is hard to fault as casting for Gatsby. and the detail is certainly faithful to the book but somehow. all down the line. the tone is wrong. The period glitz swamps the shahbiness of the tale. Made in 1974.

I Screen Two (BBCZ) 10.05—11.40pm. Last in the series of films specially commissioned by the BBC. Joe Don Baker plays a coach drafted in to helpa flagging American football team the LowesthorpeTrawlers. Ray Connolly‘s comedy also stars Phyllis Logan and Maggie ()‘Neill.


I Nest Side Story (BBCI )6.3()—7pm. Latest in the long line of winning nature documentaries from BBC Bristol this one is about birds and their nests.

I Chris De Burgh - Live in Dublin (C4) 7—8pm. Spanish Train. Loner Sky and [)on 'I Pay The Ferryman all feature in this concert during De Burgh's Flying Colours tour.

I Gandhi (BBC! ) 7.3()—1().30pm. David Attenborough‘s epic. multi Oscar winning. biography of Mahatma Gandhi with Ben Kingsley turning inthe performance of a lifetime.

I Kat's Kabanova (C4) 8.3()—1().25pm. American soprano Nancy Gustafson sings the title role in last summer‘s Glyndebourne production ofJanacek‘s opera.

I Bepo Man(BBC2)10.3(1pm—Midnight. Alex Cox‘s likeable sci-fi cult movie made in 1984 and starring Emilio Estevez. This (in a version specially approved by the director) is the film's first TV outing.

I The Late Show ( BBCZ) Midnight—1.55pm. Quick repeat for the special programme featuring Elvis Costello at his most ‘angry‘ performing

songs from his new album Spike.

I Circus Lumiere (C4) 13. Ill—12.40pm. Special TV recording of the comedy theatre company.

I Blade Runnet(Scottish) 12.25—2.4()pm. Harrison Ford stars as a futuristic. Marlowesque investigator in Ridley Scott‘s stylish 1982 movie.


I Taking Liberties (BBC2)‘).5()—10.20pm. David Jessel investigates accounts of operations where the anaesthetic techniques fail . . .

I The Play on One: The Gitt(BB(‘1)

9.30— 10.45pm. Tommy Docherty makes his acting debut in this tale about young football hopefuls making the journey from Wick to a Glasgow that isn't quite what they expect. Written by Colin MacDonald whose [)unromin Rising was one ofthe biggest hits of the last series of Play on One.


I Here To Stay(BB(‘1 )7.3t1—Spm. Robert Kilroy-Silk presents a new series in which he meets the ‘foreigners' who haveopted to make the UK their home.

I OED: The Morgan Treatment ( BBCI) 9.30—ltlpm. Ilas Tony Morgan managed to beat epilepsy by dedicating himselfto weightlifting? OED looks at a remarkable story and asks if it holds out hope forother sufferers.


I Scottish Eye (Scottish) 7.3(l—h’pm. As AIDS attacks a growing number ofpeople in Scotland. [five looks at those who are considering voluntary euthanasia. IThe 1989 Oscars(BB(‘2)9—1t).3t)pm. Coverage of last night‘s ceremony.

I Film 0n Four: The Nature at The Beast (C4) 9.30—1 l . 15pm. Based on Janni Ilowker's award winning children's book. The .V'arure of The Beast (directed by

l-‘ranco Rossi) is about the bleak future for a fourteen year-old growing tip in a declining mill towti. The theme is developed through the metaphor ofa mysterious ‘beast‘ stalking the moors.

I Scottish Education Debate (Scottish) 10.35—1 1.35pm. Sheena McDonald chairs a debate on the future ofScotland's education system.


I Flying Lady (Scottish ) 7.30—8.3(lpm. New series starring l’rank Windsor as a Yorkshire cabbie whose taxi is a Rolls Royce. With Anne Stallybrass as his no doubt long-suffering wife.

I Educating Bita(BB(‘1)9.3()—1 1.20pm. ()ne of Michael Caine's increasingly rare film successes. Caine plays the drunken ()l' lecturer given charge overan unpromising student (Julie Walters) who helps him gain a new lease oflife.

I Arena (BBCZ )9..le 10.20pm. The unlikely subject for this documentary is Berthold Lubetkin. a Russian architect who in the l‘)5(ls moved to Gloucesterand turned to pig-farming. Best known for his penguin pool at London Zoo, Lubetkin deplores the recent vogue in architecture lor nostalgia.

I Clive Anderson Talks Back((‘4)

ltl.3lL-l 1.2(lpm. Anderson‘s nicely understated style can't hide that this is still only another chat show.

I Midnight Cowboy ( BBCZ)

ll.2(lpin-- l.lSam. Dustin Hoffman givesa remarkable performance as the consumptive. crippled anti-hero ofJohn Schlesingcr's first American film. Made in I‘M-l.


I Right To Reply (C4) 6—6.3“an Includes a special item on the televising offootball. I Film 0n Four International: Sarraounia (C4) 9 ll.2(lpm. The folly oflirench colonial rule is exposed in this African film that centreson the life of a beautiful girl . .

I London Film Festival ( BB( ‘1)

955—] 1.20pm. Tango Bar is tonight's offering in this six-part series which looks at the best of this year‘s I-‘estival.

I Saturday Night at the Movies ( Scottish) ll.25pm--12. lllam. Jerry Lee Lewis. on the set ofthe new biopic about him. talks about his life. Dennis ()uaid speaks ofthe difficulties ofplaying the part ofthe rock'n'roll maniac.

I The Blues Brothers (Scottish)

l2. ill-2.40am. Belushi and Aykroyd in the enjoyany anarchic film that launched a thousand imitative beer commercials.


I Only Fools and Horses ( BB( ‘1) 6.15—8.35pm. A repeat ofthe Christmas Special. following the programme‘s success in the BAI’I‘A awards.

I Hotel TenninuS(BB(‘2)

8. lSpm— l2.4(lam. Marcel ()phuls' harrowing study of the life and titnesof

The List 24 March—(i April 198‘) 51