Gestapo officer Klaus Barbie may seem a trifle long. but it was cut down from the original thousand hours of footage which the master film-maker originally compiled.

I A Cream Cracker Under the Settee (BBCl)9.35—I().2()pm. Repeat ofThora Hird's award-winning performance in Alan Bennett‘s Talking Heads series.

I The South Bank ShOW(Scottish)

I lpm—midnight. As three separate versions of Hamlet are staged in London. the directors. including Yuri Lyubimov. discuss Shakespeare‘s most famous play. Excerpts too from filmed versions ofthe work.


I Open to Question (BBCZ) 6.30—7. Illpm. The first (of seven) in a new series. subjects Pamela Stevenson to the customary grilling.

I That Was Then. This Is Now ( BBC‘Z)

7. Ill-7.40pm. John Lydon of Public Image talks about his past and present in the first ofthe repeat series. Five new programmes have been filmed. but transmission dates are as yet uncertain.

I OED: Simon's War(BB(‘1)

llpm—12. 10am. First ofthree programmes about Welsh guardsman Simon Weston. who survived horrific burns when his ship. the Sir Galahad was bombed during the Falklands war. See also Tuesday and Wednesday. below.


I OED: Simon's Peace (BBC!)

1040—] 1.30pm. The second repeated QED programme looks at the effectson Simon Weston‘s family of his severe injuries. and at the emotional scars he suffered himself.

I Clowns (BBCI ) 9.30- Iii-10pm. BBC Scotland‘s new play stars Harry Andrews as a man facing his eightieth birthday. and asking whether he does in fact have

anything to celebrate.

I Celtic v Liverpool (Scottish) ll.35pm—I .30am. Live from the Middle East. the league champions of Scotland and England contest the Dubai Cup.


I Tlmewatch Special: The Sacrifice ol Pearl Harbour(BBC2) 7.5(l—9pm. Described as an exclusive. this programme examines the recent evidence suggests that the attack on Pearl Harbour. contrary to what has been generally accepted for the past half-century. came as no surprise to the USA.

I Simon's Triumph (BBCl)9.3(l—1(l. 15pm. Having seen Simon Weston struggle to get back to some semblance of normal life. QED now presents us with an optimistic update on the ex-Welsh guardsman. who over the past three years has gone on Operation Raleigh and set up a Liverpool-based charity.

I Women In Love (Scottish) 10.35pm- 1 am. Alan Bates. Oliver Reed and Glenda Jackson star in Ken Russell's uncharacteristically restrained film version of the DH. Lawrence novel.


I When In Italy (BBC‘Z) 7.35-8pm. The first ofa five-part look at Italian life and language. designed for would-be holiday-makers with sufficient self-respect to learn at least a smattering ofthe language before setting off.

I Distant Drummer (BBC‘Z) 8—8.3(lpm. A new series about US politicians kicksoff with a look at the seemingly less than sane A. James Manchin of West Virginia. who gives away signed dollar bills as part ofhis attempt to be re-elected state treasurer. I 40 Minutes: Violent ( BBCZ)

9.30-10. lllpm. Both the victims and the perpetrators of motiveless. apparently senseless violence talk about the effect it has had on their lives.


Live from BBC Television Centre (Radio 1. Fri 24. 7pm) is A Song For Europe. Yes. the rigorous filleting processes that are the Ken Bruce and Gloria Hunniford shows have been negociated by the hopeful warblers. The proverbial acid test of Wogan has been endured and the finalists now stumble out into the daylight. their chirpy choruses of Bing Bing A Bong and A Little Lump of Peace intact and ready for action. Eight finalists have been whittled out from ‘hundrcds ofcntrants‘ and the lucky minstrel who will represent Britain in the finals will be chosen tonight.

The same night sees a repeat oflast year's acclaimed production of The Taming ()f The Shrew on The Friday Play (March 24th 7.45pm) Cheryl Campbell plays the spitfire hussy Cheryl Campbell while Bob Peck tries his hand at Petruchio. Very recommended.

Also being repeated this week is Alexei Sayle‘s much-acclaimed comedy series Lanin Of The Rovere (April 1st Radio Four I 1pm) Sayle takes the role ofbalding midfield maestro Ricky Lanin aided by his team mates Terry Trotsky and Stevie Stalin in Britain‘s only communist team. Felchester Bridge.

John Sessions joins the gang in this first episode as a seedy hack working for the daily Tits. Kenneth Wolstenholme can be heard again as Frank Loe Brian. the ace commentator.

People were saying "I'hat‘s really going to earn you money‘ and we used to say ‘Well let‘s write a swimming pool!‘ So sayeth Paul ‘Macca Thumbs Aloft’ McCartney. talking about the early golden days ofThe Beatles during Radio ()ne‘s documentary series McCartney on McCartney (April 1st 2pm). This week's

show. the second in the series. looks at the period between January 1963 and Autumn 1965. Paul tells Mike Read about the rise and rise of the Fabs. from the point when they signed with EMI to the release ofthe Rubber Soul album.

With six Number Ones under their belt and a host of hits written for other people. this was the most prolific of periods for the most prolific of bands. Paul does his best to remember highlights of the period. such as the Royal Variety Performance of 1963. the group‘s first Number one in the States and their eventual entry into the heady world of celluloid with A Hard Day‘s Night and Help.

Robert Kilroy Silk. he of the improbable cheek-bones and steel wool coiffure. gets the opportunity to expand his broadcasting domain by slithe ring onto the radio this fortnight. Kilroy Sllk Behind The Headlines (Radio 4 April 2nd 11.15am) speaks to the people in the News. A profile of the individual in the week's news is followed by an interview with him. or her. offering them the chance to comment on the facts as they have appeared in the inkies. The programme also raises questions about the news-gathering process. Does the tabloid press get the emphasis wrong? Do the quality papers live up to that description? Are Robert‘s teeth capped?

Last year BBC radio drama went to Hollywood. This year Hollywood comes to Broadcasting I louse as Richard Dreyfuss leads a cast of distinguished film and TV actors who are coming to London to record several plays for Radio Four. Hitching a ride with old fuzz-face will be Amy Irving (of The Far Pavilions). Ed (Lou Grant) Asner and Marsha Mason. The company will meet each week in a disused warehouse (tres chic) and perform classics of world drama. such as Arthur Miller's The Price and Neil Simon's Plaza Suite. As Dreyfuss says ‘You don't need to SEE them to have a wonderful time!‘

5| ..‘._C‘


DY '






52 The List 24 March—6 April 1989