I Kids aims to provide info about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgowfor children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days before pubUcaUcn.


Activities and Fun I HAGGS CASTLE 11)“ St Andrews 1)riv e.

437 3735.

EasterActivltes begin on 34 Mar through to 8 April. limited places so book in advance. Only one activity percliild. Admission free. Easter Bonnets15 8 years) 34 Mar. 111.15am; 35 Mar. 3. 15pm (4 7'7 years). Storytime Drawing (4 7 years) 34 and 3‘) Mar. 1 and 7 Apr. 11). 15am.

Decorating Eggs (8 - 13 years) 24 and 25 Mar. 3. 15pm.

Easter Cards to ‘) years) 34 Mar. 3. 15pm. Easter Sweets 14— 7 years) 25 Mar. 111.15am.

Egg Cosy Bunnies 15 8 years) 25 Mar. 1111511111.

Kites (8-- 13 years) 37 Mar. 1111511111; land 7 Apr. 3. 15pm.

Finger Puppetsifi 8 years) 37 Mar. 1 undo Apr.3. 15pm.

SugarMice (4 7 years) 38 Mar and (1Api'. 111.15am.

Dressing Up (7' 13 years) 38 Mar. 11). 15am; 4 Apr.3. 15pm.

Nature Trail (4 7 years) 38 Mar and 3 Apr. 3.15pm;8.»\pr. 111.1511111.Welliesand cagoulcsifw ct.

Candlemaking (s 13 years) 38 Mar. 3.15pm14and8Apr.111.15am. Victorian Entertainments ((s ‘) years) 2‘) and 31 Mar. 11). 15am.

Pancakes (5—8 years) 3‘) Mar. 3. 15pm: 5 Apr. 111.15am.

Pincushionsls 13 years) 3‘) Mar and 5 Apr.3. 15pm.

Painting and Printing (4 7 years) 31lMar. 111.15am.

Glove Puppets 1o ‘) years) 31) Mai and-1 Apr. l1).l5am;8.r\pr.3.15pm.

Ragdolls (1+ 13 years) 31) Mar. 3. 15pm. Gingerbread (o ‘)_\ears) 31) Mar and (\Api‘. 3.15pm.

ButtermakingH 7 years) 31 Mar. 111.15am. Beadworkra- 13 years) 31 Mar.3. 15pm. Abernethy Biscuits 11» 0 years) 31 Mar and Apr.3. 15pm.

Tilemaking17r 13 years) 1 Apr. 11). 15am. Heraldry (7- 13 years) 3 and 8 Apr.

11). 151111118 Apr. 3. 15pm.

Marzipan Fruits (4—7 years) 4 Apr. 2. 15pm. Weaving (7.13 years) 5 Apr. 11). 15am. Street Games (71» 13 years) 11 Apr. 11). 15am.

Exhibitions I HAGGS CASTLE MUSEUM 11)1)St

Andrews Drive. Pollokshields. 437 3735. The Desperate Journey l'niil April. An exhibition based on Kathleen Fidler's book which tells of the plight of acrofting family evicted from Sutherland during the Highland Clearances. their mov e to (ilasgow and 'desperate journey' to a new life in Canada.


I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE The Never Ending story 11') 5 Apr. 1 .31)pm

54 The List 34 March—(i April 1‘)8‘)

and 7.30pm. 'I‘ickets £1.35. Iimbark on a journey full of magical beings. suspense and surprise. with a 11) year old boy whois drawn into a timeless world of fabulous creatures that only he can save from ' destruction. Based on the bestseller by Michael linde. Superman III ( I’( i) (1 Apr. 1.311pm and as Superman does battle witli the ultimate computer. I GLASGOW FILM THEATRE Rose Street. 33311535. Aslerix the Gaul 11ml Asterix and Cleopatra Sat 35 Mar. 3pm. Kids £1.31). Double trouble in a double hill. I GROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton Lane llillhcad. 33‘) 43‘)8. Lady and the Tramp 34 Mar onwards. \Valt Disney‘s pedigree tale. I ODEON FILM CENTRE Renfield Street. 333 871)]. Lady and the Tramp 34 Mar onwards. I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 11)11). The Mouse and His Child (1') 25 Mar. 11).31)am. (‘lockwork mouse and his child desperate to become self-w iiidiiig. go on a long journey. meeting up with a fortune-telling frog. a pink elephant and a performing seal.


I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 887 11111). Jugglers Wild 35 Mar. 1.311pm. .luggling with fire is only part of the fun provided by Jugglers Wild. Cinderella 31 Mar. 1.30pm. (‘lyde Btiilt Puppets present a fantastic version of ('inderella ('l‘he ugly sisters are RliAIIY ugly! ). I THEATRE ROYAL l lope Street. 333‘)1)1)1). Swan Lake 3 8 Apr. Mon- Sat. 7.3tlpm; Sat Matinee 3.31)pm:'l‘hurs Schools Matinee 7.30pm. ()ne of the most famous ofthe classical ballets. produced for the London Festival Ballet by Russian Prima Ballerina. Natalia Makarov a. A must for buddingballerinas. Tickets. '1‘hird(‘ircle. Kids £3; Adults £3 upwards: Second . (‘irc1e. Kids £4.51); Adults £8.5llupwards: First ('ircle. Kids £11; Adults £1 1 upwards: Stalls. Kids £111Adults £11 upwards. Family packages and parties concessions available.


Activities and Fun

I CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE 177 ('olinton Road. 4431)11)1. Playsessions (under 11)s) 34 Mar and 37 31 Mar. 11iam» noon. 51)p per day. .\'o needto book. just turn up on the day. Coaching 1 11 In years) 37 31 Mar. Weekly courses available in badminton and squash. £4.51) per course. Book in advance. I EDINBURGH DISTRICT COUNCIL. LIBRARIES. Admission to events free by ticket available at the libraries below. Craigmillar Library Niddrie Marischall (iarderis.(1(1‘)41)‘)5. liaster Mobiles and Face Painting. Wed 3‘) Mar. 3.31) 3.31lpm (3—1 1 years).

McDonald Road Library 5511511311. Russian

/.311pm.'1‘ickets £1.35. ('hristopher Reev e

i l

Egg Painting. 35 Mar. 1 laiiizpractical sessions for children and adults (session limited to 15 persons). (‘ontact library.

I GORGIE CITY FARM 51 (iorgie Road. 337 4303. Open every day of the year. 9am—4pm (plus evening sessions). Free. Seasonal new arrivals include lambs. chickens and dwarf lop rabbits.

I JACK KANE CENTRE Niddrie Mains Road. (111‘) 1)41l4.

Easter Playsessions tr» 14 years) 34 Mar and 37—31 Mar. 11)am- noon and 3pm—-4pm. ()rganised games and bouncv castle for younger children. for older I children. 5-a-side football. basketball. unihoc etc. 111p for under 111s and 311p for over 11)s. .\'o need tobook.

I MEADOWBANK SPORTS CENTRE London Road. (1111 5351.

Soft Play sessions (under 5 years) Tue 34. Fri38and 31 Mar. 11am noon. "5pper

Playsessions ( under 11) y cars) 34 Mar and 37' 31 Mar. ()rganised games. bouncy castle. supervised by play leaders. 81)p per

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 43 High Street. 335 3434 ext (1645.

Workshopslis 11 years) 11115 11am;

11.15 noon;3 3.45pm.

Paper Easter decoration making 2‘) Mar. Amazing Dancing Charlie. papertoy 311 Mar. StoriesRl Mar 111.15- 11.15am:

11.31) 13.311pm; 3-- 3pm; 3.31) 4.30pm. Stories and drawing activities about the Museum's toys with Sheena Dixon's Solo

S 0' é

:'~ t: I:' Z x7 |


Entering the second half of its ‘Twelve

Days of Easter', the Fifth Annual Puppet

Festival at the Netherbow Arts Centre presents rod, glove and string operated puppets from home and abroad. There are also storytelling sessions for the very young and a touch of magic with a live Easter bunny— Scott Lovat's white rabbit. Dn Easter Sunday, 26 March, the festival takes to the streets to present a specially commissioned play about the takeover of a local brewery. No prizes for guessing what inspired that. The larger-than-liie puppets in ‘Grob's Gob‘ were built in Community Centres in Lothian Region. The play will be performed atthe Easter Egg Rolling in Princes Street Gardens as part of the Edinburgh Folk Festival and on The Royal Mile 27 Marto 1 Apr.

Organised to coincide with the first Edinburgh Science Festival, Muppets. Monsters and Magic provides an insight into the fantasy world of Jim Henson, the creator of Kermit, Miss Piggy and theirwide-mouthed mates. Visitors to the exhibition will meet the tiny Muppet Babies, some Fraggles. Giant Gorg and the creatures from ‘The Dark Crystal‘ and ‘Labyrinth‘. As well as tracing the history of Henson’s career from television work in the 505 to success on the big screen in the 80s, the exhibition includes videos and the ‘Touch Wall‘ which makes the world of the muppets magically real. (RT)

Theatre. Suitable for 4—7 years.

Punch and Judy Show by William Haslett (all ages) 38 Mar. 11).3tlam and 3pm. Admission free but book your place by picking up a free ticket from the Museum. I SAUGHTON SPORTS COMPLEX Stevenson Drive. 444 ()433.

Tennis Coaching 37—3l Mar. 11)—11am. Beginners' coaching course (8— In years).

('ourse lasts one week. fee £4.51).

Exhibitions I NETHERBDW ARTS CENTRE 43 1 1iin

Street. 55119579. Muppets. Monsters and Magic 22 Mar to 24 May. See panel.

Festivals I EDINBURGH FOLK FESTIVAL (‘ontact 111A

Fleshmarket(‘1ose. ('oekhurnStreet.331) ()4114 for booking details. Some eventsare

shared with the Fifth Annual Puppet


Brog's Gob Princes Street (iardens. 311 Mar. The Royal Mile. 37 Mar-1 Apr. Street Play Pageant. See panel.

Easter Egg Rolling Princes Street (iardens. 311 Mar. 13.31)--3.31)p.

The Singing Kettle (ieorge Square Theatre. 34 and 35 Mar. 3.31lpm. Dance andcraft workshops in which children are welcome to participate. (‘reche available intlie Festival (‘lub. 'l'eviot Row t'nion from

3~ 5pm each Sat and Sun during the Festival.

I EDINBURGH SCIENCE FESTIVAL Admission to lectures and symposia is by ticket only; available in advance from '1'icket(’entre. 31 33 Waverley Bridge. 33.5 8(1111.’l'ltis is the world’s first international festival of science and technology . Some of the eventsofinterest to children are:

Kite Carnival and Workshop llolyrood Park. 3 Apr. 1 1am- 5pm. weatherpermitting. Kites(ialorel Highlight of the day will he an attempt to launch 81K) kites on asingle flying line.

Muppets. Monsters and Magic ('ity Art Centre. Market Street. 33 Mar 34 May. Kids 511p; Adults £ 1. See panel.

Setting Foot on the Moon Signet library. Parliament Square. 3 Apr. 1 lam. 'l‘alk by Alan Shepard. the first American Astronaut to travel in space. Preceding the talk will be a grand opening. featuring friendly robots and street theatre. Parliament Square. l1)am.

Pterosaurs: The Furry Dragons Moray llouse Science Lecture Theatre. (1 Apr. 3.30pm. Fossil remains suggest that when dinosaurs stomped around. the sky was alive with their furry cousins. ugly hrutes with long beaks. (’oncorde w iiigs and bulbous tails. Speaker David 1 'nwin uncovers their past.

Discovery Dome Royal Botanic(iarden.

3 13Apr.‘).31)am 11.31)pm. Kids£lz Adults £1.51); families £4. What makesa rainbow ‘.’ 'l'lie aiisw er is amongst 41) exhibits itist waiting to he handled and enjoy ed in this tray elliiig circus of science. Film

I CANNON Lothian Road. 33‘) 31l31).

Twins ( P(i) 17 Mar tor twoweeks. Performances 3pm. 5pm and 8pm. Kids £1.41); Adults £3.81).

I DOMINION \ewbattle 'l’errace. 447 3111111.

WilloW1P(i)1" 31 Mar. 3. 15pm. Kids £1.71).

I FILMHOUSE 1 1111111111 Road. 338 31188. Asterix the Gaul 34 35 Mar. 3pm. Kids£lz Adults £1.51)1£1 on Sat ). l IODEON(‘lerk Street.(i(i7 7331. 1 Lady and the Tramp 1 t 'i t'niil 31lMar. Slipstream ( P(ii t ‘niil 311st”.


I KINGS THEATRE I.even Street. 33‘) 131)]. Tales of Toad Hall 24 and 25 Mar. Mon. 7pm; The Sat 3.3flpm and 7.311pm. lfpper ('ircle: Kids £3.51). £3.51); Adults £3.51). £4.51). (irand ('ircle: Kids £4; Adults £11.