other Scottiin contemporaries. This cream-coloured gallery . conyerted from an old Victorian chemist‘s shop. is looking quite beautiful and is a welcome addition to the West find.

I MARYHILL ARTS CENTRE 1 l Malloch Street. 945 3905. Mon 'l‘hurs 2~9pm. Next exhibition in May fest.

I 908 GALLERY l2 ()tago Street.

Kely inbridge. 33‘) 3158. Mon -Sat liiam—(ipm. lzasterclosing; Monday 27. Robert Burns Portrait Photography l'ntil 3o March. You may haye caught Burnsonthc BB('Scotland Photography Awardsa couple of weeks ago and this is a display of oy er 2llportraitsoi contetttporary Scottish artists and writers ior w from the photographer has particular admiration. Amongst those laces included are Alasdair ( iray . Bet l.ow . Norman Mac('aig and (‘arl .\lacl)ougal.

Martin 8: David Baillie l‘rom 1 April. A lather and son double act exhibiting paintings from their long artistic careers. .Martin was once art critic for the ( ilasgow Herald.

I ONE Princes Square. 22o 3M2. Mon- Sat liiam- 7pm; Stilt ll.3(lam» 5pm.

A Sixteen Manshow 1 mil 2n April. the first solo exhibition oi painting by ('harles Parker. a recent graduate of( ilasgow School ot Art.

I PEOPLE'S PALACE MUSEUM ( ilasgow (ireen. 554ii223. Mon -Sat 10am-5pm; Still 1 5pm. (ilasgow's rnuseumoi' working liie. .\'ow in its‘)(lth year. the museum is currently undergoing essential repairs and refurbishment which will last throughout the year.

Stained Glass Gallery Permanent gallery of secular and religious stained glass which acknow ledges ( ilasgow ‘s impressiye history in thc ticld.

BusiotWiliie Gailacheroii 31 Jatt. now one oi the most irnportani eyents in the history ofthe Scottish labour Moycmcni took place. 'l‘housands of workers demonstrated in (ieorge Square fora 40-hour week and shop steward Willie (iallacher was arrested. Iiyentually chairman of the (‘ommunist Party in Britain. (iallacher worked to improye the living conditions of the people for the rest of his life. This bust. by Ian Walters. joins the People's Palace parade of personalities which includes Keir l lardie. Jimmy Maxton and John Wheatley.

I PROVAN'S LORDSI‘IIP ( ‘astle Street. 552 881‘). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm.

Sun 2am~5pm.

Louise Annand t‘niil to May . An exhibition oforiginal sketches that make up Annand's .-t (i/usguw' Sketch/molt published by Richard Drew .

I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ay r Street (adjacent to Springburn Railway Station). 557 1405. Mon-Fri li).3i)am—5pm; Sat lilam-mez Sun 2—5pm.

Sculpture at Springburn ‘l Ieritage and

l lope Springburn WSW. a bronze group by the lidinburgh artist Vincent Butler. has just been unyeiled in Atlas Square. and an exhibition describing its makingis currently being shown in the museum. Glasgow Locomotive Builder to the World l-‘rom IS March.

Cowlairs Railway Works 1840—1966 [Expect this one to run and run (or at least tohaye a good shunt).

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 35iiSauchiehall Street. 332 752 l . Tue—Sat iti;irii—5..‘iiiprit. Sun 2—- 5.30pm.

At Face Value (iallery One. A large exhibition of French artists brought together by the Third liye (‘entre in association with Kettles Yard. (‘ambridge and featuring the work oi'Martine Abcllca. Marie Bourget. Sopltie (‘allc. Ange l.cccia and a group called l.l’. P. Paintings Simon Patterson is a recent graduate of(ioldsmiths (‘ollege and recently featured on The Late Show on BB(‘2.

Installation Last year‘s group oi graduates from (ioldsniiths (‘ollege in London has been attracting a lot oi’attention in theart world and like Simon Patterson. Damien llirst. who is responsible for this installation. is one of that group.

Cate An exhibition of photographs by Iain Robertson w ho liyes on Shetland.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 1.3 (‘hisholm Street. 552 4813. Mon Sat tloott» (ipm. 'l‘ransmission has moyed to new premises in 28 King Street. iust around the corner. The first exhibition in the new gallery w ill open in May orJune.

I WASPS 26 King Street. 5520564.

Mon— l-‘ri 9am—5pm; Sat lil.3i)am—5pm. liaster closing: l-‘riday 2-1.

A shop. exhibition space and resource centre with information on work by all WASPS artists. Slide library and information about how tocommission work.

Rowan Mace and Kathleen Dodds t 'ntil March 2-1. Rowan Mace draws on personal experience in her colourful and lively landscape paintings. while ('athlcen l)odds finds inspiration from her work in the past with mentally handicapped children.

Group Show 27 March— lii April. A mixed exhibition recently seen in lidinburgh of work produced by artists in the WASPS studios in Dundee.

II$' ' III

l April-18 May


3 June-9 July


The l‘iruitmarket Gallery 2‘) Market Street. Edinburgh EH1 ll)l5 Telephone (Bl-22S 2383

10-530Tuesday-Samrday 1.30-5.30 Sunday (.losed .\‘

Sit/Isu/rsn/ by the Scan-5;." Ads ’J:/..'~.:.'

Attera liver transplant. artist John Bellany , began work even beiore he left his hospital bed. An exhibition at the Gallery oiModern

Art. Edinburgh uniquely chart: hla auceeaetul recovery.

'l' II If.

.\l‘ U R I (7.- (J R

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J l" R l 7. l",


LARGEST UK AWARD FOR SCI'i ,P'I‘t 'Rl‘: Open In .\‘t’lI//)//If.i‘ 11 m/n' 4/) (in cf)! //m.n’ :: /.'«, (Ire/r1” fl'mr ur/ rim/mil.»

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T/Ir' .l/r‘C/‘Igar l)olltl/r/ .8} u/p/mr /’/'/:t‘ I‘M ‘1 7716 .S't‘II/lli/I Stu/fill”? Trim!

Bram/(me I lame .S'Iml/I

I'fz/I'II/irrfig/r [ill/5 XXL)

7H: ()3! ~ 669 8234

.‘Il/ :L'orl'r "Jill! I)" .ru/mu/ln/ by Wain/11}; .I/uyi' .3. I‘M")

The sponsorship oli'l‘he Scottish Sculpture 'lrpst by .\Ic( irigor l)onald has been recognised

by an award under the (iovernment's Business

M‘X {RR i( )R SponsorshipIncentive Scheme. y i which is administered by the Association for Business I ) ( ) N I )

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