New Ceramics l—2il April. The Open Eye make good use of their space bygiving roont to craftspeople alongside their painting display s. These ceramics are by Jason Sltacklcton.

The Kisu Collection and Wire Works l—2fl April. An intriguing sounding display of jewellery by Fran Allison.

I PALACE OF HOLYROODHOUSE 556 7371. Mort-Sat ‘).3ilatn—5. 15pm; Sun lil.3Uam—--i.3ilpm.

The Highlanders of Scotland t'ntii in April. Watercolours by Kenneth MacLeay . one of the founding ntembers of the Royal Scottish Academy and a great favourite of Queen Victoria. Throughout his career he carried ottt sev eral commissions for her. including portraits of her husband and sons. and then a series ofclanchiefs. That commission was undertaken at the height of the tartan ‘rage'. which blossomed during Victoria's reign asa direct result of ( ieorgc lV's successful

v isit to Izdinburgh in 1822. During this time. tartans w ere inv ented and made inaccurately for the linglish arid Angliciscd fansoi the material.

I PORTFOLIO GALLERY AT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP 43 ('andlemaker Row . 220 101 1. Wed Sat 11am 5.3ilpm.

Portfolio Selection t'ntil 1 April. The gallery ‘s foray into the worldof commerce is heralded by an exhibition of prints now available for sale by Scottish and Scottish-based photographers including ( )w en Logan. I’radip Malde. Peter ( ‘attrcll. (iraham Maclndoe. David Williams and (in n Satterley.

Hairoithe Dog From (i April. Anoriginal and ironic study of dogs by (ilasgow photographer .loeharri

('ontact the workshop to find out how to become a member and about other courses and workshops held on the PTL‘lTIISCS.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon Sat lilam 5pm; Sun 2—5pm. William Donaldson Clark t'ntil 31 Mar. An early Scottish photographer who captured tidinburgh in thc 185lis and fills. Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow 3

April ".luly. Between 1808 and 1871

'l homas Annan compiled a photographic record oi ( ilasgow'sold city around the High Street and Saltmarket. He had been specially commissioned to take the photographs before a substantial programme of slum clearance was put into action. The result is acelebrated collection of images of poverty and over-crow ding. bill also ofstriking beauty.

I PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP GALLERY 23 l'nion Street. 557 247‘). Mon Sat

lilam 5.3ilpm.

John Taylor- New Works t not 25 Mar. John Taylor. a well-known (ilasgow artist. develops ltis theme A View from the Bunker which he first showed in 1987. In this new work. however. the figures which lay in piles. dead and distorted. have tnov ed ittto a kind of half-life promising hope. Paintings. printsand hand-made paper works will be included in the exhibition.

The Soft Machine 1— 21) April. Paintings. prints and sculptures. See Science Festival listings.

I OUEEN'S HALL (‘lerk Street. Box Office oob' 2111‘). Mon- Sat liiam--5pm. ('afe. Through the Looking Glass t'ntii 1 April. An exhibition by Muriel Macinty'rcof Nairn ('eramics featuring mirrors with pots on them and pots with mirrorson them. A w idc range of mainly floral designs in pastel colours made usingthe mum/rut technique. This takes red earthenware and covers it with a lead glaze made w hite by the addition oftin oxide. Metal oxidesare then added before firing and. in combination with the glaze. these then create colourful patterns. Muriel Macintyre assurestnc that all her pots are ovenproof. but it wottld take a lot of courage to use them as anything other than ornaments.

firm 4-1! i


Waverley Taylor Gallery, Edinburgh Waverley Taylor continue their fresh policy of giving young artists their first solo show with an exhibition of prints and watercolours by lona Montgomery. Graduating from Glasgow School of Art's printmaking department only last year, she now works from the city’s East Campbell Street studios.

Her prints are ambitious. Civilon, the noble bull, was too large to handle in one piece and so is pieced together in four large sections. Resting on black, he is mighty as a constellation, invincible as a god. Montgomery has evident respect for both legend and nature of the animal.

She is an artist who also takes visible delight in the technique of printmaking. Her images often involve complex drawing, swimming in richly marbelled texture. Fossils therefore seem the perfect subject and these are some of Montgomery's best. Freeze Cracking is Japanese in its delicate map-like tracery. Most recently, she has taken the fossil more literally embedding it in an embossed print.

in an exploration which has taken her from the earliest cave paintings to a surreal interpretation of nature, Montgomery delves into an underworld or outerworld of life. At this early stage in her career, she has left the way open to develop a printmaking style which is already quite sophisticated. (Alice Balnl

Beyond the Green Door 3- 2‘) April. Not a performance of the Shakin' Stevens cover. bttt a selection of new picturcsby Midlothian oil painter Andrew Smith. Focusing on the rottgh edges of Scottish society. Smith draws on both the mining village of his youth and the socialisingof the Iidinburgh Festival. Smith claimshis work is informed by 'hatred. rage. anger and a sense of the ludicrous‘. Presented by Artis.

I RIAS l5 Rtitlattd Square. 22972115. Mon~Fri‘).3tlam 5pm. Iiasterclosing: 24—27 March.

Scottish Special Housing Retrospective Exhibition 2.3 March—23 April. The Scottish Special 1 lotisirtg organisation is no more and this display looks back at the work that ii has done over the years.

I RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars Church. Blackfriars Street (off I ligh Street). 557il7ii7. Mon—Sat 1(1.3ilam—bpm.

Art at the Edge L'ntil 5 April. Six contemporary artists from Poland brought together by Demarco: Magdalena Abakanowicz. Jerzy Beres. Iidward Dwurnik. lzabella (iustowska. Jerzy' Nowosielski and Leon Tarasielski. Also on show will be other Polish paintings from the gallery stock which will be on sale.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN 552 7171. (iardens Mon—Sat 9am—sunset; Sun llant—sunset. Plant houses and exhibitions (mounted in lnverleith llouse) Mon—Sat lilam-5pm: Sun

1 lam—5pm.

Due to renovation of lnverleith I louse. there will be no exhibitions at the Botanic Garden until further notice.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambers Street. 225 753-1. Mon—Sat 1tlam--5pm; Stilt 2-A5pm.

Museums and You t'ntil May. Looks at the work and role of museums in the community.

Robes of the Realm L'ntil 25 June. Tide and Ravenscroft have been Robemakers and Tailors for 3011 years and to celebrate the fact the Royal Museum mounts a display of ceretnonial dress.

Drawn from Britain t'ntil in April. A Design (‘ouncil exhibition. See Science Festival listings.

History of Photography 8 April. Lectures at 1 lam. 1.3tlpm and 2.3ilpm. See Science Festival listings.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 225 (i071. Mon Sat liiam--5pm. Stilt 2~-5pm.

(iallery closed until 22 April.

I SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE 14f) ('anongate.55(t813o. Mon- Sat

9.3ilam —5.3ilpm.

Travelling Time I ‘ntil S April. A mixed media exhibition by about 15f1Scottish crafts people w ho were asked to produce work on a theme oftimc. It is currently on show in the ('entre's rear gallery and after its stay in Iidinburgh it w ill totir throughout Scotland (plus a quick foray dow n to ( ‘leveland) in commemoration of the centre's 411th birthday.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 9-1 ( icorge Street. 225 5955. Mon Fri lilam-bpm; Sat lilam 1pm.

SirWilliam Gillies I ‘ntil 27 March. Thisis the largest selling exhibition ofthis influential oil and watercolour painter in the past decade. containing more than 411 examplesoi his work. Ilistoriansare becoming increasingly aw are of the rich vein of great art produced by this member of the Fdinburgh School which hasbeen prev iottsly unaccounted for in the tnodern British tradition.

Susan Mackayt'nti127 Mar. Ceramics. William Daniell RA I 'ntil 27 March. Aquatints made between 1813 and 1823 and entitilcd .-l lovuge Rnuml (from Britain.

Thore Heramb 3 April 3 May. Ilerambis arguably the single most successful artist in Norway and has inherited the Scandinavian tradition of using brilliant colour. This is his first exhibition in Scotland and. given the growth ofinierest in Scamlinavian artists in recent years. it looks set to be a popularonc.

Jim Nicholson 3 April 3 May. Specialist in watercolour landscapes. Nicholson is one of Scotland's most collected artistsand here he presents a new show called Stunts/t Islands.

Art in Scottish industry 3 April 3 May. See Science Festival listings.

The McGrigor Donald Sculpture Prize Artists are now invited to enter this competition. With prize money ofnearly {liliitltlifirst prize £5iliitl). it is thelargest sculpture competition in Britain. For further details and application forms contact Anne Price at the Scottish (iallery.

I SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM Lady Victoria (‘olliery . Newtongrangc. Midlothian. no} 751‘). Tue -Fri

loam» 4.3ilpm; Sat ck Sttn noon --5pm. Devoted to the history of mining in .‘vlidlothian. built on a mining site.

I SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY Tweeddale ('ourt. 14 High Street. 5572870.

Again the Sun: Poetry related to Science 3-12 April. See Science Festival.

I SCOTTISH RECORD OFFICE West Register 1 louse. ('harlotte Square. Mon—-Fri 9am ~4.3ilpm. Faster closing: Friday 24 March.

Strange Revolutions- Scotland 1688—89 L'ntil the summer.

I SHORE GALLERY 5‘) Bernard Street. Leith. 225 6573. Mon—Sat 1 1am- 4pm. Art in Science 31 Mareh— 12 April. See Sciertcc Festival listings.

I STEP GALLERY 39 Howe Street. 556 1613. Mon--Fri 11am—5.3tlpm;Sat

l lam-4pm.

A Glimpse in Time Until 28 March. Interior images in watercolour. acrylic. oil pastel. crayon and pencil on handmade paper by Marie Wright whose interiors include Melrose Abbey. Also silk screen prints.

interaction Science Arts 3— 12 April. Ken Palmer‘s one man exhibition on scientific themes. See Science Festival listings.

I STILLS GALLERY “)5 l ligh Street. 557 11-11). Tue-Sat 11am—5.3ilpm.

The Mind lintil 25 Mar. Photographic exhibition tracing the history of mental illness and mental handicap.

Juchitan. Mexico (t April—o May. A study of one area of Southern Mexico by (iraciela lturbide who is one oftltat country's tnost prominent photographers. The pictures concentrate on the unique mixture of lndiatt and Christian cultures with particular attention to the role of

I TALBOT RICE ART GALLERY ( )id ('ollege. t'niversity of lidinburgh. South Bridge. («)7 lili 1. Mon—Sat lilam—5pm. Eduardo Paoiozzi l April—2U May. The gallery re-opens after rcdecoration with this sculpture exhibition. See Science Festival listings.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 l lamilton Place. 2205-125. Mon-Sat loam—5pm and late during performances.

Dogs Blood Rising tintil 311 Mar. Lawrence Nowosad. A (‘Ul'magazine photographer in his first major exhibition.

Birds of Passage Comes to Roost l—-3tl April. Stephen Fairclough's photographs and Lucy Rodger‘s illustrations present a retrospective view ofTheatre Workshop‘s massive community theatre venture earlier this year which considered the forced emigration of women from Scotland.

I TORRANCE GALLERY 29b Dundas Street. 55oo3ob. Mon-Fri 1 1am—6pm; Sat iil.3(lam- 4pm.

Recent Paintings :11 March—l April. Jan Tait and F.(). Thomas exhibit.

The gallery also offers a picture framing service.

I 359 GALLERY 2110(‘owgate. 2253013. Mon- Sat 111.3ilam 5.3ilpm.

10th British international Print Biennale linti125 Mar. This is the first time 36‘) has had a major print exhibition. A Bradford touring show. the selection from thisopen submission includes work by British and Australian artists -- Bruce Maclean. Peter llowson. John Bellany and (‘onrad Atkinson.

Prints by 369 Gallery artists Until 25 Mar. An in-house get-together to join in the print theme.

Mixed show of Scottish painting L'ntil 25 Mar.

Sissy Graffiti 1»-22 April. Paintings by Rose Frain.

Paintings 1 -22 April. Work by Fiona Robertson.

Underthe Skin 1- 22 April. Drawings and photographs by Wendy McMurdo. Contemporary Scottish Landscapes 1 April—27 May.

I UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH David Ilume Tower. (ieorge Square. 667 iii] 1. Patrick Geddes. Life and its Science Until 14 April. See Science Festival listings.

I WASPS STUDIOS I’atriothall. Hamilton Place. 12—5.3(lpm. ('losed 2 April.

Yorg Johnston 27 March—8 April. Paintings. watercolours and etchings front this Iidinburgh artist.

I WAVERLEY TAYLOR GALLERY 54 (‘onstitution Street. 553 453(1Tue—Sat

1 lam—6pm.

This Leith-based space is new to the lidinburgh gallery" scene this year.

Visible Traces Until 12 April. Workson paper by lona Ali. Montgomery. a painter and printmaker who is based at the Dovehill WASPS Studios in Glasgow. The show consists of prints and watercolours which look at tracesof mythology and legend that occur in the landscape.

60 The List 24 March—6 April 1989