attendance. plus the promisingly-named Hugh MacDiarmid‘s Haircut ceilidh hand. It’s to be held on Saturuay 25 March at 7.30pm in the Cafe Royal. Tickets are £4 (by post from Cencrastus. 34 Queen Street. Edinburgh or in person from Sandy Bell‘s Bar. Forrest Hill. Edinburgh) and £2 concession (on the door only).

I Lunch at the Library Central Library. George IV Bridge. 29 March at noon. William Mcllvanney will present a talk.


I Mother Love Candace Flynt (Futura £4.50) Three sisters and a mother wrangle and grow up. all armpit deep in that muddy puddle. love.

I The Literature Machine Italo Calvino (Picador £4.99) Bookish theorems circumnavigate those late-night imponderables: sex. desire. comedy. politics.

I The Modern World: Ten Great Writers Malcolm Bradbury (Penguin £4.99) MB tackles the greats (Ibsen. Proust. Kafka er al) in pursuit of disaffection and the ache of modernity.

I White Boy Running Christopher Hope (Abacus £3.99) Sort of travclogue-cum-autobiogue looks South Africa right in the eye and unsurprisingly finds it wanting.

I Dictionary oiAllusions Ed. Lass. Kiremidjian. Goldstein (Sphere

£4.99) Classical. Biblical and literary-speak explained.

I Saint Hiroshima Leigh Kennedy (Abacus £3.99) Adult obsessions springing from the scars of formative years nuclear phobia for Katie. all-Americanism for Phil bond these two who are married to other people. Peculiar but interesting.

I The Novels oi Friedrich Durrenmatt (Picador £4.99) Re-issue offive little-known novels (four ofthe detective variety. one a comedy) by the Swiss-born dramatist all in one volume. Averaging seventy pages. they‘re really novellas.

I The Oxiord Book oi Scottish Verse Ed. MacQueen and Scott (0UP £5.95) Over three hundred poyims. spanning seven centuries and one hundred poyits with plenty of Scots verse but no Gaelic.

I The Bridge Iain Banks (Futura £4.99) Re-issue ofanother cult Banks novel. this time about a man in a coma or is he‘.’

I Phoebe Junior Mrs Oliphant (Virago £5.50) The last ofthe Edinburgh-born writer‘s ‘Chronicles ofCarlingford‘ is stuffed with the smell ofscandal. tittle-tattle. amours and middle-brow goings-on.

I An Open Book John Huston (Columbus £5.95) Autobiography of the film mogul includes anecdotes and fairly factual renderings of life on location. several wives and nigh-obsessive interest in hunting. shooting and fishing.



L '.

wild, irantic, hilarious tale : at party animals in love!


Stow the sandwiches and launch into lunch. i

Hours reier to lunchtime opening only.


I Back Alleys Ruthvcn Lane. 334 7165. Mon—Fri noon—2.30pm; Sat noon—1am. Seasoned purveyors tothe student ! population. their special lunchmenuat£4.95 for ' iwoeoursesandcoffee.or : £2.95 for main course and i coffee. offers deep fried !

zucchini and chicken ltalienne.

I Spaghetti House 20 i Gibson Street. 334 2665. Mon—Fri noon—2.30pm;

Sat noon—lam. An

adequate set lunch menu i offersthe usualdishes.but I economy often flies out the window at the sight of i

the ice-cream sundaes. Set price £2.95.

I Loon Fung 417 Sauchiehall Street. 332 1240. Seven days noon-midnight. The Loon. Fung‘s business lunch menu offers a huge array ofdishes. with three courses for £4.50. Service fast and friendly. food hot and tasty.

I Balbir's India Brasserie 149 Elderslie Street. 221 1452. Mon—Fri noon—2pm. Baibir's executive business menu is certainly a cut above the rest. The Indian food is fine and served with style and care. £5.95 for three

I Kensingtons 164 Darnley Street. 424 3662. Mon—Fri noon—2pm. Scottish food served traditionally with attention and flair. Their table d‘hote lunch menu offers excellent value at £7.50.

I Bab Ha's 53 l lutcheson Street. 553 1545. Mon—Sun noon—2pm. If your palate becomes jaded (heaven forbid) with their satisfying bar food. try the intimate dining room downstairs. The emphasis is on Scottish fare with a good representation ofgame and fish. Table d‘hotc


lunch at £6.95 fortwo

I ll Pescatore 148 Woodlands Road. 333 9239. Mon—Fri noon—2pm. An established ltalian restaurant with the emphasis on seafood. Offers a business lunch well priced at £3.30.

I One Devonshire Gardens 339 2001. Sumi’ri noon—2pm. Although lunch is only available a la carte. their table d'hote dinner menu. £24. offers four courses front a large selection. coffee and petits fours. Pleasant surroundings and attractive presentation. IThe Colonial 25 l ligh Street. 552 1923. Mon~Sat noon—12.30pm. Celebrating its 2lst birthday this year. the (‘olonial is still delighting its clientele with ilsow n particular blend of l-‘rench and Scottish cuisine. 'l heir set menus offer lunch at £5.45 or £9.50.


I Le Marche Hair 2 -4 iiyre Place. 558 1608. Mon—Sat noon—2.30pm. Outstanding French provincial cooking served in civilised surroundings. Lots of people's favourite Edinburgh restaurant because the foods


ceramics, jewellery, weavings, masks, music and other folk crafts from Mexico, Central & South America.

Over 10 years direct trade with dozens of families in Latin America.

16 Victoria Street (Nr. Grassmarkel. Edinburgh). Tel. 031 226 6695. Wholesale and Retail


‘Highly original

Maria Lexton, Time Out



with Anna Kate, Jayne Loader has created a Cinderella tor our times. A high-tacit tale that reads like a prayer.‘





226 4309 ti'l/Ic’d.

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(berated [Irv/1114' Lana/'14 li/uc, Dainty/2' li/ut', ("r/fl (‘/.7£'()()(I/‘, C(I/II/’/’('//(7ll'/I, Madtn‘K‘, I/‘Iir/rJer/t't'un ('3' (I'll/I/u't'nu, [Val '/.7 ( )/:(/(I/l(t‘ ])('/I(‘(I/'/'(:l], C/Jt’J/tf/‘t’. Titre/Ur, 'Iitmq/w, Some/w! line um) B/Il(' XII/Ion. W' rI/au (if/er

(I /r1/:r/¢'.rc'/et‘/1}UI affine

The List 24 March—6 April 1989 69