the South ('oast. lirartee. ('hannel Islands \\ rth us. Brochure: 37 Radelille Rd. Southampton St )2 OH I. 'i‘el: ll7t i3 (30749.

SERVICES Protessional

IAre you sell-employed? Accountants‘ lees too much? “m e _\oui aeeoirnts and Lu returns prepared tor a eonipelrtrx e lee hi Mark Noonan. ’I el: “31 554 Slit:

I String quartet \\ rth lat ge .rnil \ arreil repertoire to suit an} oeeasion t e\ee|lent retereneesl l-ordetailsphone IlJl 423 ".ill


I Designerand maker. lllglt titlitllI} \mrk. interior eomersrons. lutehens. bathrooms. studies. IIlI nrtirre. storage.plaistriretirresete l-ree site \ Isits l’lione ( )Ir\ er liroolxeson Oil oS‘Hi'ootdail or Il3l (itih l.‘~l.‘\te\e) I

I 8.3. Music tor \ioodis ind and stringed instrument repairs \\ e grlsolttl} and sellseeiiltd ltirttd rnstrirnrents (iet \oirr old instrumentsplatingagain lel Il-Il 33-1-1333,


For expert in situ paintand varnish stripping, marbling, graining. spongeing. rag-rolling, wax polishing etc: tull decorative service available.

Tel 031 553 7306

I 200w PAs. desk and mikeslor hire Ideal lor pith gigs ete. £35 per night plus deposit. (‘ontaet .'\l;t\tlitll'. lona Reeords. IFS Stoekxx ell Street. Il-ll 553mm” I Contact and Improvisation and Release Dance Residential :\pt rl .srh lllll LSS 5H. L3“ SH teoneessionau l. lneludrng Illll littitltl Send \ite IUI esle_\. laurrston llall. ( lastle Douglas. l)(i"3.\'li.'lel:llh4452o3

DECORATIVE STENCILLING I’rolessrorialh e\eeiited ()\ er Filorrgrnal designs toehoose Irom. lor homes. shops. ollrees. liirrsete 'lelrul 2m I583.

I Here‘s Proot l'reelanee eop)edllor prootreadet. Roberta \Voods. 5 l’ellet' I’laee. lzdrnhirrgh H l 104B”.

'l’elzll3l (3019025.

I CVs at reasonable rates lllone-page(‘\'s USO. ltltuo-page ( '\'s DISH;

lll three-page ( ~\\ I; l 3.5“. .\Iarlshots ring tor prrees. ('onte\‘~I SSooSSZ.

ITarot Card Reading

l’ltutte ll‘il (If): «65.

I Piano tuner/restorer Victorian and old pianos restored and tuned to standard eoneert piteh. l'ree appraisal and estimate. (ilasgim area. l’hone l)a\ e on 04133417er

I Are you looking tor direction in

' .-‘"-3J_;.~e;ey:rzs‘ .. .A,‘ ffie‘rul‘ 1‘: . -

tarot to help sou explore )our lite potential. l’honelohnon H31 Sfintisv.


I Getmore lun out ollile! Join Us tor ne\s loeal trrenilsor pentrrends. l't‘iends MN.

I’( ) lios ol . lidrnhurgh lzl l3 h.|\\.ll.‘\155".‘~l5l,

ACCOMMODATION Glasgow IComlortablebedsitm

llrllrngton.(ilasgoii'ssourh side. llandi tor BR andhirses t)“ n krteltettetle. shared


Llllpp; single U“ 'l el: “4| 944 IFS}

I Comlortablellattitasgim south side. llrllrngton (‘lose to Iiirs routes and HR station

I \\ rn-hedded room and separate larger lounge. halhrooni ;llttl krtelierielte thsp“, lel:ll.1l‘)44 l533.

I Double room rn large modern sltdled ell} eentr'e llttl. t. l Sllper month. Share hills \\ rth t\\o others .\lo\e rn lst :\Pl'tl. 'l el rill III ISJJIi-iei.

l)eposrt required.


I Beautilul Ayrshire tarmhouse 35 rnrniitesto(ilasgoii (35M train I. l arge room torsrngle

per son. sharing Iaerlitres.

Non-smoking\egetarran pieler red. (‘errtral heating. open Irres Ll l5 peni plirshrlls. l’ltiinelISIiIIh-lxtil [ewe l.


I Nice room in eorntortahle

.\'e\\ rngtorr llat \\ rth garden.

: Share one other . plus hills. tllll

pern. l’hone llfil on" 2 Hi alter

I" .\larelt.

ROOM TO LET rn pleasant tlat \iith all modern eomenrenees. Suit prolessional person .\rr\ time periods L'Hllsltleleil. l’ltiilte ll.“l NI‘) 5 litll lor more rnlorrnalron.

I Room in Tollcross llat Sun non-smokingprolessionalor student tl.‘~llpemplirslirlls l’lione ( )lli Morgan on Oil 325 “I”: (U e l or (to: ~13‘lstila} I. l)eposit required.


I Is there lite alterwork? Yes. there is is rth the lnteri ar'srt) (‘luhl l\'(‘rsa elirli Ior'}oirng pr'olessronal people. We

arrange a large number ol iIl\ e rse e\ ents \tleli its hadrnrnton.hillisalkingand

ernenia trips rn the ( ilasgim and lidinliirrgh areas. l‘or lurther details ring ( ilasgois tl-II (r32



use ast rology and

38-13 or liast (‘oast (I383 73S3l-I


I Newly established social network Ior single protessional graduates aged 26- 3‘). Soeialising. cinema and theatre \ isits. meals. outings ete. l-or lurther rnlorrnation send a sae to BU\ \U‘lll AN l.

I Hardcore thrash punk underground demos \\ anted lor resreis in lieu Ian/ine. Sendto l). (irlehrist. 38 l lots e l’ark. Izdrnliirrgh lil l I“ "I ll' . Seotland or phone “3| 445 17(i4irrritirrre. lirlelose lnogt‘ziplt} and CUIIIIIL‘I address ete.

I Anyone interested in hit mg a plaee lot a stall at the IVS") .\leado\is l-estn al. please \\ rite Ior application Iorrn to'l olleross (‘ornrnrrniti (‘entre. l-oirntarnhrrdge. Izdinliurgh.


I Sax. llute. recorder. theory tuition It} e\PL‘t'ielleetl lL‘ItL‘lIL‘I' \\ rtlt ttttrsie degree. t.\l . l '. approied). lrnpr'oirsatron. esarns. help with Inning instruments. All Iexels and all ages \\ eleottte. lel (MI 33“ IT I 5 alter opni.

I Piano lessons Irorn e\perieneed rniisreran teaeher. lneludrng .la// hasies.

irnpr'oi mm: and ehor'd theory Also. trarnrng in Rli_\lllltt and liasie l’er'etission. Ringll.‘~l 34o ~Ill.\'.\ Iot' details.

I Fiddle and mandolin lessons ilHtllill‘lL‘. lr'isli Seottrslt st}les. liegrlttiers \\ elenmc. I'ltl‘sl lessiilt lree. (‘ontaet .laines(‘irrran.

15 Kel‘slzittd Street. l lilllteail. (ilasgott.




alt-div. Literature through Languap; Arts Talk; Gaelic; Film; Piano; Festival Arts (Music, Drama, Exhibitian). Brochures: Dept ol Extra-Mural Studies. 11 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh EHO 9LW. Tel: 031 6671011.!1 6696 or 031667 6097 (24 hours).

run ,3



School of Motoring OFFERS QUALITY TUITION From £9 per hour for the Learner Driver Al's.) n‘oforway adapter]an nigh! d'vvmc irn'SE’S [)Imnq msl'uCIO’S Iran/e Book your place now Phone 031 453 6380 (24 hr ans phone) or 0860 357 435/0836 267 600 Members ol | A IV- ANDM S A



+Arrange your mortgage for tree (aublect to status)

+Sell your home lor less has than anyone else

+nentyour Itat taster

than anyone else

+Find you accommodation tor Iree (eubleeth status)

Phone David on 031 662 4729 or 0860 429296



031 668 1655

I Piano and French horn lessons Irorn e\perreneeil

teaeher rnirsreran \\llll prolessional liaeltgroirnd (‘ur'rentli organist and ehorr‘niasler ol All Saints ("hirrelL Bearsden l’lioneStew BirehonllJI554401)],


I Helpers needed to assist in organlsittg l‘lh‘) Meadoiis l'e\ll\ .ll. l’lease \\ I rte It)

'l‘oIleross (‘omrnunity ('entre. l-‘mrntainhridge. Iidinhirrgh.


I Records. tapes. compactdiscs (‘ash paid. ('olleetron sers ice for large amounts. l’lione ll3l 558 llTlltda} ).


(Beside the Dean Bridge) Mon-Fri 1-6pm; Sat 2—6pm

031 225 3289

10 Randolph Cliff, Edinburgh EH3 7UA

month guarantee.

with modern socket lead fitted. are not officially

dating from 1936) around £30.

Established 1979, we supply It: UK and Europe with ready-(perating or display antique telephorta. Twelve

We've many intriguing bakelite (inc. deco) varieties as well as rare candlestick types, all ready to ux,

Although working perfeCtly, they "Approved", hence obligatay footnote. Many bargain, unpolialnd 332's (pictured,

Ring for free illustrated price list or to arrange viewing without obligatim. If you already own an old 'phcne, we'll render it fully operatimal at a low, fixed price quote.


be taken serum M1000 ee

' em eooev ewe.

W telecommunication mum an e; Outihh Isleemunkeiteoe.Aeuenr-ey

.. TELEPHONES 031 667 1834

Hair canvas lnler lining

Traditional striped sleeve linings

Functional button hole on culls

Button Ily or metal


Finest worsteds and tiveeds Irorn; Holland and Sherry (Saville Row, London) including Keith Henderson and Reid and Taylor. Dugdale Bros & C0.Ltd. (Huddersfield), Brook Taverner 84

TM. Hunter Ltd.

(Brora) “Q



(Bespoke Tailors) . . . . .

Co. Ltd. (l-iudderslicld). A

Cents 2 piece suit in 12m: pure new wool

from £227.00 . . . . . where quality comes as standard


Bespoke Tailors 46 DUNDAS ST, EDINBURGH We are Open. Mon-Fri 1000-600; Saturday 10,004.00 FOR APPOINTMENT RING: 031-557 4328

Under collar hand sewn to ensure perfect

III I ,[l \ Heavy rade lll



‘\ Hand sewn button holes and lapels

Pocket and trouser legs cotton lined

DClRPI’V 3/4 weeks including littings

Optional turn tips

74 The List 24 March-6 April 1989