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David Williams. recent wmnerofthe photographers. such as Ansel | comes as no surprise that Williams is BBC Scotland Photography Award. , Adams. llarry('allahan and l’aul also an accomplished musician. He first came to public notice through I (‘aponigro. haye been gifted drawson this background to make his exceptional picturesofSt musicians.quite capableof making . lhislatcst bodyofwork.

Margaret‘s School. which were a their career on the concert platform Music at its simplest can conyey sensitive and revealing study of the rather than behind a camera. So it : emotions. but as one listens and moye from childhood through becomes more sophisticated. one's adolescence to womanhood within _ taste changes and one starts toenjoy the almost closed enyironment ofthe I ; more complicated and less readily private school. These pictures were accessible pieces. Williams has been

readily accessible to all. described as the first blttcs His most recent work would seem photographer and I can think of no at first glance to be yery different. _ better description. ’l‘hese

but ‘first glance‘ is perhaps the photographs have a compulsive

problem of understanding them. - bitter sweetness. at one stage dark These new pictures are not about the

and sombre. at the other offering a

caught tnomcnt. or the glance. but chink of hope. 'l‘hese directly mirror about the difficulty of looking. 'I'hese a common experience which

images cut across the idea that , eXplores the Very fabricoflifc. ’l‘he phoiographs can readily give up their _ Murray R JOhnston . requirement is to allow oneselfto information. 'I‘hey require a certain .' lntI'OdUCCS the 21th - stand in front of these images and commitment by the viewer. Perhaps i new work of dlraw fromlthem at least partgfthe one way of uric erstanc mg them is to , , - p iotograp ier‘s experience. . ome use the analogy of music. photographer DdVId will be deeply moyed and touched by

'I‘hroughoutthe history of l WhO last week these images.whereasothers will

photography. musichas been was announced as winner only see what the photographslook inexorably linked to it. and it is no of The Scottish like and not what they mean. but this

mere coincidence that some of the is true of any art work which deals

greatest and best known Photography with meaningful emotions.

10 The List 7 20 April 1989