as xenophobic as we have come to expect from the likes of Sylvester Stallone. Central: Regal. I The Killing 01 Sister George ( l8) ( Robert Aldrich. US. 1968) Beryl Reid. Susannah York. Coral Browne. 138 mins. Reid plays an ageing actress fired from a TV soap. and finding her life in general and her lesbian relationship (with Susannah York) in particular collapsing around her. Aldrich. the master of grand guignol excess like Whatever Happened To Baby Jane’. was entirely the wrong director for this screen version of Frank Marcus‘s celebrated play. and the result is a leering piece of grotesqucric that lacks compassion or understanding of the central characters. Strathclyde: Paisley Arts Centre. I Lady And The Tramp (1:) (Hamilton Luske. US. 1955) With the voices of Peggy Lee and Bill Thompson. 75 mins. Disney‘s first animated feature in cinemascope has mongrel Tramp helping pedigree pooch Lady out of a sticky situation and fallingin love along the way. Richly drawn with hummable tunes and endearing characterisations. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Grosvenor. Odeon. Edinburgh; Odeon. Central: Allanpark. Cannon Falkirk. Strathclydc: AMC Clydcbank. Cannon Kilmarnock. Kelburne. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. Rialto. WMR. I Last Tango in Paris ( 18) (Bernardo Bertolucci. France/Italy. 1973) Marlon Brando. Maria Schneider. 13(1mins. A young Parisienne meets a middle-aged man with whom she dcvclopsan increasingly violent and purely sexual relationship. One of the key films ofits decade. Bertolucci's powerful drama is a meditation on the expression and communication of personal identity through intense sexual contact. Glasgow: Grosvenor. I The Lonely Passion 01 Judith Hoarne(15) (Jack Clayton. UK. 1988) Maggie Smith.

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luesdayl81h April 7.30 GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE

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Bob Hoskins. Marie Kean. lan McNeice. 104 mins. Judith Hearne is a middle-aged Dublincr of modest means. whose dreams of a secure marriage she believes are about to be answered in the shape of James Madden (Hoskins). her landlady‘s brother. However. their relationship is actually founded on a mutual misunderstanding. and the realisation that her loneliness is going to continue drives Judith into an alcohol-fuelled spiral of spiritual doubt.

Generally adequate screen version of Brian Moore's wonderful first novel. with the sterling efforts of Smith and Hoskins splendidly offset by an engaging set of boarding house grotesques. Glasgow GET. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Madame Sousatzka (PG) (John Schlesinger. UK. 1988) Shirley MacLaine. Navin Chowdry. Peggy Ashcroft.Twiggy. 122 mins. Madame Sousatzka (Maclainc). an eccentric London piano teacher of Russian lineage. takes on a new pupil. Manek (Chowdry). a fourteen year-old Asian boy whom she begins to mould into her latest protege. While the property developers home in on her decaying flat and the boy‘s mother (Shabana Azmi) begins to resent Sousatzka's domination of her son. the teacher propels her charge ever onwards towards an appearance at a prestigious music festival.

Old-fashioned star melodrama. with a completely hammy star tour de force from the unbearable Shirley MacLaine. The boy‘s background is handled with considerably more credibility. but can't save this overlong film from being another unfortunate reminder of the recent downturn in a once sparkling directorial career. Edinburgh: Dominion.

I Macbeth (15) (Roman Polanski. UK. 1971 ) Jon Finch. Francesca Annis. Martin Shaw. 14(1mins. Blood-soaked version of Shakespeare‘s turbulent Scots tragedy which manages to convey the play‘s pervasive spirit ofevil. The Pole‘s dark

imagination provides scenes ofhorror encompassed in a brooding vision of fate. mortality and power. Central: Regal.

I ManhumoHlS) (Michael Mann. US. 1987) William L. Petersen. Tom Noonan. Brian Cox. Kim Griest. 119 mins. Superb modern thriller has specialist FBI agent Petersen brought back from psychiatric treatment to face another case. the reason for all the tension being that he tracks down serial killers by trying to recreate their train of thought.

Convincingly plotted adult material which remains a disturbing exercise in deviant psychology for both protagonist and audience. Effortlessly stylish use of the wide screen. and stringent control of the colour palette throughout are evidence of a master film-maker at work. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Man With Two Brains ( 15) (Carl Reiner. US. 1983) Steve Martin. Kathleen Turner. David Warner. 93 mins. Zany Martin-Reiner romp in which the great man plays a brilliant brain surgeon driven to the depths of despair when he weds Turner. a man-hungry murderess with a penchant for driving elderly husbands to early graves and pocketing their legacies. Deliriously delightful. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

I Napantsula ( 15) (Oliver Schmitz. s. Africa. 1988) Thomas Mogotlanc. Thembi Mtshali. Peter Sephuma. 106 mins. Small-time Soweto thief Panic (Mogotlane) is interested only in snatching handbags and carousing in local shebeens. However. when he is picked up and interned with a number oftrade unionists. his brutal experiences behind bars help him to formulate a more committed attitude to the struggle against apartheid. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Mind Benders (PG) (Basil Dearden. UK. 1963) Dirk Bogardc. John Clements. Mary Ure. 113 mins. A scientist allows himself to undergo a series ofcxperiments which deprive him of all feelings. but the








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process works to such an extent that he becomes a sadist and the boffins can find no way of reversing it. Interesting British science fiction film scripted by novelist James Kennaway. which steadfastly aims for a measure of credibility in the laboratory scenes. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I The Modems ( 15) (Alan Rudolph. US. 1988)Keith Carradine. Linda Firoentino. John Lone. Genevieve Bujold. 126 mins. Paris. 1926 isthc setting for Alan Rudolph's latest triumph. a playful exploration of the fake and the genuine in art and love. Amidst the background of the expatriate American artistic circle of Hemingway and Stein. a tangled relationship between young painter Carradine. his estranged wife Fiorcntino and current partner. arrogant millionaire art dealer Lonc. creates a romantic chaos that reverberatcs through the bohemian cafes and galleries.

Excellent Altman/Rudolph rep company performances. a genuinely unpredictable directorial flair. and the dramatic shaping of complex themes into a delirious drama make this undoubtedly one of the year's best. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Mon Oncle (PG) (Jacques Tati. France. 1958) Jacques Tati. Jean-Pierre Zola. Adrienne Servatie. 116 mins. Workingin colour for the first time. Tati's Monsieur Hulot is befuddled by the modern factory where his brother-in-law has given him a job. and by the all-mod-cons apartment where he visits his young nephew. Superb catalogue ofsight gags centring around the dehumanising effect ofthe new technology. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Monsieur Hulot's Holiday (PU) (Jacques Tati. France. 1953) Jacques Tati. Nathalie Pascaud. Michelle Rolla. 91 mins. M. Hulot. a bachelor with the accident-prone touch. arrives at a jaunty coastal resort and devastation very soon ensues. Comic timing at its most irresistible is on view here. as Tati gets away with a numbcrof


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