ENNENTS UVE! announce the launch at an exciting T competition altering every unsigned band or musician in Scotland the opportunity to win two days recording time at Scotland's top recording lacility, Cava Studios, Glasgow, completely tree at charge!

The Cava Sessions competition is open to every Scottish act currently without a maior record company recording contract. Although the studios are in Glasgow, the aim of this scheme is to discover the six best unsigned bands in Scotland, so we welcome entries from anywhere in the country.

Cava Studios enjoy a worldwide reputation in the industry and

otter the lull range at state at the art recording services. Those who

have worked with Brian Young and his team at Cava include top Scottish acts like Simple Minds, Deacon Blue, Hue and Cry, The Silencers and Love And Money.

Tennents Live! want to add to the international list ol names who

have recorded at Cava six unsigned Scottish acts, who could do with

a top quality demo tape to turther their careers in Scotland and


The resulting tracks may be selected tor inclusion on a non-profit

making Tennents Live! compilation tape, available throughout

Scotland later this year, and leaturing the best ot Scotland's new and


ENTERING THE COMPETITION could not be easier. Simply CAVA STUDIOS WITH TENNENTS LIVE! send a copy at your existing demo tape to the Tennents Live! oltice at the address given below with a covering note giving briel details ol your band i.e. where you're lrom, how long you've been together, what experience you've had so lar and it possible a photograph. Please note that everyone who has already applied to the Tennents Live! programme will receive notilication that they have automatically been entered in the competition through the demo tapes already received in our Glasgow otlice. ll however, you wish to update your entry with a more recent demo tape please teel tree to send it in.

The six winners will be chosen by a panel 0! experts from the Scottish music business who will include a promoter, a leading iournalist, one of the country's leading producers, and a member at one at Scotland's leading bands. The key lactors in the selection process will be musical ability and Quality at original material. The

quality 0! the original demo tape will be 0! less importance than the

m Liuz.’ (/ i I .

g:- content so rt doesn t'matter it your current demo was recorded on a W ~‘ . ,

3 V r)? lOUr ltOCl< In y0ur own bedroom or on o ?11 tracl< system in anotner 41 s; v . . . .

5" V J recording studio. It Will be your music and how you play that (.Ounts.

Each at the six winners will be allocated two days to work with

/ "i

the production team at Cava learning how to use a 9/1 track recording studio, rehearsing and linally laying down 'wo t'acks. It is anticipated that the sessions will take place in the period ! 7 25lune lQBQ.

Send tapes to Tennents Live!/Cava Sessions, Buchanan C L'nambers, / Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G! 3BL.