3'1- necermv commerce in Glasgow,

the latest In a string oi releases on the

Hialtland Phonographic Industries label is available by mail order irom April 25th. Stormbound are the latest

collaboration between Tom Morton and

. Brian Nicholson, and their ten track cassette album leatures ten songs

including the excellent ‘When A Guitar

Says Goodbye.’ Side two, ‘The Merchant City Suite' leatures the incredibly cynical trio oi ‘Company 'Car’, ‘Journalism For Beginners’ and ‘Hometown Honeymoon (Glasgow 1990)’ -the latter a look at the history oi culture in Glasgow. The recording was done at the most northerly studio in Britain, Magnetic North on the island oi Yell in Shetland, and copies can be obtained irom Hialtland Phonographic _ industries, West Ayre, Shetland ior £5 . (inc pGp). I Another legend rumoured to be on the point oi a comeback- The Exploding Hamster Molesters. Watch this space. I BAD NEWS lor Bangles ians is that their date at Barrowiand, scheduled tor May 8th has been postponed. Full

' reiunds lor ticket holders are available

irom box oiiices and ticket agencies. This cancellation is due to their need to extend their current American tour as the single, Eternal Flame, has reached the top oi the US charts. As the single has also been successiul in this country, a more extensive Ult tour is being planned lor the Summer. Also not happening is the scheduled Gypsy Kings date lor the Edinburgh Playhouse on April 14th. This was cancelled due to a lack oi interest.


I Frazier Chorus: Typical (Virgin). Upbeat, breezy tune, punctuated by muted horns that remind me oi Sixties TV shows, but you have to lean close to the speaker to hear what the singer's whispering. More suited to late night FM i’d have thought, but ii you‘ve bought this magazine on the day oi publication you’ll be able to see them live tonight in Fury Murry’s and in Edinburgh on Friday. (Mab) I The Fixx: Driven Out (RCA). The lex return alter a moderately successiul time in the States, and a total lack oi interest here. Can‘t see this single changing the tide. (Mab) I Dennis Greaves and The Truth: Throwing it All Away (IRS). Basically a straightlorward loot-tapping rocker with a catchy chorus, irom a band that hasn‘tiorgotten, ahem, traditional values, but a cut above what you might fixpect. The lex could take note. (Mab) I Hipsway: Your Love (Mercury). A strange choice as a comeback single, as it Is one oi the least commercial

things Hipsway have ever attempted.

Having said that, its quality does emerge alter three or tour listens, and along with the lunkier and less lyrically political b-sldes, promises much irom the iorthcoming album. (JW)

I Jeanette: Johnny (Survival). it ever there was a case oi quality hampering sales and radio play tor a single this must be it. ‘Johnny' sounds like a song that has been painstakingly craited, and is topped with a stunning vocal perlormance. Following a line album, Preiab in The Sun, Jeanette seems set to remain, sadly, one at Britain’s best kept secrets. (JW)


I Little Steven: Revolution (RCA). Former Springsteen guitarist Steven Van Zandt has never been shy about wearing his political conscience on his sleeve. As the driving iorce behind 1985's ‘Sun City’ he can be proud oi one at the most gloriously angry protest songs oi the era. Too much time on the campaign trail, though, hasn’t done much ior his songwriting skills. The opening ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ comes on like the start oi Prince’s ‘1999’, and tor the most part clings to that iormuia. The most valuable part oi this LP is the lists oi reading matter and organisations on the inner sleeve. But music designed as a net to scoop the apathetic into activism, especially music as berelt oi interest as this, is as disposable as any SAW product. (Mab) I McCarthy: The Enraged Will inherit the Earth (Midnight). It‘s the oldest story in the book: politically-motivated band couch their polemic in sweet-sounding pop. But when was the last time indie agitpop titles like ‘The Home Secretary Brieis the Forces oi Law and Order’, ‘An Address to the Better Ott‘ and (great title) ‘l‘m Not a Patriot But’ were graced with such seductive waves oi guitars? Throughout, the sentiment oi the excellent lyrics, so sweetly sung (and hard to make out without them in lront oi you), are diametrically opposed to the signals given out by the music.

Purely as music i could listen to it all night, and despite appearances McCarthy could show Little Steven a thing or two about humour. (Mab)

I Cowboy Junkies: The Trinity Session (Cooking Vinyl). Misconceptions surrounding this band must be multlioid. The name suggests that they are a thrash country band - lortunateiy they are nothing oi the kind. Secondly, they are NOT ‘the most happening band in the world' as Melody Maker recently suggested.

However, they are good, and the main thing about this album is that It perlectly captures the mood oi a perionnance. Recorded live at the Church oi the Holy Trinity in Toronto, it introduces a truly great voice in that oi Margo Timmins, and highlights a band who are adept at creating a dynamic pertormance. This is achieved largely through the voice rather than the songs, which tend to be ordinary rather than outstanding.

it is in the cover versions oi ‘Sweet Jane’ and ‘Walking Alter Midnight’ that the Cowboy Junkies are at their most remarkable, both deserving oi much oi the lavish praise heaped on a band who will undoubtabiy make classic albums In the iuture. For now, patience and imagination are still required to ioresee theiriuil potential. (JW)

I Lloyd Cole And The Commotions: 1984—1989 (Poiydor). A pointless release, even as an obituary. Every song has been available in the course at their tour year career (to all intents and purposes they ilnished in 1988), and how ‘You Will Never Be No Good’ and ‘Her Last Fling’ manage to make a compilation while tailing to be deemed good enough tor a place on the individual albums remains a mystery. What this album does serve to highlight though Is the band's progression or lack oi It through the three albums, which are all represented equally here with tour tracks apiece. Rattlesnakes was a great debut album, Easy Pieces a steady and underrated lollow up, and Mainstream, while initially appealing, leaves only two distinguished songs in ‘Mr Malcontent‘ and ‘Jennlier She Said.’ Also included is the disastrous ‘From The Hip’, which as their last and worst ever single. at least showed that Lloyd Cole should be credited with knowing the right time to split the band. There are individual moments to savour here, primarily ‘Heartbroken‘ ‘Rattlesnalres’ ‘Periect Blue’ and ‘Forest Fire’, but either Rattlesnakes or Easy Pieces is a better investment it you want to remember Lloyd Cole and

The Commotions. it you have either, don’t bother with this. (JW)

I Southside Johnny: Slow Dance (RCA). Lacking the bold and bright brass parts that punctuated his work with the Asbury Dukes (whose compilation Having A Party should be a In all record collections). this is a strangely subdued, middle oi the road ailair. There is no doubting the quality oi the voice, but this Is eliectively a more souliui and less gritty version oi the kind oi thing you would expect irom Chris Rea. A Radio 2 listeners’ album, ior sure. .

That is not to say that ‘Siow Dance’ is in itselt valueless. Songwise, most oi the highlights come on side two, with the title track, When The Moment Is Right and Walking Through Midnight (co-written with Springsteen) standing out, with the choice oi covers in Peter Bardens' On The Air Tonight (the single) and the near standard ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’ being among the less inspired works.

Overall, a competent and pleasant album, which will appeal to tans and iew others. (JW)


I Sat 8 Apr: THE SILENCERS lN CONCERT (Clyde FM, 102.5 9pm): As recorded last month at the Pavilion Theatre.

I Sun 9 Apr: JUST ADD WATER (session) (Clyde FM, 7pm): iourtracks irom this line Edinburgh pop band, who have been iairly quiet so tar this year. Hopes are high tor the new songs though.

I Sat 15 Apr: BROTHER BEYOND lN CONCERT (Clyde FM, 9pm): Recently recorded at the Edinburgh Playhouse. and highly unlikely to appeal to the type at listenerthat Clyde FM are trying to attract, or tor that matter readers oi this column.

I Sun 16 Apr: FAREWELL PARADE (session) (Clyde FM, 7pm): Originally scheduled to go out on 12 March, and subsequently rescheduled due to illness delaying the recording.


John Williamson with the LISTEN lortnightly playlist:

1. TONI CHILDS ‘Union’ (A&M album) 2. PAULA ABDUL ‘Straighl Up (Power Mix)’ (Siren, 12in)

3. LUCINDA WILLIAMS ‘Luclnda Williams‘ (Rough Trade, LP)

4. DEACON BLUE ‘The World Is Lit By Lightning' (CBS, LP track)

5. STYLE COUNCIL ‘The Singular Adventures oi. . .' (Poiydor, LP)

6. THROWING MUSES ‘Dizzy/ Downtown (live)’ (4A0, 10in)

7. WENDY WALOMAN ‘Letters Home‘ (Cypress, LP)

8. ALYSON WILLIAMS ‘Raw' (Del Jam, LP)

9. THE BANGLES ‘Eternal Flame’ (CBS, 7ln)

10. VANESSA WILLIAMS ‘Oreaming' (Poiydor, 12in)

42 The List 7 - 20 April 1989