EDINBURGH GLASGOW 16 Track Recording

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96 man-Io" elm-l l


“"35 £7 per hour

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J ust off Glasgow road . . .


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I The Syndicate La Tanierc. 15 Fox Street. 331 48-1-1. 9pm. Free. You will be surprised to hear that this is not the [Edinburgh based band who signed to liMl Fury Murrys. 96 Maxwell Street.33l (i511. lllpm. .-\nother(i|asgow Newcastle pairing with The iilliots hay ing‘hardened‘ their previously (‘recdence-y sound and The Anthill Runaways haying an amazing singer. Braina (’orrigan. who sounds(and this is no exaggeration i like the IS year old Kate Bush on helium.

I Rich l‘ixx. .s’n Miller Street. 348 385‘). lllprn. Free. (iood pop soul hand with some new songs heing aired for the first time.

a couple ot’ years ago and w ho are soon to release their first album.


I The Tex Fillet Five \egociants.1.othian Street. 335 (i313. 9.45pm. i-‘rec. Spool country. Residency.

I Los Supremos SI .Iames ( )yster Bar. (.‘alton Road. 55" 3‘)35.‘)pm.15ree. Residency. SeeTuc 1 l.

I Loose Cut Prescry ation i la“. Victoria Street. 33o 3.\'1o. 9.3llpm. liree.

I Doug HiChUlolie. West Port. 3294553. 9pm. Free.

WEDNESDAY 19 Glasgow

I Jeff Healey Band Payilion Theatre. 12 l Rentield Street. 333 1841). 7.31)an Virtuoso guitarist which is something worth seeing in the”. although the material is hardly ground breaking.

I The Elliots and The Anthill Runaways


Few albums in 1988 were as justly praised as Gail Ann Dorsey’s accomplished debut, ‘The Corporate World‘. It could have so easily been overlooked as another product in a wave of spineless lemale singer-songwriters, but Dorsey’s challenging attacks on big business and the yuppie culture, not to mention some sharp soulful rock tunes, stood out a mile from the crowd.

Brought up in Philadelphia Dorsey spent time in Los Angeles and New York, but found her musical ambitions thwarted at everyturn. Not for being a young black female musician, but because the scene was difficult, if not impossible, for musicians generally. Packing her bags, she decided to give Britain a try.

‘At the time I arrived in England if was totally the opposite situation,‘ she says. ‘There were lots at places to play.‘ She thinks that the demise of the GLC has put the dampers on that, and wouldn’t necessarily advise other hopeful American musicians to follow in hertootsteps.

She brings her band to Glasgow Fury Murry’s on Thursday 13 and Edinburgh‘s newly-reopened Calton Studios the iollowing night, and is scheduled to play on a couple of songs on the first LP from Glasgow’s River Detectives. The collaboration was suggested by the Detectives’ producer Gavin McKillop, and Dorsey, who now says the band’s songs are ‘right up my alley’, was keen to oblige.

Her own commitments since ‘The Corporate World' took oft keep her too busy lorthe collaboration to be more than a one-off. Much attention has focused on Gail Ann Dorsey in recent months, and her ‘polltical' (‘l preferto


I Dave HDDD Negoeiants.1.othian Street. 335 (i313. 9.45pm. Free. Superior self-penned folk songs.

THURSDAY 20 Glasgow

I Hurrah! Fury Murrys. 96 Maxwell Street. 331 651 1. lllpm. (iutsy (ieordic guitar comho. New album out before this gig. and a good the reputation preceding them.

I Big Ted's Party l.a’1'aniere. 1515ox Street. 331 484-1. 0pm. 1‘ree.


I Womack and Womack and Tissum Playhouse Theatre. (ireenside Place. 557 3591). 7.30pm. fl). £8. Has anyone elseout there been as underwhelmed hy the extended Womack clan. from Loi't’ Wars onwards. as this listener'.’ And when will hrothcr Bohhy tour'.’

I Pale Fire and G-Spot Tornado Venue. ('alton Road. 557 3073. Much impressed by ( ilaswegian Pale 1-‘ire‘s tine songs the last time they Visited. The new demo shows they have plenty more in stock.

I Very Very Buster Brow n‘s. See Sun‘).

I The Dan Blocker Experience Negociants. Lothian Street. 335 (i313. 0.45pm. Free. Country. Residency.

I Texas Breakiast Ryrie‘s. liaymarket Terrace. 337 7583. 9pm. Free. Blues-rock. Residency.

I The Brothers Preservation 1 Tall. Victoria Street. 336 3816. 9.30pm. i‘ree. Residency.

call them social‘) songs seem to arouse the greatest interest. As a teenager she remembers being ‘involved in marches a bit at a rebel, I suppose’, and regards her subject matter as being not only very important but also very fascinating.

‘I literally wanted to make a theme album, with ‘The Corporate World’ as the title song, and the other songs being either by-products of such a world orthings that related to it. . . But i thought it was a good idea to do love ballads as well to break it up a little bit.‘

Is it important that the lyrics mean as much to the listener as they do to her?

‘lt is and it isn’t. Mostly i think it’s more of a personal indulgence, because it’s part of my way of dealing with this kind of thing. It's a release for me, and if I write about something it makes me feel better about it. But I wouldn’t be upset if people put the record on and weren’t listening to what lwas saying, butwere dancing to it, and liked the drum part or whatever.

‘At the same time I think that eventually people do listen - even it it’s five or ten years before it happens. I don‘t feel insulted, or say YOU MUST LISTEN. it's not aboutthat at all. It's about people enjoying the music and

taking what they want out of lt.’ (Mab)

44 The List 7 30 April 1989