r £3 alter. Membership torms torthc

suitably impressed available at thedoor. I Fire Island at Rage. lllprit--3arn. £3. Bill (irarnger's 1-tre lsland. tzdinburgh‘s most vvcll-knovv n gay cltrb. in a nevv residency. I The Hooch at toasters. 111.3(lpni-«4ain. £2 511 Yogi vvith Acid llouse.souland tau '1 he Hooch. along vvith all the clubs running upstairs at Coasters. yy ill close tor a levy vs ecks tor renovation - Outer Limits vv 11! remain open tor the time being so this is your last chance to enioy Bermuda lrtanglectc

I Kangaroo Clllb at the Mission.

Ill .illpm 3am £2. Still goingatterall theseyears \outhltilatmosphereys‘ith easy dance music l’redtctable. btit stilla grititl venue

I Mambo Club at Coasters. £2. taking over trom the ( ioombay Beat vvith a tar superior selection o1 reggae and rhythm. I Millionaire‘s lllpm (tam. £2 (£1 before 121 See l‘ll

I Outer Limits at (‘oasters Ill..‘~llpm—-1am. £2 belore 1 1pm; £3.5tlalter'. American sprung dancelloor and good music makes tor an energetic Saturday . [St]

I Rock Cale at the Venue. uprrr 3am. See Rock listings tor details ot groups appearing

I The Soular System at Shady Ladies. ltlpm 3am. £2 .-\ movetoSattirday'stora club vv hich has achieved popularity by sliovv casing a vv rde spectrum ol soul sounds.

I Zenatec ltlpm 4am. £2.5tlbelore ll..‘~llpin; £4 alter. \‘erv comtortable trpritarket roint. .-\ relaxed night out. |.\'D| [N l I


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 22 l

32o”. S llprn 1"ree. ('heapdrinksand

tree llll\et\l

I Bennets llpnt 4am. £2. Mainlygay

\v ith l lr-.\'R( i sounds to lit.

I Bete Noir at Knightsbr'idge SW 1. Gay

night at SW 1. £1 vvith a ticket;£l .511


I Big on Sundays at May Mur'rys. £1

entrance; 1.1 all drinks. (‘hcap drink and

good music. \v hat more could you ask'.’

I Brag at the ( 'otton ('ltib. llpm~ 3.31)arn.

£2. ‘11 it's vvorth talking about. Br'ag.‘

Drinks promos as vvell. Americancanned

beet L].

I Carnival Time at Henry Atrikas. £2 with

tieket; £3 vvitliout. 1).! Austin ()ne brings

vou lira/than pop. continental sotindsand


I Follies 11pm .‘vam. £3. ('heapdrinks.

I Fuddrukkers at ( 'leopatras.

ltl..‘~llpnt 2..‘vtiam. £1. Anything goes

tonight in the West litith best (vvell. its

orin i nightclub. Presented by Bennets' DJ

(itarg Davis.

I Hustle at the Sub ( ~lub. £1 entrancez£l

drinks. 1 he \Vest 12nd l’osse‘s

cy ct -e\pandtng empire story continues bttt cart they take the puntersavvay'

lrom l'urys'.’

I The Hype at the Warehouse.

llprii 3 .‘yllam the Warehouse hasbeen

spectacularly re-turbished recently and

lly pc is a nevv cltrb specialisingin

club dance sounds.

I Mr D's £3 t £2 vvith ticket 1. ltlpm— 2am.

look out tor the Happy 1 lotrr

llprn midnight.

I Palomino Club ‘ipm 3am.

L2. See in.

I Panama Jax 111.45pm -3.3uam. £3.

Sunday Splash vvith resident DJs'l'ommv

Arnold or Raymond Davren. 5llplager..

heavy . vv hisky . vodka and gin.

I Rattles lll.3tlpm 2am. £2.50. Disco

sounds vvith DJ Roddy Stevvart. Vodka

and lager tvtlp. For limited period only . the

admission at Rattles is reduced to a measlv

£1. [A] '

I Savoy 11pm 3am. £2. Sunday'sat the

Savoy vvitlt lager only 85p and vodka (i5p.


I The Shimmi Club at 'l‘in l’an Alley. £1

admission vvitlt £1 drinks. Note the spelling!


IThe Amphitheatre ltlpm-Ram. £2. llalt price before 1 1pm. Popular night at leading mainstream venue. |.\'1)]

I BusterBrowns lllpm- 4am. £2.25, llalt' price admission and drinks belore 11pm. Worth a visit on Sttnday it you've not been belore.

I Edgars ltlpm 3am. £2. trial run tor , drinks at tvtlp can't he hurl

I Hangover Repair Club at the Kasbar. 'I'ottee-nosed argtimentativ e drinking vv ith i the v'iscount and tricnds. ln-house cinema. tea. cottee hot and cold. and hot rolls. Depravity and Delirium in a ‘relaxed' mood.

I Outer Limits at (‘oastcrs

lll..‘~tlprn 3.30am. £1 betore 11pm; £2 after. 1).ls Stuart [cysts and James

.‘ytovv bray supplying up to the minute sounds. [N1]

MONDAYS | Glasgow

I The Alhambra 51 \Vaterloo Street. 221 3200. S..’~llprii mtdnight. i-ree. tvtlsand 7tls sounds. ('heap vodka.

I House and Garage Club at 'l'iii l’an Alley. 11pm» 3.30am. £1 vvith ticket available from the club and surrounding pubs. ('heap Schlitz and Southern ( ‘oml’ort.

I Jeans and T-shirt Night at Cleopatras. 1(1.3(lpm-—-3am. £2 (£1 with ticket). The popular Jeans and '1'-Shirt night makes its way west from the ('otton (‘lub to(‘leo's. I Palomino Club 9pm 3.30am. £2. See Hi. I Savoy 11pm» 3am. £2. Over 25s' night vvith cheap drinks to entice you along: lager 85p and vodka tv5p.


I Crash at Rage. 9pm .‘vam. £1. l).ls1’au| and Vicki promise a Molotov cocktail ot Punk alternative sounds vv ith some 7lls‘ sttitt tor light reliet.

I Millionaire‘s ltlpnt 4am. tlrt‘l betore 12). Sec i'ri.


IThe Alhambra 31 Waterloo Str'cet.221 32m. Free. S’lls‘ disco sounds. ('heap drinks.

I Chinese Night at March (iras.

11pm .‘~.3(lam. lirec bel'ore lam and £2 after. Disco night for the ('hinese community.

I Jo-Jo's Gay Night at ’l'in l’an Alley. 1(l.3(lpm 3.30am. 511p vvith ticket.£l vvithout. litrrobeat and 11i-NR( 3 music. ('heapvodka.

I Palomino Club 9pm - 3am. £2. See in.

I The Shimmy Club at Bennets.

ltlJllpm 3am. £1. All drinks 75pbetore midnight. 1t you're bored on a 'l‘uesday and are looking for an eventtul ev citing. then a trip to Bennets is a must.

I Streetbeat at the Warehouse.

1 1prit~_‘v..‘stlarri. £4. Dav id Walters vvrth the latest chart and beat sounds.



IThe Alhambra 31 WaterlooStrect.221 32611.37 12pm. 1"ree, (lab and chart night. I Go West at Cleopatras.

ll).3()pm 2.30am. £2 (£1 vvith ticket ). (in West young man . . . deep into the heartol' bedsit land and discover this great midvveek club. [A]

I Club Nuovo at Knightsbridge SW1. £2.51). 75p lager. heavy . spirits t inc mixers). Vincent Valentini presents a nevv house night vv ith John (‘ameron as D].

I Jeans and T-shirt Night at the Cotton ('ltib. 11pm» 3am. £3.5ll. ()ne otthe best clubs on a Wednesday . specially designed for solid dancing.

I Libra at llolly'vvood Studios. 11pm 3am. £2.51). ()v er 25s'diseo.

I Maylair l 1prn—-.‘~am. £2. tvtie‘ night but sneak along earlier (7.311 llprn tor traditional ballroom dancing? 1.

I Palomino Club uprn-Ram. £2. See hi.

I Panama Jax ltlpm- .‘t..‘~tlam. l'ree betore midnight lookout lor'livebands throughout KW.

I Sixties’ Night at Henry .-\trikas.

ltlpm 3.311am. tillp betore l lpm;£—1alter. Look out for drinks promotions through the night.


I The Deep at the Mission. lll..‘~llpm .‘tam £2. ('urrent dance sounds vvith soul. ran. and rare groov e.

I Millionaires ltlpm 4.30am. £2 (£1 belore midnight l. See l-‘rr.

I Rage lllpm 3am. £1. See l-‘r't.


I The Alhambra 2‘1 \Viilel'ltlti Street. 22 l 32bit. S 12pm. l-ree. l’arty Night

I Bennets 1 1pm 3am. £1. Mainly gay. mainly titirobeat.

I Blackmarket at the Sub ( ‘lub.

llpiit 3.3tlam. £1511. Blackmarket is back. shockl. Yes. alter a very short retirement period. one ol last year 's success stories returns by popular demand. Drinkspromos.

I Bloomers at ( ‘leopatras.

lll..‘~tlpm 2..‘~tlam. £2 (£1 vvtthstudent ntatriccard). Nevv ttigltt specrlically aimed at keeping students olt their \tlltlles

I Fury Murrys l lpm

5.311ani 'l'helrvc music night (run in conlurtction vv ith Dance Factory ) trnally starts tip. ( 'heck rock listings for band details.

I Hardy MC at .\latdi ( iras. ltl_.‘~tlpm till late. £3. llip-hopsottnds.

I Mayfair 1 lprn .‘iam. £1 . ()ver 25sniglit disco.

I MrD‘s lllpm 2am. Lion doort£l .511 vvith ticket l. the promotions rught \v rth cheap drink.

I Palomino Club ‘lpm .‘vam. £2. Sec ill

I Raw at 'l‘tn Pan .-\lley 111.311er .‘v..‘\tl.irri. £l this has become one ol the most popular clubs on a 'l‘hui'sday alter a slovv stlttl.

I Roottops £2511. ()v er 25s’ night vv llll gencr'ai dance music. look out tor the complimentary ticketson l'll. Sat and Sttti ISavoy 11pm 3am. £2. 1 agerS5p. vodka tv5p. the longest running ( her 25s' night around tovv n.

I Seventies‘ Night at Henry .v\trrkas. lllpm 3.30am. Ttlpbelorc 11pm. Batter. I Streetbeat at ('leopatras. 11pm 2..‘~tlam £3 ( £ 1 .511 vs ith ticket) Dav id Walters 'str'eetbcat' cltib: mixed dance music

I Unity Reggae Club at in West

ltlpm .‘vam. £2. (‘alling laver'y l’osse live. and Direct all-night reggae.

I The Venue 1 1pm late. the reggae cltrb I Wasp Factory at The Buck. £1 Remember Saints and Sinners in St Vincent Street" W ell. It‘s novv called the Buck and Stuart .‘yttirdoch's groovy clttb rs upstairs. .»\nv where that plays the l lappy Mondays can‘t be bad.


IThe Amphitheatre ltlpm .‘yain. £2. llall price betore l lptn. Disco tnlerno lightstip 1.othian Road. iii a trial run lorthe vyeekend.

I Cale St James Spin larii. l'r'ee. Something slightly dilterettt trom your usual discotheque (iood atmosphere and choice soul and chart music.

I Cinderellas Rockerlellas 9.31 1pm 3am. £1.5tlbelorc 11pm; £2 alter. Well vvortha visit irt thisincreasingly imaginative lull scale disco. IND] INTI

I Edgars l ‘ndet lS’s. tv. 15 Ill. 15pm. £1

I Edgars lllpm 3am. £2. .»\lldrinks tonight and Sunday are tvtlp.

I Hades above the Waterloo liar.

ltlpm 2am. l-rce. lively mixot alternative and glam sounds in a pleasant y entte. See panel.

I Pump Room at ('ate Royal. ltlpm late.

£2. the Pump Room has dropped its resident band but. \v ith its increasing popularity and guararttec ol soliddance music. it is prov ing to be one ot the best clubs in tovvn.

IThe Roadhouse at Rage. ltlprn 3am. £1 .511. the posters teattirc Marc Bolan. yv hich can orin be a good sign. .-\lso playing Iggy. Doors and Bovvie sounds intriguing.

I Shag at the Mission and Shady ladies. llprn 3am. t l 'l'he litrgely popular kitsch ot Shag e\p.indsonto tvvot'loors,



I The Alhambra 5 1 Waterloo Street. 22 l fsjtill.

I Bennets 0o ( ilitssttiltl street. 55: 57h]. I The Choice 21 Royal 1' \changc Square. 221 5323

I Cleopatras Belmont l ane. Kelytnliridge. 334115tvtl.

I cotton ClUb .5 Setitt Street. 2‘.“ IFOllles1‘15l’ittStt'eet.5.i2_'3 . I West Jti \\ est ( ieorge Street. 5.“ 3111111.

I Fury Murrys (in .\la\vv ell Street.22l (i511

I Henry Alriltas l.‘~ 15 York Strecl.22l

til I l.

I Hollywood Studios t) lsiovv n Street . 34s (ititlti

IJoe Paparazzi 5211Satreliieliall Street. 331 21 II

I Knightsbridge SW1 ~lS t ‘arllon Place. 43‘) 555‘).

I Mardi Gras “3 l)tin|op Street. 211 .‘ml‘v. I Mayfair-1’4 Sauchrehall Street. 332 .‘vS72.

I Mr D‘s Kilrtirrr riock Road. ti32 2411.

I Palomino Club 51 West Regent Street. 332 0223.

I Panama Jax ( ‘ustoni llouse ()uav . 221 tisrrs. '

I SUB'S 4t) \Vest ( icor'ge Street. 2‘32 _‘yllllll

I Rattles l5 Benalder Street. l’ar tick (TUSS. 53-1 .5521.

I Rooftops ‘12 Sauchrehall Street. 332 5SS.‘~.

I Savoy Savoy ( ‘entre. Sauchrehall Street. 333(1751.

I Sill) 22 Jamaica Street. 2454mm.

I Pan Alley 2“) .\lrtchel| Street . 221 5275. I Venue 471 Saueltreltall Street. 332 .‘vS7‘2. I Warehouse S5 Dunlop Street. 221 ,‘itv23.


IThe Amphitheatre .‘t1 1 othtan Road. 22‘) Qty—ill.

I Bermuda Triangle in ( 'oastcrs ( ~omplex. I Buster Browns 35 2" Mar ket Street. 2% 4224.

I Cate Royal West Register Street. 55o ISSI

I Caté StJames :8 St .lames t 'entre. SS“ 2ti_‘\l

I Callon Studios 2h ( ‘alton Road. 55b "lltrti.

I Cinderellas Rockertellas W St Stephen Street. Sfirvtinvrv.

I Coasters Complex .‘~ West ‘1 tillel'tisS. 33 1252

I Edgars Wia Rose Street North 1 .ane.

I Finsbury Park 2‘ .5 Stitilli St Andreyv Street. 5.56 111211.

IThe Kasbar"l ('ovv gate.


I Liberty's ( ir‘eenside Place. 55" 380". I Madisons ( ireerrside Place. 85‘ .‘vsri‘. I Millionaires Ntddrte Street. 55titvtl5ll.

I The Mission \‘tetor ia Street. 335 Mm) I Outer Limits in ( ‘oasters( 'omplex.

I The Hitle Lodge liroughton Street.

I Shady Ladies ( ‘ovv gate. 225 (i569. I Teviot Row House iii-ism Square. I Venue ( ~alton Road. 55-7 31173.

I Waterloo Bar \Vaterloo l’lace. IWilkie Houseemvgate.

I Zenatec 5o liotintarnbrrdge. 22‘)

46'1'he List 7 ~ 21) April 198‘)