I Heaven Can Wait (C4) 2-4.05pm. The 1943 film starring Don Ameche as the sinner wanting to take his place in hell. Very funny fantasy that has no relationship to Warren Beatty"s later film ofthe same title.

I The Thatcher Factor (C4) 8—9pm. The eagerly awaited documentary series on the Thatcher years as PM. written and presented by Hugo Young. the Guardian‘s political correspondent whose biography of Thatcher is published on Monday. The first of the four programmes looks at the Thatcher style ofgovernment.


I Going Live! (BBCl ) 9am—12pm. This cult show continues with its usual mix of cartoons. pop music and silliness. The main guest this week is Luke Goss ofBros. I Heidi (C4) l().3()am—12. 10pm. The first in a season of Shirley Temple films isa 1937 version of the children‘s story which takes us yodelling to Switzerland with American accents.

I MacGyver (BBCI ) 5.50—6.40pm. Richard Dean Anderson is MacGyver. all-American super-hero who tackles an underground laboratory (which is leaking acid) single-handed.

I Morris Minor's Marvellous Motors (BBCl ) 6.35—7.05pm. With mechanics-cum-pop stars. this new off-beat sit-com compares itself to the Monkees' teen show.

I Keeper oithe Flame (C4) 1-2.55pm. Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn take the respective roles ofinvestigating reporter and the widow he falls in love with. Dark anti-fascist themes take the 1952 black and white film onto a different reel.

I Yerma (C4) 9—] 1pm. The international season continues with this Hungarian film of Lorca‘s Spanish play. Tales ofloveless marriages and rural passion abound.


I Movie Mahal: Love Song (C4) 9.25—10am. The second season ofexcerpts from Indian films and interviews with Indian cinema personalities continues with the scrutiny of the love song in Hindi films.

I Wise Blood (C4) 11.15pm—l . 15am. John Huston‘s version of Flannery O‘Connor’s novel tells of the founder of the Church Without God on the trail of lost souls.


I Open Alf(BBC1)11am—12pm.TheJoan Collins Fan Club. Julian Clary. explains his new-found TV success and is asked if he is the shape of comedy to come.

I Wildlile On One: Rockies and Rollers (BBC1)8.30—9pm. Five species of penguin flap on screen. leaping out ofthe sea and into it without even looking.

I The Day The Earth Stood Still (C4) 9—10.45pm. SF movie season continues with a classic. Extra-terrestrial lands on earth and delivers a message which will

decide the future of the world.


I NeighboumBBCl) 1.30—1.5(lpm and 5.35—6pm. Worth mentioning simply because. despite the fact it‘s April. Christmas is being celebrated in Melbourne suburbia.

I Open Space: Everywhere In Chains (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. Dennis Waterman looks at slavery around the world in its modern forms and uncovers child trafficking. debt bondage and what amounts to slave-labour.

I The Play on One: Biting The Hands (BBCl)9.3()—l().45pm. Hell‘s Belles (played by young Scottish actresses Judith Sweeney and Louise Beattie) are a female comedy double act whose alternative integrity is threatened by success. It‘s acclaimed Edinburgh playwright Rona Munro‘s first play for the BBC.

IJust For Laughs(C4) 11—1 1 .30pm. A new series ofclips from the funniesin residence at Montreal's Comedy Festival in 1988.


I ForeverAmber(C4) 1—3.35pm. Black and white handkerchief-wringer about girl who gets passed from man to man in the 17th century. adapted from Kathleen Winsor‘s bestseller.

I Rough Guide To Europe (BBCZ) 6—6.5(lpm. Updated version of DEFll‘s trash it to make it trendy travel series. Good times in Amsterdam are what this one is all about. followed by Milan. Madrid. Ljubljana. Paris. Copenhagen and London.


I 40 Minutes: Catwalk (BBCZ) 9.30—10.10pm. Patrick Uden's film goes on the prowl with ex-model Celia Hammond who Bardot-like has taken to animals in a big way. She patrols London for stray cats and rescues them.

I Film 0n Four: A Room With A View(C4) 9.30—1 1.35pm. The 1985 box office hit. adapted from EM Forster‘s novel. reaches the small screen. With a cast of big names. and under the guiding hands of Ismail Merchant. James Ivory and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. the film proved an atmospheric rendering of the English-abroad story.


I Arena: The Confessions of Robert Crumb (BBCZ) 9.3()—l().3()pm. The creator of cartoon cult characters Fritz the cat and Mr Natural spills the beans in a repeat showing.

I Don't Looir Nov: (BBCZ)

11.20pm-l . 10am. Daphne du Maurier‘s short story metamorphosed very successfully into Nicholas Roeg‘s eerie. atmospheric thriller starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie.


I Jane Eyre (C4) 1().30am—12.20pm. The 1944 version. slow-moving. but considered the most artistically successful ofthe film adaptations.

I My Secret Desire (Scottish) 6. 15—7pm. ln what sounds like the most bizarre piece of peak viewing for a long time. a celebrity panel (tonight including Claire Rayner and David Steele) probe various persons to discover their secret fantasies. Can it


April 3 12, 1989


Apollo to the Moon Revolutions in Science Bioclimatic Architecture


Muppets, Monsters and Magic Discovery Dome Lothian Egg Race


‘Communieations: the Future’ CFCs and ‘The Holes in the Sky’ ‘What can we learn about the American Indian?’ ‘Things that go bang’


Drawn from Britain The Soft Machine Chinese Calligraphy

Details and programme from: Edinburgh Science Festival Ltd 20—22 Torphiehen Street Edinburgh EH3 8JB

The List 7 20 April 1989 47