Docberty director of the Society for ('ompanron .‘\iliill;ll Studies. Hoteto (irrm'u lirtttrrti’t 2 30pm by Malcolm Bruce. lidtreation ( )tticer tor lidinburgh Butterfly and insect World. ll'lturrm'un' Zoos." 3pm by \ eterrnar'y surgeon David Shannon. Int/um; u/ Q1 'l;.$ [3.30pm. AlasdairGray reading his own works

4 l5pm.

I MONDAY 10: noon—9pm.

Opening Ceremony the 1 (ml l’royostyisils the Booktai: tor the opening address by Dr John (iribben

Symposium: Applications of Genetic Engineering Technologies 2pm 4.30pm (NB'l‘he talks in thisparticular symposium are pitched at a moderately high level i: ()pwmru Address 2pm by Professor I ll l'yans. Director ofthc MRC l lurnan ( ieneties 1 hit of the Western (ieneral l lospital. lidinburgh. DNA l’rrrgt'r‘r)rrrrtme \t)Nlt'tip/’{IYYUIYIHS

, trmlm'u tit“. drip/m flit: 15pm by [)r'

; Nicola Roy ls ill urgesterl rrrxer'sity.

llV/ltilt (L'l U ii: .r '1." (:1 Ilr‘r’ir ‘1 1.,” for (fruit affirm In a \pm by l)r Susan \ldler'llllwl liiL llixlillil'. M lnltlllealth. l.rll1\'-ll‘ .‘ at \r'lt (it’rrt'r.‘t~ * 1‘ tut; “x ll l"! '1 'l rr'klr'tirli ilie:\l‘R('|rr~trtt:!. u "l‘yxrology .rrttlheit: tr R a .' ""1

Channel 4Television Sch. "r: Club Reception 1“

Advanced Technology and the Origin oiihe Universe 5pm 1.111. s'rxet: by .'\stroriomer Royal. l’rolewr: Malcolm l.ongair‘ from lllc‘ Rt)\.rl()l\xe" tlmliug‘gh Howto Speak Extraterrestrial

5 lllpm :l'l‘i‘l‘. l'swleswr Archie Roy

.llt‘.\ .

goes in search l‘l .rlien intelligence.

The Human Mind and the Myth of‘Objective' Science: from Investigation to Extermination "pm. llll\l\t‘.3.l ‘l\LYl\L‘l’rl‘}l)l .lcltrm Nit-~11 ‘l

"\ lketllr‘

ierlelj. ( .rlitornr.i.

a mart \si‘.‘ \e ~. '. ;.'

tome-1n; -'« r. \.r.rite.rrttl


L'tililt‘trye'-'. .""‘..fil :i"t<5\l.11e\.ll1e lecture is r. liwm .i w .: recs‘i‘lron

l ITUESDAYit:noort-7prn. t The New SolarSystem 1-‘ 13pm lecture by Duncan l 111‘..r.“.

Symposium; Scottish Health Education Group (SHEG) .‘ g‘rtr l)[H'Ill’lL'.‘lriltll't’fix .‘pm by \lr \ranle‘. \lrlt‘lrell. .S‘r'ttmt/ Drugs 3. l|5prrr by \1r Martin Raymond of Sl ll:( i, Heir/[fr illit/ l-rtness 2.30pm by Mr Ian Young of Si ll-‘( i. .llukrrtg Healthy Iiurrng lzt't rung 2.55pm by Dr Michael ('hurch ol Si ll .( i. l’rt'i err/rim ~ Iirtmpeun (THIN? lrrfbmnrtrmr l'r'ur- [9893.20pm -- by Dr (‘bar'les ( iillis ol the ( ’ancer‘

Sury eillanee 1 hit. (ilasgoyy. Threats and Promises rrr Hetn’t/r litiut'utrmr 3.45pm ~ by Dr (ierar'd Hastings oi the Advertising Research 1 int. Strathclyde l'niyersity. The symposium 1\ [ohms ed by a reception. Workshop in Science Fiction Writing

6pm ".Mlprt: lins eycrtl 1\ held in conjunction \\ tilt the ladinburgh Science festival and the (i/trxetm' Ileru/dshor‘t story competition.

Science Fiction and Poetry \pm Upm. Readrngsand panel \ll\.“tl\‘i’rilNllthllYlllil l‘.tl\\‘1l‘rXltilgitll..lllllll 1i; . l >tmc2rn l.rmart and others IWEDNESDAY123noon-«ipm. OurPresentPredicament1.? 15pm Lecture by John lirtrrzrte:

llns 1.x ill be lolltmedby the annual toast to cortimemorate the first spaceflight by cosmonaut Yuri(iagarir128 yearsago to the day.

Symposium: Education 1 .3llpm—330pm: New [IUI’IZUIH rrr 1.11!“ utrmr 1.30pm -— by Mick Roebuck from the Dean liducation Centre. l‘idinburgh. (‘un'er Options and

limp/m nrr'rrr ()p/mrturrrtres m .St‘lt’lit't’tllld lee/urology .Tpm by Nick l'arryyeather. .-\re.r ( areers t )tir:er lot I wtlrran Region. .\'t It".'( 1' "ween It. li'lt"()L". rrr Hunter I t. r' '1‘. l:’~."r:~ ,‘..‘\llprrt-— by l)it)lc'\\t'z 1).. k \\ e st or the t )pen l'myer‘srty rm.

1’ .1 [mini 3pm. l(‘l Scottish .'\ll.rrr\ \ ltlc'tl. lhe sy mposrtrm is follow ed by .t lea reception lorall




I OPEN LIST is designed to cover any public

events not listed elsewhere in the magazine.

We welcome submissions, which will be

f included subiect to space. No charge is made for listings. Please supply date, eventtltle,

venue inlonnation. telephone number, time,

1 price and brief description, to reach our J Edinburgh office not later than seven days

before publication. lniorrnation given below is as full and accurate as possible when going to press. We do, however, recommend that you telephone to coniinn details.


I Alive and Kicking This week-long festival for older people living in Gorgie/Dalry. Edinburgh. continues until Saturday.

I Tea Dance Springwell House, Ardmillan Terrace. Edinburgh. 337 1971.

{ 1.30—4.30pm.SOpincluding

refreshments. Jim Legal and Vi Edgar lead a session in ballroom dancing.

It I Discussion ‘Looking after Yoursell' St

Brides Community Centre. Orwell

; Terrace. Edinburgh. 337 5543.

1.30 3pm. Free. Opportunity to share


When Scotland goes to the barricades will we be singing country and western or soul? Will the words he in Gaelic? And will Edinburgh District Council sponsorthe event?

Some of these questions might be answered, or avoided, by a panel discussing Culture and Politics at Edinburgh University’s Teviot Row Union on Saturday 8 April at 7.30pm. It is the second event organised by Marxism Today under the banner What’s LettforScotland.

Panelist Pat Kane of Hue and Cry describes it as ‘consorting with intellectuals.‘ Other panel members might not agree with the label. They are Donny Munro of Runrig, Paolo Vestri—chair of Edinburgh’s recreation committee, Billy Kay—writer and broadcaster, Ellie McDonald— poet and Eric Robinson 01 the Scottish Arts Lobby plus three more to be announced.

A similar discussion launched a successful weekend conference in Glasgow. Pat Kane says, ‘Last year’s event was an extraordinarily encouraging and enlightening expenence.

‘Pop stars have the advantage of being able to look at things outwith party loyalties or answering back to the national executive,‘ he says, ‘We can say things that are otherwise unsayable.‘

On whether songs should be sung in Gaelic or at least with a Scottish accent he says, ‘If American music’s about

thoughts and feelings about keeping well with older people.

I Tea Dance Springwell House (as above) 7.30—lOpm. 50p including refreshments.

I Ceilidh St Brides Community Centre (as above). 7—lOpm. 50p including refreshments.


I River Kelvin Clean-Up Glasgow's Greenpeace fund-raising group and Glasgow Friends ofThe Earth hold a clean up ofthe river Kelvin. startingat Kelvinbridge. Volunteers wishing to help pick up litter along the Kelvin walkway are more than welcome and should meet at the walkway at Kelvinbridge at 10am. Further details from Chris Marsdcn on 041 334 6759.

I Paisley Spring Craft Exhibition Town Hall. Gauze Street. Paisley. lOam—Spm. Free. The seventh annual craft fair with 35 of Scotland‘s top craftsmen. Demonstrations. catering. live music (11am—1pm).childrens entertainment

expressing yourself passionately and soullully then it can be transmuted quite easily so that you are expressing yourself passionately and soullully about Scotland.’

‘Our music has a complex relationship with Scottish nationalism because it’s not parochial about how one expresses a sense of place and commitment to a place,‘ he says.

When he was involved in the event last year his music had not enjoyed the commercial success it does now, which has brought problems. '1‘” have to tell the record company I’m doing something radically personal,‘ he says, ‘If i tell them I’m going to do a conference on Scottish popular culture they'll be down on me like a ton of bricks saying, ‘Come on, you've got to be out there selling records.‘

(Nick Clayton)

What's Left for Scotland panel discussion on Culture and Politics followed by music from Avalon and poetry from Meg Bateman. Saturday 8 April 7.30pm—12.30am. Bar. Teviot Row Union, Brislo Place, Edinburgh.


I Tools Collection Holy Corner Centre. Morningside Road, Edinburgh. lOam—4pm. Help rebuild Blueficlds. the Nicaraguan town devastated in the recent hurricane. with your old tools— bring them along to the Holy Corner Centre.

I Catch Theatre Company Jumble Sale Tollcross Community Centre, Fountainbridge. Edinburgh. 1.30—4pm. Adults 20p; Children 10p. The money raised will go towards funding Catch Theatre Company's current project which deals with the problem of alcohol abuse amongst young women.


I Holyrood Park Discovery Walk Meet at Duddingston Loch car park. 1.30pm. Free. The Discovery Walks are organised by the Scottish Wildlife Trust Wardens. Bob Saville and Campbell Ferguson, and will run every Sunday and Wednesday at 1.30pm until the end of September. The walk round Arthur‘s Scat . Salisbury Crags and Duddingston Loch should last two hours. Stout shoes and waterproofs are recommended.


I Ante-Natal Swimming Class Portobello Swimming Centre, Bellficld Street, Edinburgh. 10—11am. 50p. Free creche available. Info 557 1265 ext 233/4. Relax and keep fit under qualified instruction at this regular weekly class. approved by physiotherapists and designed to provide gentle stretching exercise.

I Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society Talk Queen‘s Cross. 870 Garscube Road. Maryhill. Glasgow. 12.30pm for 1pm. Free. Buffet lunch £3. The society has invited consulting engineer Graham Roxburgh to further expand on his plans to build The Hoth'efor an A rt Loverusing Mackintosh's competition design submission circa 1900. lnfoO419466600. I Afternoon Tea Dance St.Bride's Centre, Orwell Terrace. Haymarket Edinburgh. 3461405. 1.30—4pm. £1 including refreshments. Featuring the Peacock Trio.

I Women's Running Session Saughton Sports Complex. Stevenson Drive. Edinburgh. 7—8pm. 80p. Organised by Edinburgh District Council's Recreation Department to encourage women to take up sport. Everyone from the beginner to the serious runner welcome.


I Ante Natal Swimming Class Warrender Swimming Centre. Thirlestane Road. Edinburgh. Info: 557 1265 ext 223/4. 9.30—10am. See above, Monday 10. for details, but note different time and venue. I Stockbridge and New Town Anti-Poll Tax Group Public Meeting. Stockbridgc Primary School, Hamilton Place, Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Free. Info Helen Patterson 332 3818. Invited speakers include Alistair Darling. MP.

I Holyrood Perk Discovery Walk Meet 1.30pm at Holyrood Lodge. Free. A general introduction to the Park. See Sunday 9 but note different meeting point.


I Cafe Chat St.Brides Centre, Orwell Terrace. Haymarket, Edinburgh. 346 1405. 9.30am—1.30pm. Free creche. A friendly place for women to meet. boasting books, leaflets, videos and information on Women‘s Health. Info from Nicky on 337 5543.

I Tukido Sell-Defence Course for Women 369 Gallery. 233 Cowgate. Edinburgh. 225 3013. 6. 15—7. 15pm. £45 for six 1 hour classes. Billed as ideal for women ofall ages. seeking self-defence against sexual attack or harassment.

GD'l‘hel ist " ~ jil April 1989