62 The List 7 -- 2t) April 198‘)

I Sport I: listed as diary: by sport. then by In. then by event. '



I Glasgow Lions v Fylde Falcons Shaw field Stadium. Rutherglen Road. Cilasgow. Time to he finalised: contact (l-ll ‘)42ll7(ill for details. The I.ions‘ first fixture in the new rearranged British league. Sec panel.


I Slazenger National Badminton Club Challenge Cockhurn Centre. 4t) Bogmoor I’lace. (ilasgow . ‘Ifsllaiii 5.30pm. Twelve cluhs from the Scottiin Badminton l 'nion

among them ( ilasgow Central and lidinhurghNomads willcontestthis annual event. Beginning with four poolsot three. the winners of each pool will proceed to the semi-finals. Iiach match hetween cluhs w ill consist of one men's. one women's and two mixed douhles.


I National League Play-oil Finals Meadowhank Sports Centre. London Road. Iidinhurgh. The women‘s final at 1.30pm sees Iidinhurgh Royals take on Ml Livingston. At 3.15. Boroughinuir play Rangers in the men’s final.


I Cup Finals Meadowhank Sports ( ‘entre. London Road. Iidinhurgh. The Chairman's Cup final for women hegins at 12.30pm. and will he hetween Kool Rats and Dunedin or ( ilenrothes. Following that. at 2. 15pm. (irangemouth and Kool Is'ats play in the l'nder 15(iirls' Cup Final.

IKE- Glasgow

I Race Days Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglen

Road. (ilasgow . There are ten races in each meeting. starting at 7.45pm. £3.


I Race Days Tuesday . Thursday and Saturday. I’owderhall Stadium. Beavcrhall Road. lidinhurgh. Iiach meeting includes III races. startingat 7.3llpm. £2 SliStand;£1.5ll(iround. Race programme tree with admission.



I Dundee Utd V Dundee Tannadice Park. 'l‘annadicc Street. Dundee. 3pm. l'nited hay e suffered two disheartening defeats at the hands of the Old firm in recent weeks. hut should still he capahle of heating their lacklustre city rivalshere.

I Hamilton V Celtic Douglas Park. Hamilton ( Illllyards l Iamilton \\ est station). 3pm. l’erhapsonly ten players short of a championship-w inning team. the Accies' sole hOPe at Present seems to he goalkeeper Alan I‘erguson. w ho riiay he tempted to lease during the close season to ensure that he will still he playing Premier League toothall come

August. Hamilton have not scored at home for several months. and although they may manage to change that today. it will douhtless only he after Celtic have scored three.

I HIDS vaerdeen Iiaster Road Stadium.

Alhioii Road. Iidinhurgh. 3pm. Somehow

the l)ons have managed to hecome the main threat to Rangers in the race forthe championship. despite playing undistinguishcd foothall all season. As their hosts attempt to clinch the last place in liurope. they may have to raise their game if they want to Ieay e Iidinhurgh with hoth points.

I Rangers V Motherwell lhrox Stadium. (ilasgow (2 mins lhrox underground). 3pm. Tommy McLean‘s team were deserved w inncrs ot a league meeting w ith Rangers in January . hut it is ditt’icult tosce the league favourites slipping upagain.

I St Mirren v Hearts love Street. Paisley (5 mins from ( iilmour Street station). 3pm. Two teams is ho don't like each other too much. Hearts and St Mirren each need to win today to stand any chance ot‘getting into next season's I'Iif’A Cup. \Vhy St Mirren even want to quality for Iiurope when they know that all that will happen to them is a first round exit after conceding four goals in the last three minutes toa


The structure of American Football in Britain has been radically reorganised since last season, with the National, Premier and First Divisions having been abandoned by chief sponsors Budweiser in lavour of one Budweiser League, divided into four conferences. Only one Scottish team has been granted a place in this new set-up -the Glasgow Lions, who will contest the Northern Conference with Fylde Falcons, Gateshead Senators, ManchesterAllstars and Manchester Spartans. Each team will play live home and five away games in the regular season. the winners and runners-up in each conference progressing to the quarter-finals. While the loss of Budweiser sponsorship may seem a severe set-back for teams such as the Edinburgh Eagles who have not found a place in the new structure, the beer company‘s reasoning appears to be that helping a small number of teams to improve to a standard where attendances might startto grow substantially is preferable—both for the future of the fledgling sport and in terms of value for the money invested to subsidising a greater number of teams, some of whom do little more than thrash around on muddy municipal playing fields watched only by the obligatory one man and his dog. Although the popularity of the sport has grown immensely since Channel Four began televising games from the US, it remains to be seen how many of

part-time team of firemen and other municipal workers from a small and particularly gloomy suhurh of Reykjavik is beyond me. but there you go. (let Arthur C. Clarke on the case.


I Ayr V Clydebank Somerset Park. Somerset Road. Ayr. 3pm.

I Clyde V Forfar Firhill. Firhill Road. Glasgow. 3pm.

I Ounlermline vAirdrie East End I’ark. Halheath Road. [)unfermline. 3pm.

I Falkirk v Raith Rovers Broekville. fiaIkirk ( 100 yards from (irahamston station). 3pm.

I Meadowbank Thistle v Kilmarnock Meadowhank Stadium. London Road. Iidinhurgh. 3pm.


I Albion Rovers v Cowdenbeath Cliftonhill. Coathridge ( 10 mins Coatdyke station). 3pm.

I Dumbarton v Berwiclt Rangers Boghead. l)umharton ( It) mins l)umharton [iast station). 3pm.

I Queen's Park V Brechin Hampden Park. (ilasgow (5 mins Mount Florida and King's I’ark stations). 3pm.

Saturday 15


I St Johnstone v Rangers Celtic Park. (ilasgow. 3pm. The Saints performed well to heat Morton after a replay in the last round. and will certainly give Rangersa tougher time today than anyone who has only seen Premier League football this season would expect. No sane person would stake much money on their getting a result. though.


I Dundee V Hearts Dens Park. Sandeman Street. l)undee. 3pm.


I Ounlermline V Morton [fast Iind l’ark. Halheath Road. l)unfermline. 3pm.

the several million TV viewers will want to become regular spectators at live British matches. A useful analogy is the plight of small football clubs: why watch Stenhousemuir from an open terrace on a piss—awful day when Real Madrid versus PSV Eindhoven will be on the box later?

But if the new League which for the Glasgow Lions begins on April 16 (see listings) fails to attract the numbers it hopes for, itwon‘t be for lack of corporate sponsorship. Besides Bud (‘a name synomymous with the very best of American sport‘ says the press pack, which must come as a surprise to Carl Lewis and Darryl Strawberry), there are ofticial suppliers of sports shoes, footballs, medical equipment, nutritional products (aka food) and even water. Yes. ‘Evian Waterare the Ofticial WaterSuppliers‘ to the new league. Why? Because they ‘supply a pure and uncomplicated natural product, ideal forthe uncomprising sporting world of American football‘, of course. (Stuart Bathgate)

I Falkirit V Clyde Brockville. Falkirk ( llit) yards from Grahamston station). 3pm. I Kilmarnock v Raith Rovers Rughy I’ark. Kilmarnoek ( It) mins from hus station). 3pm.

I Particlt Thistle v Meadowbank Thistle Firhill. Firhill Road. (ilasgow. 3pm. SECOND DIVISION

I Dumbarton v Brechin Bogliead. l)umharton ( lll mins l)umharton l-Iast station). 3pm.

I East Stirling v Alloa liirs I’ark. l-‘irs Street. I’alkirk. 3pm.

I Stirling Albion v Albion Rovers Annfield. Stirling ( lt) mins from stations). 3pm.



I Celtic V Hibernian l lampden I’ark. (ilasgow (5 mins Mount lilorida and Kings Park stations). 3pm. This match will he televised live on STV.

VVednesday12-Sauuday 15

I Ayr Ayr Racecourse. 2 Whitletts Road. Ayr. Cluh £8. Iiglinton )5. First races each day around 1pm. The first two days are flat meetings. The National Hunt meetingon the Friday and Saturday will include Scotland‘s higgcst race of the year. the Scottish ( irand National.

Monday 17

I Edinburgh Mtisselhurgh Racecourse. Musselhurgh. Cluh £7. paddock £3.50. Racing in this flat meeting hegins around 1pm.


I Murraytield Racers v AyrBruins .‘yturrayfield Ice Rink. Riversdale Crescent. lidinhurgh. (i..‘sllpm. A play-oft match in the National Leagues. Racers’ last fixture of the season.


I Scottish Cup and Youth Cup Semi-finals Kelvin Hall. Argyle Street.(ilasgow. From I lam. 'I'w'ocourts will he used to allow the youth and adult ey cuts to goon simultaneously. As the quarter-finals have yet to he completed. w hich teams will qualify for the semi-finals is still uncertain.


I Scottish Cup and Youth Cup Finals Bishophriggs Sports Centre. Balmuldy Road. Bishophriggs. l‘rom l lam.

SHOOHNG . Sahuday8

I Air PiStOI Championships Meadowhank Sports Centre. London Road. Iidinhurgh. From 9am.



I Glasgow 261 Tigers v Newcastle Diamonds Shawfield Stadium. Rutherglen Road. (ilasgow. 7.30pm. Adults £3.50. children and ()Al’s £1 fill. The first fixture of their second season in the National League for the rejuvenated Tigers.



I Edinburgh Belmont Monarchs v Glasgow Tigers I’owderhall Stadium. Beaverhall Road. Iidinhurgh. n.3llpm. Adult USU with programme. £3.30 without. Child and ()Al’ £1 .50. This is the restaging of the 1988 event. hoth legs of which were rained offlast August. (ilasgow‘s team will include the three McKinna hrothers Kenny. Martin and new signing ( ‘harlie.