British Summer Time is here again, and for an impromptu picnic you really need to know a

d ; suggestion for a spring rolls to take away tend to beef(fTCSh every day) goo : picnic— R.ll. Phillips run out at aboutthree WOUIdbCSOOd fora delicatessen . Reserve Semillion. 1985 o‘clock. but it‘s more fun Picnic Licensed-

; at £6.95 a bottle - is worth to assemble your own I WON" 53 William

I freshly prepared salads to

take away.

I Grassroots 498 Great Western Road. 33-1 1844. Mon—Fri 9am—6pm: Sat 9am-S.3()pm. This well-known workers” co-operative stocks enough types ofnuts. dried fruits and ideologically sound wholefood goodies to charm the birds out ofthe trees and the squirrels

from hibernation.

I d'Arcy’s The Courtyard.

Princes Square. 226 430‘).

Mon—Sat 10am—7pm: Sun

ll.3t)am-5pm. Stockinga selection ofBritish farmhouse cheeses and


is licensed to sell wine on Sundays between 12.30

I Peckhems Unit 100. Central Station. 248 4012

(7am_11pm), 100 Bms and 2.30pm. can‘t make up your mind, shop. recommended for Road and 4% ‘Clarcn'cc I “"3397” "Wale Th0 I Di Placido 36—38 High Its large range ofwell-kept Drive 157 i909 : Courtyard. Princes street, 557 2286, Mon—sat 3 cheeses (over a hundred (glam—.rhgdmght). Selling v Square. 221 0543. 8.3(l—6pm. Recently different types), and everything from Mon-Silt “imam-7pm: relocated/revamped deli interesting chonce of

continental breads and rolls. charcuterie.


I Bezeleel 601 Great Western Road. 334 8224. Mon—Sun l()am—1 lpm. A good range of fruit juices and drinks along with wholefood savoury

world wines. Their

every penny for the parrot on the label. d'Arcy's also

Sun 11am—5pm. For dessert. why not indulge

I Velvone & lela 19 Elm Row. 556 6066. Mon—Sat

8.3(lam—6pm.TheQueen : ofEdinburgh delis— A without a doubt the best

place for all things Italian.

Oddbins‘ Italian section. This is the only place in town where you can be certain ofgetting perfectly fresh mozzarella and ricotta (because ofthe turnover). hunks of Parmigiano Reggiano so fresh. you end up eating it just on its own. dried tomatoes. and a wonderful fennel-scented dried sausage called Fonteluna ‘made in our ancestral village in Italy'. Fresh herbs and frisée endive are usually

available. and

occasionally there are such treats as tender small

artichokes and

ehanterelles. Filled Italian

; feast anyway ask one of thecharmingand

knowledgeable staff for

help/a taste if you just

specialising in lunchtime takeaway food filled

few places in Edinburgh to sell long Italian sticks— the ultimate picnic bread.

in my opinion they also

have baguettes. bagels, onion bread. a good choice of salamis (try

Greek pastries. Licensed. I Le Bistro Delicatessen 11 William Street, 225 3713. Mon-Fri 8.30am—6pm; Sat 9am—5pm. One side of this shop gets very full at lunchtime with the takeaway trade in filled rolls etc, the rest is a slightly French-leaning delicatessen and grocer. They have recently started to sell free-range pork products from Glentarkie Farm in Fife, whose bacon compared very well on first tasting with the often weepy, over-salted and coloured product to be found elsewhere. Home-made smoked trout mousse, and rare roast

Street. 226 6715. Mon—Sat 9am—5.30pm. (Also branches in Stockbridge and Bruntsfield). Small

takeaway food try their trout and watercress filo

with comestibles up to the ceiling, regular deliveries of thirty different sorts of bread, lots of different coffees and a good range of charcuterie. If only they sold fresh mozzarella and

j.— U) I.” an , , , , ., in some of the gateaux. ice rolls. uiches. chicken & pastry. Lu gzcgdfcd iaidds and . Cfcums‘ imd 01th ; ham p(ie. filo pastries. I Nestlulis 155—159 I verages.alcoholtc and V y I d. _ ‘_ ff‘ I l _. f Id 1 '__ so“. pcckhams is an H’llrmd“ 1598 0T} Q U. : prepared dishes etc. Also Brunts ie P ace, 229 Obvious Choice {or the ' either by the InleldUitl ? several sorts of bread. 7054. Mon-Fn 8am—8pm; i picnickcr. For muse wh0 : POT-“0n W In "10” croissants. bagels. and Sat 8am-6pm; Sun h are totally heamlaz‘. they Cntlfctyt l {OPCfUlly the Scottish farmhouse lOam—Spm. Large (,9 . .‘ - , .. .. '- ' i PCFfCCt finale 10 a llVCly l cheeses. From May they international Lu alsosellafinc selection of : i, . l ' . g ' . d l. "m 1 mood “- wholcmcal quichcs‘ , ( d.‘- I are going to start doing e icatcsse . ea >- on, pastics and pizzas. I picnic hampers at a shop/cafe With 3 Sister < 8 I Fm. 3m: 67 Cambridge reasonable price. shop next door selling E ‘- Strcct 332 0941. Moms“! . comm” ‘0 OUT last report. , Licensed - they have a fruit, veg, fresh herbs and d loam_‘6pm approx I the spaghetti “Flory Can house wine. and several flowers. Fresh-baked E __ Stocking practically even. ift‘ found at 30(Jlb50f1 ' wines available in half bagels (every day except E Italian delicacy under thLI SUCCL 334 3665- Whilst : bottles. Sunday and Monday) and LL] < sun from unvaried 33“ All” MW 59! Wild) 1 I Charlie McNelr's alarge range ofprepared E o tomatoes. through Italian menus priced “214‘qu : banana” 30 Form“ d'Shes and conuncmal = N breads Cheeses cold two courses and £1.95 for Road‘ 226 6434 Mon—Fri snacks to take away are a (D '— mcats and wine; On the one course and coffee. I 9am—6pm’ Sat 9am-4pm. few ofthe things worth Lu 3 sweet side they have an 1 Sorry for any confuswn Small and friendly, with a Stopping off for. z o extensive range of cakes. caused! ] queue out the dog" at I Vic?" ""0 26/27 0 on a large or small scale Lunc:?wcj?r 'hc‘lr :‘g‘zty'ls Tcrsrafg' 2:76 C . . . res -i e mosty . 0n— a a pm. Lu from pancttone IO marron 1 Italian) rolls. C)"c ofthe Great cavern Ofaplacc E >- .J 2 O D o >-

snacks. pasties. vegetarian pies and


including wine. once

you‘ve exhausted

Rosette de Lyon). and

basil this could be heaven.

a'A/‘t'yit wide range (if.

r7 4‘ 3 c/Jc'c’ut’a inc/adv Lana/‘1‘ p/L’m' / 5 13/116, Dandy/2’ Blue, MI!” 2 : Cheddar, Camp/w/lmm, V MadocK‘, [rat/2 d1 [/la'na e 7’ v w . ' (Juli/Irma, MAI/7 ()Iyamt' RIVER SIGHTSEEING 0‘ A V C ' S Penal/“reg, C/Jc’dl’f/‘t’, TRIPS & l4 Tit/ville, Tit/71411114, CAN DLEUT [)| N N ERS SO/Ilt’l‘dfl Brit and Blue from BROOMIELAW LANDING C H E E S E 8' w ' N E s H o P Stilton. "7e (1AM (if/27' at Cornerlamaica Street and 1H5 BASEMENT COURTYARD RailwayBridge

a [my/c ae/evlum affine Times & Fares from Ticket Kiosk

31 Broomielaw 041 221 8702


TELEPHONE 04:.226 4309 ii'lllc’d.

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