I Flt, adventurous man (28)

enjoys naturism. would like to contact similar healthy person to

plan trekking holiday this

summer. Ideas? Box No 90717 1.


SW Scotland.

Modest rates.

for details.


Sketch and paint In weekend house party atmosphere with Clive

Desmond, working artist in

Lively conversation.

Phone 038 778 683/665


Piece, Edinburgh m9 21R.

031 667 2908


TRADITIONAL BALTIC YACHT. Enjoy spectacular scemry and wildlife, good company,exoellent food, and pull

ropes as much or as little as you wish. Details: John Hambrey, l3 Findhom


Cobra Peak - 5900m Vigne Peak - 5950m Charakusa Glacier Shimshall / Minapin K2 via Masherbrum La

01-674 8997

ii.\'1’I.l)I in ms Unique, small group trekking adventures including: Cross (‘ountr‘v Skiing in LAPI’LANI) Trekking in ALASKA, AVA'I ()I.IA & PERU For our 1989 liroehun' Tel 031-220 3747

9 r‘ee' E Iced 1 Tc‘

1')? ‘W‘Jiei S‘W' ices/4;“ E"; '1,.


Discover the beautiful island of Skiathoa. Ticn cruise the rest of the Sporades Islands aboard our

beautiful Gaff Schoaier. Enjoy all free waterspom including: water-skiing, sailboards, snorkelling etc, a just relax and sunbatlt.


BROCHURE 0843 291982 24hrs


Mountaineering and Trekking

Pakistan / China; Silk Route Trek

June ~ October 1989: £1385 - £1685

full details and brochure lrom 91 Teltord Avenue, London SW2 41th

GLASGOW Tel: 041 954 6874 (eves)


I Low cost llights: eg return

Use your imagination. . . Egypt, Israel, Turkey, India, Nepal, Jordan

Original and adventurous holidays, 1-5 weeks


for the imaginative traveller

Call for your tree 1989 brochure: 01 244 8571 (24hrs) 64 Kenway Road, Earls Court, London SW5 ORD

lea ..... ..£420 Mexico .... .1820 Rio ...... ..£Si$ Caracus....£388 Santiago...£6150uito ...... .1490 Ouatemala.£485 logota.....£4oo

Also small group holiday I lourneys 2-6 weeks, please ask I

for brochures llablamos espanol Falanios portage“

I JOURNEY LATIN AMERICA I 16 Devonshire Road London W4

Flights 91 141 me

Tours 01 747 8315 2

241m at) a”, I run eosoru(“"‘ uni.

1 Professional

I Are you sell-employed? Accountants' lees too much? Have your accounts and tax returns prepared for a competitive fee by Mark Noonan. Tel: 031 554 8262.


I Designer and maker. High quality work. interior conversions. kitchens. bathrooms. studies. furniture.

EPRESENTATIVES VOLUNTEER ON KIBBUTZ. ll you're young, lit and willing, onloy a working holiday, with accommodation, food and leisure lacllities provided, tor little more than the price at an airfare. Full orientation given.


For tree details, send large SAE. quoting The List to 1A ACCOMMODATION ROAD, LONDON NW11. Tel 01 458 9235

storage. playstructures etc. Free

site visits. Phone Oliver Brookes on 031 659 6766 (day) or03l 6681313(eve).

I R.S. Music for woodwind and stringed instrument repairs. We

. also buy and sell secondhand

instruments. Get your old instruments playing again. Tel 041 334 4333.

I Here‘s Prool I‘lc‘L‘IililL‘L‘ L‘Uptc‘tillnl' I‘lttttllc'iltic‘l.

Rulic‘l It! \\ (rods. 5 I’c‘llc'l I’IilL'L‘. l-dinburgh12111641ili

I cl: 1131 661 9035

I Piano tuner/restorer Victorian and old pianos restored and tuned to standard concert pitch. Free appraisal and estimate. Glasgow area. Phone Dave on 0413341790.

I Are you looking for direction in your life'.’ We use astrology and tarot to help you explore your life potential. Phone John on 031 5564589.

I The Dressmaker. Designer Clothes will design for you or interpret your ideas and make to measure. For more information please telephone 041 334 3635. I Tired with boring photographs? Photographs Unlimited offers a fresh approach for all typesof photography. Portraits. weddings. promotions etc. Also copying and sepiatoning ofold photos. Tel 041 8898211.

I Tower Madness! Great studio loony prices! l/:-inch 8-track recording £5 per hour. Rehearsals with good gear £2—£4 per hour. All time must go! Phone 041 332 6725 or drop in to 92 Woodside Terrace Lane. Glasgow.

bushel. Advertise it in the BUY & SELL section.

I The Absolute Game "The World's leading football fanzine‘ (NMIL'). For a sample copy send 70p (inc p&p) to The Absolute

Game. PO Box 303. Southern

DO. Edinburgh E1191NE.

I XTC otticial lanzine Limelight XTC fans - you‘ve got the album. now buy the fanzine. Send £1 plus A4 sac to

Mark Fisher. Tweeddale Court. 14 High Street. Edinburgh

E111 1TE.

--..". i.._ £20pp; single £30. 'I‘e110419441523.

I Comfortable llat ( il.isgow south side. llillington. Close to bus routes and BK station. 'l‘win-bcddcd room and separate larger lounge. bathroom and kitchenette £65pw.’1‘e1:0419441523.


I 11. Horse urgently requires single flat in ( 'cntral lidinburgh. Please call 031 333 7114.


Look alter YOUNG SCOTLAND ioras little as £25 + VAT Iorthis size.

ONLY £2.50! will put you in touch with lotsof people with space to let or wanted. .'\11 ad in our :\(’('().\1.\1()1).\1’lt)\ seclii in isstillonh ll"111 1.1

“IIIH'l issue.

DECORATIVE STENCILLING Professionally executed. ()ver 50 original designs to choose from. for homes. shops. offices. bars etc. Tel 041 204 1582.

I Decorating Newington Decorators Ltd. Professional tradesmen and specialists in hanging fine papers. stripping and waxing doors etc. Ring031

440 0094.


I Ann's Fitness Works 'l'horough

up~to-date graduated effective evening exercise classes. New

(from April) and ongoing in

j Corstorphine. West lind. East Craigs and Davidsons Mains.

Edinburgh. For LiL‘IillIs.’

i bookings phone 031 339 8305. IAnn’sBeautyWorksLadies. spring-clean your face. recharge

your batteries. relegate your razor. discard your mascara! have a deep clcansc 1acial._\oul legs waxed and \ our lashes

tinted. Appointnicntson

031 339 8305.

i'lHEMEl .- __--___ __ ,. _._, J SPECIALIST INTERIORS

For expert in situ paint and varnish stripping, marbling, graining, spongeing. rag-rolling, wax polishing etc: full decorative service available.

Tel 031 553 7306


l \ /\ ! \\~ \\ ,//l I 1 i. X”

/ ,K


How do so many

.I‘ successful people ‘0 Cope with the tensions v3 . and pressures of Us: ir

life? Their secret is Transcendental Meditation. Each morning and evening tlny spend 15 to X) minutes so that they can relax and rediscover the vitality to face and solve problems.

For free information pack telephone 031 668 1649


IJoinerJ.E..[-)uggan. Reliable tradesman. All typesof joinerwork undertaken in Central Scotland. Phone Penicuik 76565.

I Get your print lasterat Dupli-Ouick Edinburgh‘s No 1

5 Copy Centre at 17a Albany

Street. 031 557 1800.


I For All Printing posters. leaflets. handbills etc. contact David Macdonald Ltd. 29 Albany Street. Edinburgh. Phone 031 556 6393.

I Don't hide your light under a


I Comfortable bedsitin llillington. Glasgow‘s south

side. Handy for BR and buses. Own kitchenette. shared bathroom with shower. Twin

IGetmorelun outollilelloiii 11‘s lorncwlocal Ill_'i‘.ti\zli .PL‘IlIlIL‘lltI\ Ilii'jltisi )l\.[_

1’()lio\til .1 dim 1. ri.l\\‘,o_%l ‘5" ilfi


Ilsthere liie attei'work? its. there is \\ itti Illc interwirsity (1111)?th is a club ll‘vl'Hlllilg pl‘olcssionalpeople \Vc

arrancc a large l‘iilllZI‘L‘i'tii diversc L'\L'111‘~ stici‘ .is badminton.111112;.i1k1ngand cinema I1 1})" 111 the (' ilasgowand

I’Lillii‘lli i111 .1: ins I'ot lurtlicr

detailsruii'I it 1‘. to». 11-11 (‘33 .ileiul wt in ' ~ 5531-1 I

ll Ere-59:: i::;lahiisherl social

llCir‘JJVr. .siil. i.'))11‘lc\\lllllitl ii.a.'....\ii_‘ ri‘ri “I Soviali‘ ‘l‘. ' irnill‘ii‘atzc

\lsits. iilc.tI‘~. "11:115.. z. 11.;


Iitl\ \tiilll \\3

IPianolessons iron: experienced in isician teacher. Including .la// basics.

iinproxising .iiid p’ioi'ilthcorv .-\1so.trainingm Rhythm and I basic I’erctission. Ring 1131 346 . hesitant-hills. I Fiddle and mandolinlessons 1 available. lrish Scottish styles. beginners \sL‘Ic'Ulllc‘. last lesson free. Contact .Iillllt‘\( tn 1 an.

15 Kc‘island Strct I. 1 lili'lic id. (iIii\L'.(‘>\’s.

I Piano and French horn lessons ll’tllliL'\l)c'llc’llccti lc'.tcilc'r musician w ith prolcssional liackgrouiuit in r. 1111} organist and choir master or .-\11 Saints ('hurch. iicarsiicn l’honc-Stcsc liirchonllli 55-1-3‘101

I Learning in an easy

atmosphere, I'\Ilc'lli'11c‘c'ti languagc tcacht'rotlcrs

(icrman; ixnglish .is a l orcign Language; l'rcncli tor

Fla tfinder .. -~


+Airange your mortgage for lree (subjectto status)

+Sell your home for less lees than anyone else

+Rentyour llat faster

than anyone else

+Find you accommodation Ior tree (subiectto status)

Phone David on 031 662 4729 or 0860 429295 J

The list T 20 April 1989 73