Ballet du Fargistan



Started in the tiiood of May Day celebrations. (ilasgovv Miiy'lcst. now in its sev enth year. has grown and grown. [t has. however. kept sight ot its orgiiial aims: tocreate a lestiv al that reflected something of the niulti-faceted nature of its strong socialist city. with a programme incorporating international and local work. the highbrow and the popular - neither elitist nor condescending. livcnts in the city centre are complemented by events in various communities in (ilasgovv; some shared. some created by the people ! ltOlthC community itself.

This year. under director Bill

Burdett-(‘outtsevents range from the British premiere of a new Philip (ilass opera. to Russian rock bands. to exciting new dance. to a hugely popular musical from ('hicago. performed by the residents of a housing estate there. There's a new venue in the shape of the Rent‘rew Ferry. also open for drinking and merriment over lunchtime and late at night (till at least lam). and more boating fun with (ieorge Wyllie's giant paper boat. i the flagship ofMayfest. Mayfest runs from 30 April—~le May. includes drama. dance. film. cabaret. talks. kids' events and music from classical to rock. This issue The List's May'fest Preview offers an overview of the highlights of the whole testival. We also list everythingon a daily basis to help you plan your viewing: this I


issue we list the whole lllsl week of May test. until b May. next issue we list from 5 2” .May. liveiits are listed by day and by category. Also included is a map and v ciiue guide and on page (i‘) w e olt'ci' ideas about food and drink. Look out lot spontaneous street and pub events near you. And don't forget to buy next issue for more coverage of the second half of May'test and a special guide to eatingand drinking rwell and cheaply 3

Tickets: the Ticket (‘entre. ('aiidleriggs is the main ticket outlet.sellii‘.g tickets for venues except (ilasgovv l-‘ilm Theatre. Pavilion Theatre. Third Eye (‘entre and Tron Theatre. l‘or detailsol all opening hours and addresses. see venue guide. Tickets for community venues are obtainable from the venue

concerned. scc (‘omniuriity l)i.ii'_\ Maylcst liiloi‘iiiatioii is available at all ticket outletstscc venue tillldel. but also ti‘oni .ispccial booth on the L‘Ul'llL'l ol Buchanan and ( ioidon Street. and lioiii .iii iiiloi'niatioii desk iii ('ential Station (‘oiicourse ( .\'citlici ol theseselltickctsl You cart phone loi up-to-the-minute iiiloriiiation on H4] I-lti 8021 (once May lest has started). Radioflv dc is broadcasting a special What's ( )ii on the Brcaklast Show and (‘lydcwidc s1 "piii tlfil MW' 1 152 kl l/ I“: 5' PM i Maylcst-eocis lioiii .itai might beiietit lioiii the reduced rail laics available to Maylcst visitors. l‘ol details send an SAI‘, to Theatic and (‘oncei't Rail ( 'liib. PO Box l.St Albaiis. .-\l.l

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