Tim Barlow: My Army 4— May

No 3 in G major and ()p 30 No2 in Cminor.


I Anne Trisler Glasgow Film Theatre. 6pm. The Ouebecois season opens with a fairly unrepresentative exercise in European-styled angst. as Swiss director Lea Pool follows the fortunes ofa young Swiss painter adjusting to French-Canadian life.

I Malewan Glasgow Film Theatre. 8pm. Writer’director John Sayles' film about the real-life massacre in the West Virginia coalfields has faced quite a struggle to find both financing and distribution. but the end result is more than worth it. Committed film-making of political nerve and emotional punch.


I Pop Will Eat ltsell Govan Town Hall. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). Ripped trousers. baseball caps. long hair and the ubiquitous beatbox are the hallmarks ofthe Poppies. the only white band to join and subsequently be kicked off ~ the Public Enemy tour. Remember. if it‘s too loud. you're too old.

I Tom Robinson Renfrew Ferry. 9pm. £6 (£3). See Sun30.

I Blacklriars Band The Shed. 8pm. £3.50. Pipes. poems. squeeze boxes. flute and fiddlcs. and some quality singing from these Merchant City musicians.


I Glencoe RSAMD Chandler Studio. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). Robin Munro's new play for Winged Horse is set in the aftermath of the Glencoe massacre of 1692.



I Arnold Brown Renfrew Ferry. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). See Sun 30.

I Sabenza Tron Theatre. 1 1. 15pm. £3 (£2 Theatre

Club Members). One of South Africa‘s topjazz bands.


I Namanari (Hall Demon) Third Eye Centre.

7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Butoh 5 dance has now become an I

expected element of Mayfest. This year solo

artist Masaki Iwana brings

his version ofthis unconventional contemporary Japanese dance form.


I Bed Sorghum Glasgow Film Theatre. 8.45pm. Brilliant directorial debut by former cameraman Xhang Yimou. A saga of 1930s' rural life rich in simple joie de vivre. but demonstratinga quite breathtaking control of colour and imagery.

I Eisenstein’s ‘October' The Scottish Labour History Department. University of Strathclyde. 6.45pm. Excerpts from this classic Soviet film. followed by questions and discussion.


I African Culture Third Eye Centre. l0.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Liptempo pop from Freetown. Sierra Leone. Leaderrguitarist. the mighty Abdul Tee-Jay. also mixes in healthy doses of highlife. soukous. soca and merengue.

I Muzsikas chfrew Ferry. 9pm. £5 (£2.50). Records like the two volumes of Le Mystére des Voix Bulgares. and performances by Balkana and the Trio Bulgarka opened up Western ears to some of the most beautiful ethnic music in the world. Now one ofthe most popular groups from Bulgaria. fronted by Marta Sebestyen. comes over to Mayfest.

I Dougie MacLean and his Band The Shed. 8pm. £3.50. Pipes on top of bass. guitar and percussion. and all underneath Dougie's vocals. Crowd please rs.


I Clasvegas Pavilion Theatre. 8pm. £5.50 (£3.50). £4.50 (£2.50).

Borderline's new musical

extravaganza by Morag Fullerton. set in a city not a million miles away and somehow incorporating a blast of Hue And Cry‘s new single.

I Glencoe RSAMD Chandler Studio. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). See Mon 1.

I The Gold Sisters Tron Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). See Sun 30.

I The Jungle Book Tramway Theatre. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). A new adaptation by Stephen

MacDonald of Kipling's classic which takes over not only the stage. but the auditorium as well. Aimed at adults and children alike.

Road Kings Theatre. 7.30pm. ill-£5.50 (£2- .54). For some reason 7:84 are keeping quiet about the fact that the road in question was once in Liverpool, but why quibble about geography? Jim Cartwright's play is a bitter and tragic story of a Glasgow community fighting for lost dignity. Teachers Mitchell Theatre. 7pm. £5 (£2.50). It wouldn't seem like a festival ifthere wasn't at least one Hull Truck play going on. This one is John Godber's classroom comedy

I Township Boy RSAMI) New Athenaeum Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). The Mamu Players arrive from South Africa to deliver a powerful broadside against apartheid. It is based on the true story of a young poet killed at a funeral by a black policeman. and uses music and humour to drive its message home.



I Lily Savage and Pauline Daniels Renfrew Ferry. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). Savage prides herself on heckler put-downs. which is just as well with a haircut like hers. while Daniels will be pitting her Scouse repartee against the local patter.

I Simon Fanshawe Renfrew Ferry. 9pm. £5 (£2.50). Fanshawe is the sort ofcornedian you wouldn‘t mind taking home to meet your mother. The acceptable face of alternative comedy and an amusing raconteur to boot.

I Sabenza Tron Theatre.

1 l . 15pm. £3 (£2 Theatre Club Members). See Tue


I Paul Galbraith RSAMI) Stevenson Hall. 8pm. £5

34 The List 21 April 4 May 1989

(£2.50). The excellent young classical guitarist from Edinburgh. performing works by Bach. Haydn and Ponce. Galbraith was runner-up in the first Segovia International Competition.


I Namanari (HallDemon) Third Eye Centre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue 2.


I Bed Sorghum Glasgow Film Theatre. 8.45pm. See Tue 2.


I Senior Serenade King‘s Theatre. 2pm. Free.

I Flora MacNeill/Eclipse First/Billy Boss and John Martin'l‘he Shed. 8pm. £3.50. Great combined bill of (iaelic song from Flora. with an innovative Glasgow band creating unusual sound textures using traditional instruments. and airs and songs in Scots and Gaelic from two founder members of ()ssian.


IAvvakum Ilenry Wood Hall. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). Glasgow continues its links with Poland. forged in particular by the Third Eye Centre. with this two night performance by the (iardzienice Theatre Association. Like seemingly every Polish theatre company. their work is experimental. blending song. ritual movement and poetry to tell the story of a Russian Orthodox priest who was burned at the stake for refusing to accept religious reforms. Highly acclaimed by the international press as it has toured the world.

I Chocolate Money Third Eye Centre 10.30pm. £3.50(£2.50). Ifyou thought performance art was obscure and elitist. Bobby Baker is the woman to prove you wrong. Self-parody and humour underlie her explorations across the boundary lines of art and theatre. as she takes a closer look at the finances

behind the sweet industry.

I The Jungle Book

Tramway Theatre. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). See Tue

I Glasvegas Pavilion Theatre. 8pm. £5.50 (£3.50). £4.50 (£2.50). See Tue 2.

I Clencoe RSAMD Chandler Studio. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). See Mon 1.

I The Guid Sisters Tron Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). See Sun 30.

I Boad KingsTheatre. 7.30pm. £3—£5.50 (£2—£4). See Tue 2.

I Teechers Mitchell Theatre. 7pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue 2.

I Township Boy RSA MD New Athenaeum Theatre. 2.30pm 8; 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue 2.



I The Funny Farm Chandler Studio. RSAMD. 9pm. £4 (£2). While the cabaret business has been booking for several years down in London. it has taken some time for anything comparable not to mention comperable to get started here. The Funny Farm is Scotland‘s own comedy collective and is deserving of much

ITlie Alexander Sisters with Clea & McLeod 11.15pm. £3 (£2 Theatre Club Members).


IAu Clairde IaLune Glasgow Film Theatre. 6pm. Surreal but human comedy from an idiosyncratic QuebeCois talent named Andre Forcier. An albino vagrant has apparently come from outer space to help one ofthe local down-and-outs win a bowling competition.

I Bed Sorghum Glasgow Film Theatre. 8.45pm. See Tue 2.


I Talk Book Trust Scotland. 7.30pm. £2 (£1.25). Annette Hope. author of A Caledonia" Feast talks about her book.


I Senior Serenade King's Theatre. 2pm. Free. See Wed 3.

I The Boys Of The Lough Cityllall. 7.30pm. £6 (£3). Britain's long lasting traditional music group. based round the fiddle of Shetlander Aly Bain. and the marvellous flute and vocals of L'lsterman Cathal McConnell.

I Zvuki Mu Renfrew Ferry. 9pm. £5 (£2.50). The first of two Russian rock bands to be

appearing this year. Zvuki-Mu were bound to attract Western attention when it was announced that their debut over here would be produced by Brian Eno. All Russian rock has a unique flavour.

and Zvuki-Muapparently

more so than most.

I Ossian/Allan Taylor/Mae McKenna The Shed. 8pm. £3.50. McKenna mixes

rock with folk and hasa

new album on Virgin.

Taylor is one of the best

singer songwriters ofthe

last twenty years. and

()ssian are the respectfully


Scots folk band.


I The Acts of Man Third Eye Centre. 7.30pm. By open invitation. Contact the Third Eye Centre if you'd like to see the trilogy of Man Act‘s performance piece exploring the relationships of men from childhood to old age.

I Awakum Henry Wood Hall. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). See Wed 3.

I Chocolate Money'I‘hird Eye Centre 10.30pm. £3.50(£2). See Wed 3.

I The Jungle Book Tramway Theatre. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). See Tue

I Glasvegas Pavilion Theatre. 8pm. £5.50 (£3.50). £4.50(£2.50). See Tue 2.

I The Enid Sisters'l'ron Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2). See Sun 30.

I My Army RSAMD Chandler Studio. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). Tim Barlow's one-man show under the Theatre de (‘omplicite umbrella is an endearing and amusing real-life account of his time in the army. Less tricksy and more accessible than Complicite's normal output.

I Road Kings Theatre. 7.30pm. £3-£5.50

(£2— £4). See Tue 2. ITeechers Mitchell Theatre. 2.30pm 6: 7pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue 2.

I Township Boy RSA Ml) .\'ew Athenaeum Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue 2


I Lily Savage and Pauline Daniels Renfrew Ferry. 6pm. £5 (£2.50). See Wed 1

7pm. £5 (£2.50). Aftcra disappointment last year. the visually and musically bewildering Avia finally make it to Mayfest. Political satire plays a large part in performance. as does the ‘Physical Exercise Group of dancers. and the music itself is a combination of