I Camwadric Community Education Centre 160 Carnwadric Road. 638 8751.

Fri 5. 7.30pm Cumbernauld Theatre Co; Them Through the Wall. Domestic farce from Liz Lochhead and Agnes Owens. about neighbouring families on a small town housing estate.


I Castlemilk Community Education Centre 121 Castlcmilk Drive. 634 2233.

Wed 3. 7.30001 Visual

Statement; Showstoppers.

An old-style variety show with plenty of

razzle-dazzle. devised by

the company.

I Castlemilk Youth Centre 126 Castiernilk Drive. 634 1937.

8815. 9pm Riot Act; Frankensense. Comedy from a duo whose living-room-bound life gives them a strange view ofthe world.


I Clydebank U840 Centre 19 Miller Street. Clydebank.9413795.

Wed 3. 7.30pm Revue 89: The Alternative Bevvy Merchant‘s Ball. Young East Enders in acomic portrait of the typical Glasgow pub.

Thurs 4. 8pm Cottonfield Boys; Rockabilly band. I Failley Family Centre Faifley Road. Clydebank. 941 3795.

Tue 2. 7.30pm Priesthill Puppets; Undersea Ballet and other shows.

I St Andrews Theatre St Andrews High School. North Douglas Street. (Tydebank.9413795. Tue 2. 7.30pm Visual

Statement; Showstoppers.


I Drumchapel Unemployed Workers Centre llelca Place. Drumchape1.944 9400.

Wed 3. 7.30pm Clyde Unity Theatre; When The World Was Young. Clyde Unity Theatre. who are building a strong reputation. in a play (first performed to great success at last year‘s Edinburgh Festival) by John Binnie about a group of Scottish schoolkids growing up.

I Southdeen Recreation

Glasgow’s only


Finefood G wine in unique atmosphere

Breakfast 10am—noon Full Menu noon—11pm

Fully licensed

Barbizon Gallery, College Lands High Street, Glasgow. 041 553 1990

Centre Southdeen Avenue. Drumchapel. 944 4588.

Mon 1.11301 Clown Jewels Workshop. Arriving in Desmond. the brightly coloured double-decker bus. The Clown Jewels bring circus skill workshops and fun for kids.


I Barrowlield Community Education Centre 3 ()vertown Street. Barrow-field. 554 8412. (Disabled Access).

Tue 2. 7pm Clyde [’nity Theatre; When The World Was Young. Thurs4. 10.30am Clown Jewels Puppet Show. A puppet show for kids from the Clown Jewels. who arrive in Desmond. the multi-colourcd bus.

Fri 5. 8pm Big (ieorge and the Business; R&B band. I Dalmarnock Community Centre 3 i.ily Street. Dalmarnock. 556 4776. Fri 5 & Sat 6. 7.30pm The Dalmarnock Drama (iroup; The (iala Day. (ilasgow playwright. Pam Harper‘s comic portrait of the trials and tribulations oforganising a gala day. I Dolphin Arts Centre 7 James Street. Bridgeton. 554 16717449.

Wed 3. Thurs 4 & Fri 5. 7.15pm Dolphin Theatre Workshop; The Suicide. Nikolai iirdman's wonderful satirical play about 30s Russia (and banned there). in which a man contemplating suicide is besciged by people who want him to make it a gesture.

I Easttield Community Centre Dukes Road. Cambuslang.6418319. Thurs 4. 7pm 'I‘Mi ‘City' Dance Workshop. Part of TA(i‘s continuing rehearsals towards an enormous community production later this year. Fri 5. 7.30pm 1 lyndland Drama (iroup; The Soapy Murder ( ‘ase. in which the sponsor oi a popular soap opera receives a strange note informing him that the next day‘s episode will give him the clue to his killer.

I Gallowgate Tenants Hall 75 Whitevale Street. Dennistoun. 554 4116.

( Disabled Access).

Wed 3. 7.30pm ()nthank Allsorts Drama (iroup: Meet The McClartys. An everyday story of Kilmarnock lolk. presented by a Kilmarnock-based Community theatre group. I Shettleston & Tollcross Community Education Centre 54 Amulree Street. Shettleston. 554 3283. Wed 3. 7.30pm

Cumbernauld Theatre Co; Them Through The Wall.

I South Carntyne Tenants Hall 166 Myreside Street. Carntyne. 556 7853. (Disabled Access).

Tue 2. 2pm Irene Conway; Music and song.

I South Denniston Neighbourhood Centre 13 Whitevale Street. Dennistoun. 554 5315. Mont. 2pm Clown Jewels Workshops.


I Crawturd Theatre Jordanhill College.

' Southbrae Drive.

Jordanhill. 950 3437. Mont. 7.30pm Cumbernauld Theatre: Them Through The Wall. Tue 2. 7.30pm TAC: ‘City' Dance Workshop. I Glasgow Arts Centre 12 Washington Street. (ilasgow. 221 4526. Wed 3—Sat6. 7.30pm'1'he Slab Boy's. The first part ofJohn Byrne's hilarious and popular trilogy of plays following the fortunes of Slab Room boys. Phil. Sparky and Hector. Parts two and three. Cuttin' A Rugand Still Life. follow in the next two weeks. Fri 5. Satfi. Fri 12. 88113. Fri 19. Sa120. 9.45pm Washy‘ Folk Club. 110sth by Danny Kyle. I Mitchell Library Kent Road. 221 7030. Tue 2 May—Fri 2June Needlework Exhibition; A Stitch in Time. A unique array of community banners and needlework from all over the world. I Strathclyde University Drama Centre 126 Ingram Street. Glasgow. 552 5827. Mon 1-Sat 6. 7.30pm Romeo & Juliet. Strathclyde Theatre (irottp in an unusual production of Shakespeare‘s classic love story set in a Scottish fishing village.


I Gorbals Unemployed Workers Centre 52 Waddell Street. (iorbals. 429 3905. Fri 5. 7.30pm Clyde linity Theatre; When The World Was Young.

Sat 6. 7.30pm Ceilidh with The (iallivanters.


I Govan Cross

Sat 6. 1pm (‘ottonfield Boys; Rockabilly in the street.

I Govan Unemployed Workers and Youth Centre Rathlin Street. (iovan. 445 4263.

Tue 2.108!“ Clown Jewels Puppet Show.


I Barlanark Community

Education Centre 33 Burnrnouth Road. Barlanark. 7731812. (Disabled Access).

Wed 3. 4pm Clown Jewels Workshop.

Thurs 4. 7.30pm Cumbernauld Theatre Co .Them Through The Wall.

I Garthamlock and Craigend Community Education Centre 1 Redcastle Square. (iarthamlock.7719056. Wed 3. 1.30pm Irene

Statement; Showstoppers. Sat 6. 7.30pm Clyde Unity Theatre; When The World Was Young.


I Pollok Community

Education Centre 134

Langton Road. Pollok. 882 5869. Fri 5. 10.30801 Clown

* Jewels Puppet Show.


Conway; Music and song.

Fri 5. 4pm Clown Jewels Workshop.


I Kinning Park Neighbourhood Centre Cornwall Street. Kinning Park. 427 0252.

Wed 3.10.308"! Clown

Jewels Puppet Show.


I Knightswood Community Centre 201 Alderman Road. 9599419.

Tue 2. 7.30pm Cumbernauld Theatre Co; Them Through The Wall.


I Maryhill Arts Centre 11 Malloch Street. Maryhill. 945 3995.

Tue Z-Thursd. 7.30pm (ieezabrek Theatre Co; Land of()pportunity. A group of friends in Maryhill start tip their own cafe with the helpof the [interprise Allowance Scheme. Mark Thomson‘s play explores what happens and how members of the group are affected.

I Maryhill Burgh Halls lnterdec (iallery. 24 (iairbraid Avenue. Maryhill. 946 5912.

Sun 30 April-Sat 20 May Godfrey Banadda Exhibition.

I Maryhill Community

I Househill Community Education Centre so Househillwmid Road.


Wed 3. 7.30pm Priesthill Puppets: l'ndersea Ballet and other shows.

Thurs 4. 7.30pm Clyde Unity Theatre; When The World Was Young.

Fri 5. 7.30pm Peat Road

: Stoatirs; The Furst Fit. A i piece by the company

takingacomiclookatthe : build-uptollogmanayin

a (ilasgow tenement in the i960s.

Sat 6. 1.3opm Free Street Theatre Workshop. While their show . Projcetl. tours Cilasgow. Free Street

; Theatre. residentsofthc

notorious Cabrini (ireen housing estate in Chicago.

: alsogive workshops.

Satfi. 7pm Free Street

Performance; Project! An . exuberant mUsicand

dance show from the

residentsofa notorious

housing estate inChicago. . See Preview.


I Barlinnie Special Unit

Contact: Billy Elliot on 770969]

Fri 5. 12 & 19. 6.30pm Big (ieorge and the Business; R& B band.


I Brunswick Centre 17

\‘l'ardhillRoad. Balornock.55708l2. Tue 2. 5pm Clown Jewels

Centraltlalls349 Marvhill . H ' Frl5.7.3omecilidhwith

Road. 332 91 15.

Thurs 4. 2pm Clown Jewels Workshop.

I Ruchill Unemployed Workers Centre 21 Shuna Street. Ruchill. 946 55.15/5039.

Sat 5. 7.30;)!“ Review 89; The Alternative Bevvy Merchant's Ball.


I Barrhead and Neilston Unemployed Workers Centre Carlibar Primary School Annexe. Slain Street. Barrhead. 881 0615.

Thurs 4. 6pm l’riesthill Puppets; L'ndersea Ballet and other shows.

I Penilee Community Education Centre to (ileddoeh Road. Penilee. 882 3309.

Thurs 4. 7.30pm Visual


The (iallivanters.

I Springburn College


Springburn. 558 9001. Satfi. 7.30pm

( ’umbernauld Theatre;

'I'hem'l’hrough The Wall


I Jarvey‘s Bar & Lounge 4n Kelso Street. Yoker. 941 2855.

Wed 3. 8pm Riot Act; 1"rankensense.

I Yoker Neighbourhood Centre 2418 Dumbarton Road. 952 1652.

Thurs 4. 7.300!!! i‘rontline ’l heatre Company; Who's ()n l‘irst'.’ Jack Sharkey 's comedy about atypical love-jealousy triangle. perlormed by a company sponsored by l-‘riendsoi May test.

36 The List 21 April —4 May 1989