by Peter Arnott and Peter Mullan




AND THROUGHOUT SCOTLAND 20th April - 1 st July

For details phone Wildcat on 041 954 0000


r/‘ofa great new musical

comedy set in Glasgow.

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Adapted by Stephen Macdonald Directed by Charles Nowosleiski Music composed by Richard Cherns

APRIL 18—22, Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock; 24—25, Churchhlll Theatre, Edinburgh; 27-29, Adam Smith Theatre, Klrkcaldy I MAY 1-7, Mayfest, Glasgow; 9—12, Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh; 19-20, Perth Theatre

For further details phone 031 665 2240

We accept payment by ACCESS or VISA

A Box Office 031 665 2240


Facilities: \\'('. R. (1. Help: A. AA].

The Slab Boys Trilogy Wed .‘~ May Sat In May . 7.3tlpm. See .\lay lest ( ‘ommunity Listings.

I KILMAROINNY ARTS CENTRE 51) Kilmardinny Ayenue. Bearsdcn. (141 ‘143 (1311

Who‘s On First? 33 April. Spin. Irontlinc Theatre in a comedy by .lack Sharkey,

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Bo\ ()l'l'icc. Mon Sat noon (rpm. 4 liars, Phone bookings. lickcl (‘entrc. (‘andleriggx .\1on Sat lll.3llam (i..3ilpiii. 1141337 5511.]Acccss;1’.1..1’actliiies. \\'('.R.(i.11c|p1;\..-\.'\].

Carmen t 'ntil Sat 3: Apr. “.fsnpm. £3 £5. (ilasgoyy (irand ( )peia Society in an interestineg timed amateur productionol Bi/ct‘s lamous opera ol Spanish passions. concurrent with Peter Brook's rather more puhlici/ed yersion at the ’1 ram“ ay 'I‘Iicalrc,

Road'l'uc 2 Sat (i.\1ay . 3.3ilpm. £3 £5.51). See Maytesl Diary.

I MITCHELL THEATRE ( irany i11e Street. 331.31%. Box()llicc.\1on Sat noon hpm Bar, (Kile. 'I'ickcis also ay ailahle lront the 'I'ickct ( ‘enli‘c. ( iillitIIL‘i iggs. 33" .5511 Mon Sat ltl.3llam (x311pm. [Access: I’I’A.S'1‘.1"acilities;\\(‘.\\ S. (i. R. B. 11e1p:.-\..-\A].

Teechers Iuc 2 Sat (i \lay . "pm A 3.3lipm 'I'Itut‘s tk Sat .\Iai. £5 (£3511) See .\1ay lest Diary.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE Ncyy Si reet. I’aislcyfiS"11111).Bo\()liiccopcn

Iuc Sun noon .\’_3()pm. Bartopcn

noon ilpin‘l'ue Sat; 13.31) 3.3llpmty (i..‘st) 11pm Sun. Meals scry ed). (ale (open noon 11pm). [Accessz 1’1’A.S'1 I‘acilities: WC. \VS. 12. ( i. R. B. Help: A. AA].

The Diary Oi Anne Frank 1 'ntiI Sat 32 Apr. 7.3llpm. £3.lll)( £1.11“). St .iohn’sDrama ('Iuh in a stage adaptation oi the tragicand moying diary ot a 14-year-old .leyy ish girl in hiding irom the Nazis.

Next production 5 May.

I PALACE THEATRE ‘1 ( ircen Street. Rilmarnock.1150333591).[Accessz 1’. 1.. I'aeilitics: \\'(‘. \VS. 1:.(1. R. B. Help: A. AA].

The Jungle Bookt‘nnl Sat 23 April. 7.3ilpm. £3 (£2). The Brunton 'I‘hcatie are heading toyy ards .‘ylay lest yy ith their touring production oi Stephen MacDonald'sadaptation ol Kipling‘s Classic.

Them Through The Wall iii 33 April. 7.30pm. £3.5ti(£3.5i)). Sec 'Iouring. Flowerol Scotland Show Sat 2*) April. 7.3(lpm. £3.5(1(£3.5l)). Scottish yaricly shoyy lcaturing comedian .\'ei1 ( )\y en. Harmony ROWIIilii's -l 1"“ 5 May . ".3tipni. £3.5i)(£3.5tl). Sec 'I‘ouring.

I PAVILION THEATRE 131 chiield Street. 332 IS-Iii. Box ( )il'icc \Ion Sat IllamvSpm. Bar. [Access: S1. Facilities: yys. (i. Help: AA].

The Red Navy Ensemble t'ntil Sun 23 Apr. 7.3llpm(3ll.31).5.45pm& S. 15pm (33. 33). £7.5iL £13.51). Soy iet cxtrayaganza featuring singers. dancers and musicians of the Blacksea linscmhlc

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC 111i) chireyy Street. II-II .353 51157.]Acccss:1’1’A.1..I‘acilities;\\'(‘. WS. AS. R. B. '1'. (i. Help: A. AA].

Alibi For Murder I'ntil Sat 32 Apr. 7.3(lpm. Mats. Wed 2.3tipm. Sat 3pm. £3 £7(£2). Northhank Productions present a yy‘hodunnit by Hank Williams. yyhiiyy'as the Vicar in Dad's Army. revolving around a famous novelist in a small Sussex y i11agc. Starring I’aul Darroyy . alias Ayon in‘IV's [flu/(1".y5't’i't'li.

Township Boys‘i‘ue 3 Sun 3 May . 7.30pm; 2.31)pmon\\'et1& Sill. £5 (£3511). See Maylest Diary.

My Army‘l'hursJ Sun 7. (TPIII. £5(£3.5i|). See May lest Diary.

Giencoe (Three Faces oiA Crime) Mon

1 Wed 3 May, (rpm. £5 (£3.50). See Mayfest Diary.

I THEATRE ROYAL I lope Street. 331 1334. Box ()llice .‘ylon ~Sat lilam (ipm. (7.3lipm

on pcrieygs). Bar. Bullet. |Access:1’. I’I’A. R. Facilities: \\'('. \VS. 13. (i. R. B. 11e1p1AA].

.\‘e\t pertormances in Maylest. See next issue.

I THIRO EYE CENTRE 3511Sauchic1ni11 Street. 333 "531 . ("ale open 1 lam—3.3iipm '1'ue I‘iiandduringcyening periormances. ].-\ccess: I’I’A. 1,. 1-actlitics: “1'. \VS. 1%. (i. R. B. 11e1p: AA].

Reservations'l'hurs 3t)1’ri31 Apr. ".3llpm. £3.51) ( £3.50). New show from 1.ancaster-hasedperiormancc group; (ilory What ( ilot‘y set in the l'oyerot‘a grand hotel and mixing choreography. lilnnc \ isuals and soundtrack from ('ommunaids' cello player .oncelyn I’ook. Seen lot the lust time at last year‘s National Rey ten ()11 he Art. (i\\'(i join the rapidly sysellmg ranks ol"physical theatre groups \yorkingyyithemotional and psychological game-playing through

Flyhl'i'ue 35 Wed 36 April. 7.30pm. £2.51) 1 .511). 'I‘ip ior would-he theatre groups: it y ou can't think oi a name Ioryour company . all you time to do is combine suitable sy llahles from your respective surnames. 11cnce Stansiat: the collective name ol .lohn Stanton and Steve Slater returning yy ith a brand neyy piece after their appearance at last year's National Reyieyy- oi Live Art. Would-he theatre groups can only speculate as to the meaning of Flyhi. hut I'm going for the Old Saxon yyayoi'tray eiling by air.

Throwing Stones and Catching Rocks Wed 3(i April. 3pm. A free discussion in the Studio 'I‘heatre. led by Stanslat.

Chocolate Money Wed 3 than 4 May. lil_3l1plil. £_‘s,5tl(£3.5il). See .‘y’Iaerst Diary.

The Acts 01 Man—A Trilogy ‘i‘hurs 4—15ri5 .‘ylay . ".3llpm. By iny‘itation. See Mayiest Diary.


'1 ickets lrom '1'icket ('entrc 1141 2375511 [11e1p: AA]

Carmen I hid Sun 3t) Apr. Stitlpm. £(>—£12 (cones ay ail. ). i’etcr Brook's enthusiasm tor the space at The Old 'I‘ransport .‘yluseum alter The Mahabharata last year has meant that these are the only British pcrlormancesoi the original 1981 production yy ith the (‘entrc International De ( 'rcations‘I'hcatraies. ('1("1‘showsarc not often rcy iyed and this is probably the iinalopportunity tosee Brook's economical and intense y'ersion oithe story immortalized hy' Bizct‘s opera. See Rcyicyy.

The Jungle Book Inc 3 Sat (i May. 7.3llpm ck 3.3llpm on Wed. Thur. Sat ck Sun. £4 (£3). See May lest Diary.

I TRON THEATRE (i3 Irongate. 552 4367 8. Box ( )iiicc Illc“ Sat Noon-Spin: Sun 133“ 11pm. ('Iosed Mondays. [Accessz R. S1. I‘llL‘iIlIiL‘sZ WS. 1"..(i. R. B. Help: AA].

The Guid Sisters 1’rey'ieyy‘s'1'hurs 37—Sun 30 April. .\Iain run:'1'uc 3 I‘ri 14 May ék'l'ue 33 Sun 4.1une. 7.3llpm. Previews £35062: £3. Main run £5 ck £4 (concessions ayailahle). See May test Diary.


I BEOLAM THEATRE Forrest Road. (131 235 9S03. [Accesss St. Facilities: WS. (i. B. Help: AA]

Ulysses Fri 38 at 3pm~Sal 3‘) at-lpm.

£3 £ 1 7. Some people will go to any lengths to ayoid late-night TV. A joint record-breaking attempt by Iidinhurgh l‘niyersity 'I‘heatre (‘ompany and lfniyersity Society I'ht' Friends ()fl’uuka .‘Ilut‘l’lie/lmri'. to heat the world's longest dramatic performance. This non-stop, oyer-mght staging ol Jamesloyce‘s

I (run yyill get through In directors. 13() actors. 3o hours and gallons of black collcc. You can pay £2 toget into segmentsotthc play periormedin dittcreni sty les according to the demands oi the text or you can stump up£17and watch from start to finish. In kecpyou

52 The List 21 April-4 May 1989