I‘Hlls Spain. diiccted lw Ian \\ ooldi idge

going thioiigli the night. tlieie'sa hookstall and a cale pro\ ided h} I lie Magic lieant oiiipaii} Speaking asa \etcian ol the nine hour .tlii/iuli/nmua. I'd adx ise you to take a cushion il ~\ou plaiito sit down at all} time dining the tollowing week All proceeds go to l‘LIIllI‘lth’II I'llL'lltIsilt lhc I',.ll'ltl.

I BHUNTON THEATRE Miissclhiii gh. tin“ .iqll I.~\eecs\; I’l’:\. R. St I'acilitics \VL . \\'S.l-.(i.li IIelpLAA| 'I lie Iiiiinton I Iieatie is ciii ienth inhetween seasons. but it you're in the

right place you can still catch its productionotTheJungle Bookasittoiiis Scotland

IGILDED BALLOONeowgatc. 225 3013 225-Hti3 See( aliaictl istiilgs IKINGS THEATHE2 [es en Sti'eet.22‘l I2HI Ho\ ( Illice Mon Sat Illani 8pm Hal I:\L'L‘L'\\ I’I).-\.I I'llellltlc's.\\v('. ws..-\.s‘.i .(i.II lit-ll» .»\.'\| Wayne Sleep lll Bits And Pieces t ltlll Sat 3; Api. .illpin MatinecSal 222 .itlpni L4 ‘ll LI.‘ illlL: .‘lloll loi cones) Sleep once one ol Britain s tophalletdanecis.

has become nioie ot aii ciiteilaiiierand now stars in his ow n show

The Pied Piper I lie 25 Sat 2‘). I UL :PIIIL\ 'piii. “ed e\ 'l huis Ill Ifiani t\ .‘pni; I'll Ill I‘dlil A "pm; Sat 2pm t\ "pin {-1 to .‘H lhisisthe production that stai tc d ott al the National I he atie to much .tLL‘Idllll A musical speclaciilai liased on Iiiowning'spoeiii which will he packing in the school paitics in the eai liei pei loi iiiancc s

I MOHAY HOUSE COLLEGE The Scottish ('entic loi I’hysieal I ducatioii .\to\ ciiiciit and I eisiiic Studies. ( iaiiioiidt aiiipus ('ianioiid Road .\'oi lIl. .il2tilliil, Story-telling: Narrative based theatre .sai

2‘) Sun .ill,\piil. Illani tipiii tlll Ihisis the lust in a “L w sei icsol Mastc i (‘Iasses

(concessions as ailahlcl

alliicd at piolcssii illal ai lists and IL'dLIIL i s and led Ii) iiitei nationth ieiioiiiied tiitois. I his tune the tiiloi is Milse Allicds w ho is know it loi hisdiiecting at the National I IleatlL‘ and his pioneering woi k with Sltalcd l’\[k‘llc‘llee and who hasliisl returned lioiiiwiiikiiig iii(‘hina. Alisli'alia .\ew /.ealaiidaiidt‘anada lhe woi ksliop will inliodiice the pi iiiciplcsol iiai l .tll\c‘ liascd theatre (‘oiilact the college tot lltllllL't details

I NETHEHBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 I Iigli Sliccl. A5095“) Box ( )ltice.

Illani ~1 .illpni. " ‘Ipiii peil. esgs t ale [Access R l'aclllllcs “L. W S. I1. (i II R lIpr A.AA|

Repeated Transmissions t nut 3: .-\pl .iilpiii L3 l L2 l. l he IlIliLtl praised ()sygcii IIotisc lheatie t Ullll an) pic ~e ..l the pick ol lllcll [IIULIIILIIUIIS li‘ date with the lollow iiig lolii play s each c \cning Orange Soultle lw Saul IIcllow . Heads.\ The Education otSkinny Spew by Howard Iiicnlon and Sundance Iii .\lell Rilialow Iliglili leci'llIIlIL'ilLIL'Ll The BeautilulGemme lac-3 \athla'. L‘ (LII Raxiiioiid Ross diainaltc Iilttl to. the lilitll‘.illel.t/'\ oi the lust pIaiiieia/y It

thcic aic .is lll.l|l_\ pulls iii the play aslhe ic ale iii the tile -piiliIicily it ll l‘L one IllltIL hack cl the net loi (iallus l’iodiiciioi.s IHOYAL LYCEUMtiiiiidla) Sheet 22‘) I UN) lios t illicc Mon Sat Illaiii tipiii lilani Spiiionpeit eigs Bai Rest ('alc I I.'\L'\‘c‘ss I’ I l'.iclIllcs'\\'(~ “S .-\S I'.. I (i. II R. I Help. :\. :\.'\l.t I'ITCTIIIL'\-d\(l ('onccssion ( "aids cost Ll . last all year . l giic Ll oil the hill piice each time you come lot you and a lilciid a\ailat\lcto 5 (Mix. i ions. smile-ms. I)rsalilcd.ind \ lSscheiiicl ticketsloi IAL‘L‘llill pioductioiisaicalsoa\ailalilcatthc ; Iick.t( eiilic \\a\eile) Bridge I‘IdllLIIe \\'l-.\l.\1\..\-\llt‘\Ll|ll]t1ll1k L)llcc i‘. s I I.ill.( Ie its Street

The House ot Bernaida Alba t lllll .sai 2*) Apt I‘pili Sat that 2.‘ Apt 3. l.‘p.ii L.‘ ‘0 L~ Anew tiaiisl.itioiih_\ Scottish lillu -\.l_.,IlI IUIIliL llllilitllltl (Hell \ PU\\L l ltlI plas .tI‘iItIt IL picssisc sexual nioies and the dillicull Iile ol women in


'I’he lirst time the Lyceum company has staged Ioiea since its loi iiiation in NM. See ic\lc w

ISPHINGWELL HOUSEArdniillan Terrace. (iorgic. 337 1971. The Zoo Story and The Lesson Sat 22- Sun 23 April. ifillPin. 13 (£1.50). 'I'woAhsurdist one-acteis h} Izdw ard Alhee and Eugene Ionesco

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 I Ianiilton I’lilL'L'. llti 5-125, BU\ ()ttlL‘L‘ Mon Sal ‘)._‘\llaltt 5.30pm. Bar. ('atc. [Accessz I’I’A. R I‘llL‘IllllL‘NI \\'(‘. \VS. AS. Ii.(i. Ilclp: AA]

Busted Sat 22 April. Spin. L3 t L2 l, I.otsol laughs in John McKen/ie's lii‘st stage play tor the Mandela Iheatie, A coniicstah against the di iig laws See 'I'oiiring. Shoogle it About \\ cd 3 Ma} . (isnpm. L I tillpl A new show dc\ ised and pertoi'nied by the Illegitlc \\ orkshop .liinior Youth lllL‘Jllc' and eonccntiatiiigoii school lite iii the late I‘INIIS

I TRAVERSE THEATRE I 12 West Bow. (ii.tsslll;lt Ixcl. .‘Ji 3h.“ IIU\ ( )ttlL'L'

Iuc Sal Illaiii Spin Sun Itlpiii. Bar, Rest. I IL‘IKL'Is also ;i\ atlal‘lc limit] the

II IL'IsL‘l ( ‘L‘IIIIL‘ .\Iill Ixcl \tlL'L'I. l.-\L‘L‘L‘\\

SI I'acilitics I' Help AA]

Smiley and Spatz 2h Apr ll .\ Mia} . .-\ chance to he seianaded in lllc I‘lll’ hi two men. a hanlo and a catalogue ot songs tioiii the 20s. ills alid ~ttls. I‘IL'L'

Scottish Student Drama Festival t‘niil Sun 23 Apr. L3 filltt2filll A selection ot the new work hunt the Sth SSI)I~ now liiiished in ( ilasgow. As well as the ad\ ei‘tised shows helwcen I'l'lLId) and Sunday . you

w ill he treated to the odd shoil length play ill the Studio I llcalic specially selected lionitilasgow.

Illlll s In: A Few lrom the Fridge, .‘snpm l'llL' t 'ollegc in Ii llll Rains spool on the Arthur Miller classic l-n_‘l Burning Prayers I:\ehange Iheatiet oinpany piesent

fillpin I-aii'

I'dwaid liliiiii's play dealing with Ianuh conllict in a woi Id ol political tiniest l his exeiiing‘s shoits are Justine h} .Ianies Maior and Mollie M‘Collie h} I)'l\ id Killw w Iiich w ill he show ii tirst in the new Studio IllL‘dll'L‘.

Sat :3: Weddings and Alter 7.30pm. Matte Ill ( ilasgow Ilicatie t 'onipan} pei'lornian oi igiiial woi I. based on a poem by \\ illiani Mellhaney (onipanioii piecesthis c\citlltg III the studio tltcatlc .it'e Stephen (ilLL'Illlul n s Like Lightening and Audrey \isc-n'sWhen I Grow Up I'm Going To Be... Siiii23. Fairy Stories ' .iilpni .Iohn IIai‘\e_\ splay icinleipietsold stoiiesiii a new and distuitiing way I)uiidee( ollcge ol I'tii'thci Iidticatioi'. tell the tales 'I he shorts are Beverley‘s Granny by him}

L assid} and What IS It About Her? It) .lacislc Iiieiil Iranian Nights Sat 23 Apr il. 2pm. LI .5“ (I. l l. A reading-oi the in w play by How aid Iheiiloii and I and All. based on the Saliiiai. I<iishdie allaii. Book eaiI} Ioi this oiic-oll leading in the studio theatre (sec lLtlTUIL'I

The One Sided Wall Inc 25 Sun SHApi ll,

.illpai A \l\ Miiiidi's power lul new play

t‘.i\L'tIiill Iile lllSILIL Iiioadiiiool I‘syc'lii.iii.. Ilospital See l’ie\icw Marianne lttL _‘ Sun Sl.i}."._‘\llliiii 1.4 .‘Il (LINN \\ omen til the I'iencli Resistance aie tlie Ii‘cal poini ol Katie ( ‘ainphell's new pla) lot Studio l\\o. .-\ eclettl'alloliot courage. lm all} and spiiit in the hue ol the .\a/ts

Edinburgh Playwrights' Workshops

lhiii sda_\\. ‘pni. Ll (Slip). Weekly in the studio lllcallc. new plays are lead. 2ll April lmproperRelationstw R s .silset A siiccessliil iiidiisti ialist witIi a ll iistiated LIL‘SIIL totietonie an iiiieiiloi' iiitioduccsa young engincci ititohistainily with llIlI‘ILLIIthtI‘IL’ results I’oslpolled tlolli last week this is the last leading in the \ iiiicnt

This section lists shows that are touring Scotland. We give detailed listings onlytor

periods when they are in the Central Belt area. There is a phone number toreach company. however. should you require more inlormation. Unless otherwise specitied. the number alter each venue listed isthe telephone number tor ticket enquiriestor that particular evening (please note. this is not always the venue number).

I Busted ‘I'he Mandela 'I’heatre troni the (iateway Iixchange. Iidinhurgh launch out on their lirst tour. with a new play h} John McKenzie w Iiieh relates what happens between the time when Kenny mos-es into Mike's flat. and the day when Mike is busted tor drugs. For more details please call Mandela Theatre Company on 031 22‘) 7455. ('urnegre Hull. Dull/emilme 'I'hurs 20 April. 7.30pm 0383 720108. Boriur Hull. Dmulee I~'ri 21 April. 7.30pm “382 2353i) 2Il2524. I‘llr’uln' Il'rir/nIm/i.

I- iliiilmrgli Sat 22 April. 7.30pm 225 7942, Mm Robert .‘Trh (entre. Stirling Ihurs 2" ck Hi 28. 7.30pm tl7S(i(iItlSl.

I Harmony HOW Wildeat's latest musical L‘UITIL‘LI) is a lunch stab at the I’oll Tax and comes with the hacking ot NAIL i() aspait ot the SI Lt anti-tax campaign. I’etei Arnott and Peter Mullan‘s play is .set in a street whose nomination tor a Neighbour/timil oft/re Year award is thieatened h) the non-pa} nient campaign ot one ol its residents. Private and public polities. lllltsic and jokes. hit more details calllMI ‘ISJtltltlll.

.-llienIee/i Arts ( 'eillre Illlll’S 20 Sat 22 April. Spin. 0224041 l22. How'den l’urA ('eiilre. 1.1i mgsrmi Mon 24 April. '7 30pm. (l5tlti 324W» (tint/terllilu/(I Hti‘ulrr'll'tle

25 Sat 2‘) April. "7.45pm. 023673288”. l’orrolie/lo [Hit It llu/l'l ue 2 Ma} . 7.30pm (contact IIohsoii‘sehoice. Brighton I’lace. I’oi'tohello tor tickets). I'tl/A‘ll'A low it Hall \\ cd 3 Ma} . 7.30pm. 032-1 Lsnfis. Palace Theatre. Kilmarnock’l'liius 4 I‘ll 5 Ma) . 7.30pm. 0563 235‘)“ Tom L‘iilltllltlcs

I Jungle Book The Brunton I heatre's successlul adaptation ol Kipliiig‘s stories



Mandela Theatre Company

Saturday 22 April 8.00pm £3 (£2 conceSSion)

SltllllElE II ABIIIIT TWYouth Theatre

’stabbing satire of 80’s school life’

Wednesday 3 May 6:30pm ET (50p concessron)


'Arthur Miller gets his revenge’

Friday 5 - Saturday 6 May 7.30pm £2.50 (£1.50 concessron)


Hi. cote / Bar

Open lOam - 5 m Monday - Satur ay, Late during performances



Grassmarket, Edinburgh.

BOX OFFICE 031226 2633. Tickets £3.50 conc £2.50

Tuesday 18—Sunday 23 April, 7.30pm SCOTTISH STUDENT DRAMA FESTIVAL at The Traverse A selection of the new work from this year’s SSDF —— with a programme of SHORTS Friday—Sunday

Tuesday 2—Sunday 7 May, 7.30pm STUD/O TWO present the premiere of '


written by Katie Campbell

‘. Tuesday 25—Sunday 30 April, 7.30pm - AXIS MUND/ present THE ONE SIDED WALL by Niki Johnson & Janet Creswell



I he I ist 21 April 4 Ma} NS") 53