IArena: The OtherGraham Greeneiimt'Z) ‘) 3“ lil .‘llpm. 'l'he noyelist setsotfin some kind of allegorical search for his mysteiious(Io/i/u'lgu’ncers. It I know stn'nu this could degenerate into sell-parody quite early on

I The Fatal Attraction of Adoll Hitler (BB(‘l l I“ Ill ll 5ilpm Major documentary special to commemorate (it. that‘s tlte iiglit word) the hundredth anniyeisaiy oi the l-uhrei 'sbirth Biographei Alan Bullock guidesy iewers through lilrri footage and interyrews with people w ho knew him personally.

IThe Late Sh0W(BB('.’.)

ll.l5pm 12. l5am As part of the short season ot lure Slimsscelebrating BBL'Z's 35th anniyersar'y. British sax hero Andy Sheppard introduces lilrn ol . among others. Art Blakey. lti'rol ( iar'ner. Woody Herman and lubby llayes.


ITalkingtoa Strangeri BBQ)

7 55 9.25pm. l’irst broadcast In 1964. and repeated as part ol BB(‘2's35th anniyeisary . this seriesot playswas described by (ieorge Melly . then-'l‘Vcritic of [he ()lm-ri'er. as 'thc first authentic rriasterpieee written directly for lelcyision'.

IThe Gold Rush ((4) S 9.25pm. ln what is w idely agreed to be ('liarlic(‘haplin‘s greatest silent feature. the little man plays a gold prospector in Alaska. Made in 1935.

I Yes Minister ( mu ‘2) t) 25 9.55pm. The BAl’l‘A .-\ward-winningedition.

I Not the Least at Not the Nine O'Clock News (BBLZW 55 lil.25pm. llighlrghtsotthc lust seticsot those zany pianksteis. Wonder how it holds up after ten.courit them. rm years‘.’

I The Ice Palace ( BB( ‘2)

ll.25pm l2.4tlam. Visually impressiye Norw egiari film. made in 1988. tellingof the friendship of two I 1-year-old girls in a snow bound Village. :\ search party is rounded tip w hen one of the girls w anders alone into the hostile landscape.

I The Man With the Golden Arm ((4)

l 3. lilani A welcomeshowingfoi'thc W5!) ( )tto l’reminger classic. starring Frank Sinatra as the junk-addicted poker dealer trying to kick his habit ()ricot Sinatra's finest-eyei moyie performances.


I The London Marathon ( But ‘1)

l). lilam ll. lllpm. l l\ e coy erage of more than 251“) running trotti(itccltwiclt Park to Westminster Bridge. Willi a total of £35ll.ilililpri/e money tor the serious athletes. some hot competition can be expected at the front

I The Henderson Kids it ’4) ll .‘siiam noon the :‘sustralian iny asioii continues. not with a soap but w ith a mini-series. When the kids' mother meets tier end in a road accidertt they are sent to stay with their uncle in a sleepy fishing s illage the twin i'ccommendations to this one appear to be the location shots in \'ictoi ia and aeameo by Kylie .\linogue as a 14-year -old in an ultra-tight school uniform. Hilllllltt. Well. the scenery 's bound to be nice. at least.

I The Women‘s FA. Cup Final ((4) 5.3(l>-h.3ilpm. (iood old ('4 take the initiatiye again. bringing women's football ~ with 24(ielubs in Britain to thescreens. 'l‘hc competing teams in the iiiial are l.easowe l’acitic from I.iyerpool and l‘riends of li‘iilham. Interestingly. women's games are consistently higher-scoring than men's. which is a good enough reason to screen it in the lirst place.

I Lost Worlds. Vanished Lives ( But ‘2) 7.15- 7 55pm. it's the latest Attenboroughl And Viewers will tune in to this four-parter in their millions as Sir l)ay'e turns his boy ishly enthusiastic attention to fossils.

I Fragile Earth: The Hills are Alive (( ‘4)

7. l 5‘ 8. 15pm. Three years since the (‘hernobyl disaster. high leyelsot radiation still contaminate the hill farming communities in ('umbria and. ironically . a community in the shadow of Sellaiield.


I Zola Budd: The Girl Who Didn‘t Bun (BBCZWJU-10.30pm. An‘intensely personal quest' by actor Kenneth (iriltith. who challenges the ()ly rnpic Board's decision to ban Zola. and champions the view that she was a needless y'ictim of politics.

I Murderers Among Us: The Story at Simon Wiesenthal (Scottish) 9-~ lllpm and

HUS—l l .Ztlpm. First night of a new mini-series. starring Ben Kingsley asa Nazi-hunter. (‘oncludes tomorrow night. I Fahrenheit 451 ((4)9 -l l. lllpm. ’l‘riilfaut's Who y ersion of Ray Bradbury 's noy'cl creaks a little by now . but it has earned its place as a classic.


I The Liie Revolution: Pandora‘s Box ( (‘4) ‘l-- lllpni. (‘an cells generated from your blood or bone marrow be patentedva reseai chers'.’ 'l'his w as the question faced by ('alitornian .lohn Moore. whose unusual resistance to disease w as pounced on by the l‘niyersity of(‘alitornia Medical ('enter

I The Late Shiit ((4) flip-Janina A double-header starting with a l’leetwood Mac retrospectiye. with rare early clips. followed at l.3llam by a 1983 concertgiy en by [on Reed in (ii‘eenw ich Village. Some electrifying moments. mainly trom lead guitarist Robert ()tiine. but decidele weak material. '


I Shalom Salaam i BM ‘3 ) ‘Hil 10.30pm. A repeat showing ot the liye-parterthat won two awards at last year‘s(‘anncs International TV l'cstis al. A loy e triangle that cuts into the ll\cs of a .lcw tsh anda \ltislim tamin begins in a iiuilti-racial comprehensiy e in Leicester

I Club X(('4) lil. l5 11.45pm. Scepanel. I MyAin Folk ((4) l2. l5 l.l5am. 'I'o tieiii w ith the show irig oi ( 'omrurlcs tomorrow. (‘4 are showing director Bill Douglas‘s acclaimed autobiographical trilogy. In this. the second iilrn. the young hero liasto lace tip to the death ol hisgrandmother.

IComradesi(‘4)9.3upm lanifl'birlecn .‘cars alter .lli' sir/i l-o/k. and alter nine years struggling to raise money for his project. Bill Douglas‘s epic film of the


Starting at 10.15pm on Wednesday 26 and lorthe next 23 weeks Channel 4 will be making yet another bid tor the ‘yooi‘ audience, with ‘Club X', so called because the action will be moving irom one venue to another throughout the country. But tear not, this is not just a hipper version oi ‘The Hitman and Her‘.

The iormat was devised by Eel Pie, Pete Townshend‘s company, in collaboration with trained artists Hichola Bruce and Michael Coulson oi the award-winning production company Muscle Films, and the programme’s intention is to present all that‘s new and exciting in music, drama, design, comedy, theatre, TV. or ‘popular culture' generally. Says series editor Charlie Parsons on his project, ‘We‘re hoping that “Club X" will do lor the arts what “Ready Steady Go“ did ior music a quarter oi a century ago.‘

Leaving aside the question oi what ‘Beady Steady (50‘ actually did do for music all those years ago, the interesting thing about ‘Club X‘ is its mixture oi live and pie-recorded material, the latter being iarmed out to diiterent production companies around the country. In the lirst programme, (or instance, Working Title TV present a ten-minute drama entitled ‘These Colours Don't Bun‘; lmagecrest otter ‘Buygones‘, a segment which lampoons design disasters oi the not-so-distant past; Muscle Films

weigh in with ‘The Heckitts‘, ‘Club X"s own soap: and our very own Big Star in a Wee Picture, responsible ior C4's excellent ‘Haliwayto Paradise‘, introduce the lirst segment at ‘Obsessions‘, locusing on ordinary people whose lives are dominated by some aspect oi popularculture. It’s a subject Big Star should be able to handle well —such items (like the sympathetically-portrayed AI Jolson impersonator) on ‘Hatiway to Paradise‘ were often excellent.

One highlightto lookiorward to is a history otthe black leatherjacket, made by Classic Films in the USA, and narrated by the spine-tingling voice of Dennis Hopper. tn the meantime presenters (left to right) Martina Attilie, Murray Boland, Joel Coleman and Fou Fou will have to sutiice. (Alastair Mabbott)

'l‘olpuddle Martyrs story reached the screen. Although no box-office blockbuster the film was a major critical success and a fascinating interpretation of the eyentsofthe mid- lSlllls.

I NB (Scottish) lil.35 <1 I .(l5pm. Bryan Burnett. Janice Forsyth arid Alan (‘ampbell host the first edition of Scottish 'l'eley'ision's new artsprey'icw and review programme. See Shortlist at the front


I Paradise Alley ( BB(‘ll

lll.25prn- [2.25am. Sly Stallone's debut as a director. and he stars as ('os'mo(‘arboni. w ho decides the way out of l lell's Kitchen is by exploiting hisbrothcr's bosingskills.


I The Likely Lads ( 1313c: )35 S. 5.5pm. BB( ‘2 should haye anniversaries every month it they ‘re going to disinter their comedy classics again. this is.lames Bolarn and Rodney Bewes in theoriginal. pre- ll’lruli'i'i'r Happened In. . " series.

I The Young Ones ( But ‘2 l 9.55 in. Rilpni. Set the y ideos lor this it you don't li'iy'eit already. l.ast broadcast on 3-1 .liiiie lllS5. :t that helps you remember

I Scarface (Scottish) l 2.45am Howard Hughes classic ltlrtt. modelled on Al (’apone (it was subtitled I'lie .S‘lrumeoiu Nation). drew great praise for its

‘new srecl quality and unflinching portrayal ofeyents.


I 7-Sp0t‘t((‘-1)5.3ll (i.-15piii. With the intention otgiy'iltg sport the same treatment lltilt .Vc'lli'rn‘k Tgaye to. well. \s'haley'er it w as .Vi’rw'ork 7was about. this series promises to present sport as l \' neye r has before. the most groundbreaking feature seems to be the opportunity giyen eyery' week to adii‘ectoi to make a ‘moy ic‘ about some aspect of sport that interests them.

I Theatre Night: The Winslow Boy ( But '2) 7.55 lil.35pm. This play must holdsomc kind of record for the number of timesit's been lilmed. lt'sltcartstring tuggingstuit. though. and this production stars l-iiinia ’l'hompson. (iordott .lackson. lan Richardson and Rosemary l.each

I Scottish BOOKS(Scotlislt)13 its 1335. New books looked at by Jenny Brown and guestsby Father Anthony lingard. (‘arl McDougall. Duncan Williamson and Alastair Scott.


I DrZhivagoHilK‘l) HS .i.Siipiii. A gripping Bank Holiday 's y iew ing starts with the ( )scai -winriing No.5 classic. which sury iyes the adaptation from l’asternak's noyel. though not without clunisiness.

I Star Trek III: The Search for Spock(BBC1) 8.25—10.10pm. The most durable otthelour 'I'ri'k films. cleyerly buildingon the foundationsol the 'l‘\' series. and making the most of the ’I rekkies‘ established loyalties. Significantly . it took l.eonard .\'imoy taking oy er the director's chair to get it right at last

I Pale Rider ( Scottisli ) ‘l lllpm.

lit. l5 ll .iilpni ('lint l~'.astwood manlully' struggles against the years to recreate his Man With No Name persona in the W85 moer. .\'o riiasteipiece. but not an entirely shameful rey iy'al

I Static ((4). 9pm. l'ansot Rv/m llun should still go for this gentler American film. w inch is charmingly oil the wall. but orily yaguely Sl'. ltngagingperformance from Keith ( iordori as the assembly line worker lit a crucifix factory whoclainisto hay e inyented a machine that shows II\ c picturesol lleayen, IAnnie Hallilmt‘li in It Rilpm. ('onlirmed Woody Allen's status asa major film-maker when it first came out in W77. and still looks wonder l'ul today l’ossibly his finest moment. and definitely Diane Keaton‘s. IMiamiViceilmt‘l l til 25 ll.lllpltt. if

you thought last w eek’s sounded oy'erthe

the List 21 April 4 May 1989 55