Humphrey l.yttleton. trumpeter. handleader. writer. and broadcaster. is one of the enduring institutions on the British

mainstream jazz scene. If that makes him sound like something of a museum piece. it gives a distinctly false impression. As KENNY MA'I‘I IIIiS( ).\' diseov ered. the l.yttleton hand have heen in the front rank for over forty years precisely hecause they have remained

open to new influences. from hlues to hop.

‘l '\e always tended to get upon a stage. look around. and see w ho is around me. and then let the music

dey elop from that.‘ Ilumph explained. 'I've always felt that was a

hetter idea than trying to mould them into a pre-determined pattern. “e have always played a lot of hlttes. especially since Stan (ireig has heen in the hand. I'm a mainstream trumpet play er. and my emhouchure

is not rigged to handle hehop

playing. hut w e now have the new input from Alan Barnes as well. who is more ol a hop player. I think the

strength ol new British jazz lies in the

willingness ol the players to adapt.‘

Barnes. w ho replaced the

inimitahle Bruce 'l‘urner (once lahelled ’l'he I)irty' Bopper hy indignant tiatl fans in Birmingham in the early l‘lfills. a sohriquet he used with glee as a record title) on tenor saxophone. makes his Iidinhurgh dehut with the group when they pay

trihute to the music of Duke

IilIington. the man I lumph once descrihed as ‘the patron saint of all ; touring jazz musicians.‘

l.ytt|eton has rarely heen tempted to approach his music in an academic spirit. despite an occasional project

like his speculative attempt to recreate the likely sound of jail! pioneer Buddy Bolden. who never recorded. Nonetheless. he did recall an early project which involved a strong Scottish connection.

‘I did once try to recreate the feeling ofthc King()liver Band.l have always felt the other hands who did that have missed the point. hecause they used the two cornets together. whereas Louis Armstrong and ls'ing()liver actually played almost independently ofeach other. The nearest I got to that was a record I made with Sandy Brown and Al

I‘airweather in the 1950s.

‘I was envious of Al‘s trumpet playing. the way he captured the early Armstrong sound everyone was alter then. and we got quite close to the right feel. even though we were using trumpets rather than cornets. I’arlophone were very good at that time I did a record more or less every month. and hecause they didn‘t know anything ahout jazz. they tended to support whatever daft

idea I came up with!’

Hump/trey [.vII/t’lmz Bum]. lidin/im'g/t Queen 'v Hull. BSA/Nil.


The programme for this year's higgest-ever (ilasgow International Jazz Festival will he announced on 25 April. The Festival runs from 23 June to 2 July; venues include the Theatre Royal. the 'I'ramway. RSAMI). Third Eye ('entre and the (if’I'. with one-offeventsat Kelvingrove Park. the Ilenry Wood Hall. and (ilasgow Cathedral.

w here (‘omposer in Residence John Surman will perform a specially commissioned ('horal piece with the Phoenix


., .e, j...‘ Fairground Attraction (8, 9 May)


I GLASGOW BARROWLAND (041 226 4679) Then Jerico. 16 May; Fields oIthe Nephilim. 28 May; Transvision Vamp. 21 June.

I GLASGOW GOVAN TOWN HALL(041 2275511) Carmel. 10 May;The Go-Betweens. 11 May; Goodbye Mr MacKenzie. 17 May; Lahi Sittre. 20 May. I GLASGOW SECC(041226 4679) Stevie Wonder. 9 May; Johnny Cash. 11 May; Everly Brothers. 12 May; Diana Ross. 13 May; Bob Dylan. 6June; Simple Minds. 8—9 August.

I GLASGOW PAVILION (041226 4679) Fairground Attraction. 8-9 May; Texas. 16 May; China Crisis. 22 May; 10.000 Maniacs. 27 May.

I GLASGOW RENFREW FERRY ((041 227 5511) Zvuki-Mu. 4—6 May;John Martyn. 14—15 May.

I GLASGOW TRAMWAY (041227 5511)Avia. 5—6 May.

I LIVINGSTON FORUM (0506 419191)The Stranglers. 10June.


l i l



Choir. l 2275.“! 331 l23~I 332 The popular Riverhoat 9000): all other tickets will Shuffle on the PS goon sale in late May.



Waverley adds a third sailing. while theJazz Band Ball finds a new ‘j home at the I Ioliday Inn

on the closing night. I Problems with the wholly inappropriate Late Night (‘luh venue at the Ilospitality Inn willhe resolved hy a change of ! locale. while the (‘Iuh will feature a considerahly heeled-up programme. The Festival hrochure w ill he availahle late May; phone (MI 236331): to resery e your copy. 'I‘ickets for'I‘heatre Royal concertsandthe(‘horal I Premiere are on sale from ZSApril(hookingsonIMl :


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I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (031 557 2590) Scottish Ballet/Peter Pan. 3—13 May. I EDINBURGH USHER HALL(031 2281155) SCO/SPCA1501h Anniversary Gala. 19 May; SNO Proms. 3-10June.


I GLASGOW PAVILION (041226 4679) Songhai. 18 May.

I GLASGOW CITY HALL (041227 5511) Capercaillie. 9 May; Dick Gaughan. 10 May. I GLASGOW GOVAN TOWN HALL (041 227 5511) Davy Spillane Band. 5 May;Ted Hawkins. 6 May; R.D. Lang.


,2me FERRY (041.227 5511)

Carey & Lune Bell. 10 May: (tickets £17; postal Robin Williamson. 12 May; applicationsto Regular AItan. 13 May; YoIocamba Music. PO Box 77. GPO l-Ta.13—14 May; Pierre Edinburgh) Simple Minds. Benusan/The Picts. 20 May. 12 August. I GLASGOW STEVENSON I EDINBURGH PLAYHDUSE HALL (041 227 5511 ) Paco (031 557 2590) Everly Pena. 6 May. Brothers. 14 May; IEDINBURGH GEORGE Bananarama. 16 May; The SOUARE THEATRE (031 225 Shadows. 17 May; WASP. 4583) Marta Sebestyen & 18 May; Hue and Cry. 19/20 Muzsikas. 6May. May; R.E.M.. 23 May; Elvis Costello. 25 May; Gary JAZZ 81 BLUES “0°”. 2‘5 MaV:3""'eV IGLASGOW PAVILION “3339* 7 0“ (041225 4679) Courtney IEDINBURGH OUEEN'S pine. 10MawGeorge Texas. Many. 11_12 May: Fairer 14 May; PaulHaig. 17May: Sax. 17 May. China Crisis. 23 May; .Gusgow RENFREW Maniacs. 227 IEDINBURGH USHER Mam" Taylor. 7”” “All (031 2231155) I ouscow STEVENSON Fal'gwund mam". 20 HALL (041 227 5511) Kolner may; Saxophone Mafia. 5 May.

I LIVINGSTON FORUM (0506419191) Kenny Ball & IGLASGOW CITY HALL His Jazzmen. 20 May. (041227 5511) Academy 01 I EDINBURGH OUEEN‘S

Ancient Music. 12 May. HALL (031 668 2019) Chico

I GLASGOW THEATRE Freeman Ouintet. 5 May; ROYAL (041 331 1234/332 Dewey Redman Ouartet. 12 9000) Philip Glass May; The Tilting Ground Ensemble/1000 Airplanes (New Scottish Music). 19 On The RooI.10—13 May; May; Marion Montgomery. Scottish Opera/La Traviata. 26 May.

5.26 May.3June;Don IEDINBURGH USHER Giovanni. 6. 24. 30 May; HALL (031 228 1155) Dizzy

Gillespie's United Nation

Street Scene. 23. 25. 27. 31 i BigBand.2June.


58'I'he ll April

.4 May 1%“)