Reeords. North Bridge; Iona Records. Stoek“ ell Street. (ilaxgon . Humphrey Lyttelton and lTIS hand eelehrate Duke l2llington. And guess \\ ho Brian Kellock pan homage to. in this week'spiano trilirrte.

I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ‘resr Hotel. ()ueenxterr} Road. 3.“: 34-13.

7.45 ll 45pm. Soul inn with piano itL‘L‘ttilipititlmeltt.

I Alpha Jazz Quartet t".llL‘TSlC}' l lollse Hotel. l~ ller'xle} Road. (‘orstor'phino 337 (rS’SS‘, S llpm

I Danny Dorrian and Friends ( ‘umherland l lolel. \\ e\l ( 'oale\ ( iat'detis. S3” ltpm.



I Bute Jazz Festival. See panel.

I Story 0t Jazz ( 'rm an ( ‘entre. ( 'rm an Street. Stirling. Spm With the Edinburgh Jazz Ouintet

I Dave MacLellan Quartet ( ’urler‘s. it; lets Road. 3.3“ 5..‘~ilpm. RCSidenL‘}.

I Ron Moore. Rikki Fernandez and Friends In 'l'axer‘na ~a\do\\ ne ('reseerrt . 33‘) "l3S. i) llpm. l’r‘ee. Resident guitar and liaxs \\ ith guest nursreran eaeh neek.

I George McGowan Orchestra Berlin lounge liar . S lit \Vext (ieorge Street. Queen Street Station. 335 3383. 3 5pm. l-ree. ‘l he Big liand Sound. old and new I Bill Fanning Orchestra Soelet} ()r Musierans. Berkeley Street. 33] (it l3. 3pm. \Veekl} exerrt

I Society Quartet Soeiet} ()t Mtlsicittth. Berkeley Street. 33l M 13. Spm. Slip. .\lrrsre and darrerng \\ ith led Bosle}. guitar. .lrmms Alston. \oeal\;(ieorge Morrison. liaxs guitar; l’at (iallagher'. drums


I Honestas Brass Band ( ‘har'itiex l’arade. 3pm. l’r inees Street. .\'e\\ ()rleanxstHe maiehrng hand.

I Wide Angle l’alaee i lotel. (‘asrle Street. 335 (i333. Ne“ \entre hopr tot’eature |r\e1_\ . toting-looking musre. startingott \\ ith regular Saturda} night gigs. Aiter EightMince.

I Rootsie Tootsie Band l’r'esen ation l lall. Vietor‘ra Street. 33h 38H». er_\thm and Blues.

I Alex Shaw Trio l’latlorm l.Rutland Street. 335 3433. Lunehtime.

I Dr MacJazz Basin Street. 1 la} market. l'\enrng. 'l'rad \emre.

I Shore Music The Shore Bar Restaurant. The Shore. 1 erth. 9pm. ’l onrght Ewan Baird Group. gurtar. piano. pass.

I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ‘r est t lolel. ()ueenxterr) Road. 333 3443.

"7.45 l 1 .-15pm. Songs. blues) and soullul. at the prarro.

I Toto And The Jazz Bostons l’r‘esen ation Hall. \‘retorra Street. 3303510 3 4pm.

SUNDAY 30 Glasgow

I Bute Jazz Festival. See panel.

I Strathclyde Youth Jazz Orchestra Sue-ten ()i Mtrxrerarrs. Berkele} Street. 331 (il 13. 3pm. .\'on members Ll. l)ireeted by liolwli} \Vixlrart.

I Paisley Arts Jazz r’arxle} Am ( ‘entr‘e. New Street. l’aisle} SS7 lttlil lunchtime lrom l3..‘~ilpm. l.l\ e musie.

I Westwood Jazz Club RSM‘ ll lilythmood Square. 331 385”.

Spin 1 lpnr. Doorsopett "Slipm. Members [3. gue\t\ L4. Seeond night oi the he“ (lth brings Kit Carey'sJazzmen. I Duncan Whyte Jazz Band Studio ( )ne Lounge. ( ir'osxenor Hotel. lhres Road. 7.3o limo. '

I George Penman’s Jazz Band Curlers. litres Road. 334 1384. 'l‘r'ad from

8.30 liliilpm.


I Sunday Club t.'.»\rruehe. Rtrtland l lore-l. West lind ot l’rinees Street. 3 (rpm. l-'ree. Bar meals available all alternoon. Modern


A giant oi a musician, Randy Weston stands six ioot seven, one oi the most colouriul and under-rated tigures oi post-war American jazz. In his iather’s Brooklyn diner he took care oi Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Miles Davis and Max Roach. He even played piano with Charlie Parker, who encouraged him to become a iull-time musician. And when the time was right Weston played his iirst iew gigs with Art Blakey and Kenny Oorham.

Although his many compositions are bright with melody, as in the Blue Note hymn to his son Little Niles, he knows that time is at the heart oi music, and owes his allegiance to what he calls the ‘Duke-Monk school' and his love at drums, percussion and Airica. In 1968, while most black Americans only talked about their history and roots in another continent, Weston went to live in North Airica. It was the culmination at his awareness oi the ever decreasing respect ior jazz in the States, and the spiritual aiiinity he had discovered in trail blazing cultural exchanges through the early 603. He describes his tirst visit, to Nigeria with a group oi musicians including Lionel Hampton and Nina Simone, and stepping into the bright light at Lagos airport: ‘We got oil the plane and all oi a sudden we heard the sound at drums . . . I knewthen that this was my home.‘

Later he traversed the continent in a sextet that included Ctitiord Jordan on tenor and Ed Blackwell on drums, and alter a tow return visits to Morocco, settled there as a musician and

“53,. 37;. .. . Sauna-i i "l

Out oiAirica. Randy Weston. Oueens Hall 21st.


Since the mid 703 he has toured widely, his solo piano encompassing the history at black American music, and his music optimistic, joyiul and iniectiously rhythmic. At Edinburgh's Dueens Hall on the Zist, he tops the bill.

Trad and mainstream ions can have a blow-out in Bute over the weekend oi the 28—30th, with Max Collie, Fat Sam, George Penman and many more bands. and a strenuous list oi events, including an 8-venue club crawl on the Saturday night and a Rothesay Castle Big Band Special on Sunday afternoon. Phone 0700 3734 (day) ior more iniormation and accomodation. Or stay in Edinburgh ior Humph. The Lyttelton band makes it to the Queens Hall on the 28th. See Music Page. (Norman Chalmers)

jazz in the basement liar. 'l‘rio \\ ith \xeekl} guest. 'l‘his week Kevin McKenzie. guitarist. I Brian Kellock Trio l’latlorm I. (‘aledonian Hotel. Rutlzmd l’laee. 1 3pm. Modern iaz/ piano.

I Liz MacEwan/Jim Henry ( ‘ale A I... Ronde. York l’laee. 13.3” 3.30pm. Blues. Jan and soul tor your luneh.

I Jim Henry Group Raehtrrn Bar. Raehur n l’laee. 1 3.30pm.

I Acanihus Waxerley Bridge. B} Wmerle} Station entranee. live lunehtime musie from the Diplomats oi Jazz.

I Capital Jazz Band (‘rexr lime-I. ()ueensi'err) Road. 333 3443. 3- 5pm.

I Jazz Sunday Royal British Hotel. l’rrnees Street. S’ llprn. l‘ree. unless \PL‘L‘Iill guest artists are performing. Tonight the residents. Mike Hart‘s Society Syncopators rnelude singer Wendy Weatherby.

I Barony Jazz Barqu Bar. Broughton Street. 55705-10 live band. SSH llprn. 'l‘onight Melanie O'Reilly and Francis Cowan. Voeals with guitar.

I Alpha Jazz Quartet title-me) House Hotel. lillersley Road. ('orstor'phine. 33" 0888. S llpm.

MONDAY 1 Glasgow

I Gillespies Jazz Parade ( itllesptes. 2r, (’heapeside Street. ol'i ('l}de Street. Kit Carey's Jazz Band and guests. 9pm. Holiday Late Night.

I George Penman‘s Jazz Band ( ‘arnegies .lau ( .hit). 143 St Vineent Street. 33o3S33. ‘) l3pm. ‘l'rad masters.

I Live Jazz ( ‘hadis Restaurant. ISS Bath Street. 331 3.357.


I Martin Foster Trio Maxies Bistro. \Vest

.\'iehol\oir Street. ‘r'pm l3 midnight

I Shore Music ’l he Shore Bar Restaurant. the Shore. l.eilh ‘lpm. l orrrglrt Hugh and Graham. \\\ irrg \ iolrn and guitar

I East Coast Jazz Band mire-l rrgrtr‘lt. Angle l’ark lerraee. .Vil ‘)‘l33 l'\erring ‘)A l3pm l{e‘\ltlt'ltl 'l rad l‘.tiltl

TUESDAY 2 Glasgow

I Monty's Bar And Diner 13% Argx le Street. near Kel\ lil Hall. ‘34 Wit" l‘xening. l r\ e tau nrglrt. marnlx l rad I BUDDY Wishart l lalt liar . \\ oorllattrls l{o;rd..‘~.‘~3 I31” l'.\emrrg leading \a\ophorri\t\ ia// and ltl\lttll lrand

I Jazz BUS“ ell l lrtlL'l. \lalhlrtll House Road. I arrgsrde. Pspm (ieorge ()gil\ ie lead\ the l rad and Hum ltaxlt IJazz Academy liorrlrams. lit res Road.

3.‘ A434. lixening.


I Louisiana Ragtime Band \.1\ aar Home l lolel. .\t.r_\ lielrl ( iatrleth hit" .353“ l:\ening. I Shore Music the Shore liar Rexlatrr ant. the Shore. l.erth. Uprn lorrrglrt Robert Pettigrew and Kenny Ellis. piano dorrlrle hits» I Barony Jazz Baron} Hat. liroughton Sir-e-er.55“ris.rn Jack HammerBand ‘l ll..‘\llpnr Singer leads \a\ andgrrirar




I Perdido Roottops. W3 Sauelrrehall Slr'eel. U 13pm. .\lain\trearrr |a// muxre and danerrrg

I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duot ilaxgrm Soeret} ()t \lrrxreranx. Her kelex Street. 33l iii 13. S .‘xilpm. Slip Hat


I Bill Kyle's Jazz Base l.'.v\llael‘.e. basement oi Rutland l lotel. \Vest land. l’rmeex Street. ‘lpm. l-ree. leaderon drums \\ llll a regular lrrre up ot

piano ke_\ hoards. bass. drums. guitar. brass and t'eetl\ .\toder rr. hop. some ltldllTSllL‘Jlll. lilues

I AI Fairweatherand Friends \ ourrgx Hotel. I earnrngton 'l erraee. 33‘lri-1Sl, Sfiltprrr l rad trumpet \lar ' . \\ eekl} lilo“ I Sophie Bancroft/Spike Wright three I mix \\ ine \ aultx. llano\ er Sir. el S 3“ llpnr \ orrrrger singer

I Charlie McNair‘s Band I’; t \er \ atrorr Hall. \'ietorra Street. "no l-xenrrrg. Another l'drrrliurglr l‘.tlltt 1. Mn and ; trumpeter i

THURSDAY 4 Glasgow

I Grooveyardl orrrrge liar r il.r\gri\\ l'noersrt} l'niorr. l 'nrxerah .\\enue 0pm midnight l r'ee Sa\ ni' tronlrrr rekorrttrt

lulltlrtll lt.t\L‘tlL'tlL'tg\ la/z’ :


Try Turning To



a Demonstration of

KAWAI P160 + P360 Digital Pianos on Monday 24th April 1989 at the Traverse Theatre, Grassmarket.

at 7pm Admission Free By Ticket Only Bar Open Free Wine

from E Gordon Simpson Music Ltd

6-8 Stafford St., E l

Edinburgh .1 Max rrrwfi3

lite rm 2r April