Rhythm & blues.

I The Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9.3llpm. Free. Residency.

I Live band Lord [)arnle) . West Port. 22‘) 4341. lllpm.

FRIDAY 28 Glasgow

I The Pixies and The Woltgang Press Queen Margaret l'nioii. l 'niversit} Gardens. 33‘) 978-1. 9pm. 11 e\ er an alhum was predestined toget “Hart of lllinthe NME. it was this one. it ever there \\ asan ,«N'Mlz' reader’s hand this is the one. liven at lliat. worth seeing on the strength ol' last yezir'scoloxxal single ‘( iigantic'.

I Horse and Eileen Mulligan l’illSle} Arts Centre. New Street. Paisle) . 887 111111. Start of a hm} period loi' l lorse. \\ hoare soon to complete their dehut alhuin.‘1‘his has always heen one ol their laxoiirite venues. and the l5llseater theatre \\ ill he stretched to capacity

I Dig George and the Business I a 'laniere. 15 Fox Street. 221 1844. 0pm l-"ree.


I Clannad Pla} house I'heatre. ( ireenside Place. 557 25‘)“. 'v'.3llpm. £7511. {n.5ll. (‘laniiad can he \xondei‘lul to listen to. With all their haunting. exocatix e textures cleverly rooted to lrlSll lolk. hut not

hax ing undergone the ( 'laniiad ll\L‘ experience _\et . can't sat lit)“ it come\

I Jesus Jones. Planet Pop and Sandkings ('alton Studios. ('alton Road. 55o"ll(io You‘ll hate seen .lexus .lones‘ \ ideo tie realI} need IlllS1113111'.’Sit11tlklllgS il\\£lkL‘ll\()111CL‘tll‘lUSll} .SlllL‘L‘ thestor} the} took their name ti'oni IS one chilling niolherol a tale. Him?

I Blues'n‘Trouble Venue. ( 'altoii Road. 557 31173. “M iiig heeii on the recei\ ing endol'extremel} hi/aire piohleins. Blues'nd'rouhle need all the \tlppttl'l the} can get. This 1\ \\llllt\11l e\ en mentioning the fact that they‘re the hottest 1'll}ll1111& hluesmerchantseiirreiuh plating.

I Charlie and Her Sheepdogs l’reseiw ation Hall. Victoria Street. 22h 3Slh. Ll alter 9.30pm.

IThe Humptt Family'l'iading l’oxt.'l'lie Shore. 553 "do-1. lllpm. l‘l'L‘L‘. Spool countr_\ and western Residerie}

I Doug Rich l’addt 'x. Rose Street. 9pm Free.

I Live bandl oi‘d l).iiiile\ . West Port. 22‘) 4341. lllpm

SATURDAY 29 Glasgow

ITom Jones SH ‘( ‘. l'lltlllt'SlHll. 2-1S' 3111M. 8pm. Tom Jones \alx aged \ome ciedihilm t'oi'himseltht taxouiahlx iexiexxingthe Painted \Voi'd'x 11C“ \lllL'lL‘ on Ronni! 'I'uli/etas did K} lie '1'” hut their alhum‘ Minogiiel. \e\ei'tliele\\. ll1|\ \\ lll heone


lor loitt hem -old leeii_\ hoppers. tr} ing to reli\e the thrill ol lllltt“ iiig 1lt‘111SUl underwear at the stage

I Hue and CW Hitlltt\\l.t11tl\. 214 (iallougate.5524oltl 3tlpm Warm-up gig for torthcomiiig tour. hiil one \\ liich should he e\tlelllel} good. ll the end ol the )ear gigs at the S1 (1 ' \NL‘le iirittliiiig logo h_\.

IJive Ass and Willard Graze Halt Bar. toil Woodlands Road. 332 121“. ‘lpm Free

I ll“ La Chlll Seotta Hal. ll2 Stock“ ell Street. Spin.


I The Crows and The Heat Rock ( 'al'e. Venue. (’altoii Road. 552 31'73. (‘an‘t comment on The Heat. hut '1 he ( ‘i'mu have heen touching the hem ot heau rock successlora longtime.

I G-Spot Tornado Potter Rim Student L'nion. Potter Rim . titi7ll21-1. See Sun 23. IAlbaroot Presen ation Hall. Victoria Street. 22ti3h’1o. Ll alter"). ‘sllpm (iliiMNeglzltt reggae.

Many listeners to a recent Radio Clyde session were impressed by the tight and accessible Just Add Water, as


have been many club- and pub-goers in

Edinburgh, where the band are based. Quite possibly. those who have encountered the band haven‘t realised that singer Helen and guitarist (now bassist) Hick, brought the idea over lrom Australia to Britain nearly two years ago.

‘We got trustrated with the Australian rock industry,‘ Nick explained at the end at last year. ‘lt‘s very peripheral, and there‘s no recording industry as such. We knew that we stood a greater chance at succeeding over here than we ever would overthere . . .

‘What happens in Australia is that the best bands are the ones that are pulling the biggest number at people in the pubs. But the pubs are about live times the size they are here. Bands actually make a living playing live, and it‘s a very healthy live circuit.‘

‘Bands like ourselves are very rarely signed up in Australia,‘ continues Helen, ‘because they‘ve got such a wealth ot overseas bands doing the same thing. It‘s so much cheaper lor them just to promote overseas products.‘

Alter six expensive months in London, Nick and Helen took a holiday in Edinburgh, and ended up staying. In January last year the band, by then expanded to a three-piece by trumpeter Alex, was approached by students on Bathgate College's music course to record a single, which got them a little attention and brought their lirst

I Mark and CO. Ncgocianlx l.otlii:in_ Street.225h313. 0.45pm tree.

I Bluelinger Platform ( )ne. Rutland Street. Residency See Sat 22

I The Humptt Family trailing Pmi . 'l he Sliitre. .553 7164 lllpm l‘t'ee Spool country. RCSitlt'nt‘}

I Live band lord Darnlet . West Port. 22‘) 43-11. lllpm.


Glasgow I Clyde FM Class ol '89 Festival

Kelviiigrm'e Park Bandstand. ol'l~ Kel\ in Wat. 1pm. Free l-‘eatiiring Horsejl‘he Wild River Apples. 'l’he Sle( ‘ltisket Brothers. Hearts and Sliiids. l-areu ell Parade and Sloiii See Slat lest

I Black and Helen Watson 'lhe'itt'e Rm al. Hope Street 33‘. l231 7 3llp'l‘l Hi 51' See Slayt’cst.

I Clannad Pavilion 'l'heatre. I21 Rentield Street. 332 lS-lti. 7.3llpin See \lat'lesl

I Tom Robinson Renlrext 1~'erry."pnt.See Maylest.

I Horse. Eileen Mulligan and love Decree Mayfair. 4‘)“ Saiichiehall Street 332 3S7 ‘lpm. See Maylest

I Dick Broad and the Fallen Goats Scotia Bar. 1 l2 Stockwell Street. Spin 1 ikeahle folk with great singer


I The Pixies and The Wollgang Press Utieen S Hall. Smttht Ierk Street. ohh’ 2(ll‘). See panel.

I Bon Ton Houlez Preserx'ation Hall. Victoria Street. ‘26 3t~<lh ll :ilter‘lpm I Very Very Negociants,1 otliian Street. 225 (131 3 ‘l 45pm Free See Sun 2 3.

58 The List 21 April 4 May 198‘)

meeting with Will at Planet Studios. The producer immediately took an interest. and although the single llopped. he began producing demos with them at an alarming rate. What Just Add Water have been doing in the last year and a hall they see as a maturation ot the process begun eight months before they tell Australia.

‘We‘ve had a long time to mull over our sound.‘ says Hick now. ‘and alth0ugh we got very good at using sequencers we were never as spontaneous as we'd like to have been. We‘ve stripped down the repertoire so that it's almost totally live. I‘ve moved on to playing bass. and we‘re much happier than we were with the sequenced basslines.‘

They‘ve had a change oi attitude in their songwriting as well. ‘We spent a while writing to impress record companies. but we‘re sick at worrying what they think. A&H people actually get all more on bands who do their own thing, that‘s my experience.‘

A few gigs have been lined up, the first being Glasgow's Fixx on Wednesday 3, lollowed by Edinburgh‘s Pelican on Thursday 11, with more to be contirmed. (Alastair Mabbott)

ITexasBreaklaslilne Ravelxtiitillmtxe llUlL‘l.\li“"‘ll‘tlflll1 2 3“pm Rl1}ll1nli\' hluex

I Bluetingert Kile Rotal. West RL‘gISlt‘t' Street Spin l-tee RL‘SltlL‘11t\ See Sat 22 I The Tex Fillet Five 'l'railiiig Post . The Shore. 55 5 7 l"1 l‘lpltl l'ree Spititl coiintix and u extern. Result-net

I Warren Peace S1 l.1111t‘\( )txiei B-w .

(i'iltiu‘i RH'H'. 55-7 “’25

MONDAY 1 Glasgow

I Pop Will Eat ltsell ( im an l l"~‘ n l l'lll Spin See .\1 1\lL‘\l

IHokoto t'tma l‘\e('entre, Wt SLIuL‘litt'liall Streit 33.2 753i See \lavle‘t ITom Robinson Rt‘llllL‘\\ l‘err\ tlP'" See Matti-xi


I Good and Gone R1i_\tliiii'ii'lioo/c' ( ‘luh. Venue. ( ‘,iltoii Road. 55" 31123 'l'eirihle t‘. llllt‘ “or at least it's getting oll to agoo" start \\lll1 tl‘lllt‘\ group \\ ho are \otingei than awrage rind still ll;t\ e a good t1ii'o.it\ grim l to the \ ocalx.

I seeing Retll’r'i'\e1'\;illitt1ll«tll.\'lt'li‘?l.i Street 221i “In ‘).3llpin l"".'t‘

IJohnny Siinbeam Nk‘tY'N’litt‘tx .l othi ::~ Street 225' 313 “453‘”: l' \loi‘ul '\ ‘1

TUESDAY 2 f . Glasgow

I Marta Sebesteyen and Muzsikas 12 l-errx Upm SceSlatlext

ITwin Town Napoleonx. 12H Mei r\l:"' Road '\3"5‘.3S 9pm lv'ee \ltithpr :~.-d


" "5" ____7

hand. One for the curious.

I Hokoto 'l'liird liye (‘entre. 3511 Sauehiehall Street. 332 752]. See Ma) le\t. I Bobby Wishart l lalt Bar. ltill\\‘ood|ands Road. 332 1211). 0pm Free.


I Dinosaur Jr \‘eiiue. ('alton Road. 557 31173. Rewhedtiled trom Sunda) 3lldue to 'l'\' commitments and a clash \\ itli Pi\ie\. this IS tlieiroiilx Scottish \ltU“. .-\ndunle\\ the_\ take 2“ minutes hct\\een each song again it \llttllltl he a pretty goodone. ‘l'reak Sceiie' \\;i\. alter all. the outstanding \lah ot' guitar grunge l’rom last war and .1 \lJISL‘IS IS the man Sonic Youth “ant to see running tor President.

I The Tex Fillet Five \‘egoeiaiitsd otliian Street. 225h313 ~15piii l'i'ee Spool country. Residency

I The Hootsie Tootsie Band l’reserx anon llall. \‘ieloria Stieel. 22h 381!» ‘l. “ll‘ni l'ree Ritckiii'l‘liiex

I LOS Supremos St lamex ( )tster liar. (‘alion Road. 55" 2.1125. ‘lpm. 1*ree. Residency (‘merslrom hliiexto'l'alking Heads.

I Doug RlCh ( iltil‘L‘. \\'e\t l’ttt'l. 229-1553. “p111. l‘ree


I JUSl Water l‘l\\ . .Sti \ltller Street. 24S 2S5”. lllpiii l’lL‘L‘ l’tllllltlll'gll pop hand. \\ lio recently recorded a rather excellent Radio ( 'l\de \t‘SSIltll.

I The Thieves \‘ttleitilt‘itltte. 3.“ 3‘) Yin l\' Street.22l 11-1-11 Spin \lakingareluiii

\\ itli a tie“ \lllult‘. ‘Soul 'l liiel'.“ liieli \hou \ a marked de\ elopnieiil lroin their pl'e\ ltltIS release. "lalk Your 1 lead ( )tl' lixpeel much more acti\ it_\ li‘oiii the hand l111l1L‘11t‘\l le\\ litttnlllSdlltlill‘lg erou dal llllSUIlt‘

I Baby‘s Got A Gun Rumours. llriit‘e Hotel. l'axt Kilhi'ide ‘lpin -\ppai‘ent|\ much improx ed rock hand. tin“ '.itti.ii'tirig tltzi litt' r'i‘eiit'tl t"‘Hlp£lll\ Intel ext'

I Marino‘s Men l lalt liar. lttll\\'oodlattd\

Road. 332 12111. ‘lpin. l’lL‘t‘.


ITest Department and Hokotouut-en K Hall. South ( 'l~vk Sir-eernrix ‘itltt

'7 3l|piii £5ll3l lest lM‘partiiieiit‘xliixt lirllhlt \lttnk ltt' t\\tt \c‘.lt'\\t‘e\'l1t‘lll \loitgltingoll the post ll‘llllktii .1

metal hasher' tag lit S""""l1|".‘.' it .‘ii ‘ll h w a lot more 1(‘tlI‘\\ 1th .ISM‘l'llllL'lllt' vipertoiit) ol natuie ind hoili Lil iiig lltxpltillltll‘ limit and lllSPIHIlL' traditional l-llk‘ llllt' ill ll‘l' \lltt“ l\ \i/Iurir l'ii II“. it takes iii ll Illet ~\\\i'll. lt‘Sll)t‘[‘l1"lll-l"t"'llll)t'llll!ill\ \\lll‘ the RV ..111«l l'.‘ e\pet‘t

I Dave Robb \. in

“sum it l5p'1‘. 1v

eelehi' itort l'lli‘\

h ev'il l"\.l\ quite “ll 91"

unto] (\ll‘l iiiSliet'l \et‘\-ll ‘-‘


IZVllltl~Mll RL‘l‘llt‘“ l mu ‘lpiii See \latlmt.

I Hee Haw l l.ll' “.11 l"l l \VitittlldlltlK Road. 3321‘111 ‘lpiu l'lt't' l'dinhiiii'l‘ hand. .ll\tt doing :i \lio't l' iiglixh tour In theshops soon in l'l’t‘illlt‘il'\\.1'11111ll'l)


I Bad Manners /iiiit ( 'llllt. \tllllk‘.‘ illlt‘ll Road. 557 3"73 Vex llie\ "restiIIaioiiod higge." and 'ioiige' lh in mm \\ till .1 “hole lieu u axe ol llltlt‘ hots .iiid giih to keep them going llll\ one “Ill he ltll\\ IThe Dan Blocker Experience New» Hm. lolliianSt! 1 “5'3” Rest lene} See l“"' ITexas Breaklast Rim- \

" 15pm llt‘i‘ llitinatlw' let: ice “5S3 "pri‘ ltee l?.li\tl"‘.t.\ l‘ltlk“ “The Brothers l’r ition llall. \'t ""'l Stri‘rt. 32h 3Sllt " “ltt't‘. l't'ee RL'SltlL‘llt‘}

I Live bandt oid '1 iz"l‘\ \Vest Port 131!