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I ANNAN GALLERY 13” West ('ampbell Street. 221 5llS7 S. Mon—I‘rt Ilium-5pm; Sat 10am 12.3flpm.

(ieneral exltibition of regularartists.

I ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE 357 3929. Mon ~Sat lilam 5pm; Sun

2 5pm. (ate. [1)] Voluntary guidesarc available free of charge to conduct parties or indiy iduals round the main galleries. (‘ontact the enquiry dcsk.

Georges Braque t not 33 April. Illustrationstopoems by Apollirtaire. Stephen French: New Interiors 26 April- 28 May . Mayfest Award w inning (’lydebank painter Stephen I‘rench fractured his arms in a motorcycle accident in I983. His ability to paint and draw was he turned instead to interior design. This exhibition consists of an open-plan fIat featuring holographic y enetiatt blinds that citange colour in response to light and movement. l'sing surprise and contradiction. I‘rench‘s work is stimulating and often funny. lf‘theShangri were still around they would have written a song about it.

John Quinton Pringle (1864-1925) From 26 April. Mayfest By day . Pringle ran an optician's business in the Saltmarket. while in his spare time he created many drawings. watercolours and oil paintings. Here is a selection of those workslaken from the gallery 's permanent collection.

1 Fossil Grove Designs: 39 May. Student designs and scale models for the y isitor centre at l-ossi|(iroye. Whiteinch. (ilasgow.

I BARBIZON GALLERY (‘ollcge Lands. High Street. 553 I990. Mon-Sat

9.30am 5.30pm; Sun I lam 5.30pm. Catherine Carman and Brian Maguire ifniil 25 April. A pair from Ireland. (‘arman creates bron/e. wood and stone sculptures while Magtiit'c paints figurative images. Terry Frost and Adrian Heath 1969—1989 30 April 31 May. Mayfest. 'I’wodccadesof abstract paintings by two major British artists.

I BARCLAY LENNIE FINE ART 203 Bath Street. 2205413. Mon l-‘ri Illam- 5pm;Sat lflam~ l pm.

‘Scotty Wilson I 'ntil end of April. Paintings and ceramics display ed alongside the worksofcontentporary (ilasgow artists. I OLYTNSWOOO GALLERY I()I West (ieorge Street. 226 552‘). Mon —I’ri lllant~5.3lipm; Sat ltlam— 1 pm.

Mixed Exhibition Before 3 May you can view the gallery 's collection of l9th century . 20th century and contemporary Scottish painting

James D. Robertson (RSA. RSW. RGI) 3 May—.3 Jtine. Billed as a .lluy'festivul Iix‘ltihiflrm. this is not an official May'fest event. bttt is a ntajor display ofScottish work nonetheless. Main attraction is James Robertson wfto is one of the most recently elected Royal Scottish

Acadetnicians. lie is joined by an array of key painters including Iilizabeth Blackadder. I’.(‘.B. ('adell. Dr David Donaldson. John Knox. Sir William McTaggart. David Mc(‘lure. Alberto Morocco. Sir Robin Philipson and (ieoffrcy Squire. In addition there are ceramics by (ieorgina (iarland and

. v .. ..;..;......- George Wyllie with one of his spires, ASPIRING ART

Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh As his Paper Boat launch in Glasgow gathers steam, George Wyllie gives us spires torthought in the very high room at the top of the Demarco Gallery. Hoosting underthe old church rafters his spires, each a 12ft high tripod of stainless steel with a central balancing rod, point in unison.

Wyllie has been making and setting up spires for some years now, using them to plot his journeys away from his home in Greenock. Much to the bewilderment of customs and excise people, he often puts one through with his luggage when travelling abroad, and citizens of cities like Berlin and Amsterdam have found themselves witness and wondering over the wavering Wyllie construction. Here, a group of seven spires, once set out across the Isle of Lewis, and a single spire, which stood in the building site across the road from the gallery, come inside to tell their story.

This eyrie exhibition is in every way, inspiring. Art, nature and the artist as fixer join in a gallery get together whicl intrigues with its mention of a dead albatross hanging on one spire and the Tourist Times which became part of the

sculpture by Jennifer Wendy Ross.

I COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 44(Xlext2682..\1on—I"ri 10am—5pm; Sat l2—4pm. (‘losed 29 May.

lgloolik: Towards the Night the Light 28 April—3 June. Mayfesl. The Collins Gallery is lit in shadow and subdued light as strange sounds echo around for Ruth Stirling's exhibition ofpliurrm-urks.

The Haunted Sleep 28 April—3 June. A craft showcase from ceramicist Lorna Graves. Workshop 20 May“. l—3pm. Book now for this clay moulding session with Lorna (Braves for 7-- l 2 year olds. It costs£l .50 and you cart book on 552 4400 ext 2558.

I COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent Street. 221 (i370. Mon—Sat ll)am—-5.3flpm.

Michael McVeigh L'ntil 27 April. Paintings.

drawings arid lithographs based on rural themes from images of folk musiciansto the Royal Highland Show. This is the Dundee born artist's most extensive exhibition to date and includes over thirty works.

Paul Furnaux Paintings and Drawings :9 April—27 May. Mayfesl. This is the young Aberdeen artist's first exhibition in

fabric of another. Making a diary of weather and wind by harnessing the movements of the ballast on the central rod, Wyllie has enabled nature itself to make marks. There are many ways of seeing these spires, but most of all they seem to ask you to look for a spire of yourown.

0n the first floor, Austrian Erik Hoffman and German Ulrike Kanne, give the Western Isles the much more specific context of photo-realism. With the fine focus detail of a camera, Hoffman plants faces in semi-magical spaces. The craggy face of an old woman is one with the stone wall and the gravestones beyond. Kanne’s work is looser and lacks the wizard’s touch of her exhibition partner.

Margot Sandeman is lacking in none of the magical elements needed to bring her vision of the pastoral idyll alive. Bathing boys, girls with leafy hair in golden beechwoods, shells and grapes and joie de vivre are shaped in paintings with a positively rich tapestry of design. Born into an artistic Glasgow family and a student of Glasgow School of Art with Joan Eardley and Ian Hamilton Finlay (with whom she has worked) in the forties, Sandeman has a broad brush which never seems to miss its mark. (Alice Baln)

Scotland although he has showrt successfully in Paris and London. As well as the main exhibitions there isa display of stock prints by Pasmore. Kitaj. Tilson and others. I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART I48 West Regent Street. 221 3095. Mon Fri 9.3iiam-5.3(lpm; Sat 9.3t lam l2 . 30pm. Winter Collection tfmil 28 April. A selection of fine art by Walton. ('owie. Redpath. Mc'I‘aggart. ('olquhoun and Spencer. Paintings of the Forties by Millie Fraud and Selected Contemporaries 3*) April a 27 May. Mayfesl. A key Scottish coloui'ist in the I94fls. I-‘rood‘s expressionist paintings continue to exert their influence on Scottish artists today. I EWAN MUNOY FINE ART 4s West ( ieorge Street. 33] 24W). Mon-~Sat ltlam 5.3tlpm. Contemporary Scottish painters inelttding Sir Robin Philipson. John Bellany and William ('rosby plus other 2(lth century British paintings including (ilasgow School and Scottish ('olourists. Prints and drawings from their London exhibition. I FINE ART SOCIETY I34 Biy titswood Street. 332 4027. Mon - l"ri 9.3llam—5.3llpm; Sat lllam 1pm. Modern Scottish Painting t 'nfil () May. The society is preparing a major exhibition later in the month. but until then you can see a selection from their stock. I GATEHOUSE GALLERY Roukcn ( ilen Road (gallery at entrance to Butterfly Kingdom).(3200235. Daily ll.3ll.5.3tlpm: (‘losed Tue. (iencral display ofeontemporary' paintings and ceramics from the gallery's regular exhibitors. I GLASGOW ART CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 4526. Mon I'Tl lilam 8pm. Sat 10am -3pm. Photos de Mode limit 23 April. An exhibition recently seen at the French Institute in Edinburgh in which three French photographers fake a close look at fashion and the fashion world. including pictures of couture and a special homage to Paco Rabanne. John Heartfield 2 May “35 May. Mayfesl. I Ieartfield was a founder member of the Berlin Dada (iroup and is famous for ltis anti-Nazi photomontages. This major exhibition comes from the Werkbund Archiv in Berlin and is presented in association wihth the (ioethe Institute. (ilasgow. I GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 22 King Street. 552ll7ll4. Mon-Sat illain 5.3llpm. Tracy MacKenna t'niil 3r» April. A double first here. It is both the first time that the (ilasgow Print Studio has presented an exhibition of sculpture and that Macls'enna. a young (ifasgow sculptor. has held a one woman show in Scotland. Neil MacPherson—Paintings and Prints 2 May- 3 June. Mayfesl. In the decade since graduating from (iiasgow School of Art. MacPherson has spent much time in ('aithness painting rural images in a highly charged style. I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART lo7 Rcttfrew Street. 332 9797. Mon~I-'ri litam 5pm; Sat lllant» 12pm. Closed 1 May. Mackintosh Gallery I 'ntil 3s April. work by Fine Art Students at the school. Newberry Gallery 24 April» (i May . Mayfesl. John (‘reed presents Forging ()n. the results in wrought iron of a sabbatical term at the school. I HARBINGERS 4 I 7 (ircat Western Road. 339 9999. Mon—Sat lllam 5.30pm. Mixed Textiles L'ntil 29 April. llarbingers' first show of I989 features the varied work of ten largely (iiasgow based crafts people. There's everything from hats. cushions. embroidery and felt tosilk flowers. Print Selection l’rom beginning of May. Prints and wood engravings by Stuart Duffin. Elspeth Roberts attd ( iwy ncth Leach. i I NILLI‘IEAO LIBRARY 348 By‘res Road. 339 7223. Mon—Fri 9.3(lam-ls’pm; Sat 9.3(lam— 1 pm. 2—v5pm. (‘losed Wednesday. Claire Hellewell L'ntil 27 April. Young

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