rock had run out ofsteam for him. he '

moved to New York and wrote ‘Another Saturday Night‘. pure invention on his part. but destined to be filmed as Saturday Night Fever and thus to change the face ofthe late Seventies. When the story was printed in New York magazine. Cohn‘s painstaking research was widely praised. and one man even filed a lawsuit. claiming it was based on him. You could have no greater testament to Nik (,‘ohn‘s unique. but persuasive. outlook. (Alastair Mabbott)


I The Need To Be Famous Barbara Toner ( Futura £2.99) The egotistical excesses ofa gruesome foursome. hell-bent on captivating the public eye.

I Only Children Rafael Yglesias (Bloomsbury £5.99) An intimate account of the effects ofpattering feet on two self-aware couples. from the first agonies oflabour (pages of it) to later (wiser) reassessments of parenthood.

I The Voyeur Alberto Moravia (Futura £3.99) The erotic. unhappy tale ofa man who can't see for looking.

I The Birds of The Innocent Wood Deirdre Madden (Faber £3.99) A dark and subtly Brontesque work. the sharply drawn story of two sisters. each of whom hugs a gnawing secret.

I Blood and Water Patrick McGraih (Penguin £4.99) Rococo writing. a bizarre scenario and twist in each of these original. highly crafted and bewitching short stories.

I Women and the AIDS Crisis Diane Richardson (Pandora £4.95) Sensible. unemotive advice and information on how to manoeuvre safely through the plagued sexual jungle.

I Ventor and Son and Eden David ()wen (Bloomsbury £4.99) Two incisively-written stories. drawing the conflicts ofsmall South African communities. An insistent. gripping new voice.

I Mate in Three Bernice Rubens (Abacus £3.99) A touch and go marriage. spurred by parental disapproval. and all the attendant conflict and remorse.


Little Fish is a new and oblique publishing company with more ideas than material. In order to redress the balance, we need manuscripts, 1.920.000 words, fiction or non-fiction. It you have something that tits this description, why not send it, enclosing see, to:

Little Fish Limited

2 Clanricarde Gardens

London W2 4NA

Or ring Philippa Richmond on 01 229 1368

I Trash Trio John Waters (Fourth Estate £8.95). Three screenplays from the KingofCult Movies. Repellent filth or glorious comic masterpieces. depending on your taste.

(Rosemary Goring)


Edinburgh‘s Blue Moon Cale has produced a new guide to the city for lesbians. gay men and bi-sexuals. It contains up-to-date information on bars. clubs. shops. eating places. guest houses and saunas. giving details ofopening times and telephone numbers. It also has a list ofswitchboards. societies and other related information and a map of Edinburgh with all venues marked. The guide is free and can be collected from The Blue Moon Ca fe. or from the Lesbian and (iay Centre in Broughton Street. Alternatively. you can send for the guide with an SAE (at least 4in x 8in) to Blue Moon Cafe. Lesbian and (iay Centre. ()0 Broughton Street. Til ll 3SA.


I A series of ‘Science and the Poet‘ readings and discussions have been organised by Anne Stevenson. Writer in Residence. at Edinburgh University: Jon Silkin and Lorna Tracy will read on Wed 26 April at 7.30pm at 27 (ieorge Square. Admission £2. Poetry Association for Scotland members and students free. Dr Christopher McCully will lecture on ‘Prosody. Linguistics and Poetry‘ in the David I lume Tower Conference Room on Thurs 27 April at 5pm. Admission free. Edwin Morgan and G.F. Dutton will read from their poems at the Chaplaincy Centre Seminar Room 2 on Thurs 27 April at 8pm. Admission £2. students 50p. Dannie Abse and Norman Kreitman will read from their poetry at the Chaplaincy Centre Seminar Room 2 at 8pm on Friday 28th April. Admission £2. students 50p. John Latham and Deric Bolton read their poems. followed by a discussion on ‘Science and the Poet' led by Professor David Daiches. on Saturday 29th April at 2pm.

The venue is the Chaplaincy Centre reception area. admission free. but contributions welcome.

Season tickets for all events can be bought for £5 (£1 for students) from the English ()ffiee. ()th Floor. David Hume Tower or from the Scottish Poetry Library. 'l‘weeddale Court. 14 High Street.

I Scotsman journalist James Mealre‘s new novel Mucfurlane Bails the Sea will be launched at Waterstone‘s bookshop on Thursday 20th April at 7.30pm.

NB - WE ARE HAPPY to list book-related events free as a service to our readers. Notification of coming events should be addressed to the Books Page thirteen days prior to publication.

The fifth in the Tales of the City series



‘This is comedy in its most classical form.‘


‘Bitingly funny and utterly warm hearted.’

Time On!

‘It is wise compassionate and painfully of the moment... with a good natured knack for

making you laugh out loud.’ The Independent




MEET THE AUTHOR Friday 28 April 7.30 - 8.30pm IONA MeGREGOR author of historical novels for young adults introduces her first adult novel Death Wore A Diadem (Women '3 Press Crime £4 .95)

Saturday 29 April 12.30 - 1.30pm

"Colour Me Beautiful" consultant Carol Harris will

demonstrate and advise on make-up and style. (Piatkus Publishers Ltd)

Tuesday 9 May 7.30 - 8.30pm SANDY GALL talks about his new book Salang

(Bodley [lead £10.95) SHERW SH E R RATT er HUGHES SHERW 13-14 Princes Street, Edinburgh Tel. 031 556 3034 to reserve copies HUGHES HUGHES


The List 2] April -- 4 May 1989 85