German hippies keep to themselves it is by turn. charming and staggering. Hire a car for two days or take a couple of bus journeys and you'll have covered most of the island. Valleys ofpalm trees and l cacti become pine forests: a perfectly I maintained road becomes a potholed I track decorated with small landsides. I The crushed shells of motor vehicles spotted from time to time on hillsides remind you that these roads need more than a little concentration. We stayed in San Sebastian. a small I port whose single claim to fame is that Christopher (‘olumbus made his last stop there before crossing the Atlantic and finding America. If you fancy a bit ofexploring yourself. this pretty little town is as good a place as any to set offon hilly cliff-top walks. 'l‘he going can be rough the ever-efficient (ierman tourists wear boots and mini rucksacks and the guide book advises rain gear. cardigans. sun hats and plenty of water. Naturally we skipped offin 'l'-shirts and canvas lace-ups. It was

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Getting There

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’l'helocalsare reserved but “3' an" '9 53"! ' the capitalofthe Province friendly. especially if you make an Cheape'sun- ":5 possm'e . O'Teflefilelwmcmnc'lldes [ useml Addresses Cm,“ {0 Speak in gpm'mh (a phruse I0 gela'elumlllghlomm . theislands of La Palma.La 5 The Spanish National

Glasgow for about £130. but

book is essential if you don t know you.” need“) shop around

Gomera and Hierro).

Where To Stay

S Tourist Board at 57/58 St James's Street. London

thela‘nguage). I here is a degree of "any agems. Otherwise. .- swmuo (01 4990901) anti-Spanish feeling amongst the "(eye's currenuy an APEX Many peomewmhave : can supp” genefal (iomerans. so play the Scottish card flight out of London. a||-inc|usive holidays ; information. "wming' and find kindred spirits. Sample the b00kableaminimum OIIWO booked.which will please sendaSAE. locally produced I)1f.\‘lt’//(l. a sweet weeks 08'0"? departure. I0! incorporate either hotel Tenerife's main tourist liqucurmld in mm“ unmarked £129'elum- The"? 3'8 "0 accommodation or offices are found at Palacio

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' del Cabildo (Tel: 24 25 92 or 24 25 93) and Palacio

from the sap of palm trees and To Know :Sgoaggnzgeggzsssme :zstg'eag;;la'lzgfiggfiflg likewise sold in dubious-looking Belore YOU GO amval by heading yor'he Teneme. bottles. Local produce includes Teneme isme Iafges' ofthe (omistimmmayion office. avocados. bananas. potatoes and seven Spanish-owned The Spanish National USBTUI oranges. as well as lots of fresh fish. Canarylslands. avolcanic TouristBoard in London Pub|ications ') ‘1 s2 s1. ') - 1 ~. archi ela ooffthewestern (see below)willalsobe And H M u k m 1' i 'H u u m “k coastpofAiJrica. ableto advise you onthis. Landscapes “some”

passport-sized photo and your British licence).

The average temperature in April and May is 23C or

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de Abona




~. (. we «v Q a = 44\’s‘-'r-.'~. 9‘


7 Old Flshmarket Close EH1 031 225 5428



Opening times Mon-Sat 8.30am - 2.00am Sunday 8.30am -11.00pm


I'L'l W l ICE-\SE l)


fill/[[1 SEVEN DAYS m FOOD SERVED ALL DAY monday 12,00 —-—— 23 OO tuesday 12.00 —- 23.00 wednesday 12.00 —— 23.00 thursday 12.00 -— 23.00 friday 12.00 —— midnight saturday 12.00 23.00 sunday 18 3O '— 22.00 re s to u r a n f

tuesday saturcay 19.00 22 30 a la carte 8. table d'hote menus


Getting Around

Car hire is relatively cheap on Tenerile. but costs a bit more on La Gomera. Ifyou travel by taxi. agree thefare before you set out. A communal taxi service exists on La Gomera. which ; makes it cheaper. although you might have to waitlor

Tenerile and La Gomera by Noel Rochford (Sunflower Books. £5.95) will give you maps ofthe islands. plus walking or driving tours and general inlormation.

The Spanish Travelmate (Richard Drew £1.50) provides basic vocabulary and phrases to fit into the

‘.' smallest of pockets.





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The List 3] April 4 May Nb“) 87